Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! Welcome to Tangledeep v1.25, featuring a wide variety of game improvements, fixes, balance adjustments, player-requested features, and a new difficulty mode!

Also, if you missed the previous update, the first expansion - Legend of Shara - is now available. Be sure to check it out, as it brings a whole lot more content, story, and gameplay to the base game!


Switch Updates

We have been working on regular patches for the Nintendo Switch version of Tangledeep, and the process of porting Legend of Shara is going well.

Spanish Localization

This is also coming along, with the first pass of translation complete! We expect to have a beta this month for sure.

The ultimate challenge for those who have defeated even New Game+! As with NG+, this restarts the game world while keeping all of your progress. The entire game will be much harder in a variety of ways, in exchange for even greater treasure-finding prospects and the ability to upgrade equipment to ++++ in the Dreamcaster. If you can defeat this mode, you’ll have supreme bragging rights! Here is a list of key changes in Savage World:

  • Bonus CT gain from all sources reduced by 33%
  • Using any item from your inventory, unless it *grants* CT, now reduces your CT to 0
  • Parrying now blocks 66% of damage (instead of 100%)
  • Base powerup drop rate reduced to 25% of normal game; healing reduced 50%
  • Monsters recover from non-damaging statuses twice as quickly
  • Monsters gain additional stats, damage, defense, and aggro range
  • Certain easily-dodged monster abilities like Panthox’s Claw Rake and Electric Jelly’s Lightning Circle now have more challenging targeting patterns
  • Monster skill cooldowns reduced by 25%
  • Monster density and respawn rate increased
  • Boss fights now have extra enemies
  • Items can be upgraded a 4th time in the Dreamcaster (++++)
  • Loot quality improved throughout the game
  • Items can now spawn with up to +++ already added
  • Double legendary and Orb of Reverie drop rate compared to NG+
  • You can learn an additional ultimate Weapon Mastery

  • Non-summoned player-faction monsters should no longer combine with each other (could lead to wacky scaling)
  • Godspeed Strike no longer gives you a free turn automatically, instead granting +25 CT on use.
  • Daggers now grant +35 CT on crit (down from 50). They are just a little too strong in giving the player multiple turns.
  • In New Game+ (and beyond), the hidden dream boss encounter is now much harder
  • In New Game+ (and beyond), loot rank has been nudged up.
  • In New Game+ (and beyond), champions now have a chance to drop Rose Petals in addition to their other loot
  • In New Game+ (and beyond), shops now carry more stuff
  • (Legend of Shara) The “Armor Training” relic mod should no longer show up on armor (as it could potentially show up on medium/light armor, where it did nothing).

  • Job change scroll should no longer use stairs if you use it on top of stairs
  • Fixed Godspeed Strike display bug
  • (Legend of Shara) Hotfix for Wanderer’s Journey related bug introduced in 1.25b
  • Fixed issues with hero starting in the wrong position on certain maps (like the 2nd boss fight)
  • Sword Dancer’s gold emblem (allowing for skill parrying) should now work as intended, giving you 33% of your normal Parry chance (instead of the unintended 100% of your normal Parry)
  • Also fixed bug where abilities used on ANY character had a 3x multiplier on parry chance…
  • Fixed wonkiness allowing you to sometimes learn multiple armor masteries (quest flag was being reset)
  • Fixed bug with Ice Daggers sometimes not dealing triggering its effect correctly
  • It should no longer ever be possible to Fast Travel from within an Item Dream (caused some further bad behavior)
  • Hopefully fixed bug where the black fade behind the end cutscene and credits sometimes didn’t work
  • Fixed some bad save file issues
  • (Legend of Shara) ‘Factory Free-for-All’ should now properly give you 10 Camouflage Perfumes at the start
  • (Legend of Shara) Attempted fixes for Mirai campaign data leaking into Shara data somehow
  • (Legend of Shara) Fixed hang in post-final boss cutscene
  • (Legend of Shara) Calligrapher ground buffs (shadow, lightning, water) should now spawn on monsters, as intended
  • (Legend of Shara) Fixed possible bug in Shara’s second boss fight

  • A new challenge has been added: “Savage World”, unlocked after completing New Game+!
  • (Legend of Shara) After completing Shara’s story in any save slot, Mirai will now be able to do a Shara cosplay.

