BATTLETECH - Harebrained Schemes
Thank you for playing BATTLETECH! Release 1.7 is now available! The main areas of improvement are issues identified by the community, AI, combat performance improvements, and map graphics. We have also improved gameplay difficulty balance in the Kamea campaign and addressed many minor glitches.

Release 1.7 Notes, 9/10/2019

From the Community
  • Fixed a formatting problem with the json for the PNT-9R
  • Updated the Hatchetman HCT-3X faction so that it is part of more lore relevant enemy lances
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Double Agent’ Flashpoint awarded the wrong faction reputation
  • The Packrat now moves as a light wheeled vehicle
  • Stock lances in skirmish mode are no longer duplicated in the dropdown when the budget is unlimited
  • Several libraries for Ubuntu Linux users are now installed along with the game by default
  • Improved AI’s ability to avoid a potential ECM exploit
  • ECM carriers will now work harder at keeping their allies cloaked
  • Further pathing fixes for several missions where the AI could become stuck
  • Updated lance role tags for a number of ‘Mechs (such as “tank”, “sniper”, “scout”, etc.)
Combat Performance Improvements
  • Particle system optimization
  • UI rendering optimization
Map Graphics
  • Many small map polish fixes - closing seams, grounding assets, clipping corrections, etc.
  • Fixed a bug where an event may reference a random star system rather than the currently orbited one
  • Re-balanced the Attack/Defend encounter type
  • Fixed many small grammar and translation errors
  • Improvements to missile trajectories
  • Balance adjustments to the Kamea story campaign:
    • Lowered mechwarrior hiring cost
    • Increased payout in c-bills for contracts
    • Increased base salvage for contracts
    • Increased the frequency of non-weapon rare items in salvage
    • Increased the starting cbills from 980k to 1000k
    • Increased the starting morale from 25 to 28
    • Increased MechWarrior XP per mission from 400 to 500
    • Updated difficulty settings to match new defaults
  • Fixed an issue where certain sounds on Urban maps would persist after save/load
  • Fixed an issue where player ‘Mechs could not melee units cloaked within an ECM field
  • The 'White Lies' Flashpoint is now available during career mode as well as after completing the campaign
  • Fixed an issue where buildings could collapse while they still had health
  • Fixed the contract results page for the ‘Hearts and Minds’ Flashpoint with the correct objectives
  • Fixed an issue where ally defense turrets would not turn on in Attack and Defend - Retaliation contracts
  • Fixed an issue where attacks would pass through buildings without causing stray shot damage
  • Gyro+++ component gameplay effects can no longer be stacked
  • Fixed an issue where Pre and Post mission autosaves would not properly generate for procedural contracts when any Flashpoint was active
Known Issues
  • Small amounts of text remain untranslated
  • The game does not always enter turn-based mode when hostiles drop in
IMPORTANT: Additional note for players who mod various game files…Reminder that modding is not officially supported. If you have saved a game with any mod active, that saved game will not work after an update has been applied unless you replace all modded files exactly as they were when the save game file was created. Saved games require the exact same data state in order to function properly.

Roll Back
It is possible to revert to past versions of our game in case you have trouble with this update. For more platform specific information go to our forums at:

As always, if you experience further issues please contact Customer Support at:

Humble has announced that Battletech will be the sole early unlock title in the upcoming October Monthly Bundle.

Sign up now and you can get immediate access to the modern spin on turn-based tactical mech combat from Harebrained Schemes for just 10. That's a considerable saving compared to the 34.99 you'd have to pay on Steam right now. It's also an excellent price for a game Richie called "a compelling fusion of tabletop manoeuvring and characterful campaign progression" in Eurogamer's Recommended review.

I mean, who doesn't enjoy giant smashy mech battles, anyway?

Read more

BATTLETECH - (Katharine Castle)

A second visit from the deals herald in a single day? Well, I never. It’s for good reason, though, as Humble have just announced that October’s Humble Monthly bundle will be headlined by none other than the stompy mech strategy titan, Battletech. Our Alec (RPS in peace) grew to be quite fond of Battletech when it first came out last year, so much so that he went and plonked it straight into our 50 Best Strategy Games hall of fame. You’ll need to be a Humble Monthly subscriber to get it, of course, but if you’re not you can join up right now for just $12 a month.


