Murderous Pursuits - (Matt Cox)

You bastards. More of you should have bought Murderous Pursuits.


Murderous Pursuits - [BG] Benedetti
Updated Server Configurations & Japanese Configuration Guide

We have updated the game set up configurations, and also added a Japanese configuration guide!

You can find them here:

Or find it pinned on our discussion board!

Happy Hunting,

Murderous Pursuits - [BG] Shannon
Hello Murderous Pursuers,

We’re bringing you another Murderous Pursuits update fixing various issues you may have come across during your time with MP so far.

If you have any feedback or any issues, send us an email to support@blazinggriffin and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support and enjoy!

ːMPRevealː Find us on our Discord and Twitter ːMPRevealː


Gameplay Fixes:

  • Subvert now results in all negatives being removed for Victim (including Disrupt and Flash).
  • Fixed kill streak bonuses for pie bomb kills.
  • Killing with Chameleon Perk now adds kill to original Character.
  • Fixed Hunter Stun when Disguised showing weapon after changing back to original Character.
  • Changed Russian font to make text easier to read at smaller sizes.
  • Capture Point Spawn Warning changed from 30 to 60.
  • Score Panel message changed for Elimination to include countered by Quarry or Hunter.

Settings and Memory:

  • Added a new "Ultra Low" option in settings.
  • Added "quality" command line option to start game with that quality setting (e.g. "-quality 0" for lowest).
  • All supported screen resolutions and aspect ratios are now allowed.
  • Reduced texture memory usage for various UI objects.

Crash Fixes:

  • Fixed various Server and Client crashes.

Happy Hunting!

- Blazing Griffin Team ːMPPiesː

Murderous Pursuits - [BG] Shannon
Hello Murderous Pursuers (both new and old),

Over the weekend we hosted a promotion to allow you to jump into the antics of Murderous Pursuits! As a small indie developer, we had no idea the response that we would get from the promotion – we hit number 4 on concurrent players on Steam on Saturday! We are so humbled and thankful to all those who gave the game a go and are continuing to do so, and please bear with us while we come to terms with the numbers who are now playing the game!

If you missed out on a chance to grab the game during the weekend, you can pick it up on Humble Bundle for free with any purchase, check out the deal here.

If you’ve enjoyed the game, our DeluXe pack is now 50% off on Steam which includes an exclusive artbook, wallpapers, taunts and skins.

If you want to become a member of the Discord community, join us here.

You can also find us on:

ːMPDisguiseː Twitter
ːMPQuarryː Facebook
ːMPRevealː Instagram

We’re aware that with so many new players a few issues have come up throughout this weekend.

Crashes: If you’re having issues with crashing can you please send your output and crash logs (located in the MurderousPursuits_Data file) to We’ve currently got quite a few emails to go through so please bear with us as we try to get to the bottom of what each of you may be facing.

Port Forwarding/Opening Ports/Nat Strict: Please have a look at this guide:
If you want to play with friends, you can also use the party function located below your user profile on the top righthand side of the main menu.

We will continue to look into other issues mentioned on the discussion boards and reviews over the coming days.

Thank you again for joining us during the free weekend and we hope you’re here to stay.

- Blazing Griffin Team ːMPPiesː
Murderous Pursuits - (Dominic Tarason)

It’s hard to get a niche multiplayer game going, especially one that requires players to behave themselves. That’s probably why Murderous Pursuits, latest backstab ’em up from Blazing Griffin (makers of The Ship) is free on Steam right now. Not just a free weekend (which it had done previously), but a ‘grab now, keep it forever’ deal. As with The Ship, it’s a game of cat and mouse, now set aboard a futuristic sky-ship with a Victorian veneer. Up to eight players are simultaneously hunting someone, and being hunted by someone else – antics ensue, and a trailer lurks below.


DayZ - (Brendan Caldwell)

Whoa whoa, calm down, breeeathe. Now, explain it to me slowly. The RPS podcast did what? They talked about the games that make them panic? Hm. That does sound like something those scoundrels of the Electronic Wireless Show would do. They d probably talk about Subnautica and Duskers and SpyParty. Okay, well stay calm. That s right. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. There s no need to

[The podcast appears from the shadows]>



Murderous Pursuits - [BG] Shannon

Hello Murderous Pursuers,

Trading cards are live! Collect up to 9 Steam trading cards for Murderous Pursuits, all based around aspects of the game. Don’t forget that you can also unlock backgrounds and emoticons too!