  • Save file size optimizations, particularly for Legend of Shara players with many relics
  • Game now saves an additional layer of backup history to help with future file corruption issues

  • Doubled the size of the combat log in the Journal
  • There are now 15 save slots available
  • New features for the searchbar! See below:
  • Searching ‘trash’ will allow you to view only items marked as trash
  • You can now add “or” to your searches, for example ‘sword or axe’, to get items that match at least one of those terms. You can even use multiple OR terms, for example: ‘relic or legendary or trash’
  • You can now search by rank by typing: rank:x, where x is the desired rank. Typing rankbelow:x will search for anything below that rank, while rankabove:x will search for that rank and higher.
  • The same works for rarity, for example: rarity:common, raritybelow:ancient, etc.
  • Negative searches can now be performed with !, for example !quiver would return anything *not* a quiver
  • Also, searches for ‘quiver’, ‘shield’, and ‘book’ should now work properly to search for those offhand types
  • There is now a tutorial that pops up the first time you use the searchbar (after you close the UI you were using, of course) explaining these features

  • A new option has been added when launching the game allowing you to play without a launcher.
  • Fabled Tamer no longer requires a **Wild Untamed** Eidolon (too random!), just a regular one.
  • Attempted fix for merchant/gold achievement
  • (Legend of Shara) Fixed the “Fabled Tamer” achievement.

  • Minor text fixes
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! I'm excited to announce that the first full-length expansion to Tangledeep is now available on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Welcome to Tangledeep: Legend of Shara!


Inspired by some of my favorite classic PC expansion packs, this new DLC adds to the game in just about every way imaginable. Whether you're a hardcore player with hundreds of hours in the game, or you've only dipped your toes into the world of Tangledeep, there's something for everyone.

Here are just SOME of the major features:

  • An all-new story mode featuring the enigmatic Shara, with her own unique gameplay and boss encounters!
  • Play as a Calligrapher - the game's 13th job - with its powerful dual wielding and elemental scrolls!
  • Meet the Mysterious Wanderer and venture through Wanderer's Journeys, randomly-generated adventures from 12 to 50 floors long!
  • Fight and capture dozens of new monsters throughout the world!
  • Start your adventure in Riverstone Waterway, an alternate early-game area with a bit more challenge but higher rewards!
  • Discover powerful Relics, randomly-generated legendary items that can contain almost any combination of effects and powers!
  • Reach a new max experience level (20), with even more powerful monsters to face...
  • The full DLC soundtrack is included with 8 new music tracks, too!

Also, don't forget to visit our super friendly Discord server where you can ask questions, share strategies, and show off your character. You can even ask the beta team for tips about the expansion.

We hope you enjoy Legend of Shara!

p.s. If you own Tangledeep for Nintendo Switch, this expansion is headed there as well. We don't have an exact timetable yet, but it's in the works.

Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! Today we're releasing a patch focusing on bug fixes and quality of life improvements based on your feedback, and introducing a new way to further customize the game.

Before we get into the notes, a quick note on Legend of Shara - the expansion has been delayed beyond our original planned due date due to localization. We want to release in Japanese, German, and English simultaneously. However, since there is a large amount of complicated new procedural text in the expansion, it's taking longer than expected. We're now targeting April 4th.

With that, let's get into the notes!

Patch 1.24 Patch Notes

  • The Training Dummy should no longer drop powerups.

  • Fixed rare game error that happened on restarting same character
  • Charcuterie’s effect no longer disappears on opening/closing menus
  • Attempted fix for rare pet breeding bug that caused the pairing not to work
  • Attempted fix for bug where Job Trials would not mark as cleared correctly
  • Fixed bug where pet attraction would reset upon defeat + restart
  • Leveling up while simultaneously wounding Dirtbeak to 50% or less of his health in the first boss fight should no longer cause issues with the dialog box
  • Corral pets should no longer ever be flagged as ‘combinable’ (slimes, River Spirits, etc.)
  • Fixed invisible wall in pre-boss2 area (only applies to new saves)
  • “Spirit Slaying” quiver mod now correctly uses the name “Anti-Spirit Arrows”
  • Caramel flask infusion (level 15 haste) now works
  • Fixed various bugs with the Equipment screen search bar losing focus
  • Permanent or toggle buffs should no longer display durations on the Character sheet
  • All skills that have a stun effect should now display the “STUNNED!” text above the target when the effect is first added
  • Fixed cursor mis-alignment when “Manage Data” is selected.
  • Fixed cursor disappearing in the job select screen after returning to the main menu from gameplay and starting a new character
  • Fixed game error when using status immunity items w/ Spellshift Penetrate (you should not be able to resist this effect!)
  • Exiting a campfire and portaling back to town while talking to Goldfrog will no longer sometimes cause town NPCs to disappear permanently. (Wow)
  • Created script that verifies Magic tree state in save files where the state may be messed up (wrong visuals, no trees where they should be, etc)

