Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Greetings, adventurers! If you haven't already noticed, the Steam Summer Sale is going strong, and Tangledeep is on sale for 20% off! If you've been on the fence about picking up the game or soundtrack, now is the cheapest they've ever been!


Moving on, let's cover the patch notes below from 1.15b and today's release, 1.16 :-)

  • Added a bit more fanfare when defeating a boss

  • Added SFX for completing a side area

  • Eased the difficulty of Job Trials in a few ways. Max # of flask and consumable uses has been increased based on trial level. There are now slightly fewer monsters in level 3 trials. Also, monsters no longer receive *extra* stat and health scaling based on job trial level (previously, they received up to +30% to core stats and health, on top of existing scaling.)

  • Slightly scaled up Percy’s healing costs. It is still not nearly as exponential as before, but now the cost of repeated heals will raise slightly more as you go up in level.

  • Talrose should no longer send you to places far above your level

  • Nando’s brothers (Wando, Armando, Juliando, Rando) now have a better chance of stocking magical gear, and this gear may have more affixes - especially as you get higher in level

  • Heated Sandjaws (uncommon monster variant that shows up in a couple areas) can no longer be a rumor target

  • Changed the way rarity impacts weapon power. Previously, increasing the number of mods on a weapon would increase its raw power by a %. However, this scaling had numerous issues such as: (1) high-rank weapons gaining far too much power simply due to rarity, (2) power fluctuating based on order of mods added, (3) power fluctuating based on an item being found/bought vs. Dreamcaster upgraded, etc.

    Now, weapons with more mods will still have more power than their base counterparts, but this scaling has been toned down and should be consistent regardless of Dreamcaster upgrades or the order of mods added.

  • Dream rumors will now only start appearing when you are at least level 5 *and* have the Dreamcaster unlocked

  • Adjusted the costs of some job abilities to help normalize the overall cost of mastering a job. Passives are now generally a bit more expensive and some jobs that had slightly-too-cheap abilities overall are more in line with the average.

  • Champion monsters now give +10jp base (scaled down/up depending on relative level)

  • Elemental Kings now give +50jp base

  • Bosses now give +150jp base

  • Really, actually fixed bug with Overdrawing weapons on the hotbar not recognizing their max range on mouse click
  • The cooking tutorial popup should no longer overlap other cutscenes or events in Riverstone Camp
  • Fixed bug introduced in 1.15 with Edge Thane innate bonuses not working correctly
  • The new Item Dream aura popup font now uses regular game font, so it can represent characters like %% properly
  • Fixed Spirit Wolf’s “Wolf Lunge” behavior
  • Fixed bug with Skill Orb version of Runic Crystal causing random game errors
  • Attempted fix for monster transparency layer sometimes rendering at the wrong rotation
  • Fixed buggy monster behavior
  • The default cursor position during challenge selection now defaults to “New Game” instead of “Weekly Challenge”
  • Fixed minor bugs with name input screen
  • Fixed bug where the harvest food dialogue could override certain cutscenes in the Corral
  • Fixed bug where, if you found a legendary item, rumors offering that item as a reward would disappear. Now, those rumors will simply change their reward.
  • Also fixed bug where dream rumors related to legendary items could sometimes disappear
  • Fixed battle popup text font inconsistencies
  • (JP) UI navigation shortcut text should now be localized / correct font
  • Fixed text bug in elemental rumor descriptions
  • Fixed bug where mouse cursor was still affecting menus even when disabled
  • Fixed some odd behavior with the search bar in the Dreamcaster interface (it should now completely clear when going back and forth between item and orb select mode)
  • Fixed bug where menu UI could be opened during the pre-boss 3 cutscene
  • Fixed some visual ugliness when dialog boxes first open
  • Fixed AI bug with certain self-buffing monster abilities that could cause monsters to move around or pass turns instead of doing things
  • (Audio) Fixed loop point in the ‘escaped frog’ corral theme
  • The Herbalist quest should no longer reset on multiple NG+ playthroughs
  • In the Dreamcaster UI, difficulty estimates should be a bit more accurate (some dreams were being estimated as a little too easy.) Also, the dreams themselves should now display the correct adjusted difficulty level.
  • Fixed bug where pets using movement abilities outside of combat (such as Fungal Toads’ hop) would reset their “in combat” timer

  • Experimental: When trying to use an ability that requires a certain weapon type, you will automatically switch to that weapon if it is on your hotbar. Once the ability executes, you will switch back at the end of the turn (once enemies have acted.)

  • You can now issue a command to any pet telling them to not attack at all. This behavior state can be un-toggled at any time from the same pet command menu. Pets in this state will still move around and use support abilities, but will not take any offensive actions.

  • Monsterpedia now supports scrolling (necessary if we want to display even MORE monsters!)

  • Spike traps are removed from the first boss fight upon victory. The map doesn’t visually change, but the spikes no longer deal damage.
  • Rumors that ask you to defeat X monsters with an element will now mention that the monsters can be found in multiple locations, but give you a specific location to try (to make life easier)
  • You should no longer get elemental rumors targeted at cleared side areas with monsters that only live in those side areas
  • Reorganized job skill lists so that passives are always at the bottom (except for Budoka’s Vital Point: Pain, which gets a discount)
  • When Phasing/Blinking mobs “Reactive Warp” ability triggers, popup and log text now appears indicating this
  • If you have Changed Clothes in the wardrobe, your sprite will now change when you switch jobs. Previously it didn’t, which meant you could change jobs and not have any ability to switch to that new job’s sprite (since for Change Clothes to be available for a job, you must first spend JP in it)
  • Pushing any direction (arrow keys, joystick) while dialog text is ‘typing’ will now finish the text.
  • The Dreamcaster UI now displays ALL available orbs, but marks unusable orbs in red. Unusable orbs were previously hidden from view, which was confusing. Hovering over the orb will show you *why* the orb is not compatible.

  • (JP) Translated some miscellaneous English-only dialogues and messages from recent patches
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Greetings, adventurers! We've been hard at work improving the game (as always) in addition to working on the Switch port which is running better than ever. We may yet see a Switch release in August, if all goes according to plan. Before we get into recent changes, we're pleased to announce the release of...

Tangledeep ~ Arrange ~

This remix album includes 21 arrangements of your favorite themes from the Tangledeep original soundtrack, all in a diverse array of styles and genres! From 80s rock and heavy metal to EDM/trance and jazz, there is definitely something for everyone here. The musicians from OverClocked ReMix absolutely knocked it out of the park, and if you enjoyed the original soundtrack, you're sure to love this!

Listen and Purchase on Steam
Listen and Purchase on Bandcamp

Patch Summary

In patches 1.14 and 1.15, we focused on a few major areas.

For a long time, Percy's healing services have been very expensive and bordering on 'punishing' depending on your level and how many times you've used them. While healing should not be free and unlimited, the way costs scaled was almost exponential at times. We've revised the healing cost formula to simply be 50g, plus another 50g per time you've healed in your current level.

In other words, you should no longer see jumps like 50g -> 500g -> 1500g. Now, this doesn't help adventurers who get in over their heads in a nasty champion fight, but it will help you avoid character losses due to simply running out of resources. Defeat due to attrition was never a design goal of Tangledeep, which is why the game has no hunger system!

Several key early game cutscenes have been much improved for clarity and dramatic (or comedic) impact. More visuals, audio, and even new music! Plus, we've put in lots of quality of life (QOL) changes that will definitely improve your play experience. For example, ordering pets "Come to me" will force them to stay right next to you for a little while, rather than running away immediately!

All sorts of strange things can happen in Item Dreams, but these special events were not communicated well previously. Now, when entering new Item Dream floors, you'll see any sort of special floor modifiers like Big Mode, Costume Party, Fountain Floors, Berserker Floors, etc. upon entry. You'll also learn the effects of Dream crystal auras when first entering the aura (previously, you had to use the mouse to hover), and once you complete a dream you'll see a little 'report card' of what you earned and encountered during the dream!

A common request from roguelike veterans has been a so-called "bones" file, showing previous characters that have been lost on your current save slot. The idea of "bones" is a bit wrong for Tangledeep's tone, so instead, we now have the "Tree of Memories" which is inscribed with the names of fallen characters. You'll also be able to read where and when they were lost, their level, max floor reached, etc. This data is collected going forward on your local save, so older characters will not be shown.