BATTLETECH - (Rich McCormick)

If I had asked people what they wanted, father of the assembly line and horrible anti-semite Henry Ford supposedly said, they would have said faster horses. As cool as nitrous-enabled horses sound, I think old Hitler-fancier Ford was trying to insinuate that the masses can t imagine the next technological revolution; they can only think of a better version of what they ve got.

Maybe that s why we as a species are so stuck on the concept of mechs: if we think about future warfare, all we can imagine is BIGGER PEOPLE!


BATTLETECH - (Dominic Tarason)

Stompybot squad management sim Batteltech was great, but it was clearly missing something. Not so today, with the release of the Urban Warfare expansion, second of three planned for the squad tactics game’s season pass. No longer limited to rolling hills, mountains and military bases, this expansion adds the future cityscapes of other ‘Mech games. While developed by Harebrained Schemes, this is also a Paradox joint, which means even if you don’t buy in, you’ve got a massive feature-heavy free update to dig into. Below, a launch trailer and some gritty details.


BATTLETECH - Harebrained Schemes
Welcome to BATTLETECH 1.6! This release contains a number of content additions, quality of life improvements, and optimizations, as well as some cool new features. We have also released the Urban Warfare paid expansion. Both 1.6 and Urban Warfare have French, German, and Russian localizations.

1.6 HIGHLIGHTS: Missed shots w/collateral damage, a free new encounter type, expanded star map, career mode improvements, and more… See details in the “New Free Features & Content” section below.

BATTLETECH: Urban Warfare expansion now available: Urban Warfare brings 'Mech combat to the vast cityscapes of the Inner Sphere! Electronic warfare, large-scale building destruction, environmental mechanics, two new BattleMechs, new enemy units, a new Attack and Defend encounter type, and more flashpoints make the urban sprawl a whole new battlefield.

Purchase the Season Pass to get a deal on all three BATTLETECH expansions (Urban Warfare, Flashpoint, and coming this winter, Heavy Metal)!

BATTLETECH update 1.6 and the Urban Warfare paid expansion are available now for Steam, GOG, and Paradox Plaza on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Note for Paradox Plaza users: After purchase of the Urban Warfare expansion, you will need to be logged in within the game in order to see Urban Warfare content.

Where to find your new Urban Warfare paid expansion content: Our new urban environments can be easily found using the star map biome filter noted below. The Raven BattleMech, along with its electronic warfare suite of components can be found in the Prototype flashpoint, which is the first flashpoint available during Career Mode or after the Restoration campaign. The Javelin BattleMech will appear in enemy lances throughout the game and its partial salvage can be found in some stores. Contracts for our new Attack and Defend encounter type can be found throughout the game.

We hope you enjoy our latest BATTLETECH releases!

-- HBS

IMPORTANT: Additional note for players who mod various game files… Reminder that modding is not officially supported. If you have saved a game with any mod active, that saved game will not work after an update has been applied unless you replace all modded files exactly as they were when the save game file was created. Saved games require the exact same data state in order to function properly.

As always, if you experience further issues please contact Customer Support at:

New Free Features & Content

Star Map Upgrade - We've added 50 new systems to the Star Map, expanding it toward the more populated areas of the Inner Sphere. The Star Map also now features the ability to filter by biome and difficulty, and will indicate which systems you've already visited. Navigating the periphery has never been easier!

Battle+ Encounter Type - We’ve updated our Battle encounter to bring more variety and fun to the battlefield! Battle+ includes a bunch of surprises including optional secondary objectives, and allies for friendly and enemy teams.

Stray Shots and Collateral Damage - The battlefield is more dangerous than ever! Stray shots now have the chance to hit nearby buildings - and you won’t want one of your units standing on one when it collapses. In addition, stray shots have the chance to hit nearby enemies in the line of fire. This is true for the opposing force too, so watch your spacing. Note that this feature is not available in multiplayer.

More Mech Variants
  • UrbanMech UM-R60L - The same walking trashcan, sporting an AC20.
  • UrbanMech UM-R90 - The 'Suburban Mech', a more energy-efficient war machine.
  • Banshee BNC-3S - Slower, but packing far more guns of varying ranges.
  • Catapult CPLT-C4 - Sporting dual LRM-20s to make it rain (death).
  • Vindicator VND-1AA - Half the armor, twice the speed.
  • BlackJack BJ-1DB - The Large Lasers on this variant can keep firing all day.
  • Hatchetman HCT-3X (For owners of the Flashpoint expansion only) - Featuring SRMs, lasers, and Machine Guns to shred opponents at close range.

