All Walls Must Fall - A Tech-Noir Tactics Game - Eyes

Save Berlin 2089 in two new languages - Polish and French are now available!

All Walls Must Fall - A Tech-Noir Tactics Game - Eyes
A new version is now live with a German and Russian translation, as well as a few bug fixes from some outstanding issues!

For the full release notes, see this forum post.
All Walls Must Fall - A Tech-Noir Tactics Game - Eyes
It’s been 8 months since we shipped All Walls Must Fall, and in that time one of the most requested features has been for a way to keep playing the game after you finish the Campaign, and to continue with all your unlocked gear. It could be a bit of a disappointment to unlock your favourite new weapon or ability, only for there to be just one mission where you could use it on. That’s the case no longer - you can continue fighting and flirting your way through the clubs of Berlin 2089 again and again - forever if you want to!

Here’s how it works:
  • After you complete the campaign, there will be a NEW GAME + button in the main menu.
  • When you click that, a new campaign will be generated, but you’ll have all the weapons, abilities, unlocks and credits you had at the end of the previous campaign.
  • Missions are much harder:
    • All the missions will be at VERY HARD difficulty.
    • Permadeath and the decision timer are always enabled.
    • If you abort a mission, it will now cost 1000 credits to reset it and try again.
    • Finally, all enemies will have +1 health.
  • Once you finish the NEW GAME + campaign, you will have your score and time recorded in a new leaderboard.
  • And then you can do it all over again! The NEW GAME + button will now read NEW GAME +2. That +2 means enemies will now have +2 health!
  • And then again! You can play forever - with enemies getting one extra health point for each NEW GAME + level. There’s a new set of leaderboards each time around.
Finally, if you’ve already completed the campaign and want to skip straight to hard mode, you can convert an existing campaign to NEW GAME +. Just start a new campaign if you don’t have one already in progress, then return to the main menu and you should see the option. You’ll get some free extra starting currency to get Kai ready for the new challenge. Note: one time only!

As well as this new feature, there are a few small fixes and improvements, like the ability to reset your controls to the defaults - you can read the full list of changes here.

All Walls Must Fall - A Tech-Noir Tactics Game - Eyes

One of the most commonly requested features since we launched All Walls Must Fall earlier this year is a way to keep playing after you finish a campaign, to keep the challenge going and continue to use your gear - and keep upgrading it. Today we're launching an Early Access test for a NEW GAME + mode that allows exactly that.

In NEW GAME + there are some changes:
  • All Missions are rated VERY HARD difficulty
  • Enemies get extra health
  • Permadeath is always on
  • The Decision Timer is always on
  • Dynamic Tutorials are disabled
  • Each time you complete a NEW GAME + campaign, you can start a new one at a higher level (NEW GAME +2, NEW GAME +3, etc). Each level will give enemies one additional health point, and has its own leaderboards.
Normally, to start a NEW GAME + campaign, you'd need to finish a normal campaign first. Then, the Continue Game button will become a NEW GAME + button. However, for this test, we've added a "Convert to to NEW GAME+" button that will be available if you have a campaign in progress. You should see this in the main menu - if not, start a new campaign, then return to the main menu. You'll get some extra cash to spend to get Kai up and ready for the new challenge.

To try out this build (Windows only for now), follow these steps:
  • In your Steam library, right-click the game and select properties
  • Click the Betas tab
  • Select the new_game_plus beta in the drop-down list
  • Press Close and Steam should update the build
We expect to keep NEW GAME + in Early Access for 1-2 months. During this time we'll be updating the build with balance tweaks based on your feedback, as well as fixing some of the issues that we didn't manage to squash yet. Let us know what you think on the forums!

All Walls Must Fall - A Tech-Noir Tactics Game - Eyes
You can now play All Walls Must Fall in two new languages: Spanish and Simplified Chinese!

Thanks to our fantastic translators for helping out with these translations: Alex Fortes for Spanish and Project Gutenberg | 游戏古登堡计划 for Simplified Chinese. And don't forget, we also have Brazilian Portuguese already, courtesy of Rômulo Wehling Magalhães.
All Walls Must Fall - A Tech-Noir Tactics Game - Eyes
It’s been a month since All Walls Must Fall hit Version 1.0 and CAME OUT of early access, and today we have another update for the game! The main focus has been on bugs and performance, but we also have a few new features to announce! The full release notes are here for all the details, but let’s get into the exciting stuff!


First up, the game is now available in Brazilian Portuguese!

New ingame music: LAST MINUTES
muuutsch’s latest track Last Minutes is now playing in the clubs, in-game! Have a listen on soundcloud.