  • Bottles and Brews should now allow fast travel FROM the map
  • The options menu and cancel keys should no longer exit pet naming mode *and* confirm the name. Instead it will just clear the name input.
  • Red exclamation on your portrait notifying you that you can learn a skill is now more reliable
  • Favorited items now consistently show “*” before the item name in all UIs
  • Scrolling UI text with the “Scroll UI Boxes Vertical” binding (default: right analog stick on gamepad) is now faster, and frame rate-independent
  • A new “Jump to Searchbar” keybinding has been added; defaults to “Tab” in menus. In any UI with a searchbar (EQ, Inv, Shop, Dreamcaster), this should immediately focus the cursor on the searchbar.
  • Swapped “Exit” and “Chop Tree” in the chopping dialogue, to avoid accidental chopz. Also, added a bit of a wait time in that dialogue.

  • Fixed help text about core stat growth that inaccurately stated your job affects stat growth
  • Various minor text fixes to clarify Monster Mallet working on mobs with 15% or less health (as opposed to *less than 15%*)
  • “Divine Bolt” is now “Divine Fury” in all cases
  • Fixed up writing for Flask infusions, clarifying effects “per turn”, “while Flask is active”, and Kale is now Green Apple!

Because our options UI is not (yet) more expandable, we’ve added a new settings file called “miscsettings.txt” which will appear in the same directory as preferences.xml and your save files. This file will be used for game settings that the majority of players will probably not want or need to change. Some are totally experimental and may not work 100% correctly (but your save files won’t be harmed, so don’t worry.)

The file can be found here (it's auto-generated after you play build 1.24 at least once):

OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/unity.ImpactGameworks.Tangledeep
Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/ImpactGameworks/Tangledeep
Windows: YourUserName/AppData/LocalLow/ImpactGameworks/Tangledeep

Each setting should have a single tab between the setting name and the value. All settings are read at startup, so you must restart the game for any of these to take effect.

“fixedmapsize” followed by a tab, followed by “0”. If set to a value higher than “0”, the minimap will always use this pixel size regardless of map size.

“mapopacity” sets the minimap opacity, as value from 0.05 to 1. Default is 0.82 (82% solid)

“speedrunmode” can be set to “false” or “true”. If “true”, various cutscenes and tutorials will be skipped. This is still a work in progress.

“animspeedscale” can be set to a value from 0.05 to 1 (default - 100% of normal). This will speed up animations like movement and attack. NOTE: This may cause problems? I’m not sure yet!

“turnspeedscale” scales the minimum delay between turns taken from 0.05 to 1 (default - 100% of normal). Be careful with this, as it can make turns VERY fast and get you defeated fast!
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! Today's patch is a balance, bug fix, and quality of life update based on your feedback! Before we go over the notes, a couple quick updates on the DLC and Switch versions.

Legend of Shara Progress
Tangledeep's first expansion is 99% feature-complete! We're primarily focusing on polish, bug fixing, and localization now. We should be looking at an early March release on PC. Switch date TBA.

Switch Patches
There is a patch headed to Switch as well - 1.0.2 - which you can read about here. The patch process on console is much slower as we can't release things ourselves; changes have to be bundled up and sent to Nintendo for approval, tested, and then released. It can take as little as a few days but up to a month.

This, combined with the fact that the Switch codebase differs somewhat from the PC codebase, means you will not necessarily see the same exact list of changes on both platforms. Our goal is to maintain as much parity between the two as possible, but since Switch has some content from the expansion, different UIs/input methods etc., some bugs on PC are not on Switch, some QOL changes are not necessary, and so on.

With that, on to the PC 1.23c changes!

  • Adjusted how the “Banish” champion ability works. It now reduces the summon duration of all nearby temporary player summons by 50% of max. ‘Permanent’ summons like Floraconda will take 50% of max health in damage.

  • Staff-type weapons now give +1 base Spirit Power per level (before multipliers)

  • The Staff mastery “Force Blast” now inherits your weapon’s element, and gains an additional +20% damage from Spirit Power (is now 40%/60% of weapon/spirit power, up from 40%/40%)

  • XP/JP rewards from chopping down trees have been increased across the board. The cap on these rewards has been raised, and uncommon/rare trees give even more now.