We did a number of deep engine-level optimizations largely to benefit the Switch version of the game, since the Switch has a much less powerful CPU than just about any desktop or laptop processor. Some of these changes affected just about every object in the game and while we think we've addressed any bugs related to them, let us know if you find anything weird!

Some jobs had passives and innate bonuses that were particularly lackluster compared to other options. We've improved a selection of these, such as Gambler's Cheat Death, Edge Thane's low-health innates, Budoka's Vital Point: Bleed, and Brigand's Detect Weakness. Though Tangledeep is a single player game, we don't want there to be overwhelmingly powerful options OR jobs/skills so weak that they are never worth picking!

Patch Notes 1.14 and 1.15 (Combined)

  • Allies buffed by moonbeams (from the Moonbow legendary) now show the buff animation
  • Improved the cutscene involving the Dreamcaster in town
  • Improved the cutscene involving the escaped frog
  • Improved the cutscene when picking up the cube from Dirtbeak for the first time

  • New music for the escaped frog sequence
  • Replaced some placeholder SFX
  • Crab Grab now has SFX
  • Planting a tree now has SFX
  • Selecting items in your inventory / equipment screen now has SFX
  • Various Monster Corral actions now have SFX

  • Pet insurance cost is now simply player level * 75 gold, rather than monster level.

  • Gambler’s Cheat Death passive now works a bit differently. Now, if it triggers from any damage source, you cannot die from any other damage sources that turn. For example: 5 monsters attack you. The 3rd monster’s attack would normally reduce you to 0 Health, but Cheat Death triggers. Previously, the 4th and 5th monsters could still defeat you. Now, they cannot.

  • Brigand’s Detect Weakness passive now has a 50% higher chance of marking a monster each turn, and the damage bonus has been raised to +100% (up from +35%)

  • Edge Thane’s Glorious Battler passive now also grants 25 CT when defeating a non-worthless enemy with a song active.

  • Edge Thane’s innate abilities have more generous Health thresholds. The base innate now triggers when health is <= 60% instead of 50%, and the final innate (triggers when health is <= 33% instead of 25%. Also, when the base innate triggers, your damage mitigation is increased by 20% (up from 15%).

  • Budoka’s Vital Point: Bleed now has a buffed ‘trigger’ effect. Once an enemy is marked for bleeding and you strike them with another Budoka technique, the bleed will spread to enemies within *3* tiles of the original enemy, instead of within 1 tile.

  • For the first 3/4 of the dungeon, there is now a ~2 turn buffer from when you first enter a floor to when monsters can aggro you naturally. This should help with edge cases where a ton of aggressive monsters happen to spawn right next to stairs. However, note that if the monsters were already aggressive, or if you attack them, they will still fight back. Note: This does not apply on New Game+.

  • Monsters knocked out with a Monster Mallet should now gain immunity to mud and lava, and any ‘charged’ ability they may have been using should now be canceled

  • Jade Beetle’s ‘Armor Break’ skill removed (was only accessible by pet Jade Beetles)

  • Flat damage resistance (such as the Physical damage reduction granted by Medium and Heavy armor) is now applied AFTER your % resistance. This is most noticeable when you have higher resistance values.

  • Percy’s healing costs have been reduced to a flat, linearly scaling 50 -> 100 -> 150g (etc), resetting each time you level up. The costs are no longer based on character level. JP healing starts at 100jp and increases by 25jp per time you heal in your current level.

  • The cost to deposit an item at the bank has been reduced by about 20% on average

  • Attempted fix for bug where monster echoes and powerups would sometimes not trigger if they spawned on top of you. The powerups should now be obtained automatically at the end of the turn
  • Job Trials are now accessible immediately in New Game+ (if you’ve mastered your current job)
  • When hovering your cursor over an enemy and using a melee weapon with an Overdrawing bow on your hotbar, clicking on an enemy at max range should properly switch to the Overdrawing bow
  • Fixed monster wander behavior in Item Dreams with Deadly Void
  • Fixed bug with certain monster ability targeting such as Battousai’s Iaijutsu
  • Fixed bugs with inaccurate estimated healing on food items
  • Fixed bug that was allowing certain status effects like Sneak Attack to trigger on the wrong conditions
  • Fixed bug that made the Overdrawing magic mod always reset CT to 0 even when at less than max range
  • Fixed bugs with effects that required enemies to have not noticed you (these were always triggering)
  • Fixed visual bug with ‘icy ground’ (dropped by Frosted Jellies) sprite
  • Fixed bug where certain status effect sprites would “stick” to a corral pet and never come off
  • Corral pets should now gain XP even if you are at the level cap
  • Another attempt at fixing bug where getting pulled or pushed would not update line of sight properly
  • Fixed some monster abilities not using proper targeting
  • Fixed bug where monster letters would sometimes display garbage text
  • Fixed bugs with Armor Training (Paladin skill)
  • Fixed bug where the block bonus from Big Giant Circlet and Crystal Ring did not stack correctly
  • Fixed bug where friendly River Spirits’ water shot attack could sometimes target the player. Also fixed a number of other assorted friendly monster attacks
  • Fixed bug where the cursor could permanently disappear when returning to title
  • Attempt at fixing bug where the Summon Mini-Panthox effect would not trigger all summons (sometimes)
  • Fixed visual bugs with button colors in equipment and inventory screens
  • Fixed random floating “new item display” popup text
  • Enemy buff animations should no longer play while outside line of sight
  • Orbs/seeds should no longer drop in Job Trials, as intended
  • Fixed bug with high level rumors spawning after doing job trials
  • Fixed the monster family of one of the final hub side area bosses
  • Fixed random error that could happen and prevent game load on some older systems
  • Fixed health bars sometimes rotating out of position
  • Attempted fix at issue where Fungal Columns (and some other enemies) would occasionally be invisible
  • Monsters KO’d with monster mallet should no longer take lava damage (this should have been fixed already, so re-fixed?)
  • Fixed bug that was not incorporating your Spirit Power into Iron Breathing’s healing calculation (this may have affected some other healing abilities)
  • Fixed issues with sprite layering of summoned objects or terrain like mud and lava
  • HuSyn’s Autobarrier is now correctly classified as a Passive skill again
  • Gold cost of upgrading bank storage has been capped at your max gold held amount
  • Casino 2F now gives a super treasure chest when cleared, as intended
  • Parting Gifts should now work correctly with Runic Crystal

  • You can now find a new tree in Riverstone Grove that will be inscribed with the names of characters you’ve lost in Tangledeep. This data has been tracked only recently and will show level, job, champions defeated, etc. for each of your previous characters.
  • Upon completing an Item Dream, you’ll now see a popup showing the results of your Dream run: gold, XP, and JP earned, fountains found, items looted, and Goldfrogs caught. You’ll also see what (if any) upgrades your item got!

  • Yet more XML optimizations for faster load time
  • Support for dialogs with multiple pages of reponses! Wow!
  • Major optimizations related to map objects, monster spawns, and wandering monster behavior
  • Major optimization related to monsters trying to pathfind from very far away
  • Major optimizations related to many damage-dealing effects

  • On the Equipment screen, pushing left on your list of equipped gear via keyboard or controller will wrap the cursor around to the Filter buttons. Pushing right on the Filter buttons will then return to your equipped gear list.
  • When walking into an Item Dream aura (after not being in that aura the previous turn), the game log will show the aura effect. Also, the aura effect will pop up over your head for a second.
  • When purchasing Pet Insurance, the game will now let you know if you already have insurance *before* checking to see if you have enough money
  • When attempting a Job Trial, if you have a corral pet, you will now have the option of putting the pet back in the corral automatically
  • The Recipe book now updates ALL recipes to check if you have ingredients, each time you cook a recipe.
  • When handing in quest-related items like Tsukida’s coffee, the game will try to use unmodified versions (such as Coffee with no seasoning)
  • You can now sell items to Nando in town.
  • A new confirmation dialog now appears if you try to leave a campfire area without resting or cooking at the fire.
  • New tutorial popup the first time you knock out a monster in the dungeon reminding you to use your Escape Portal to easily escape
  • New tutorial popup if you have not returned to town after going through several dungeon floors (and if you have never used your portal before!)
  • You can now swap places with merchants in the dungeon.
  • When using the “Come to me at once” pet command, your pet should now stick right next to you for a few turns. It will not move away for any reason (unless pulled away.)
  • The “Wandering Merchant” message should no longer obscure the “Harvest Food” dialog after exiting an item dream.
  • Dungeon areas that are roughly on-par for your level will be noted as “Tricky” in the upper left, which is generally accurate to the challenge you would expect in these maps.
  • When finding unusual Item Dream events, you will now see some overlay text the first time you enter that floor
  • Grove Pest and two of the final hub area bosses (re-used sprite) removed from the Monsterpedia, secret rift boss *added* to the Monsterpedia
  • “Shaken” status now displays exact amount of CT lost per turn
  • Added numbers to various special item and effect descriptions

  • JP: Numerous text updates and fixes
  • “Spirit-Linked” modifier was previously used for both armor and shields and had the same name for both. Now, the shield version is called “Refreshing”.
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! Today's patch has been in beta testing for nearly two weeks, as it contains some big changes to the pet system, lots of engine optimizations to make the game smoother than ever, and complete localization to Japanese! We're extremely excited to bring Tangledeep to a new audience :D

To switch languages, just click the flag on the title screen and restart the game.