The soundtrack is also now available on Spotify, itunes and all good streaming sites!

New room type: Bathrooms

We’ve added bathrooms to the game! How did we manage to go this long without them?

New clubber and NPC variations

We’ve added some character variation to the clubbers, as well as some of the dialogue NPCs!

New labroom layouts

We’ve added some new, better fitting furniture to the labrooms that appear in some clubs, and tweaked their layouts a little!

Enemy-specific weapon effects

Different enemies now shoot projectiles that match their visual style, to help you work out which projectile came from where. We’ve updated Kai’s weapon effect a bit too - now including muzzle flash!

Many small improvements
We’ve spent some time making some small balance tweaks, fixing bugs, polishing visuals, and improving performance, in particular in the later missions in larger clubs. The biggest thing here is that the Drop camera should no longer point at walls! Check out the full release notes for all the details.
All Walls Must Fall - A Tech-Noir Tactics Game - (Adam Smith)


Bullets tear across a sweating dancefloor, heaving with bodies. Flashes of metal and flesh, lights pulsing and skittering across glistening bodies. All Walls Must Fall’s nightclub shoot-outs are a devilish dream, capturing at once the brilliance of Terminator’s Tech Noir horror and the actual punk in cyberpunk. I just wish there was more to the game than a thousand murders on the dancefloor.


The Long Dark - (Brendan Caldwell)


The blizzards of Siberia have gone on holiday to the United Kingdom this week. But the RPS podcast, the Electronic Wireless Show, doesn t do snow days. The pod squad have trekked hard through the whiteout (from their bedrooms to their computers) to gather on their respective microphones. To what end? Well, to talk about the weather. Blizzards, thunderclouds, sandstorms and, er, night-time? In videogames, it all counts.


Invisible, Inc.

It was Superhot that first made me think about the old writer's adage, that you do the slow stuff fast and the fast stuff slow. This is the thinking that powers Jack Reacher novels, for example - Lee Child talks about this trick often and with great clarity. If Reacher's doing a bunch of research, you whip through it in a couple of lines. Literary montage! If Reacher's outside a bar, though, and a horseshoe of bad'uns is forming around him, time slows until it forms a thick mineral goop that traps everyone within it. The next few seconds are going to involve the shattering of kneecaps and the bruising of aortas (if aortas are a thing that can be bruised - having typed it, I am unconvinced). The next few seconds are going to be violent and memorable. Crucially, the next few seconds are going to take eight or nine pages to play out, because every move will be examined in great forensic detail. We will count the separate sparks in the air, and be deafened by the clatter of a spent cartridge case rattling on the tarmac. We will be fully present and fully conscious in these terrible, glorious moments.

Is Superhot turn-based? Not really, but it's a unique kind of meter, certainly - the work of a ludic Dave Brubeck. It is strange, given the unprecedented control over the variables that make up the universe they afford, that many games are so uninterested in time. Sure, they shatter it into loops with the death and save systems. They may also slow it, Reacher-like, when the guns come out. But genuine inventions, such as Superhot's world in which time only moves when you do? These genuine inventions are quite rare.

I've been thinking of all this these past few weeks as I've been playing, by sheer coincidence, through a range of rather brilliant turn-based tactic games, some of which have come out and some of which are yet to be released. Turn-based tactic games are hardly inventive by this point, but they definitely force you to think about time, about how it is broken up, and about what happens when you can pause it and step outside of it and really ponder your actions. Specifically, the games I've been playing have made me think about the way that time affects storytelling, and I think I'm ready to present my findings. Turn-based games, I suspect, are uniquely suited to generating incredible stories. They are more cinematic in the narrative sense than the games that we lazily refer to as being cinematic. And I think this is because of time.

Read more…

All Walls Must Fall - A Tech-Noir Tactics Game - (Dominic Tarason)

All Walls Must Fall

We’ve covered All Walls Must Fall quite a bit over the past few months, and it’s easy to understand why. Starting out veiled in mystery, this bizarre cyberpunk music-synced fusion of tactical gunfights and conversational infiltration does a lot to stand out. It has evolved to a surprising degree during its time in Early Access, with developers Inbetweengames bolting on major new features with practiced confidence.

Befitting the name, All Walls Must Fall has burst forth from its confines and into the dazzling moonlight, fresh from the dance-floor and ready to launch. Within, we’ve got the cheekily named ‘coming out’ launch trailer. While earlier marketing may have coyly weaved around the central environment type of the game (gay nightclubs heaving with scantily clad men), this one goes all-in, leaving very little to the imagination.



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