  • Fixed bug where elemental auras on champions would not appear if you loaded the game near one
  • You should no longer get double money when using a movement ability to land on a pile of coins
  • Fixed somewhat broken trigger mechanism for random lightning strikes by champions
  • Fixed display bug if you got 0 fountains in a dream (should say 0, not -1)
  • Fixed rare game load bugs related to certain blocking objects
  • Possibly fixed bug with non-rendering terrain
  • Fixed another AI bug related to healing abilities and dismissed or destroyed summons
  • Discipline stat should no longer extend the duration of your Escape Portal, causing it to take LONGER to go back to town!
  • Fixed longstanding bug with equipment comparisons! If an item had multiple stat mods, it was only calculating as if it had one mod. e.g., A plain Spectacles (+5 Guile/Swiftness) would almost always be better than a magical one (+5 Guile/Swiftness, +2 all stats; only the second mod was counted).
  • Summoned monsters like Bonecrabs can no longer be marked for quests
  • Finally fixed Hergon’s Frostplate ice shard bizarre movement
  • Fixed AI quirk related to corral pets with lots of abilities (some abilities would be ignored at certain angles)

  • You can now hover over stairs on the minimap to see where they lead!

  • In the shop UI, when *buying* items, hovering over a consumable item will show you how many of that item you already have in your inventory.

  • Divine Smite / Holy Bolt animation (i.e. from Radiant Starhelm, Divine Fury) should execute about 250% faster now.

  • Daily/Weekly challenges now have reduced or sped-up cutscenes and callouts.

  • Lucid Orb Shards now display the full text for the mod they add in the item description.

  • When using “Repeat Recipe” in the cooking UI, the cursor will now return to the “Repeat Recipe” button unless you change the recipe.

Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
We are incredibly proud to announce that Tangledeep is now available worldwide in the Nintendo Switch eShop!

North America

Europe & Australia


This version of the game supports the Switch's handheld and docked modes (of course!) along with the Pro Controller, complete with UI and control optimizations to make it feel great in your hand. We worked very hard to make this port as polished and complete as possible and it contains virtually everything the PC version has to offer without compromising performance!

Switch Version FAQ

"Is this the same game as the PC version?"
Yes... 99.9%! The game was approved by Nintendo in late 2018. Aside from some minor changes we made on PC since then, it is the same game. Of course, we will continue to patch and update the Switch version now that it is available to maintain parity with the PC.

Plus, the Switch version has a number of UI improvements, enhanced control methods, and even some new exclusive content like an alternate starting area and new monsters!

"Will the Tangledeep expansion Legend of Shara come to Switch?"
We hope so. The expansion is not yet complete, but once it is, we will look into porting that as well. If the game is successful on Switch, this will influence our plans for the DLC.

"Why is the Switch version $20?"
It took us over a year to port the game to Switch. We did a lot of work to optimize the port and make it run smoothly whether you are playing handheld or docked. We also had to rethink a lot of UI and control issues, since on PC you have access to keyboard & mouse. Given the amount of content and the resources that went into it, we felt this was a fair price.

"Are there plans to bring Tangledeep to other platforms?"
We've had requests for mobile, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 ports. At the moment, we are not making any plans for future ports, but plans can always change. A lot of the work we did for the Switch version would benefit these other platforms as well.

"I backed the game on Kickstarter. Can I get a Switch code?"
Unfortunately, we received a very limited amount of promotional codes from Nintendo. All of them are being used for press outlets, reviewers, YouTubers, etc. If we had any extra to give away, we would!
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! We're pleased to announce that Tangledeep for Nintendo Switch will launch worldwide in just two days (on January 31st), so be sure to keep an eye out on the eShop if you are a Switch owner! :D

Now for today's patch notes. This covers today's patch as well as previous versions of 1.22. Lots of great bug fixes, some new tools for modders, and quality of life improvements to be had.

  • When an ability reserves Energy or Stamina, this is now reflected on the main HUD

  • Resistance-piercing effects obtainable by the player now apply to elemental damage dealt with weapons as well as abilities
  • Lower rank gear should now appear slightly less often if you are fighting harder monsters / exploring higher level areas
  • Effects that involve stealing food items now steal a random item, rather than the latest item
  • Increased drop chance of quivers, books, and shields in the master equipment loot table
  • Certain champion powers like “Boost Morale” and “Regeneration” should no longer be spammed out-of-combat

