Bloodline Champions - sls_Prog

The sale starts on Thursday 11th of June (Today) and ends on Monday, 22nd of June.
The items available on sale are listed below:

Steam Game Packs

Gold Prices up to 70% off

In-Game Items, Gold prices reduced!
All Bloodlines 60% off
All Gender Outfits 70% off
Floral, Lightning and Neptunian Weapons 60% off
Taunt Emotes 80% off
Wacky Outfits 60% off
Bloodline Champions - sls_Prog

“Our Ka’O Plateau! It seems she bows to no nation, and for that all the Ga’Tamang Nation treasures her!”
- High General Ta’Gon, the Warborn
Champion's Summit: Frigid Gale
The next Champion’s Summit Tournament for Europe will be hosted this Sunday, the 17th of May, at 6 p.m UTC (Server Time).

Fight alongside your teammates in the arena for a prize pool of $453!
You will be able to watch the Tournament streamed live at

Replay Support
Replay support has now been enabled for all users in Bloodline Champions.
To save a replay, simply press “Save Replay” in the scoreboard after playing a match.

Due to this change, users who have previously purchased a Replay Pass will receive a Gold refund. (This refund will be delivered next week)
Bloodline Champions - sls_Prog
This Wednesday (2015-04-29) there will be a Season Change.

Season 15 - Sun Smiling
Champions, common folk and nobility alike hold their arms up toward the shining sun to greet the sunny season. The sun inspire many with a will for battle, and all to celebrate life itself. See to it that you honour your Bloodline in the arena!

Due to the feedback we have received during the previous Season, we have decided to reset the Grades for the next Season. All users will be put at Grade 1 once the servers has opened after the Season Change.

We will also do a bit of an update for the token-system. We’ll remove the gold and bronze tokens and all you tokens will be converted into diamond tokens. With this change we’ll also add some new avatars and titles with token prices.

And finally, a Profanity Filter will be added for common profanity words. And can be disabled in the options.

Community News
Last weekend there was a 1v1 US Duel Championship. We congratulate Skywind, the first winner of the Duelist Championship! We look forward to the next round, but until then you can find the Video on Demand for this tournament at

We would like to remind you that the Crowd funding for the next Champion Summit Tournament is still on! Show your support at
Bloodline Champions - khct
We would like to congratulate the winners of the first Champions Summit tournament that ran this weekend!

EU: ptx, trolldracii, KlernY
US: Arbaris, Rokay, Iska

Did you miss it? View it on Twitch!
You can also download and view the replays from the tournaments section in-game.

Next Tournament
With the first one over there is no time to slack, so there is a new campaign is already up on Indiegogo to contribute to the next one! The goal has been raised to $700 to make things even more interesting for the next round of the tournament series! On top of that, the perks have been bumped a bit! So there is even more to gain by contributing!

The campaign can be found here:

Also big thanks to y0landi and the team who makes this possible, as well as everyone who watched and played!
We’re eagerly waiting for the next tournament!
Bloodline Champions - khct
Don’t miss your chance to win some cash! The first crowd funded Champions Summit tournament raised a total of $650 in tournament prices.

The EU Tournament will be hosted on Sunday the 12th of April at 18:00 UTC with a prize pool of $390.

The US Tournament will be hosted on Sunday the 12th of April at 23:00 UTC with a prize pool of $260.

The live stream will be available at and will include some item raffles! So make sure to be there to watch!

On top of this the Tournament Observer bug has now been fixed! You can now again observe tournament matches live in game!

With spring around the corner we welcome it with some new sales!
Floral weapons at 50% off and Rookie Outfits at 40% off!
Bloodline Champions - sls_Prog
Time for another patch! And this time it's a balance patch!
This is the first in a series of balance patches that will be applied that focuses on the balance on a few bloodlines at a time.
Discuss your thoughts about the current balance in the Steam Forum.

Twin Death (M2)
  • No longer inflicts Gradual slow on hit.
  • Now inflicts 25% Slow for 1.2s on hit.

Harvest Blood (Q)
  • No longer inflicts a minor knockback on hit.

