Soldat - helloer
Hello Soldaters, this is our first devlog on Steam :-)

Steam Store

As many of you already know, Soldat has appeared on the Steam Store. Please remember to follow the store page and add it to wishlist.

Soldat on Steam will be free with all paid features known from 1.7.1. In the future, we may add a paid DLC as a way to support the game.

The release date is set to 2018, most likely it will be late December. We will cover the topic of steam integration in the next devlogs.

Due to many requests from the community, we decided to start accepting donations. From now on you can support us through patreon -

The money will go to:
  • Contributors - depending on the amount of work they have put in.
  • Prizes for contests and tours.
  • Advertisement for the game.
  • Other expenses such as hosting costs or other fees.

It's up to you how much you want to give to support our work, regardless of the amount of donation you will receive:

  • Special discord role on our official discord server -
  • Hall of Fame mention in the credits section of the game GUI
  • More rewards coming soon

As we believe in transparency, all expenses will be made public to the community.

1. What about reg keys, do I support the game by buying them?
Money from regkeys goes directly to THD and we have nothing to do with it. Remember that the keys will only work up to 1.7.1, in 1.8 there will be no registered version.
2. I donated X$, can you do Y?
We are open to suggestions but we have our own priorities regarding what needs to be done.
3. Can you pay for anti-cheat from the money you received?
The cost of an anti-cheat license starts at about 1000 Euros per month, we are unlikely to reach this level of donations.


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