  • The Wandering Merchant dialog should no longer appear in boss areas, potentially interfering with cutscenes
  • Fixed skybox bleeding through in ultrawide resolutions (which are technically still not supported but this still looks bad)
  • Fixed missing job names from emblems
  • Attempted fix at FPS uncapping sometimes after patch 1.21a
  • Fixed buggy log messages if you have a charmed/pet Wraith
  • Gambler’s “Flush” hand and higher should no longer affect friendly creatures
  • Fixed deep engine bug that incorrectly evaluated status effects if your list of statuses changed while being evaluated. For example, if Sneak Attack triggered and was consumed, other on-hit effects were not triggering properly on that turn.
  • Various attempted fixes at rare bug where the menu screen could be open, but your character info could disappear
  • Fixed some bugs with the JP “!” indicator showing inconsistently
  • Added extra error checking for stuck damage multiplier or mitigation effects (happened rarely on the hero)
  • Fixed bug with Item Dream portals not appearing.
  • Fixed erroneous rarity coloring for certain items with 1 magic mod or more (i.e. Spectacles with 1 mod showed up as Magical, when it should have been Uncommon)
  • Fixed rare bug that could occur with effects that randomly summon more than one actor at a time
  • You should no longer disable your own Bear Traps by stepping on them
  • Certain rolls were not being subject to your World (random) Seed. Now they are!
  • Bottles and Brews should now be excluded from combat rumors, which were causing problems there
  • Fixed major bug where, if certain map object effects triggered simultaneously, all player status effects could tick multiple times (along with a bunch of other issues!!)
  • Fixed bug where, in pet breeding, inaccurate parent health was sometimes used (e.g. if a parent leveled up after its original capture)
  • Fixed bug with ability targeting that prevented you from using abilities like Hail of Arrows on tiles occupied by objects like ice blocks
  • Fixed bug where, if you used an item with quantity of more than 1, the sprite would not pop up
  • Attempted fix for bug with targeting lines emanating from monsters out of view
  • Fixed bug that rendered the Sword Dancer tier 3 emblem power of parrying abilities 100% useless!
  • Fixed “Day 31” indicator that sometimes appeared briefly on game load
  • Fists should no longer be the target of dream king rumors
  • Fixed bug with calculation of Medium Armor Mastery dodge bonus (was not giving enough)
  • Fixed game error that could occur after using Deafening Dream Drum
  • Fixed bug where if a monster died due to one of YOUR turn-end statuses (such as Radiant Starhelm) they would linger on the map at 0 Health for one turn.
  • Fix for rare bug in shops that would cause a game error when pressing page up/down with quantity selector open
  • Fixed bug with ‘Haunt’ effect when used by non-Wraith creatures
  • Fixed rare bug with damage text and exiting Item Dreams
  • Fixed bug with monster aggro causing them to be generally less aggressive than intended
  • Fixed bugs that could occur if you quickly opened your Inventory and used something before the top animation finished
  • Fixed bug with difficulty display of dungeon floors when loading a save
  • Fixed powerups not triggering if you used a movement ability to land on one
  • It should now be possible for monsters to inherit weapon animations from their parents (this won’t help existing bred generations)
  • When switching places with an NPC, you should now pick up any items in the spot where the NPC was residing
  • Fixed bug where status immunity wasn’t being checked in some cases
  • Fixed faces going outside of dialog boxes sometimes. Whee!
  • Dirtbeak in the Bandit Library should no longer be a valid rumor target

  • Four new optional Game Modifiers available! Remember, these can be accessed in the Feat Selection menu at character creation. They are as follows:
  • Free Job Changes (job changes cost nothing at Percy)
  • No Job Changes (you cannot change jobs anywhere)
  • Fewer Powerups (BASE powerup drop chance is lower)
  • Goldfrogs Anywhere (chance to find a Goldfrog anywhere on the main path)

  • It is now possible to create “GAMEBALANCE” mod files in any mod. This lets you change various multipliers: hero damage, monster damage, XP gain, JP gain, gold gain, loot drop rate, magic item chance, orb drop rate, powerup drop rate, powerup healing, pet XP gain, pet damage, monster density, and monster respawn rate!

  • Sped up animations that appear at the top of the menu screen on first open. This will also hopefully help solve a bug where this ‘block’ could disappear without the menu closing.
  • When friendly monsters are defeated, you should now see (and hear) their red fadeout effect
  • Ice blocks summoned by Ice Missile now use smaller sprites that are colored like player’s Materialized Ice (etc) to differentiate from enemy blocks.
  • The bandit NPC in the Bandit Enclave now has a “swap position” option
  • Adjusted opacity of tornado effect to make things a bit easier to see
  • Default Cursor Repeat Delay is higher now. Should feel better.
  • When holding a direction and opening a dialog or menu, there will now be a pause before the dialog or menu keeps scrolling, until you return the keys/controller to neutral. This helps the cursor feel less ‘slippery’
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! We've just launched patch 1.21 followed by a quick hotfix. This update brings lots of bug fixes and quality of life adjustments, along with a few balance tweaks.