Ferocious Strike (E)
  • Cooldown is now applied when using the second time.
  • Fixed a bug where Headhunter would not get affected by direct hit incaps triggered by Ferocious Strike (E). (When hitting Vanguard Reflect for instance)

Blitz (Space)
  • Now inflicts "Blitz Awareness" on target upon hit.
  • Blitz Awareness
    • Target is immune to Blitz knockback for 3s.

Lightning Arrow (EX M2)
  • Can no longer affect the same target twice.

Shadow Strike (M2)
  • Dark Chase
    • Quick Strike (M1) Damage increase has been reduced to 15% from 20%

Deviate (Space)
  • Shadow Blades
    • Damage increase has been reduced to 15% from 20%
    • Duration lowered to 4s from 5s

Earth Crush (F)
  • Will now get interrupted if hit by a controllable spell between jumps (Blood Grip, Intervene etc)

Nature's Companion (R)
  • Healing per second reduced to 200 from 230.
  • Damage per second reduced to 200 from 230.

Nature's Wonder (Q)
  • Damage dealt to targets in area when hit by Song of Despair (M1) reduced to 120 from 240.
  • No longer absorbs the main targets Song of Despair (M1) damage when Amplify is triggered.

Talisman of Teleportation
  • Energy cost reduced to 60 from 70.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing Bloodlines moving direction to lock in the aiming direction when interrupting a melee ability while moving.
  • Fixed a bug where medallions with cast time would always get interrupted on move, even if the 'Interrupt on move' option was disabled.

Bloodline Champions - Tautroll
Make sure to log into the game to receive your lucky gift!

The gift contain a St. Patricks avatar, a xp- and bloodcoin boost for 8 games each and we managed to squeeze some gold out of the leprechauns to hand out aswell!

The gift can be collected all week!
Bloodline Champions - Tautroll
A bit late, but here's the patchnotes for yesterdays patch:

  • Fixed a bug where Starter Quest would still be displayed on launch even if it was completed.
  • Region will now default to primary matchmaking region when hosting a Private Game.
  • Character Selection Time in Draft and S-Draft increased to 45s from 30s
  • Estimated Grade re-introduced to Standard Matchmaking.
  • Added St. Patricks Avatar
    Bloodline Champions - khct
    Make sure to log in to receive your love-gift from us at Stunlock!

    What better way to spend Valentine´s Day than playing BLC? None!
    So we’re happy to run a Valentine´s Day tournament for you to enjoy!

    On top of all this love we’ll also host random key give aways on twitter!
    At 18:00 UTC - 19:00 UTC random keys will be tweeted, there might be some surprise tweets during the day as well, so keep an eye out!
    Make sure to follow us on twitter, and try and grab them as fast as you can!

    We’ve launched a new support site. So if you’re having any problems this is where you should go. We take care of all issues as soon as we can, doing multiple issues for the same problem only slow things down!

    What’s going on?
    There is a lot of questions going around and here is some answers to some of them.

    Will you put up more servers to cover other regions?
    At the moment there’s no plan for servers in other regions than what we have today. To split the community we have active EU east/west or US east/west would just make the queues horrible. Other parts of the world, we just don’t think have enough players to cover the cost of the servers or for the queue to work out.

    Whats next for Bloodline Champions?
    At the moment or goal is to get the servers working properly, our aim with taking over the servers was to keep the game up and running so you guys can keep enjoying it. What comes next is still unknown.

    Will Team Ladders return?
    The reason why we removed Team Ladders was because we didn’t want to split up the community. Opening up 3v3 and 2v2 Teams will split up the community into multiple queues again. We don’t think that this is a good idea considering where our current playerbase is at.

    See you in the arena!
    Feb 12, 2015
    Bloodline Champions - khct
    Added items
    Valentine's avatars and title added to the game

    Slightly modified rating algoritm values in matchmaking
    Sligthly modified balance for Parties in matchmaking

    Maximum channels joined at any time set to 4
    Default channels are now always displayed as "Global"

    Launch parameter '-disableru' added to disable Russian fonts.

    Hotfix 2015-02-13

    Bug fixes
    Fixed the bug where you could not select the Bloodline you just unlocked via a Reward.

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