MORDHAU - elwebbaro
Mostly quick fixes for Feitoria addressing exploits and some balance tweaks for Frontline.
Tweaks to Invasion balance and objective design will follow in a future update.

Patch #13 Hotfix 1 Changelog 29/10/2019

  • Fixed Feitoria NPC weapons counting towards teamkill autokick
  • Small collision fixes on Feitoria
  • Removed mortar on Feitoria for the time being
  • Nobles and Guards on Feitoria can now properly drop/throw/use weapons and equipment that they have picked up
  • Tweaked Capture point and spawn placement between Outskirts and Keep capture points on FL_Feitoria
  • Fixed overlapping fortifications on FL_Feitoria
  • Lowered max speed of siege tower on INV_Feitoria
  • Tweaked collision on Large Rock spawners so you can walk over them
MORDHAU - elwebbaro
This content update marks the release of Feitoria, our biggest map yet, featuring all of our current game modes.

Feitoria dock area

In addition, we have also added more siege-oriented features, such as the ability to drop and raise ladders, chuck large two handed stones from above, tip over baskets of rocks, and even pour boiling oil from cauldrons positioned at strategic locations.

Assortment of some new interactables

A new flat top helmet with 5 variants.

In the coming weeks and months we will be releasing more content additions and gameplay improvements: we’re adapting Mountain Peak for Invasion, finishing up work on our next new map Castello, as well as giving Horde mode some much needed attention.

Patch #13 Changelog 28/10/2019

  • Added new map, Feitoria with support for all existing modes: INV_Feitoria_0, FL_Feitoria, HRD_Feitoria, FFA_Feitoria, FFA_Feitoria_64, SKM_Feitoria, SKM_Feitoria_64, TDM_Feitoria, TDM_Feitoria_64, BR_Feitoria
  • Added stone basket trap interactable to existing maps
  • Added oil cauldron interactable to existing maps
  • Added boulder throwable which can be obtained from an interactable stone pile placed on existing maps. Deals more damage the faster it’s falling (gravity)
  • Ladders now have an interaction UI widget like most interactables, and can now be dropped and raised by holding interact, as long as nobody is on them
  • Invasion player respawn to 5s again
  • Fixed getting stuck on Taiga trees
  • Added 3 choppable trees to Grad
  • Fixed exploiting NPCs in invasion/frontline by blocking them off
  • Fixed removebots command removing map NPCs

  • Crouch slowed down 25ms
  • Reverted miss combos no longer having lunge change from previous patch
  • Increased climbing speed on ladders by 15%
  • It is now possible to jump off ladders while on them, jump will go where the player aims
  • Base jump stamina cost reduced to 10
  • Cat perk fall damage reduction buffed to 90%
  • Brawler perk now also speeds up fists
  • Executioner Sword strike turncap now more strict
  • Executioner Sword stab stamina drain reduced by 1

Visuals & Misc
  • Added new flat top helmet with 5 variations: Covered flat top, Covered flat top orle, Enclosed flat top, Enclosed flat top orle, Visored flat top
  • Fall damage now has camera shake
  • Camera calculations (3p and 1p) now take into account scale, making scaled characters look natural (viewmodel animations)
  • Character scale is taken into account for interaction distance, allowing picking things up etc for bigger characters
  • Fixed crossbow 1p interact animation
  • Destroyable fence gate now has an additional state that removes the bottom board.
  • Helmets now draw fake shadows onto the face to add depth and make them seem more grounded
  • Fixed kills with torch saying “Stone” in the killfeed

  • Improved a few equipment fall sounds and added some that were missing
  • Ragdoll fall impacts now play the body thud sound while alive (previously only played when dead)
  • Fixed a few Tier 2 (open) helmets muffling voice
  • Enemy footsteps are now louder

MORDHAU - elwebbaro
This patch mostly features combat changes for improved readability as well as some other bugfixes.