But before we get into the notes, we want to invite you all to subscribe to our email list! This is the best way to make sure you don't miss any major Tangledeep news, or info about future projects. We hate spam as much as anyone, so we use this VERY sparingly; so far we've only sent two messages for our Early Access and 1.0 launches. The next mailouts will be for the expansion & Switch port release days.

You can sign up here: http://eepurl.com/cAFft1

And now, on to the notes! Many of these fixes and changes are due to player feedback, so if there are things that you want to see improved, be sure to let us know (Discord is best!)

  • Monsters should no longer have Butler Bells on their loved / hated food table
  • “Elemental King” rumors should now have a slightly larger pool of items to choose from
  • Adjusted how JP spent improves pet breeding stats. Previously, you had to spend about ~93% of the max possible value of JP to get any bonus at all. Now the bonus will scale linearly with JP spent.
  • “Aura of Growth” effect now significantly prioritizes tiles within view
  • Slightly toned down the stat scaling of monsters in Job Trials.

  • Damage is now properly capped at 9999 per hit
  • Fixed missing campfires :(
  • Fixed occasional error when restarting game
  • Fixed display bug related to name/rarity of equipment upgraded in Dreamcaster (occurred if the gear auto-equipped upon picking it up again)
  • Fixed minor display bug when quickly cycling hotbar weapons (one frame of another weapon was being shown)
  • Removed certain debug key macros that were not intended to be in non-editor mode
  • Fixed Wild Child tier 1 emblem adding +50% crit instead of +5% crit chance against Champions
  • Attempted fix for rare bug when creating Item Dreams that ate your gold yet produced no dream
  • Fixed bug that caused old/bad summon data to sometimes be saved and loaded
  • Attempted fix for rare bug where multiple dialogues could be open at the monster rancher. This bug may have caused other issues with other dialogues as well (typically happened when exiting back to title and continuing a save again.)
  • For rumors involving “Wild Untamed” monsters, this prefix is now shown in the initial rumor dialogue
  • Fixed bug with monster food/happiness thresholds occasionally causing errors or returning incorrect values
  • Fixed bug where, in pet breeding, only the 1st parent’s rarity was used to determining JP growth scaling costs
  • Fixed bug that occasionally caused tier 1 job trials to not be winnable
  • Fixed “Examine Mode” or mouseover hover text sometimes being cut off
  • Using items while stunned will no longer consume the item
  • “Dream” items assigned to hotbar will now disappear when you exit the dream
  • Another fix to pet happiness threshold calculation (thanks Zhentar)
  • NPCs should now be shown on minimap
  • Fixed bug with “Restart Same Character” option causing game hang

  • Removed AssetBundle functionality originally designed for Switch (which now has its own codebase) - loading should be much faster now
  • Improved loading speeds further (thanks Zhentar)

  • Fixed bugs with More Earlygame Monsters and Shopping Madness not working correctly on the latest game version

  • Merchants and fungal columns now have unique minimap icons
  • The extended combat log in your journal is now substantially longer
  • The banker now displays used / max slots in the header
  • The “extra turn” popup and log text will no longer appear if you haven’t been in combat for awhile (10+ turns)
  • When entering a Job Trial, you should now be healed to full even if you’re a Floramancer and had an Energy-reserving effect (i.e. Floraconda)

  • Fixed “Conjuration” magic mod description (numbers were switched)
  • Fixed bandit love quest text (lady bandit’s end dialogue)
  • Filled in missing name of Shadow Elemental’s vanishing passive (it’s “Vanishing”)
  • Clarified a few abilities that used the word “Instantly” but still took a turn to use.
Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! We've just released Patch 1.20 which includes a number of fixes, tweaks, and improvements to the game. We'll cover those notes shortly, but first I wanted to formally announce the name and artwork for Tangledeep's first expansion, coming soon!