Going forward, your corral pet will (finally) gain experience and level up while fighting alongside you! This is something that’s been a long time coming. Your pet gains a % of the XP that *you* earn, whether through defeating monsters or completing rumors. Once your pet gets enough XP, it will level up, gaining more power, stats, and health.

This new method of advancement feels a lot more intuitive, and it supercedes the wonky previous system of pet health scaling. Also, this means that you can actually get a really powerful pet simply through regular gameplay, without *needing* to do any pet breeding.

To make sure pets aren’t too overpowered, your pets can now only reach a maximum of level 12 in the regular game (which is about the level of the very hardest monsters.) To get them to level 15, you will need to beat the game and play New Game+. In either case, breeding is a way to increase a monster’s power even if they are at the level cap.


Breeding is still a powerful tool, and it works almost identically to how it did before. Breeding two pets will average all their stats, generate a new pool of abilities based on the parents’ abilities, and - if you add some extra JP - increase their base stats further as well. The only difference is that now, breeding will NOT cause the pet to actually gain an XP level. So, by both breeding AND leveling up a pet, you can gain even higher stats - without needing to go through as many ‘generations’ of pets as before.


Previously, monster relationships (affection) would develop naturally over time, but in many cases, affection would go down for any number of reasons. Now, monster affection will either stay the same, or increase. The chance of affection between two monsters rising is based on beauty (higher beauty = more affection), happiness of both monsters (the higher, the better), and monster family (same family, such as Frogs, means more affection.)

Bottom line: It should be much easier for pets to *naturally* develop loving relationships without needing to be force-fed Romantic meals.


Because you can now invest much more time into a pet, we think it would feel really bad if you’re adventuring with your Harmless Frog from level 3 to level 12, only to lose it to a random crit. So now, if a pet would normally be defeated, it will instead go back to the corral with its Happiness reset to 0. Furthermore, it will be unavailable as a pet for 3 ingame days. (The corral UI will say that the pet is upset with you.)

If you have Pet Insurance, of course, that penalty will be removed (just like it is now.)


There is a new NPC who can show up in Riverstone Grove! To find the NPC, visit the Frog Bog. She will be able to teach your pets unique skills that can’t be obtained anywhere else! Teaching your pet these skills will cost JP and scales up based on the level of your pet. There are four skills now, and more may be added later.

  • Way better game load / dungeon creation screens featuring Grace Liu’s original art

  • New music for the final areas of the game
  • Steam soundtrack now includes the final area(s) music and the Job Trials theme

  • JP is now capped at 99,999 per job
  • Gold carried is now capped at 9,999,999*
  • You can no longer capture Barrier Crystals as pets (didn’t make sense anyway!)
  • It should no longer be possible to get duplicate legendaries in NG+ or on NG+ restarts (however, in making this change, you will temporarily find duplicate legendaries…)
  • “Toxified” status now qualifies as a poison, for the purposes of abilities like Iron Breathing
  • Necro Band no longer gives your Escape Portal or Healing Flask a health cost (lol)

  • Fixed bug with Elemental King power scaling being too high
  • Fixed various bugs with **Wild Untamed** monsters
  • Fixed rare Item Dream monster scaling bug
  • Fixed bug where some special areas allowed you to walk through walls near stairs (i.e. craggan mine entrance)
  • Fixed game errors that could occur relating to Wild Untamed rumors and item dreams
  • Fixed yet more strange LOS bugs… maybe? Switched to a new spiral check method
  • Fixed rare bug that could happen with monster summoning
  • Multiples of the same legendary should no longer show up in the Casino shop
  • The banker will no longer let you withdraw more than the max possible gold
  • Summoned objects should no longer appear under terrain
  • Fixed bug where Tsukida’s Elixir and Muguzmo’s Campfire Meat would not stack with identical items
  • Fixed bug where restarting NG+ would allow you to learn more Ultimate techniques
  • Fixed bug where entering NG+ would *not* preserve the # of champs defeated with each weapon type
  • Attempted to fix issue where mod levels (such as Replicator 88) would sometimes show up in earlygame rumors
  • Medi-Ray Dispatchers can no longer be knocked out with a monster mallet
  • Fixed game error that could occur when switching combat log text sizes
  • Fixed bug that could make certain mastery abilities not appear in the skill list (or appear when they shouldn’t, while switching from one mastered job to another)
  • Attempted fix at bug where the Painter quest would sometimes not mark as completed if you hit a monster with the Monster Mallet
  • The Spirit stat no longer makes Delayed Teleport take longer (lol)
  • Fixed bug where Kunai Toss (monster ability) could hit friendlies

  • See the monster pet changes and additions above!

  • Significant work done for localization prep
  • Miscellaneous minor engine optimizations
  • Major optimization related to the combat log draw time (caused stutters during heavy combat)
  • Faster and smoother game loading
  • Major optimization related to any objects spawned ingame, ranging from dialog buttons to sprite FX, reducing stutter and making the game smoother
  • Up to 38% reduction in save file size, which means faster load times
  • Further data file size reduction (faster loading of core data)

  • Further cleanup of the hover info bar, giving monsters their own separate line(s)
  • When landing a stun with Shield Mastery, “STUNNED!” should appear above the monster.
  • Merchants will now consistently announce that they have new goods upon entering the floor, until you talk to them next
  • Jesse, the monster rancher, now explains the new pet advancement mechanic, and will also remind you of how monster romance works!
  • Consolidated Dreamcaster affinity UI if the dream has all 5 elemental affinities
  • You will now be prompted if you attempt to destroy an object such as an Ice Block that causes damage on destruction.
  • When starting or restarting New Game+, all toggle abilities will be cleared and reset
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Greetings adventurers! Let's catch up on the most recent patch as well as our previous 1.10 release. Now is also a good time to mention our plans for the upcoming expansion to Tangledeep, which will be available later this year. This will be a fully-integrated add-on to the game that expands content and features, with new monsters, areas, game modes, and story.

Our model for the expansion is the idea of the classic "expansion pack" for games like Diablo 2 (Lord of Destruction). These expansions offered so much for all types of players: not just veterans who had explored everything the base games had to offer, but also new and returning players, with new ways to play and content throughout all stages of the game.

We don't have an ETA yet but if you hang out on Discord and follow the Impact Gameworks Twitch channel, you can follow our progress.

Also, this should go without saying, but our work on the expansion will not take away from work on the main game. As you'll see from the notes below we have been continuing to improve Tangledeep every single day!