Patch #12 Changelog 27/09/2019

  • Fixed invasion spawn values being different from Frontline: Player spawn 5->15, Ballista 30->180, Cata 30->180, Horse 30->120
  • Added destroyable trees to taiga that act as bridges and environment traps
  • Adjusted spawns on camp to favor first objective for attackers a bit
  • Added another burnable house to the camp on taiga to make defending a bit easier
  • Updated plugin (Linux server crash fix)
  • Fix for mod downloads being skipped
  • Potential fix for auth ticket error
  • Fix for failing community server reward drops

  • Miss combos no longer have lunge
  • Ripostes can now chamber, their chamber window is the entirety of the windup (chamber restrictions/sides still apply)
  • Riposte clashes will now overpower regular strikes
  • Flesh wound now sets stamina to 0 when it triggers
  • Flesh wound point cost reduced to 2
  • Blocking horse rider couch/joust no longer ragdolls
  • Adjusted regular strike release curve - now looks better and more readable
  • Riposte strikes now have their own release curve, which is linear - this fixes the stutter in the early release transition periods and makes them more readable

Visuals & Misc
  • Fixed a spawn protection box that poked through the ceiling on INV_Grad
  • TeamFlinch is now a server variable (same place as teamdamage is set, TeamDamageFlinch = 1 to enable) which will cause team hits to flinch teammates. Disabled by default.
  • Riposte stabs no longer angle (always straight), they also no longer let you choose the side of the stab, the side chosen is inherent in the parry side, which forces stabs to use the more readable (flip-around) animation, fixing cases of "jpeg stabs"
  • Strike->stab morphs will now force the stab to use the same angle as the strike, making the action more natural looking and less snappy
  • Attack turn compensation is now enabled in all directions (previously depended on angle, e.g. horizontals had no up-down compensation, and overheads had no left-right compensation). - this will make certain cases more readable and no longer instant hit
MORDHAU - elwebbaro
This hotfix aims to improve the stability of our backend, some client and server side CPU optimizations, as well as other miscellaneous fixes.

Patch #11 Hotfix 2 Changelog 20/09/2019
  • Changes to improve backend stability
  • Players are now locked out of most menus if connecting to the backend times out (5 min) and asked to try again later; primarily prevents players from breaking their loadouts
  • Fixed community servers not logging back in after their session expires
  • Pushables no longer receive decals
  • Marked all instances of localizable gamemode names as non-localizable, which fixes various issues with servers running in a localized region
  • Fixed mod manager nav button not lighting up correctly when selected
  • Updated plugin (CentOS support)
  • Client & server CPU optimizations
  • Slightly different network prioritization calculation for characters
  • Medpack now gives score depending on how much was healed (0.75 score per 1 hp healed), so at 100 hp healed you'd get 75 score, before it gave 50 score regardless of amount of health restored.
  • Fixed scoreboard not scrolling to show player entry
  • Fixed a bug involving equipment restrictions in duel that could cause them to be bypassed
MORDHAU - marox
Make sure to restart your game, we're working on getting the backend back up.
MORDHAU - Archer Patrol
It appears that our back end has been affected in some unknown way. This back end is in charge of gold, xp, items and the levelling system. Many players are experiencing a "Please wait" message at the main menu. This is the game receiving the players inventory and usually only lasts a few seconds. If your inventory takes longer then that, we advise that you close down the game, to avoid any inventory conflicts, while we attempt to sort out this issue. As always, thanks for your patience and understanding. We hope to resolve this as soon as possible.
MORDHAU - (Matt Cox)

I still play Mordhau almost every night. People are far too good at it nowadays, but thanks to Tuesday night’s update I can now take refuge in a pub. Full modding support is still a ways out, say developers Triternion, but you can now automatically download the maps people have managed to make just by jumping into a server that’s running them. I’m delighted to report that at least some of them involve roleplaying as bartenders.

There’s also a new asymmetrical mode called Invasion, which I’ve only played for a tiny bit. I mentioned there are pubs now, right?


MORDHAU - elwebbaro
Patch #11 Hotfix 1 Changelog 11/09/2019
  • Fixed mirrored siege tower applying damage on wrong side when it falls.
  • Fix for Invasion objective characters (commander/warden) healing with bandage when pressing mode switch (also fixed mode switch healing when at full hp and wasting bandage)
  • Warden's mace in Invasion can no longer be dropped
  • Fixed loadout switching breaking in duels
  • Fix for warden not being offered to 2nd best player first
  • Fixed warden waypoint causing him to go out of bounds on Invasion Grad
  • Invasion Grad spawn protection adjustments
  • Fixed scaled characters having issues with the climbing animation, and enabled climbing for warden and commander in Invasion
  • Fixed game modes being translated in Russian, which was causing issues
  • Objective characters (warden/commander) can no longer press the suicide key to suicide
  • Peasants can’t be walked on anymore
  • AutoKickOnTeamKillAmount can now be set in config by server owners (in the gamemode section)
  • Disabled collision on Taiga spline rails
MORDHAU - elwebbaro
With this update, we are shipping the Invasion game mode on three existing maps: Grad, Taiga and Camp. Invasion is an epic, asymmetric, objective-based mode where one team defends and the other attacks. The remaining maps will be adapted for Invasion in the future, including the two new maps we’re working on - Feitoria and Castello.
Also featured in this update is automatic mod (map) download when connecting to a modded server. This is only the first step in mod support for MORDHAU, as the official SDK is not ready yet, although our resourceful community has managed to make maps regardless.

