Bebop and Tempo - Fallen Aeon
Obo and Harpi Modeːchimeː
Play as two new character, Obo and Harpi, in new and remixed levels. Run as Obo and fly with Harpi to collect red coins scattered throughout each level.
Hitbox Rework
Some people felt the original hitboxes weren't quite fair so they have now been tweaked to allow for tighter maneuvers around spikes and enemies!
Second Chance Modeːcadenceː
Now on by default, the adventure mode now features 1 hitpoint represented as a balloon above your character. You can always crank up the challenge and turn it off at any time.
Ghost System Rework
The number of ghosts that appeared following a death have been turned down to one. Keep your eye on the prize.
Dodge Buttonːbebopː
Bebop's dodge technique is now mapped to a key for faster inputs. You can still duck and jump to perform the dodge.
Particle Rework
Some of the particle effects have changed to increase performance and cohesiveness.

Download the free update now!ːrainbowpalmː
Nov 20, 2017
Bebop and Tempo - Fallen Aeon
ːchimeːHoliday Sale ːchimeː
Head on over to Bebop and Tempo's Official Website to grab a limited run physical edition copy of Bebop and Tempo for PC and Mac! On sale now for only $8 USDːrainbowpalmː

Sep 3, 2017
Bebop and Tempo - Fallen Aeon
Shop Timeːchimeː Visit the new shop to unlock costumes and effects for Bebop and Tempo

Combo Systemːrainbowpalmː Rack up higher combos to increase your speed and complete each level faster

Ghost Systemːcadenceː Learn from your mistakes by seeing your previous run along side you and avoid the same fate!

Windowed Modeːbebopː Press F4 to toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode.
Bebop and Tempo - Fallen Aeon
Hello everyone!ːbebopː

Bebop and Tempo will soon be having a special discount to celebrateːchimeː the launch of the Xbox One version and the end of summer.

Pleaseːtempoː take the survey below to give your input on what kind of discount you would like to see.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Bebop and Tempo through social media, Steam, Twitch, and Youtube, you all rock!ːmusicfruitː


Bebop and Tempo - Fallen Aeon
Hello Everyone!

As a reminder, Bebop ːbebopːand Tempoːtempoː launched on June 19th, 2017 for PC and Mac via Steam. During the Steam Summer Sale event only, you can purchase Bebop and Tempo through Steam for a discounted rate of $7.19. If you are looking for an even steeper discount, you can purchase Bebop and Tempo directly from our official website at for only $5ːmusicfruitː But hurry, there are only a limited numbers of keys available at that price! While you are at it, check out our limited edition physical release and other cool merchandise. Have fun and don't forget to tag us about your speed runs on your favorite social media.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at Denver Comic Con. It was so much fun! In total, for the two playable stations we had set up at our booth, there was over 8,000 deaths ːcadenceːfrom all of the players over the three days we were open. There were definitely a few rage quiters...ːsteamsaltyː

In other news, Steam stats show that globally, not one person has completed Bebop and Tempo at 100%ːchimeː, not even by a long shot. Do you think you will be the first to reach it? Be sure to tag us on social media if you do! Have fun everyone!


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