PATCH NOTES 1.10 and 1.11

  • Darkened ability cooldown indicators

  • Brigand’s Fan of Knives now deals 120% base damage (down from 175%), but deals +30% damage to bleeding enemies (up from +15%)
  • Using Sanctuary (Paladin master ability) cancels your Escape Portal. This is now stated in the ability description.
  • Max item upgrades via rarity has been limited to 5. In other words, once up to 5 modifiers have been added, the raw power should not continue increasing if you remove and add mods further.
  • Increased the value multiplier of food sold on the Food Cart
  • The Herbalist quest no longer resets more than once, even if you restart New Game+ again
  • This also goes for the Armor mastery quest, and learning Ultimate weapon masteries

  • Fixed rare game load error
  • Fixed dual wielding attack bug
  • Fixed bug with Orb of Reverie drop rate
  • More weird edge case LOS fixes
  • Fixed bug with certain stacked status effects such as Echoes collected
  • Fixed bug with Sword Dancer’s 1st emblem ability (empower attack after movement) - was triggering even when not moving
  • Fixed game error that could occur when searching for items in shops
  • Fixed bug with the side area ‘treasure chest’ icon showing as closed sometimes when it should have been open
  • Fixed bug with Library encounter soft lock
  • Yet more credits fixes (this time for 900p resolution)
  • You can now fast travel FROM Bottles and Brews once you’ve cleared the monsters
  • Fixed incorrect description for Brigand’s innate ability that causes bleed. No longer requires “sharp” weapons. You can cause bleed with any melee attack.
  • You should now receive rewards for clearing Desert Oasis
  • Fixed bug where pressing a menu button twice very quickly (like equipment -> equipment) would cause some UI issues
  • Fixed some visual ugliness when moving north on top of stairs or Deadly Void
  • Another fix to boss2 issue where attacks were possible during cutscene
  • Fixed bug where Edge Thane’s innate passive triggering at <50% Health would sometimes disappear forever until switching from and back to the job
  • Fixed Examine Mode / keyboard / controller targeting issue where cursor hover state would be ‘sticky’ on the last targeted object/actor
  • Fixed bug with Dreamcaster’s search bar
  • Fixed bug with healing item values not displaying
  • The Berserk weapon mastery should no longer stun yourself
  • Fixed bug where some rumors in side areas would not display the connecting floor
  • Fixed bug where three Lucid Shards would sometimes combine into an Orb and leave you with an extra shard left over
  • Another pass at ensuring Buried Loot always has a key - if not on the floor, than in a monster’s inventory
  • Fixed bug where Righteous Charge could sometimes send you through walls.
  • Fixed text issue that could occur in the Job Trial dialogues with Jorito
  • Fixed bug where some statuses, in some circumstances, would be added with a duration of 5 turns which was either too high or too low
  • Fixed bug that could sometimes cause issues with stat numbers (such as Health, strength, etc) for the player and monsters on saving/loading game, in certain non-US regions
  • Fixed visual bug that could occur when dropping items from the same stack on the ground
  • Fixed bug where pressing any menu button rapidly could cause the character portrait info to disappear forever
  • Fixed bug where the Pandora’s Box reset option in New Game+ would not actually reset your count... oops
  • Fixed cursor ‘flip’ happening on UIs other than the skill screen
  • Fixed bug where pressing “Compare Alternate” would not change the display instantly on the Equipment screen
  • Fixed some wonky AI behavior that occurred when a summoned or charmed creature under your control disappeared or died
  • Added extra protections to ensure the Nightmare Queen cannot be damaged prior to the final fight of an Item Nightmare
  • Finally fixed issue with glitchy terrain if summoned terrain was added to existing (water, mud, lava, etc)

  • New Optional Game Modifier: No Pandora Boxes

  • You can now create new map objects, such as barrels, treasure chests, doors, ground-based fires, spikes, etc!
  • Create new or replace existing sprite sheets for any map object
  • Create new or replace existing sprite sheets for any in-game battle or status FX (sword slashes, explosions, hovering icons, ability effects, etc)
  • If you disable a mod that affects the dungeon itself (such as the official Replicator 88 mod) and try to continue a save that used that mod, the game world will now regenerate from scratch while keeping your character and meta progress. Previously, the save would just not load.

  • More engine optimizations for performance
  • Data cleanup for faster loading and general optimization
  • Game startup and load time optimizations related to data parsing
  • Added preventative measures in cases of total data loss due to power outage/save corruption

  • When using Paladin’s Sanctuary, you will no longer counter-attack (breaking the barrier)
  • Boss 3 arena will now spawn two staircases leading back to both branches which lead to the arena
  • Rumors for defeating monsters with a certain element should no longer occur for monsters immune to a given element (i.e. you won’t be asked to defeat an Ember Spirit with Fire)
  • The combat log now has subtle line dividers separating messages by game turn
  • When visiting the Corral and looking at all your monsters, their Health will now scale instantly to your health - previously, you had to take the pet out for it to scale
  • The Dreamcaster UI now shows how many of each Orb you have
  • Floramancer’s summoned vines (or those created by Aura of Growth) now show up as friendly @ on the minimap rather than destructible objects/boxes

  • Added flavor text for Rod of Wild Nature
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! Today's patch marks an exciting milestone in the world of Tangledeep: support for player-created content (mods) and integration with Steam Workshop! We're very proud of Tangledeep's vibrant and friendly community, and we can't wait to see what kind of mods you create.

Mod support v1.0 allows you to do all of the following:

  • Edit or replace job sprites, animations, and portraits
  • Edit or replace monster and NPC sprites, animations
  • Create or edit any kind of item, including gear sets and legendaries, and create new item sprites
  • Modify every loot drop and shop table
  • Edit existing monsters or create entirely new ones
  • Modify every monster spawn table or create new ones
  • Create new dungeon side areas, paths, or side-dungeons with custom layouts

To show what you can do, we've launched FIVE official game mods that include a new palette swap from Soulkeeper, new deadly consumable items, a treacherous high-level side dungeon and boss, new early-game monsters, and a 'wilcard' shop mod that randomizes every merchant in the game.

We plan on continuing to expand and support mod capabilities to include things like editing or adding abilities, status effects, battle FX, map objects, dialogs, and more. Stay tuned :-)

Click here for complete modding information and resources!


  • Powerups should now stack above other items and objects in a tile

  • Fixed loop point in the dungeon track “Mirai the Hero”

  • Spirit Wolf (Hunter summon) no longer takes damage from lava or spikes
  • Reduced monster aggression when you are already engaged with multiple monsters, particularly champions (Does not apply to New Game+)

  • Fixed bug with starting challenge runs sometimes
  • Fixed typo in Coffee’s effect description
  • Fixed bug where Friendly Fire game modifier allowed you to hit yourself with abilities (made many abilities 100% useless)
  • Attempted fix at Monster Letters ‘sticking’ on ground sometimes
  • Fixed bug where a certain campfire encounter could visually softlock the game
  • Fixed cursor & frog flicker on game load / game start
  • Fixed bug where skill orb version of Aether Barrage did not extend range when spending Echoes
  • Fixed bug where the wrong version of Guardian Arachnoid was being used in the monsterpedia (boss ver instead of regular encounter)
  • Bandit Library boss should no longer show up as a target for rumors
  • Attempted fix at bug where stat values in non-US countries were sometimes written incorrectly to XML
  • Fixed bug where the Wild Nature set’s 3pc bonus (Bed of Thorns upgraded) was dealing Physical damage, instead of Poison
  • Fixed bug where some sprites or sprite effects would stick around after beating final boss phase 1
  • The “Consumable Burnout” game modifier no longer applies to food
  • Fixed bug with Emblem stat display
  • Fixed bug where the “NO” option when trying to manually sell a Favorited item did not work
  • Fixed bug that prevented abilities from being used from the menu sometimes
  • Fixed bug where using keyboard/controller to scroll to the top of the equipment list (while scrolled past the first page) would not scroll up and instead go to the category buttons
  • Attempted fix at issue where monsters were occasionally visible but not targetable at range
  • Skill Orb version of Radiant Aura should no longer constantly mark you as being in combat
  • Experimental fix to slow memory leak

  • Mod support added: Item data, job portraits, item sprites, spawn tables, shops, loot tables, monsters, dungeon rooms / floors, and job, monster, or NPC sprite sheets!

  • Two new potions: Camouflage Perfume and Essential Monster Oils, each offering a burst of stealth for a short time (reducing monster aggression significantly)

  • Various engine optimizations (better performance, smoothness, framerates)
  • Added support for dungeon expansion in existing save files, without restarting or refreshing the current save. If game updates or player mods add new side areas, those will now be dynamically added and connected to the dungeon even in older saves.

  • A quick search bar has been added to the Equipment sheet! Since this is built for use with a keyboard, you must CLICK the search bar to begin typing. You can type any part of an item name, any part of a magic mod name, a weapon or armor type, etc. You can even add multiple search terms (comma-separated) to get results that match ANY of those terms.

  • The same search bar has also been added to the Dreamcaster, shops, and Inventory UI
  • You can now use fast travel FROM the Desert Oasis if you have cleared the map of monsters
  • You will no longer EVER move toward a monster or destructible if you click ON the object while out of range to attack it. This has tripped up many players thinking they were in range, when they actually were not.
  • Added some code that should (probably) prevent you from getting the same rumor twice in a row if you rejected the first one.

