Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition - Valve
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HOARD - Valve
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Zeno Clash Video - Steve Watts

It's the weekend before Valentine's Day, and that means love is in the air. What better time to pick up some indie games to enjoy with your significant other? Or, alternately, to distract you from your crippling loneliness? The Indie Royale Valentine's Bundle is here to help.

The latest iteration of the Indie Royale bundle is now available. It includes Zeno Clash, Hoard with two DLC packs included, Lume, and the PC debuts of both Soulcaster and Soulcaster 2.

The bundle will run for five days, right up to the big romantic event. If you pay more than the minimum (currently $4.46), you'll get the Music to Play Games By Too album from One Life Left as a bonus. Indie Royale runs these promotions regularly, and has another coming in two weeks, so if none of those indie titles interest you, more will be on the way soon.

HOARD - Tranicos
<img src="" alt="Flame Broiled SANDwich Pack" />

A complete set of alternate visuals for your HOARDing--fly to the desert continent, and do battle with ifreets, brave knights, and torch thieves' tents. Even the dragon has adapted with a feathery set of scales.

The pack sells for $1.99, or is part of the new HOARD: Complete Pack, which is on sale for 25% off for 1 week only.

Your support means a lot to us. If you like this sort of thing (alternate visuals, new content), we'll keep doing it!

--The HOARD Team
HOARD - Valve
Flame-broiled SANDwich, the new downloadable content for HOARD is now available on Steam!

This DLC takes the treasure gathering action to the mystical sands of the desert continent and is compatible with all released maps and features!

To celebrate this release, the newly released HOARD Complete Pack is available at 25% off until September 28th at 10AM Pacific Time!

Sep 9, 2011
HOARD - Valve
Updates to HOARD have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:
  • Fixed graphics bugs on low end Radeon cards.
  • Fixed graphics bugs where green fuzz was showing on some machines.
  • Fixed graphics bugs associated with low end graphics cards.
  • Fixed bug cloud saves synch. (Loading screen crash.)
  • Fixed a crash bug for when game window is off-screen on dual monitors.

HOARD - Tranicos
Our first DLC pack has gone live for PC and Mac! Pick it up on the Steam store today!

HOARD: Dynamite Roll DLC pack is full of new and exciting content that any self-respecting dragon should own! Hours of new treasure-hoarding joy are included:
• 9 new maps, including more co-op maps: Team up to break through the arcane defenses of Artillery and keep enemies at bay in Rampart! Compete for scraps on Splits, and bathe yourself in gold in Giant Problem.
• Bomb Wagons: the enterprising villagers have started shipping wagons full of fireworks between towns. Light their fuses and use them to blow up enemies…but watch out for your own hide!
• Bumper Crops: valuable crops will sometimes grow. Burn them down and collect the cash before they disappear!
• Bell-towers: a new town building. Burn it down to reveal a Heal Powerup!
• Heal Powerups: instantly regain full health and surprise your enemies!
• 11 New Achievements that will test your skills as a dragon! Can you take out two knights with a single bomb wagon to earn Simultaneous Attack? Put all that tree burning to good use with Woodburn.
HOARD - Valve
Dynamite Roll!, the new downloadable content for HOARD is now available on Steam!

Dynamite Roll! includes 9 new maps, new power-ups and 11 new Steam achievements for hours of treasure-hoarding joy!

To celebrate this release, HOARD and the HOARD 4-Pack are available at 50% off until August 23rd at 10AM Pacific Time!

Jul 15, 2011
HOARD - Valve
Updates to HOARD have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:
  • Ability to fill empty player slots in a multiplayer game with CPU dragons --Minimum of 2 humans required --All 4 player achievements should be earnable this way
  • Fixes to Xbox360 controller input problems

HOARD - Tranicos
Today's patch has enabled the addition of CPU dragons in multiplayer games!

The games still require at least 2 human players. Any extra player slots (determined by map) will be filled with random CPU personalities upon game launch.

This should enable you to play any map, as long as you can get at least 1 other player! And the 4-player achievements are earnable this way as well.


Please report any bugs to the <a href="">Official HOARD Support forum</a>

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