Stay tuned for more updates in the near future, Feitoria is just about ready for release!

Patch #11 Changelog 10/09/2019

  • Added a whole new asymmetric objective-based mode called Invasion. Currently available on Grad, Taiga and Camp. Mixed in with existing Frontline rotation on official servers.
  • Added automatic mod (map) download on connect and integration (workshop)
  • Server owners can specify their auth token in the ServerModAuthToken field in Game.ini which they get from Any mods subscribed by the user will be automatically downloaded & updated by the server on startup.
  • Reduced waiting for player time in duel from 120s to 90s
  • Fixed kill credits being assigned to teammates for teamdamage (e.g, even if the enemy suicided or died otherwise) causing a teamkill
  • Players on vehicles now count for pushing in push objectives (e.g. horses etc)
  • Getting auto-kickbanned for teamkilling (5 TKs) no longer applies a global matchmaking ban of 30 minutes, it now only bans you from that server for 30 minutes.

  • Adjusted axe head bonus stamina drain vs shields to be slightly weaker
  • Held block shields global stam negation increased by 1
  • Held block shields block turncap slightly less strict
  • Reverted Horde changes from last patch except for the projectile damage change
  • Horse respawn time increased to 2 minutes
  • Spinning in the opposite direction and trying to “backswing” will no longer work, now causes glancing blow

Weapons & Equipment
  • Eveningstar main mode strike combo slowed down 25ms

Visuals & Misc
  • Made thrown weapon trail a bit less squiggly
  • Fixed perma ban message showing when trying to search for a match after a temp ban expired
  • Fixed inventory not refreshing between matches when staying on the same server
  • Medium horse now gets random colors and patterns assigned on spawn, and will assume team colors when mounted in a team mode.

  • Polish on objective icons look and feel
  • There’s now a fixed amount of closest objective icons that show up, preventing too much clutter
  • Objective icons now display in the map spawn screen
  • Added mute, unmute, mutelist commands for server admins; prevents players from sending chat messages; global on official servers
  • Banlist command now includes globally banned players on official servers
  • Fixed profanity filter not applying when checked (having to be re-checked)
  • Synced up duel UI countdown better with the server
  • Fixed top rank next icon breaking in duel

Sep 2
MORDHAU - Archer Patrol
Patch #10

  • Auto kick teamkill amount reduced to 5
  • Horde - players can no longer be flinched, have 15% faster melee windups, 50% less melee miss recovery and receive 50% less damage from projectiles
  • Horde health on kill reduced to 10
  • Fixed remaining server is full error
  • Global official server ban list is now active

  • Reverted experimental global timing changes (all releases, parry window and chamber windows increased 25ms) - Chamber window is still nerfed 25ms total
  • Stamina start regen delay increased 50ms to 1.3 (from 1.25)
  • Combo feint buff reduced 25ms (75ms total now)
  • Bound overhead angle change reduced 2.5 degrees
  • Reduced maximum lower stab angling
  • Held block shields now have 2 less stamina negation
  • Held block shields now have stricter blocking turncap
  • Held block shields can no longer riposte feint using the block - now forces a full parry window & recovery time on the block (915ms)
  • Certain strikes now have bonus stamina damage against shields, following weapons are affected, starting with the lowest bonus stamina damage - 1H Axe, Poleaxe, Halberd, Heavy Handaxe, Maul, War Axe, Bardiche, Battle Axe

Weapons & Equipment
  • Eveningstar strike turncaps slightly more strict
  • Slowed down stab windup by 25ms for following weapons: Bastard sword, Shortspear, Bardiche, Halberd, Poleaxe, Greatsword, Longsword main mode, Messer, Zweihander
  • Firepot damage adjusted to be more useful
  • Reverted Halberd alt mode stab turncap buff

Visuals & Misc.
  • Veteran’s chest color fix

  • Added MMR display to duel end screen, player menu, and matchmaking screen


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