  • In-game workshop integration!

  • Nigiri is now Makizushi. Did I get it right this time?
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Greetings adventurers! In the latest version of the game, we've added some exciting new online-related features that will please both casual and competitive players alike. Plus, Tangledeep is now available on the Humble store!

Introduced in patch 1.07, World Seeds are a way to experience and share the same exact Tangledeep experience: dungeon layout, drops, monster positions, loot, etc. As the name suggests, the "seed" is what influences the state of the game when you first start. Your actions afterward may change things!

You can view your World Seed from the Options menu. Naturally, since you can view this seed number, you can also *input* a seed number during character creation to play in a specific game world!

This is a fun way to challenge friends to see if they can beat YOUR dungeon, and vice versa. You could also use it as a way to practice the game by re-using the same seed for future characters.

For those interested in testing their skills in fresh new ways, Daily and Weekly Challenges are now available! Challenges are universal to all players (all over the world) each day and week. They give you a pre-determined job, set of feats, game modifiers, and dungeon seed to play with. It is then up to you to see how far you can get with these settings, and compare results with fellow Tangledeep adventurers!

Challenges begin at midnight each day (Eastern Standard Time), and each week (Monday). If your current challenge expires, you can continue to play the file, but you will not get any ‘credit’ for it in the form of achievements or leaderboard rankings (see below).

**Note that Challenges will OVERWRITE your existing save data (including meta progress) in a given slot, so it’s best to use an unused slot for them. Also, the game mode is automatically set to HARDCORE.

***Also note that you must be connected to the Internet (Steam not required) to download challenge data.

Participants of Daily & Weekly Challenges can now compete on Steam Leaderboards to see who reached the highest floor in the challenge! (And if you’re thinking about cheating, we added a few security measures. Tsk tsk!)

You can view both global and friends-only leaderboards in-game from the "COMMUNITY" button on the main menu.

Based on your feedback we may add other types of leaderboards later!


Moving on, here are all the notes from both 1.07 AND 1.08 combined (sorry for missing a week's post - I was at the Game Developers Conference last week!)

  • When you (the hero) are Rooted, the icon above your head now pulses more obviously to indicate that you cannot move.

  • Deafening Dream Drums can now occasionally be found as drops in the world.
  • Weapons could previously be upgraded infinitely in the Dreamcaster to gain more base power with each Item Dream completion by removing a magic mod and re-adding new mods. This is now capped at a total of 10 upgrades. A 5-mod item naturally uses 5 of these upgrades. You can do the removal and re-addition “trick” another 5 times ;)

  • You can no longer mark your own corral pet as hostile.
  • Fixed keyboard/controller behavior where moving the targeting square above an enemy would not show that enemy’s info (while targeting an ability or firing a ranged weapon)
  • Fixed ^number^ tags appearing when viewing some abilities, including on the character creation screen at first load
  • Removed visible “\n” tags from certain areas (please let us know if you see more of these!)
  • Fixed (again?) visual issue where Floracondas / Guardian Spheres could pull you beneath Deadly Void tiles in Item Dreams sometimes
  • Tents should now be removed from the hotbar if you use your last one
  • Fixed bug where Delayed Teleport was triggering its emblem-only effect all the time
  • Jellies spawned by friendly jellies should now be your faction instead of neutral/hostile
  • Heavy Golem’s forcefield no longer lasts forever
  • Fixed display error when removing/extracting certain magic mods via Dreamcaster, such as Sheltering
  • Fixed inconsistency with Job Trial callout
  • Fixed bug with regen Stamina/Energy game modifier
  • Removed jank from game credits when at 4k resolution
  • Fixed log bug when withdrawing items from the bank
  • Fixed bug where Spellshaper’s elemental resist boost from Auras was always in effect regardless of Emblem, and also the bug where Spellshaper’s tier 3 Emblem effect granting elemental resistance based on elemental damage taken was not triggering
  • Fixed bugs related to abilities learned from items causing weird states on your hotbar
  • Fixed bug where Edge Thane’s low-health effects were sometimes not triggering, stacking, or appearing in your Status list
  • Snow Panthox Claw proc rate is now actually 50% as intended, instead of 100%
  • Added yet more checks to ensure achievements and events in the special Item Dream occur properly
  • Fixed game error that could occur with Butler’s Bell
  • Fixed bug when upgrading to Tier 2 Gambler emblem
  • Fixed bug where Soulkeeper’s “reflect” emblem effect was not working properly
  • Fixed bug where Sword Dancer’s ‘pierce fire resistance’ emblem was not affecting enemies with Fire absorption, such as Ember Spirits.
  • Fixed bug where saving and exiting the game in a Campfire area in an Item Dream would cause the game state to get messed up on load (Item Dream would be lost, along with your item)
  • Fixed bug where Gambler’s tier 3 emblem Card Toss ability visually cleared your hand, despite only using one card
  • Fixed bug with disappearing cursor in the key bindings page (which could cause the cursor to disappear until game restart)
  • Your pets can no longer pickup the rewards from K. Dox

  • Pandora’s Boxes now ALSO grant slightly higher treasure find (about 0.75%) and gold find (about +1%) per box. Treasure find = chance of getting extra and/or magical items, Gold Find = multiplier on gold drops. Even more tempting, eh?!
  • New mid-rank legendary Axe

  • New game modifier: Abilities that normally affect one faction (player or monster) affect both. In other words, “Friendly Fire”!

  • Optimizations to map creation time (it should be about 25% faster overall now)

  • You can now fast travel to side areas while *in* a safe / cleared side area (from the Portal menu)
  • The Skill screen now shows ability cooldowns in your ability list, marking these abilities in yellow instead
  • Added a “BACK” button on the ‘Feed Monster’ UI which returns you to the monster list
  • If you have an equipped Job Emblem, you can now ask Jorito to destroy it. Doing this will allow you to start that job’s trials again and select different bonuses, should you choose. Of course, you must also pay JP again.

  • It is now possible to forcibly close an Item Dream by speaking to the Dreamcaster with a Dream open. Doing so will return the item you put in the Dream, but it will not be upgraded. You will lose any gold, JP, and orbs put into the Dream, and everything else in it (such as items on the ground) will be destroyed.

  • The “Mark As Hostile” mouse action is now user-assignable in the keybinds section, and is now default set to *middle mouse click* instead of right click

  • When manually selling items, if you attempt to sell a Favorited item you will now get a confirmation popup first.

  • Active skill sort is now remembered on save/load

  • Random pet names should no longer use names already used by any of your living pets

  • Four new achievements related to Daily & Weekly Challenges.

  • Fixed inconsistency with Pandora’s Box/Chest - it is now a BOX


"Growing up I'd read articles and see pictures in Nintendo Power about behind-the-screen game development," says Andrew Aversa, lead designer and programmer at Impact Gameworks, who recently released roguelike dungeon crawler Tangledeep. "I thought it was so interesting, but that fell by the wayside." Though games were his first love, it was music, specifically game music, that captured his attention in his formative years. 

Aversa is best known as Zircon, one of the most prolific videogame remixers and professional game-focused composers in the industry. "In 2002 a friend introduced me to Music Maker 2000 Deluxe," he says. "I had taken piano lessons as a kid and liked it, but once I could make music on a computer I got really into it. Being able to adjust knobs and sliders to create different sounds—I couldn’t get enough of it."

The early 2000s were also the Wild West days of Napster. Aversa delighted in using it to find original remixes for some of his favorite games. "I was exposed to all new music and early videogame remixes," he says Aversa. "It was incredible to hear games I played growing up, like the Final Fantasy series, Castlevania, Mega Man. It was the coolest thing ever to hear the themes I knew well, and hear them transformed."

He began remixing videogame music in his spare time after high school and within two years he'd had first original remix accepted by OverClocked Remix, a community game music site that's been around since 1999 and now boasts over 3,000 songs.

I was coming from no experience I had taken exactly one computer programming course back in high school.

Andrew Aversa

Over the next several years Aversa went to college to study music and his pseudonym 'Zircon' became one of the most recognized names on OverClocked Remix. "It was my home online," he says. "It's where I met a lot of friends that I still have today; it's where I met my wife [vocalist and composer Jillian Aversa]. It can't be overstated how much OCR affected me. It was the outlet for my music for years."

Aversa's work in remixing game music led to a successful career as a composer and audio designer. His music can be heard on game soundtracks including Soul Calibur V, ReCore, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Fantasy Strike, and Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remake, as well as several original albums that have been licensed by television shows like Heroes and Chopped.