New Events and Event Chains - More free events have been added to the game, including events that lead to other events. Now your decisions have short-term and long-term consequences.

Career Mode
  • Added the option to start your career with a randomized roster of ‘Mechs (defaults to ON)
  • Individual difficulty settings now modifies your career score.
  • More missions per star system

  • Objective regions or avoidance zones are now color-coded with added call-out labels
  • Secondary objectives are smaller to better distinguish from primary objectives
  • Added team heraldry to unit call-outs
  • Added team heraldry to targeting HUD
  • Status floaties adjusted for less flag overlap
  • Team-specific turn indicator shows above combat HUD so you know who you are waiting on

Bugfixes & Improvements
Over 1000 bugfixes and minor improvements! Here are a few examples from issues called out by the BT community...
  • Dramatically reduced the Black Market price penalty for making pirates an enemy
  • Contracts now display a more accurate difficulty rating
  • A variety of Event bug fixes to remove Typos, Error Messages, and unfulfilled Rewards
  • Fixed an issue in which combat saves reset Coolant Vent cool down time
  • Company morale now affects whether certain MechWarriors can be hired
  • Added more biome variety in procedural missions
  • Fixed an issue with the Financial Expenditure Level changing unexpectedly and/or not respecting players’ selections
  • Fixed an issue in which stores might occasionally display negatives costs of items
  • Fixed Assassinate contracts that were not auto-completed after the user destroyed all enemy units
  • Fixed some data loss issues for 'Mechs in the Mechbay
  • Fixed an issue that caused a random 'Mech to disappear in the Mechbay
  • Fixed an issue in which a readied Mech in the MechBay would overwrite an existing 'Mech if the latter was moved manually to a different slot
  • Fixed Battlemaster BLR-1G's and Trebuchet TBT-5N's left arm hardpoints that caused weapon overlap issues
  • Fixed an issue in which negotiated pay and salvage levels for travel contracts would irrevocably reset upon arrival at the destination
  • Fixed achievement unlocking issues and descriptions that didn't match career mode scoring

Known Issues (to be fixed asap)
  • Localization: A small amount of localized text has extraneous formatting. This does not affect readability.
  • Localization: A small amount of new text is not localized.
  • Some buildings (<1%) cannot be destroyed (Urban Warfare expansion only).
  • In the Difficulty settings, the “Restore Defaults” button does not work correctly and saves changes instead.
  • We believe we have a temporary fix for the AkSoundEngine.dll crash that some players have reported but we cannot reproduce this crash internally or through any of our external test groups. Thus, we are leaving it on the Known Issues list until we hear back from the community. A permanent and more robust fix is being investigated for an upcoming release.

Roll Back
It is possible to revert to past versions of our game in case you have trouble with this update. For more platform specific information go to our forums at:

Don’t get me wrong—I love taking a Jenner for a leisurely jog through the mountains or laying down a blanket of LRMs to glass the shimmering sands of a haunting, lonely desert. But that’s never been the natural environment for mech battles, as far as I’m concerned. The iconic BattleTech experience is punching your enemies right through the front window of a seafood restaurant, demolishing some high-rise apartments with stray laser beams, and having your lightweights dart in and out of a dense office park to take sneaky pot-shots. Urban Warfare delivers on that experience, among other things. And it feels good.

The metropolitan environments in Urban Warfare are well-designed and present novel tactical challenges. The maps I’ve seen so far seem to be a good mix of terrain types, with crowded streets and skyscrapers broken up by open plazas and city parks that make sure you have some options if street-to-street brawling and gunslinging isn’t your style. This creates some niches for lance compositions that aren’t especially viable in BattleTech’s other environs. I found the widespread availability of cover and sight blockers to be a boon to lighter mechs, especially. Using their speed to set up very narrow firing lines and then darting back into safety can be very powerful, especially with accurate, long-ranged weaponry.