Tangledeep: Legend of Shara

Legend of Shara will be Tangledeep's first DLC, a fully-featured expansion pack full of new content and features for players of all skill and experience levels. New areas, new items, an entire new story and gameplay mode, a 13th job, dozens of new monsters, new art & music... just check out the feature list below:

Expansion Key Features
  • Shara's Story: A new tale in the world of Tangledeep with a unique story, boss encounters, and new gameplay!
  • A 13th job, the Calligrapher, armed with two weapons, elemental scrolls, and devastating combo attacks!
  • Increased level cap: from 15 to 20! With this new level cap comes even more powerful items and challenges to discover.
  • Dozens of new monsters with new powers! You can capture and tame them, too!
  • Begin your ascent in Riverstone Waterway instead of Cedar Caverns: a new early-game path with slightly more challenge and greater rewards.
  • Encounter the Mysterious Wanderer and explore Wanderer's Journeys: entirely new dungeons with bizarre creatures, scenarios, and treasure.
  • Discover ancient Relics, rare items with limitless combinations of legendary powers and bonuses!
  • Strange new Item Dreams that twist and warp areas you've already visited with new events, monsters, items, and objects.
  • Unearth Runes of Knowledge, a set of tablets that teach special abilities not found anywhere else!
  • New monster sprites, tile sets, layouts, item graphics, effects, and music!

Expansion Release Date

Legend of Shara will launch in Early Access in January 2019. It will be 95% complete by then, and we will use Early Access as a way to gather broader player feedback. We'll then have our full launch in February 2019.

We can't wait for you to see & play everything this expansion has to offer!

Switch Port Update

We are still going back and forth with Nintendo to get our Switch port certified. It's been a very arduous process to say the least. The game has been complete for months now, but we've had to track down a number of Switch-specific issues necessary for shipping.

The reason this is taking so long is that each time we submit the game for approval, we have to wait up to several weeks. During that time, if Nintendo's QA finds any problem, the game is sent back for fixes. We then have to start the process all over again. This simply takes a long time, even if each issue is easily fixed.

As soon as we have a fixed release date we will announce it. We're really proud of the Switch port as we made a large number of UI and control improvements to make it feel right at home on the system. There's even some content from Legend of Shara in the port, such as the alternate starting area and a variety of new monsters.

Patch Notes 1.20

  • Passive abilities can no longer be swapped in non-safe areas.
  • Monsters summoned via eggs can no longer be commanded like regular pets, nor do they show up in your pet list. This means they also no longer follow you between floors.

  • Fixed minor errors that occurred when returning to menu from main game scene
  • Fixed bug where using Reveberate Monster during boss battles could allow you to trigger cutscenes before defeating the boss.
  • Fixed Gambler’s “Lady Luck” buff disappearing sometimes
  • Fixed occasional game errors related to shops and restarting the game
  • Illusions should no longer drop items - ever
  • Fixed various bugs with Wraith’s “Haunt” ability when used by pets or charmed enemies
  • Fixed bug where you could not use your Escape Portal during Job Trials (this should be possible, it just cancels the trial)
  • Fixed bug where Shield Slam would always give you improved block, even if you had no Wrath charges.

  • Cat’ie the pet trainer can now help your pets forget skills (in exchange for JP, of course!)

  • Fixed bug with job sprite replacements which would incorrectly use “Idle” sprites for “Walk” sprites
  • Fixed bug where custom item graphics were not showing up properly on the hotbar

  • During Daily/Weekly challenges, various cutscenes, callouts, and tutorial popups have been disabled. We will continue to work on this to streamline these timed challenges even more.
  • Friendly creatures that use summon flame attacks will now summon blue flames to indicate they will not hurt you, as opposed to red flames that hostile enemies use.
  • You can now use the search term “dream” in your inventory to display Dream-only items

  • Added CT gain info in item description for Brew of Rapidity
  • Added damage/status info in item description for Dread Darts
  • Added exact numbers for the Mega Flavor Enhancer

Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
The Steam Halloween sale is LIVE until November 1st - now's your chance to pick up Tangledeep for 25% off!


We've also just updated the game with the seasonal Halloween event, which adds some special seasonal theming to various sprites, along with Halloween-only Candy item drops like Punkin Bombs, Lemon Delights, and Candied Corndrops.

Have fun, adventurers!

Tangledeep - Impact Gameworks
Hello adventurers! We're pleased to announce official support for German and Simplified Chinese as of this most recent patch (1.19a), along with a number of balance updates, bug fixes, and quality-of-life changes.

We're very excited to bring Tangledeep to all-new audiences, as we continue to work on major new upcoming content. Plus, the Switch version is just on the horizon...

Speaking of Switch, if you happen to be at Tokyo Game Show this week, we will be showing Tangledeep there at the Kakehashi Games booth!


