Sep 11
The StoryTale - TheStoryTale
If you can't find the key in 10 minutes, you will get gray key compass in the HUD.
Default language now is English (previously from bunch of Steam and OS setups it happened to be Russian. I am really sorry, comrades. Good bye, Mother Russia)
And some minor translation and level design were updated
The StoryTale - TheStoryTale

Ice wizards now have additional idle animations and even can sleep.
Also mage sleeping was fixed. Now the duration is not a few seconds, but 20 seconds as for other goblins.
And some cute fan art from Victoria Kim.
The StoryTale - TheStoryTale

Big slimes were restored.
Goblins now sleep twice more and they continue to sleep after princess fountain rebirth
And here we got this gorgeous fan art from Olya Goryacheva.
The StoryTale - TheStoryTale

Ukrainian localization was updated thanks to Andrii Raboschuk
And some small fixes:
-ice mechanics with world-on-pause mechanics were improved
-sleeping invisible goblins now will be visible like dark green shadows, so you both could see them and know it's a temporary safe place
And beautiful fan aft from Angelika Kashtan
The StoryTale - TheStoryTale

With new update it will be a little bit less spikes and a little bit more time for goblin sleeping.
And here is the beautiful fan art from Tvorojenka
Aug 24
The StoryTale - TheStoryTale
The powerful update, like the last fan art :)
+ random bounce from the wall bug was fixed
+ reduce the strength of water flows (easy difficulty)
+ Increase the operating time of the levers (easy difficulty)
+ slimes do not spawn on the chests
+ ice tracks on the generated snow mountains levels
+ invisible slimes after founain restart should be invisible again
+ more fountains at step-by-step levels
+ vertical (on the wall) spikes are "pressed" 1 pixel inside when the princess hits them
+ now broblins (goblins-friends) give full protection from projectiles, magic and small mobs, no matter how many of their quests are completed
Aug 22
The StoryTale - TheStoryTale
Easy difficulty: longer pause before a goblin with a spear starts attack; more duration before clouds disappear;much more quick appearance of invisible platforms when you don't move. And a beautiful fan art of Denis Popyvanov

The StoryTale - TheStoryTale

And now goblins sleep 20 seconds instead of 5 seconds on easy difficulty.
The StoryTale - TheStoryTale
Fan art by Vladimir Vasilyev

Aug 16
The StoryTale - TheStoryTale
Welcome to our fairy tale
Have a nice play)


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