And if you’ve got jump jets, even more new possibilities open up since you can jet up to the roof of most buildings to rain death from on high. I found this to be a very powerful scouting ability as well, allowing me to take up a position on a well-placed tower and spot for my indirect fire mechs without putting any of my MechWarriors in too much danger. This tactic does present its own risks, however, since just about everything is destructible. Missed shots now hit objects behind your intended target, and you can target buildings directly. A scout mech that takes a fall from 30 stories because an enemy Colossus decided he wasn’t a fan of that particular city block is going to be a bit worse for wear, and totally exposed as a result. The same is true if an enemy is using the urban sprawl for cover. With enough firepower, you can literally level the playing field with just a bit of high explosive and elbow grease.

Beyond creating new tactical opportunities, it just looks and feels right. Games and movies about giant robots hit a sweet spot when their well-oiled stars are racking up millions in collateral damage, crushing minivans underfoot, and giving insurance companies heart attacks. It’s such a joyous and resonant experience that the expansion could have easily been called BattleTech: Homecoming.

The other major expansion feature is electronic warfare, which comes in two varieties. Electronic Countermeasures can jam long-ranged targeting, which is a great way to shut down opponents who like to strap LRMs onto as many hard points as possible and shower the battlefield with ruin, occasionally hitting an actual mission target. So it’s there to specifically counter my playstyle, basically. Lucky for us indirect fire fans, the accompanying 1.6 patch adds the Catapult C4 as a consolation prize—a variant that dares to ask, “What if missiles, but too many?”

On the offensive end of electronic warfare, you can now deploy Active Probes, which remotely provide data on a targeted area of the battlefield without having to risk the life of that new guy who got stuck with the Locust until he can prove he’s responsible enough for a real mech. These can be very powerful, especially on urban maps where sight blockers are plentiful. Since I like to run with heavier, slower mechs most of the time, it’s really nice to have an alternate option for scouting.

Most of the other significant changes relate to the career mode, and I haven’t had the chance to dig into them too deeply just yet. The galaxy map has been expanded with around 50 new star systems, new event chains, and new contract types that can involve taking on multiple opposed factions at once in three-way free-for-alls. Collateral damage can also now affect mission payouts, so you might have to resist the urge to fell entire cities in some cases. That’s all free in 1.6. With the Urban Warfare DLC, we’re also getting new flashpoints with original crew dialogue and an Attack and Defend mode that sounds kind of like turn-based DOTA—the enemy base will continually churn out vehicles to attack your side’s HQ until you blow the thing to bits.

BattleTech definitely feels like a more complete and varied game with the addition of urban maps. And there’s no denying that laying waste to the urban environments with giant, stompy death machines is one of life’s simple pleasures. You’ll be able to try it out for yourself today.

BATTLETECH - missdeliana

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BATTLETECH - missdeliana

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BattleTech is planning a city break this summer with the Urban Warfare expansion. Up until now, lance battles have mostly taken place in the wilderness, with the occasional trip to a gloomy outpost, but with Urban Warfare you'll be able to kick the oil out of mechs on city streets and rooftops surrounded by destructible buildings. Check out the trailer above. 

Urban environments aren't just a nice change of scenery; they'll also present new tactical challenges. Buildings offer plenty of places to hide and lots of cover, but you can also kick them down and deny the enemy safety. Health and safety is clearly not a big concern in these cities, either, as there are explosives scattered around, just waiting for to be set off. 

As well as being able to use the tried and tested 'hide behind a wall' method, you might want to try the new ECM tech, once lost but recently rediscovered, which will make you and nearby friendlies invisible, at least to enemy targeting systems. Of course there's a counter, so you'll need to watch out for mechs equipped with probes. This tech sounds like it should come in just as handy outside cities, too. 

There are two new mechs, one of which packs both the ECM and probe, and it's not just mechs with some tricks up their sleeves. You'll have to fight three new enemy vehicles sporting prototype ECMs and probes, as well. 

The last expansion introduced branching story missions, Flashpoints, and Urban Warfare adds another to the list, along with a new kind of encounter where your lance will have to take out an enemy base while trying to protect their own from enemy attackers.

It's quite a bit more than a new biome, then, though that's still definitely the highlight. I'm sick of trees. Give me a skyscraper to punch.  

BattleTech: Urban Warfare is due out on June 4. 


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