Dead Exit - zenorf

Some minor Bug fixes including a very rare but potential crash for online multiplayer.

A few tidy ups on visuals, especially for you crazy folks who use a console controller to play this on the PC. I know there are a few of you out there.

More importantly this updates brings the Linux version in line with the PC version. no idea how many linux users there are, but we definitely think you guys are worth the extra few hours of tweaking and testing it takes to port.

In other news, for those of you who have local friends, and multiple controllers we have made a little game that you can get for free from Itch.IO. It's called Space Time! (for no good reason my daughter just named it that), and it's a 2 - 4 player arena space ship battle with Newtonian physcs.

Grab it for free here.

Thanks for your continued support for our little company. We hope not to let you down.
Dead Exit - zenorf
Hi guys.

This update has a number of bug fixes including 1 crash that could occur when playing online multiplayer.

mostly though it is a visual tidy up where we sorted the flickering on particle effects and made all the visuals a little clearer to read. Obviously it was a huge amount of work for a small visual improvement but If even one of you guys appreciates it then it'll have been worth it.

There were also a couple of typo's that we fixed, and a bunch of other little things I honestly can't remember now since we have been so busy.

Hope you guys are enjoying the new War game mode. It is quite hard, but I promise that it is also entirely beatable even on it's hardest difficulty.

Good luck.
Sep 27, 2017
Dead Exit - zenorf

Hi everyone. we bring you WAR!,
This is an entirely new game mode where you (or if you like you and a friend locally) take on up to 3 A.I. raider bases. Sometimes they screw over each other but most of the time they come after the player so be careful, they are big meanies.

This was supposed to be a halloween update but we wanted to just get it out to you guys now since you've all been so helpful.

There are a number of other bugs that have been fixed such as a lost in the storm crash, but keep bring any bugs you find to our attention and we'll get em squished.

we are also aware that there are a few visual glitches with the anti aliasing and z- fighting on particles, but we should be sorting those imminently
Aug 10, 2017
Dead Exit - zenorf
Like a thief in the night that gives you stuff for fun here it is. OK. More like Santa Claus getting the wrong day and just turning up and saying "Hey jimmy, have a fun thing I made "

Admittedly a terrible analogy but the point is that we wanted to show our appreciation to you guys who have supported this game so 1.1 is here, and with that comes...


A whole new game mode that forces you to think very differently.

Take on the raiders and try to get through 8 weeks of pain misery and undead apocalypse based shenanigans.

There a bunch of other major and minor fixes and tweaks, but really they are all insignificant in comparison to the new game mode.

Thanks again for working with us to make this game better and better.

Have fun, and if you haven't asked all your friends to buy this game and help us out then please go and do that!
Aug 1, 2017
Dead Exit - zenorf
2 Updates in one day. Oh Gosh!

Fixed the Scaled game issue.

Multiple updates and fixes to the hosting and inviting to stop errors with network connections that some people are getting which make them disconnect from the host.

Aug 1, 2017
Dead Exit - zenorf
Hi guys,

Another small update. Mostly to fix the tutorial which we broke. Sorry about that.

The Linux version is also up to date.

WARNING! Scaled Game currently hangs so please turn this off when starting a multiplayer. We should fix this later today. So pass on Scaled games for a few hours. Apologies for the inconvenience/ annoyance/ rage/ despair.

This version has a really bright over the top light for when something is in your trade slot but we'll be toning that down for the next update.

A few other minor fixes that most of you won't notice, such as when someone leaves an online game their base will now crumble properly and leave a smoking wreck.

Not long now till the 1.1 update now. Just trying to fix a couple of admin things for the Xbox cert that are causing us undue annoyance.
Jul 25, 2017
Dead Exit - zenorf
High everyone.
Sorry for the delay in moving this across to the Default branch. Just wanted to give it a good test.

We're disabled The second solitaire mode. You can't play it just yet, but soon. It's taking a little longer as we are doing a lot of work on The Living Dungeon at the moment as well.

Several bugs have been found and fixed for the multiplayer game.

Visuals have been updated with post processing effects so the whole thing looks a bit nicer. Should in theory run a bit better on most machines too.

Improved highlights and various other little visual updates such as the base.

We also updated the linux build to as well if that is your thing.

More to come soon.

Enjoy, and as always, if you have any questions feel free to ask.
Dead Exit - zenorf
Hi Guys.

New version features.


The Event cards now stay on screen in local and Solitaire games until you click on them. So you have all the time in the world to read them.

A dozen or so fixes to cards. Mostly just spacing and capitalization but a typo on the Mechanic has been sorted, and a couple more cards were reworded for consistency.

A couple of Extra sounds added including the base being overrun.

A few very minor visual glitches that no one would ever notice except us have been fixed.


Several updates to the Linux version, which can play with Windows versions in multiplayer fine now. It needs a more powerful PC to run at the same speed as the windows one but that is down to Unity I'm afraid. Not sure if it's possible to do anything about that.

If there are any other requests let us know. As it is we are cracking on with things and adding the extra solitaire mode.

Hope those of you playing the game are enjoying it, and thanks for taking the time to read this.
Jul 3, 2017
Dead Exit - zenorf
Another Small update

Fixed a crash bug in online multiplayer found by The Hidden Levels team when they were streaming.

fixed small bug on the "Survivalist" card so it now states the card goes into the player's hand.

Audio for the tutorial now louder (It was suspiciously quiet.

Minor rewording on a few more cards

Next on the list for is, Cards will stay on screen until you click/press button for both solitaire and local multiplayer.

Any other small recommendations, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Thanks for playing and giving us feedback everyone.
Dead Exit - zenorf
Hiiiiiiii everybody.

It's another little update. Just some more tweaks and little fixes.

On the Other hand, we now have a fully working Linux build.

Just need to actually let people know that the Linux version is finally working properly.

There will be more little updates still. Need to do some volume balancing as after review it seems some of the sounds are a little quiet but others too loud. e.g. the tutorial speech is quiet and the fire sound a bit loud. We'll get it sorted soon.

Thanks again for reading, and for playing the game.

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