Tesla vs Lovecraft - knotto

10tons turns 15 years old this year. To celebrate we're having a 15th Anniversary Sale at the moment. Go see if there's something you'd be interested in. All discounts are featured on our creator page here: https://store.steampowered.com/developer/10tons

We've been around since 2003. This makes us one of the oldest game studios in Finland which we're very proud of. Hopefully we get to be around in another 15 years. The gaming industry changes rapidly and we're excited to see what the future will bring!

Tesla vs Lovecraft - knotto

Check out the Undead Horde upcoming page for some interesting posts about the undead. We've also updated the screenshots, the trailer and the description!

May 25
Tesla vs Lovecraft - Habba

It's a patch time! After listening to player feedback, we decided to roll a bit back with Extra Barrel and XP restrictions. Extra Barrel once more doubles shotgun shells. XP restrictions now only apply to Survival mode, to keep it more interesting.

Here's the full change list.

  • COOP: Players now have an option to trade level up to revive all dead players
  • VISUALFX: Improved visuals on LOW particle detail level
  • PERFORMANCE: Improved performance with particle effects, especially for LOW and MEDIUM quality
  • UI: Leaderboards - Improved time format
  • UI: Daily Quests screen is now automatically updated when new quest is available
  • UI: Improved readability on progress bar caption texts
  • UI: Amount of crystals per level is now clearly visible
  • UI: New 'Planes' window which displays plane descriptions
  • UI: Added 'Show on Map' button to Monsterpedia, to make monster hunting bit easier.
  • UI: Fixed screens for 5:4 aspect ration
  • BUG: Lightning Ball Gun now deals correct amount of damage with perks
  • BUG: Fixed Special Ability Master's description.
  • BUG: Occasionally game would freeze during Boss entrance camera drive
  • BUG: Fixed leaderboards category cycling with Gamepad
  • BUG: Fixed rare animation bug during tutorials
  • BUG: Fixed Teleport Directional arrow scaling on very large and small resolutions
  • BUG: Wardenclyffe Battle did not end properly
  • BUG: Tentacles no longer hit through indestructible walls
  • BUG: Player no longer can walk through walls at Wardenclyffe Tower
  • BUG: Fixed damage on Fire Bullets with Gauss Assault Rifle
  • ABILITY: Explosive Barrels can now be layed more frequently
  • PERK: Epic Death Ray no longer gets stuck
  • PERK: Extra Barrel now works better with shotgun-type weapons
  • WEAPON: Lightning Ball Gun's projectile now pierces opponents, making it more efficient
  • WEAPON: Epic Tesla Death Ray now lasts longer and fires up faster
  • POWERUPS: Identical powerups now stack better, multiple Fire Bullets last longer.
  • CONTROLS: Added auto-fire option for Gamepads
  • BALANCE: Fire Vampires deal more damage
  • BALANCE: Improved damage on Gauss Shotgun
  • BALANCE: XP limits for level ups are reduced for levels 9+ for non-survival levels.
  • BALANCE: Improved Fire Bullets damage on Tesla Guns

Please let us know what you think

PS. Mac & Linux users will also get this update, right away.
Mar 12
Tesla vs Lovecraft - Habba

Changes in 1.0.3:
  • New Translation: German
  • Visual FX: FXAA (Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing) added, makes the game look smoother
  • Visual FX: All New Visual Effect when using Time Warp
  • PERK: Special Ability Mastery improved, it now gives +50% damage to all abilities
  • PERK: Vengeful Discharger now spawns twice as many projectiles when hit
  • PERK: Radiator now has 50% larger area of effect
  • PERK: Supplier now gives 40% more powerups, instead of 30%
  • PERK: Extra Barrel now gives 1 extra projectile per shot, rather than +100% amount of projectiles.
  • BALANCE: Improved damage on Assault Gauss Rifle
  • Survival: Difficulty has been tweaked. It starts out faster and lasts longer.
  • Survival: Crystals are now spawned in survival mode.
  • XP limits for levels beyond 8 have been increased significantly
  • BUG: Fixed crystals outside of level
  • BUG: Explosive Barrels are no longer detonated by Radiator perk
  • BUG: Sometimes objects could not be properly picked up
  • Simplified collision edges for several maps, you should now get stuck less often
  • Teleport: Should now find a suitable spot more often
  • COOP: Fixed stats that are shown at the end of the level
  • COOP: Fixed rumble effects for multiple gamepads
  • COOP: Player health is now more visible
  • Weapon Lock functionality is disabled by default. You can enable it from the Controls menu.
  • Added option for Ultra High Quality textures (in performance menu). It enables 4k textures.
  • You can now change your language setting inside the game

Please leave a comment how you feel about these changes!

