Super Perspective - Warman Steve
We've slashed our $4.99 asking price down to $0.00! You can now get Super Perspective for the low, low price of free! To older players, we'd like to thank you for your support. To new players, we hope you enjoy Super Perspective!
Super Perspective - Warman Steve
It came to our attention that sometimes the "Home" teleporter at the end of the hub wouldn't trigger the credits sequence. This has been addressed in the most recent patch.
Super Perspective - Warman Steve
As of the most recent update, the achievement for beating the game should be awarded upon starting the credits sequence. If you missed this achievement, updating your copy of super perspective and returning to the credits sequence should award it.
Super Perspective - Warman Steve
There was a bug in the grass world where sometimes boxes would not spawn properly, but this was fixed in the most recent update. If you're experiencing issues, please download the most recent Super Perspective update. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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