Collect ‘em all and receive a badge of honor! ːsteamhappyː

On top of this, we’ve recently released the Murderous Pursuits Official Soundtrack on Steam, check it out here.

We hope you enjoy..

- Blazing Griffin Team
Sep 18, 2018
Murderous Pursuits - [BG] Benedetti


Elimination Game Mode

  • Capture points now spawn into the level.
  • Successfully capturing the capture point will kill all other active players.
  • Disabled the AFK kick when Spectating.
  • When entering spectate mode you should spectate the player who killed you.
  • Increased sole survivor bonus from 5 to 10.
  • Enabled Chat in Spectate mode.

Player Profile
  • Decreased number of games to be completed before receiving a ranking from 10 to 5.
  • Player statistics will now display the precise world ranking.

  • Fixed Pie Bomb hunter stuns displaying incorrect favour value.
  • Fixed players that have left a game from appearing in the active player list.
  • Fixed directional force applied to characters when attacked from behind.
  • Fixed the skybox on RCS Laboratory not being visible on the winner screen.
  • Fixed the size of the button colliders when leaving a Party.
  • Fixed the Preset confirmation panel not closing when clicking another part of the screen.
  • Fixed How to Play not defaulting to the first page.
  • Fixed hover-over SFX not playing when highlighting Calling Cards.
  • Fixed the Esc Menu open VFX playing during loading screens.
Murderous Pursuits - [BG] Shannon

Hello Murderous Pursuers,

Welcome back! This month we’re giving you another glimpse into the wondrous time warping HMCS Britannic with our new map, adding more ammunition to your abilities roster and more faces board the ship.

Let us know your thoughts below ːsteamhappyː

Thanks for your support over the last few months and enjoy!



Arboretum Level

The Arboretum of H.M.C.S Britannic provides a tranquil haven for the aristocrats looking for an escape from the more unsavoury types while also providing a space for horticultural specimens and research.

Pie Bomb Ability

Place a deliciously deadly trap that will explode when a Quarry or Hunter approaches it.

New Characters

Four new characters have boarded the ship and are ready to kill their way to the top! Introducing the Widow, Gentleman, Gokudo and Adventurer.

New Perks
Use Nimble to close the gap on your prey with increased fast walk and run speeds or keep track of them with Determined, increasing your target lock time for targets that goes out of sight.

New Achievements and Calling Cards
We’ve added 38 new achievements and 25 new calling cards for you to customise your player profile with.


Targeting Improvements
  • Targeting highlight now has a short delay before removing itself when a target is deselected.
  • Players can no longer be highlighted when they are being arrested, attacked or attacking.
  • Over-the-shoulder zoom occurs when target lock is activated.
  • Target lock reticule repositioned.
  • Target lock icon added to the HUD.

Kill Impact
  • Field of View change occurs when making a valid attack.
  • VFX for frontal attacks and backstabs have been improved.
  • VFX added to the backhanded hunter slap.
  • VFX added to stunned hunters.
  • VFX added to players that have been killed.
  • VFX added when corpses despawn.
  • Screen desaturation effect added when player has been killed.
  • Screenshake added to backstab attacks.
  • Ragdoll forces have been improved.

Kill Messaging
  • Primary messages now show the type of kill that the player has made.
  • Score breakdown after a successful kill now shows one at a time rather than all in one panel.
  • Kill from a vignette bonus has been renamed ‘Ambush’.
  • Kill from with a backstab bonus has been renamed ‘Backstab’.
  • Kill with an ability bonus has been renamed ‘Used Ability’.
  • Kill an exposed quarry bonus has been renamed ‘Quarry Exposed’.

  • Players now appear as a grey question mark on the hunter indicator when in a vignette, hiding the ‘hunter near’ status from their quarry.
  • A short buffer period has been added to the ‘Ambush’ bonus so that players are still awarded it if they move before making the kill.