By 2016 Aversa had begun to feel fatigued. Though only 28 at the time, he'd been making music for over a decade. "I had done a lot with music, probably over 200 tracks, and doing sounds and virtual instruments. I started to feel, not that I was bored but not as much challenge and fulfillment,'' he says. "I had gotten into a routine. It wasn’t as meaningful to keep doing it every day."

He approached a friend, indie game developer Jim Shepard, whom he had met after scoring the soundtrack to Shepard's game, Dungeonmans, which launched on Steam in 2014. Shepard lived close to Aversa, and the two hit it off.

"I asked Jim if he could show me some basic stuff in Unity," says Aversa. "I was coming from no experience—I had taken exactly one computer programming course back in high school. He showed me how to put a sprite on a screen. I said, 'OK, this is pretty cool.'"

The same passionate drive that compelled Aversa toward music had now shifted into making games. "Each day I worked on this thing in my spare time," he says. "I had no plan or design document, and each day was more exciting. By the end of of 2016 I knew I didn't want this to be just be a hobby."

I just really wanted to work with some composers I admired

Andrew Aversa

Aversa founded one-man game development studio Impact Gameworks, a play on his Impact Soundworks music studio, and in the fall of 2016 reached out to a friend from OverClocked Remix to ask if he could contribute pixel art. "We used a royalty arrangement," says Aversa. "At that point I didn't even know if this game was going to ever be finished." The artist, Andrew Luers, ended up doing all the environmental art for what would become Tangledeep. 

Aversa then hired a character artist whom he paid out of pocket. "Once we started getting original art into the game that’s when the memories of the games I grew up playing—Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Lufia—began flooding back," says Aversa. "I decided to take this nebulous code and engine and make a game that looks like that, and mix in elements of the dungeon crawlers I've been enjoying over the years like the Diablo series and Shiren the Wanderer."

In early 2017, Impact Gameworks made the decision to launch a Kickstarter and switch to full-time development of Tangledeep. "Once I started working on Tangledeep in early 2017, I said to myself I don't want to spend years and years," says Aversa. "I need an end goal. Now that I'm raising money, it needs to have an end goal." He gave himself a hard deadline of December 2017. 

Though it was his first game project as lead designer and programmer, Aversa was a veteran of Kickstarter through album releases, such as the Final Fantasy VI remix album Balance and Ruin. That taught him the valuable lesson physical rewards were more hassle than they were worth. "I remembered spending days packing boxes, and getting friends to come over and pay them in pizza to pack cars full of boxes to ship out CDs." 

Thanks to Zircon's name and a solid playable early build of the game, Tangledeep's Kickstarter was a success. While parts of the funding were to pay artists and recoup expenses, Aversa also used the opportunity to collaborate with other videogame composers. "I just really wanted to work with some composers I admired," says Aversa. "I got Grant Kirkhope who worked on games I grew up playing, like GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark, and Hiroki Kikuta, who did Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3." 

Aversa reached out to composers on Twitter, and Kirkhope ended up being a successful stretch goal for the campaign. "I wanted their signature on at least a little part of the soundtrack, and I think their contributions are great," says Aversa.

...some people got so upset about that fact that the character is female. It didn't make sense to me.

Andrew Aversa

Without any feature creep or financing issues, Tangledeep's development went smoothly throughout 2017. Shepard was hired on as a writer, then programmer, and Tangledeep launched via Steam Early Access that summer. "People have been amazed how responsive we are to feedback, balance issues, and bug fixes and it makes me really happy," says Aversa. "We didn’t have to hire any QA, we couldn't afford it. That sounds bad but we made it clear on the Early Access page, and it's so valuable being able to constantly integrate feedback."

Aversa delayed the launch into 2018, mostly to avoid the crowded release window around the holidays, and finally released Tangledeep in February. "The response has been wonderful," says Aversa. "I wanted to appeal to people that would enjoy this kind of game: tactical, turn-based, dungeon-crawling RPGs. I realized this is not going to be the kind of game that gets a million views on YouTube, but as long as the people in my audience are enjoying it, that's what matters."

Tangledeep's pixel art and orchestral music strongly evoke the SNES era of RPGs that Aversa hoped to capture, while the combat is an interesting blend of tactical, grid-based dungeons and Diablo-style loot-fest, with the tension of roguelike permadeath. There are 12 different jobs to choose from, which can be freely mixed and matched. I'm enjoying a heavy pet-focused build using the full skill-set of the Floramancer, with a dash of Soulkeeper, which lets me gather a new soul resource from defeated enemies and reanimate slain foes.

Despite technically playing a new character after each death, and each job having a different outfit to go with it, the protagonist always looks the same. "I told the artist what I wanted the character to look like and he drew a girl," says Aversa. "When I learned how much time and money it cost to do the art and animations, I quickly realized we weren't doing male sprites."

Some drama unfolded on the Steam forums when players discovered they could only play as a woman. "I could not believe this," says Aversa. "I hesitate to use the word 'triggered' but some people got so upset about that fact that the character is female. It didn't make sense to me. I read things like, 'I'm a man and can't play this game.' Can they not play Horizon Zero Dawn either?"

A Nintendo Switch port of Tangledeep is in the works, due out in a few months, while Aversa is already working on his next game: a fantasy builder-sim that takes place in the same universe as Tangledeep. It sounds like an ambitious combination of SimCity, Stardew Valley, and Dragon Quest Builders.

"I don’t think I'll ever go back to being a full-time composer making music for others," he says. "I've really enjoyed doing this, and now I can't see myself not doing it." He even turned down a gig writing music for a first-party Xbox One game in order to continue working on Tangledeep.

"When I started this project it was just a fun hobby. Diving into it was the best decision," says Aversa. "You see a lot of people, whether musicians, artists, or writers, not sure if they can get into making music, or albums, or novels. My philosophy is rather than spending time planning and thinking about it—just dive into it, even if you don't have the best tools. I certainly didn't have the best music tools when I started making music. And now that I have the experience doing Tangledeep, doing the next game should be a lot easier!"

Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! In this build we're introducing something big to the game - a way of customizing your experience to make it easier or harder in various ways. We've been carefully listening to player feedback since launch (and well-before) and while we think the game is more balanced than ever, Game Modifiers will let you customize your gameplay experience further should you choose.

This patch also contains a major change under the hood; all text strings are now read from language files, paving the way for full localization. This was an enormous undertaking as the game has over 55,000 words and 6,000 unique strings, but it will be worth it as we roll out the game in new languages later this year!


Our vision for Tangledeep is a challenging but fair experience that can be conquered on Heroic or even Hardcore mode with practice and skill. You don’t need a ton of luck to win, nor do you need to be a roguelike expert. We create content and adjust balance with this vision in mind.

However, we understand that all players are different, and if you want to change the core Tangledeep experience to make it easier or harder, we’re introducing a new feature allowing you to do just that: GAME MODIFIERS. You can toggle any number of Game Modifiers during character creation. Some make the game harder, others easier, or more random.

All modifiers are strictly optional and we do encourage new players to experience the game without any of them. You can use as many or as few as you want - even all of them at once! With all that said, here are the modifiers we are introducing:

  • Player Health regeneration (1% of max per turn out-of-combat)
  • Player Energy and Stamina regeneration (1.5% of max per turn out-of-combat)
  • Half Fullness time
  • No gold drops from monsters
  • Triple Pandora’s Boxes per floor
  • Non-food consumables have a 3 turn shared cooldown
  • Corral pets cannot die and are returned to the corral with lower Happiness instead
  • JP gain halved
  • All monsters have one champion power
  • Enemy monsters regenerate Health per turn
  • Cannot use abilities that are not on your hotbars; cannot swap abilities in the dungeon

Please note that we will not be balancing the game around any of these modifiers. They are not the intended experience; they are a way for you to customize YOUR experience!