  • Changed sprite for legendary items “Deep Lake’s Gem” and “The Shard”

  • The minimum cost to heal at Percy now scales with level (100g at level 5, 200g at level 8, 300g at level 12, 400g at level 15).
  • Champions that summon tornados now have a reduced chance to spawn tornados near the player when outside of LOS
  • When using the “Frenzy” Claw Mastery, switching weapons will break the effect and Unseal you. You will be prompted while switching weapons to confirm you want to do this.
  • Adjusted the frequency of getting rooted in mud
  • “Fencer’s” and “Duelist’s” magic mods reduced from +5% / +9% parry to +4% / +7% parry.
  • Slightly reduced the base power of 2H Swords
  • Reduced the Parry bonus on various legendary/set weapons
  • Reduced the upfront damage of Cloak & Dagger from 150% to 125% of Weapon Damage. Bleed damage reduced from 45% per tick to 35% per tick.
  • Phoenix Wing no longer triggers if you have Spiritwalk or any other Invisibility effect active. (You’re in the ethereal plane, whaddya expect?)
  • Bombs dropped by Brigand’s Stealth Bomber ability now deal 100% of Weapon Damage (down from 200%)
  • Qi Strike now deals 180% of Weapon Power and 90% of Spirit Power (up from 50% of Spirit Power)
  • Panthox Skin now increases Physical resistance by 20% of the average of elemental resistances (down from 25%)
  • Sword Dancer’s resist-piercing emblem now pierces 50% of Fire resistance instead of 75%
  • Unarmed attack power w/ Budoka or Judo Sash now scales slightly more with level. Level 5 =250 (up from 240), Level 10 = 389 (up from 360), Level 15 = 532 (up from 480).
  • Brigand’s innate “Envenom Weapon” skill now also increases damage of Poisons by +15%
  • Wild Child’s “Salamander Breath” damage increased by +10% of Weapon Damage and Spirit Power
  • Home Run (Mace master ultimate ability) now deals 275% of Weapon Damage (up from 240%), and 120% on impacting a wall (up from 100%)
  • Maniox’ power boost now lasts for 50 turns after it defeats a monster, as opposed to being permanent. Also, this buff now stacks up to 7 times as opposed to infinite times.
  • Maniox’ full self-heal for defeating a monster no longer applies when it is a pet.

  • Fixed hanging dialog cursor that happened sometimes when switching jobs at Percy
  • Fixed bug where Spellshaped Auras, Sneak Attack would disappear sometimes from you
  • Fixed bug with multi-target abilities like Godspeed Strike and Escape Artist not working correctly
  • Fixed bug with certain dialogs not responding to ‘Confirm’ input
  • Fixed bug with dual wielding accuracy calculation
  • Attempted fix at map generation bug with certain Item Dream layouts
  • Fixed rare game error that could occur if a monster somehow aggroed itself
  • Fixed bug where getting a new stack of certain statuses would not refresh the duration of the entire stack as intended.
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to accumulate infinite stacks of Thundering Lion with the Wild Horse skill orb.
  • Really fixed inaccessible areas in some Item Dream layouts
  • Fixed bug where trying to enter some items at the Dreamcaster would not work
  • Fixed game errors that could occur with invalid paired equipment (particularly on game load or NG+ restart)
  • Fixed various temporary buffs/status effects disappearing when opening + closing character/skill sheet
  • Fixed missing text in the item pickup box hover
  • Fixed combat log sitting out of place on non-16:9 resolutions (these generally aren’t supported, but this was an easy fix)
  • Fixed bug where Runic Crystal buff would linger after the crystal died or was removed from hotbar
  • Fixed bug where actors removed when changing your hotbar were sometimes not removed from your ‘party’
  • Fixed bug that could occur during ability targeting on initial game load
  • Fixed some camera jank
  • Fixed potential gamebreaking bug with some resistance/defense-boosting status effects stacking endlessly
  • Fixed certain button assignments not parsing correctly in tutorial dialogs
  • Fixed bug with some food effects disappearing when opening menus
  • Fixed various bugs with Spellshape Aura
  • Fixed Guardian Lurker’s laser attack spawning fires in the wrong place

  • The tutorial popup for when you try to switch skills - but can’t - now force closes the skill UI so you’re not confused as to why it’s not working. Also, an error sound now plays.
  • Fountains are now represented on the minimap.

  • Load time optimizations
  • Minor optimizations when you’ve learned a large number of abilities

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