PS. Linux & Mac will follow bit later
Tesla vs Lovecraft - Habba
  • Camera distance can now be adjusted once more (located under Gameplay)
  • Fixed problems with cutscenes not being played properly (mainly before and after Wardenclyffe battle)
  • Fixed problem with loot drops (should help the normal plane the most)
  • Fixed Aether Crystals appearing out of boundaries in Sentinel Hill and In the Mountain of Madness
  • Slightly tweaked Docks level to be more fair
  • Fixed crashes on Windows XP
  • Fixed sounds getting stuck looping after the level ends
  • Fixed infinite crystal loop hole
  • Fixed bought Inventions not being saved properly

P.S. We recently announced a new game we've been developing lately. Please check it out!

Tesla vs Lovecraft - Habba

It's been one week from the release, and we've been working on some updates based on your feedback!

  • French language added! (thanks to Christophe Pallarès for translation)
  • Gauss Assault Rifle's damage doubled
  • Crystal timer removed, you can collect as many as you want, as often you want!
  • Crystals now available in first plane (after first play through)
  • Green crystals added, they are worth double the normal crystals
  • Perk shuffle fixed, should no longer offer the same perks
  • Gameplay options added
  • Maximum Monster count is set by default to minimum (150), which can be upped to 600 for personal enjoyment
  • Camera view distance setting removed
  • Survival's maximum monster count can no longer changed.
  • First weapon now drops earlier
  • Weapon lock functionality added (R for keyboard, B/X for Gamepad). It prevents you from accidentally collecting weapons.
  • Fixed graphical glitches
  • Difficulty in Normal Plane is increased
  • Difficulty in Aether and Eldritch Planes is decreased
  • Minigun sounds should no longer loop while game is paused
  • Fixed mismatch in Survival score display
  • Medikits no longer heal dead players
  • Higher Education quest fixed
  • Option to turn off screen shake

Big thanks to all the players! We hope you are happy with the changes. If you have any feedback, please let us know!

[Linux and Mac will have update a bit later. Most of these updates are already available to Linux and Mac in the Beta branch.]
Tesla vs Lovecraft - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alice O'Connor)

I remain astonished by how often 10tons, the studio behind games including Neon Chrome and Crimsonland, manage to release new twin-stick shooters. Not even four months after Jydge (which our John really enjoyed), they’re back with Tesla vs Lovecraft. As you can probably guess, it pits fiction’s favourite non-fictional inventor against H.P. Lovecraft and his tentacled horrors from below and beyond. The author burned down the inventor’s lab, see, so Nikky is striking back with his own mech and gadgets and… the novelty of ‘Tesla this’ and ‘Lovecraft that’ has worn off for me over recent few years, but: 1) explosions; 2) colours; 3) new 10tons shmup. Here, look: (more…)

Tesla vs Lovecraft - knotto
Tesla vs Lovecraft - knotto

Tesla vs Lovecraft is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux! Grab it now and murder some tentacles tonight!
Crimsonland - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Adam Smith)


This weekend, why not spend some time surrounded by creeping death that approaches from all sides in the form of horrid aliens and giant spiders? Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? What if I told you that you don’t even have to leave your house and that it won’t cost you a penny? SOLD, you’d say, and I’d patiently restate that you don’t need to pay anything at all.

Crimsonland, the top-down shooter that inexplicably doesn’t have a sequel (more on that shortly), is free to play via Steam right now and for the rest of the weekend. Hurrah! It’s great and you should definitely try it if you’re not allergic to Smash TV, monsters or the killing of monsters.



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