Magnificent Ships: Volume 2 - kideternal
I'm busy adding Oculus and Touch support, as well as a large new feature that takes the experience to a whole new level!
May 23, 2017
Magnificent Ships: Volume 2 - kideternal
Just a small update to fix a couple of niggles:
  • Fixed particle sizes not always scaling correctly when toggling ship scale.
  • Fixed an audio bug, where if you went below the ocean and resurfaced the volume didn't adjust correctly.
  • Increased controller smoothing when holding a ship.
  • Underwater particles are back.
Magnificent Ships: Volume 2 - kideternal
If you enjoy looking at ship models, this VR experience is for you! View some of the highest-detailed ship models ever created in the comfort of your living room. Simultaneously save the environment and millions of dollars in expenses by owning virtual versions of the world's most magnificent ships. ;)

Graphics quality can be adjusted via the #1 thru #7 keys on your keyboard. (1=lowest, 7=highest, 3=default.) I tuned performance to (just barely) maintain 90FPS on my GTX 970.) Additional keys/info in the Readme.txt.

I love working on this project and hope it brings you much happiness!
- Wm

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