  • The health bonus of Floramancer’s tier 2 and 3 innate bonuses has been reduced
  • If your Floraconda dies, the cooldown to resummon it is now reset to max. To compensate, the cooldown has been reduced from 12 to 6 turns.
  • Champion monsters should no longer spawn near staircases (within ~5 tiles in any direction). This means you should no longer arrive at a new floor only to be greeted by a powerful critter!
  • Modified AI behavior to be a bit more forgiving when it comes to multiple champions aggroing the hero at once. (Does not apply to NG+).
  • Likewise modified regular monster behavior to avoid huge pile-ups in early levels just due to unlucky monster placement. (Does not apply to NG+).
  • Bosses now have a 75% chance to resist Paralyze, Stun, and Seal effects each turn

  • Fixed a variety of Emblem and Trial related bugs such as trials not completing, stats not increasing, and not being prompted to get a new tier ability
  • The cursor should no longer flicker while the Riverstone intro text is showing upon character creation
  • Added extra checks to ensure any rumors in side areas automatically enable those side areas if they are not discovered
  • Fixed bug where Athyes’ headband’s “Igniting” effect did not stack with a weapon using the same mod
  • Fixed bug where released pets would sometimes hang around on the map
  • Fixed issue with buggy stair connections before the 3rd boss (i.e. if you left the area with the NPC and returned)
  • Craggans’ mud-summoning power no longer affects tiles with existing terrain
  • Fixed sprite layering issue with the portal in town
  • Fixed bug with finishing tier 2 & 3 trials
  • Fixed bug with Knight’s Glove effect stacking
  • Fixed rare game error on game load in a file with multiple pets/summons
  • Fixed bug where Flask count was not visually refreshed after exiting a job trial sometimes
  • Fixed inconsistencies with individual and stacked item sale price, particularly for stuff like Skill Orbs / Lucid Orbs. Also fixed inconsistencies with Deposit price for individual/stacked items.
  • Fixed bug that prevented you from using a Skill Orb on an item with 5 mods
  • Fixed bug where Shadowstep would not trigger Brigand’s tier 3 innate ability.
  • Sword Dancer’s Emblem ability that counter-attacks when being pulled should no longer trigger unless you started (or ended) the movement next to the monster
  • The chance to pass days from Item Dreams now takes into account affinities, so easier dreams due to affinities will be less likely to pass time, and vice versa
  • Fixed bug that cut the powerup drop rate in half on load (was only meant to apply to NG+!)

  • Game Modifiers! See above section.

  • Numerical text for abilities, items, statuses, and magic mods is now stored in a location-agnostic way. Wow this was a lot of work.
  • Converted all internal XML to localization-friendly master file format.

  • It is now possible to dismiss any summoned pet. Click on their portrait in the “Pet Party” window (or, on controller/keyboard, use Examine mode and select them), then select “Dismiss Pet”. This does NOT trigger on-death effects; the pet simply vanishes immediately.

  • If you have the Sword Dancer emblem ability that attacks enemies when pushed/pulled, and your attack misses, this will now print to the log no matter what
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Greetings adventurers! Today we reveal the first major post-launch content patch for Tangledeep! We've added a BIG new feature that expands and deepens the job system. You can read all about it below and check it out right now in-game.

We've also been carefully listening to your feedback about game difficulty from the very beginning all the way to New Game+, and we've made a number of changes to address what we've heard. There are also lots of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements based on your feedback and reports, so let's jump right in and see what's new!

Job Emblems are a way to specialize further into any of the game's 12 jobs. Every job has its own Emblem that can be upgraded twice. For each level of the emblem (1, 2, and 3) you'll be able to choose a unique upgrade that suits the skills and playstyle of your job. With 2 options per tier, 3 tiers, and 12 jobs, that's a total of 72 new bonuses in total!

To kick off the Job Emblem quest, you must master a job, beat the first boss, and talk to Jorito. You'll discover that Job Trials are unlike other challenges in the game: they require limiting yourself to a minimal number of consumable uses, flask charges, and abilities from *only* your current job. Each trial is harder than the last, and to even attempt them will cost a hefty amount of JP. But should you be victorious, your Emblem will be upgraded with a new tier of power.

There are a few other things to know about this new system:

  • By mastering multiple jobs, you can potentially earn an Emblem for every single one.
  • You can bring an Emblem from one job to another. However, you can only upgrade a job's specific Emblem by being that job.
  • Wearing an Emblem reduces your JP gain - an important consideration.
  • Emblems cannot be sold or banked, meaning they cannot be given to future characters.
  • Emblems cannot be upgraded in the Dreamcaster. Their bonuses are unique, and must be unlocked through the Trials!

Though Tangledeep veterans are able to amass large amounts of gold by the time their perfect gear set is fine-tuned in the very late game, for most players we realize that gold is hard to come by and easily spent on things like consumables, Item Dreams, and healing. We’ve done a pass to adjust some gold costs (and gold sources) to make certain features more appealing and accessible, particularly earlier on in the game.

  • Percy’s healing cost has been reduced overall, and substantially for lower level character (5 and below).

  • The cost to deposit items at the bank has been reduced by between 50% to 70% depending on item rank and rarity

  • Average gold earned per monster defeated has been increased by 5. This extra value is subject to bonuses like mods on gear, the Entrepreneur feat, or Champion/Boss reward bonuses.

  • Treasure sparkles now give 10 more gold (if they contain gold at all)

  • Rumors that have a gold reward now give about 60 more gold, guaranteed

  • Reduced the cost of certain early game consumable items, namely food (some of the previously-increased cost was the result of a bug!)

  • Decreased the base cost to guarantee a magic mod on all equipment (except for gear at teh very highest rank). Increased the scaling cost per existing mod (or if the item is legendary/gear set). It should now be easier to start using the Dreamcaster sooner.

  • Increased gold reward from Pandora’s Chests

  • Added SFX cues for things like depositing, withdrawing, selling, and dropping stacks of items

  • Shops are now guaranteed to restock after a certain amount of time if they do not restock by chance (time threshold is about ~3 days)
  • Many skills involving physical weapon attacks (such as Cloak & Dagger, Wild Horse, weapon masteries, etc.) now use your main hand weapon’s element instead of always using Physical. This gives you more tactical possibilities when considering weapon elements/mods and damage bonuses, plus enemy strengths and weaknesses.
  • In New Game+, the base powerup drop rate is halved (this does not affect bonuses to drop rate from stats or gear)
  • Increased Orb of Reverie drop chance in New Game+ by ~10%
  • Changed Floraconda’s Bed of Thorns damage to be based on its Weapon Power (scaling) instead of Spirit Power (not scaling)
  • Shara’s energy field now reduces the duration of summons that stand in it. (She’ll announce this if it happens.)

  • Fixed bug where all player damage was being treated as if you had opened 15 Pandora’s Chests (really) - in other words, all damage was being reduced by about 15%
  • Fixed bug where you could not click on your pet in Examine mode (using keyboard / controller) to issue commands
  • Friendly monsters in Item Dreams can no longer pick up your upgraded item after beating a Memory King
  • Added extra checks to prevent monsters/hero from stacking after certain push/pull effects
  • Added extra checks to make sure a Gold Key is always available in the Buried Loot map
  • Inventory screen now correctly shows and recalls the previous inventory sort state
  • Fixed bug where various game options were not being saved/loaded correctly
  • Floraconda now only uses its Bed of Thorns skill when an enemy is adjacent
  • The interaction with a certain.. Person… in the Bandit Library can now end happily
  • Fixed bug where one dungeon music track never played
  • Fixed text bug if you clicked “COMMUNITY” on the title screen and then went back
  • Possible fix for bug where player pets were sometimes being lost on save & load
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes affected spirit power calculations when wearing multiple pieces of gear that modified spirit power
  • Fixed some inaccuracies in rumor location hints
  • Fixed bug where final boss phase 2 energy shield would disappear on save/load
  • Fixed bug where final boss phase 2 could disrupt its own energy shield by getting near map edges
  • Fixed Monsterpediologist achievement

  • A new equipment slot has been added. To accommodate, the Gear Bonuses / Current Gear areas on the Equipment screen are now tabbed so you can see more stuff at once.

  • After unlocking the Dreamcaster, you can now reset your level-up stat bonuses by speaking to Percy and paying a one-orb fee!

  • Added a new mini quest to Flooded Temple. (Will appear on new save files)

  • New Champion mod - Banisher. Knocks away (and sometimes roots) nearby enemies, and reduces the duration of your summons!