Unlocking Skins
  • 1st character skin unlock favour reduced from 250 to 100.
  • 2nd character skin unlock favour reduced from 500 to 250.
  • 3rd character skin unlock favour reduced from 1000 to 500.
  • 4th character skin unlock favour reduced from 2500 to 750.

Unlocking Characters
  • Initial character unlock favour reduced from 5000 to 1000.

Unlocking Taunts
    1st taunt unlock favour reduced from 25 wins to 10 wins.2nd taunt unlock favour reduced from 50 wins to 25 wins.

Unlocking Perks
  • Chameleon unlock level increased from 6 to 16.
  • Resourceful unlock level increased from 16 to 22.
  • Gambler unlock level increased from 22 to 39.

Unlocking Abilities
  • Counter unlock decreased from level 4 to level 19.
  • Flash unlock decreased from level 8 to level 34.
  • Humiliate unlock decreased from level 13 to level 25.
  • Disrupt unlock decreased from level 19 to level 4.
  • Subvert unlock decreased from level 25 to level 13.

Ability Balances
  • Increased duration of Reveal from 8 to 10 seconds.
  • Increased duration of Disrupt from 5 to 8 seconds.
  • Reduced duration of Disguise from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • Reduced cooldown of Disrupt from 60 to 45 seconds.
  • Reduced cooldown of Subvert from 75 to 60 seconds.
  • Reduced time it takes to Reveal targets from 0.75 to 0.5 seconds.
  • Reduced amount of Exposure increase while Humiliating.
  • Flash will no longer cancel Disguise.

Scoring Balances
  • Decreased backstab bonus from 5 to 4.
  • Increased ambush bonus from 4 to 5.

XP Balances
  • Reduced most kills and most stuns XP reward from 1000 to 500.
  • Increased first game of the day XP reward from 2000 to 3000.
  • Reduced XP scaling per level from 1000 increase to 500 increase.

Kairos Rank Balances
  • Initiate rank range has been changed from 0-800 to 0-1300
  • Disciple rank range has been changed from 800-1200 to 1300-1500
  • Acolyte rank range has been changed from 1200-1600 to 1500-1700
  • Chosen rank range has been changed from 1600-2000 to 1700-1900
  • Master rank range has been changed from 2000-2400 to 1900-2100
  • Grandmaster rank range has been changed from 2400+ to 2100+

  • Added new music tracks.
  • Reduced the end game score screen timer from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.

  • Fixed locked Perks not being visible in the lobby.
  • Fixed skulls on the scoreboard during Elimination games not updating.
  • Fixed camera controls becoming inverted after death.
  • Fixed camera clipping issues with NPCs.
  • Fixed some audio issues in the Library level.
  • Fixed Chrono Capacitor spelling error.
  • Fixed confetti VFX appearing at the bottom of the screen when a game starts.
  • Fixed initially spawning as a different character when joining mid-game with Chameleon equipped.
  • Fixed issue where Disrupt VFX was not looping correctly.
  • Fixed issue where Disrupt effect time was incorrect for bots.
  • Fixed graphical glitch with the Assassin's mouth.
  • Fixed death camera focussing on the wrong corpse after being killed twice in quick succession.
  • Fixed wrong information being displayed on pop-up when attempting to create a Public game with no password.
  • Fixed pull out weapon animation from triggering on the game over screen.
  • Fixed "Your Quarry [Player] has left the game" message not being shown.
  • Fixed "minutes" not being displayed on the setting for Elimination round length.

Happy Hunting!

- Blazing Griffin Team
Murderous Pursuits - (Matt Cox)

I want to tell everyone to buy Murderous Pursuits whenever I write about it, but I can’t. It’s a quietly brilliant hunt ‘n’ be hunted multiplayer game in the vein of Assassin’s Creed multiplayer, from the same people who made The Ship: Remasted. The problem is that by ‘quietly’ I mean ‘most of the time there aren’t enough people playing to fill a server’.

Huzzah for free weekends! From 6pm British time tonight until 9pm on Sunday (10am PT today, 1pm PT on Sunday), you can play without spending a penny. The gates have been flung open alongside a free update, which adds a new map, game mode, and two new characters. There’s also a new ability, providing would-be murderers with one more tool to tackle their quarry and fend off attackers. Between the new stuff and actually having people to murder again, I’m eager to hop back in.



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