  • New legendary bow

  • New legendary claw

  • Massively improved the performance of inventory sorting

  • You can now target friendly charmed monsters (other than your own pets) to mark them as Hostile. To do this, enter examine mode (“X” on keyboard by default) and select that monster, OR if using mouse, right-click on a monster.
  • When using the Town Portal in town, you will now have the option to Fast Travel. No need to walk to the cave entrance every time!
  • When targeting an ability, hovering over a monster will now display their information. Moving the target square to an empty tile will go back to showing ability info.
  • When opening the Snack Bag, your last inventory sort type (A-Z, rank, rarity, etc) will be saved so that when you return to your Inventory, it maintains the sort it had before.
  • You can now filter Equipment by Favorites only
  • Newly picked up items now show [NEW!] in your inventory/equipment list
  • The corral pet UI now shows exact Beauty values for your monsters
  • When selling, withdrawing, or depositing stacks of items, the shop/bank UI will no longer close
  • If a Dagger critical (+60 CT) puts you above the ‘free turn’ threshold for your CURRENT turn, you will see a log message and popups above nearby monsters that indicates they *missed their turn*.
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! This week's patch is chock full of fixes, balance tweaks, highly-requested QOL improvements, and some new features. Maxed-out corral pets are being toned down while summoned pets are getting a little tougher; Item Dreams are getting more monster variety. Several new visual options have been added, along with new keybindings. The Fast Travel dialog is better than ever.

All of the above, and more! Full notes are below. But we also want to announce that we're putting the finishing touches on the internal tech needed to support localization of the game to virtually any language. This was a big project but it will be absolutely worth it, as about 99.9% of the game's text is now sourced from a single file. We're in talks now to begin the actual localization work and hopefully release in other languages beginning sometime in Q2.

On to the notes!

We’ve observed that the maximum potential for corral pets is extremely high. A maxed-out pet is nigh-unstoppable, dealing thousands of damage per hit and taking almost none. We think your pet should not be massively stronger than the hero, but at the same time, we don’t want to make lower-level, non-bred pets useless. The following changes are meant to tone down the upper limit of pet power, but also make it a bit easier to get to that limit.

  • Monster stats are now capped at 150 (down from 255). This is a major contributing factor to physical & elemental resistances.

  • Maximum weapon power is now 1500 (down from 2550)

  • Slightly increased weapon power scaling via breeding (+1% per generation)

  • Increased the JP cost for maxing out growth of upper-rarity monsters

  • Reduced the influence of *player* level on pet insurance cost, thus reducing overall pet insurance cost

  • Paladin’s Radiant Aura now costs 12 Energy per block (up from 9), Skill Orb version costs 14 Energy (up from 10)

  • Seraph’s Tear’s heal on block effect now only triggers if you are under 50% Health

  • Sword Dancer’s Qi Mastery now restores 3-5 Energy on crit (down from 3-6).

  • Reduced the Token cost of Casino items by about 50%. They should be much more accessible now.

  • Many monster abilities that dealt fixed damage regardless of level now scale with monster level. This should help if, for example, you get a Salamander or Alchemist and breed it with stronger monsters.

  • The “Familiars” magic mod now grants summoned pets +10% Health and +5% defense (instead of +15% Health)

  • All summoned pets now gain an extra 1% defense per player level

  • Deadly Riposte (3rd sword mastery) now grants +50% counter damage, down from +100%.

  • Abilities like Hail of Arrows and Relentless Current with a ‘windup’ now use the power of the weapon equipped when first casting the power. Previously, they used the power of the weapon equipped when the power finally executed.

  • Slightly reduced JP scaling from monsters higher than you in level

  • Reduced award JP scaling of higher level rumors

  • Reworked the Floraconda’s “Bed of Thorns” skill (from Floramancer tier2 passive). This is now a fixed-position ability that the Floraconda uses if there are enemies in melee range. It does not follow the Floraconda around. The damage is also lower now, but it does stack with YOUR Bed of Thorns, and it can be recast more often.

  • Modified spawn tables in Fungal Caves. Floracondas will now start appearing on 8F (instead of 7F), and River Spirits on 10F (instead of 9F).

  • Blood Frenzy (Airacudas passive) no longer lasts forever once triggered

  • Fixed Casino text referencing winning gold instead of tokens.
  • Fixed bug where Spellshaper’s Kinetic Magic would not activate until you dropped below 50% Stamina - it should activate *at* 50% Stamina
  • Fixed Sneak Attack triggering bug
  • Using Shield Slam multiple times should correctly stack the effect AND refresh duration
  • Fixed bug where summoned pets were not getting the +25% Health bonus in New Game+ as intended
  • Shadowstep should now cause bleeding to targets around the tile YOU land on, not the tile you *clicked* on
  • When extracting a mod from an equipped or hotbarred item, the item should now be completely unequipped and removed from your hotbar
  • Fixed bug with spawn rates on floors with Fungal Columns. Previously, killing columns would increase the overall spawn rate permanently.
  • Fixed sprite clipping bug when moving from the southeast and southwest
  • Item Dream monster healing crystals no longer affect friendly monsters
  • Fixed bug where Overdrawing quiver mod was not working correctly when firing ranged weapons with the mouse
  • Fixed bug where Ramirel’s Dismantler was not using a lower proc rate vs. hostile enemies
  • Fixed bug with Wild Child’s “Foraging” passive where Health herbs never spawned (health herbs restore about 8% max health, modified by Spirit)
  • It should no longer be possible to push or pull the final boss (phase 1)
  • Fixed bug where ace-high Straight was not recognized by Gambler’s Wild Cards (yes, I know this bug is ridiculously obscure)
  • Fixed bug with water, mud, and electric visuals that could occur sometimes on load
  • Fixed bug with pull effects where the player could sometimes end up on top of friendly pets (or vice versa)
  • Friendly Airacudas will now reliably use Fish Rush
  • Fixed bug with Watery Heal and several other monster powers
  • Fixed bug with Radiant Aura that was causing it to heal 2x as much as intended
  • Fixed bug (again) where items with 5 mods could not handle a free additional Skill orb as intended
  • Fixed bug where pressing anything on the keyboard would hide comparison info in shops the after using the mouse
  • Spinebro / Quillkin corral pets should no longer become immobile on game load
  • The Skill Orb version of Verse of the Elements will no longer hit allied creatures

  • Items inserted into the Dreamcaster may now have affinities related to specific monster families, such as Frogs, Magic, Insects, Jellies, etc. These Item Dreams have (as you might guess) more of these monsters than other types. Monsters of this type will be level-scaled to match the rest of the monsters in the dream. For example, a high-level item may have a Moss Jelly scaled up, while a low-level item could have a Mottled Sandjaw scaled down. More variety and fun!

  • Added a simple new option for players who want an even bigger challenge in New Game+. When starting your NG+ playthrough and you opened any Pandora’s Chests in your previous playthrough, you will be asked whether you want to maintain the current “Opened Chest” count. This does nothing but make your NG+ playthrough even harder, and give you bragging rights if you can beat it anyway!

  • Added new “Tenacious” mod for NG+ champions

  • The combat log top/bottom padding have been reduced slightly, allowing for more visible text
  • A new “Smaller Combat Log Text” option has been added. This allows for yet more text to be shown at once in the log, and may be desirable depending on your monitor, viewing distance, and resolution
  • A new “Battle Text Size” option has been added. This controls the size of popup text during combat, such as damage/healing numbers, “STUNNED!”, “ROOTED!”, etc
  • Captured Thunder Spirits (and their progeny) should no longer use Static Charge constantly
  • Thorns summoned by your Floraconda are now dimmer, to reduce map clutter
  • When entering items with affinities using the Dreamcaster (i.e. Challenge/Rewards greater or less than 0), the affinities will now contribute to the difficulty text (i.e. “Easy”, “Tricky”, “Impossible”). In other words, the difficulty text should be a little more accurate now.
  • The info bar at the top of the screen will now show ability costs for whatever ability you are using
  • The fast travel dialog at the cave to Tangledeep now shows the closest main floor / path to each side area
  • The fast travel dialog now also shows if a side area has a shopkeeper with new goods
  • Rumors to side areas now show the nearest main path floor as well
  • Added assignable keybindings to use Knight’s Shovels and Monster Mallets from your inventory with just a single key (or button) press. These will be default bound to V (for shoVel) or T (for malleT)
  • The “Compare Alternate” keybind can be used while in shops to compare any listed accessory to your Accessory slot 2
  • Any kind of fast travel back to town (such as from a side area’s portal menu) will now take you to the cave entrance to Tangledeep, instead of the south part of town

  • Added flavor text for the Emerald set
  • Slingshots renamed to Slings, to match the art
  • Onigiri renamed to Nigiri, also to match the art

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