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Hey Tal'Dorians!

Here are the patch notes for version v1.1.0a and the small hotfix v1.1.1.

- Added two more skills per class
- NPCs will now talk to you; be prepared
- A new NPC arrived: Traveling Tailor. They will upgrade your backpack when you bring them the needed resources and a small sum of gold.
- You can now improve the Traveling Merchants by donating some supplies and gold. They will have better stuff the next biome you see them in!
- Added a considerable number of healing and buffing foods
- Added six new songs to diversify the biomes more
- Added a crafting system with over 500 recipes! Can you learn them all?
- New collectible resources to find
- Added a new mob type: The notorious slime!
- Added a lot of new POIs for each biome
- Added Teleporter to the world. You can now travel much faster!
- Added treasure gnomes to the mob-table (have you seen them?)

- You will now see a hint on equipment when the durability has reached zero
- Skills are now showing their percentage until it reaches a new level
- Updated numerous tooltips for skills
- The first skill can be activated by pressing your right mouse button
- Changed texture for voxels in some biomes
- Name labels are now bigger
- Added new tutorial messages and improved old ones
- You now gain XP when you gather resources or craft something
- Increased the UI size by around 20%
- Mini map shows now the real coordinates
- Merchants restock their goods after a set time.
- Increased the personal backpack to 40 slots (up from 30)
- Reduced heal potion heal power by 50%
- Heal potions are now twice as expensive
- Reduced the number of drops from ore veins and trees
- Increased the XP amount of veterans (Skull Icon) by 40%
- Decreased the amount of constitution on items
- Reduced the amount of primary stats on items
- Decreased the weapon damage value depending on the weapon type
- Mobs have more life (especially in multiplayer)
- Mobs do less damage (especially in multiplayer)
- Increased the movement speed bonus on footwear
- Offensive spells cost less stamina when using them (feel free to evade again!)
- Slightly reduced the direct damage of the fireball spell, but increased the burn damage per tick
- Lowered the adrenaline cost of Shield stun to 25 (down from 30)

Bug fixes
- [MP only] Skills were sometimes out of sync for the clients
- [MP only] Sometimes when leaving a dungeon the sky was still black
- Skills are now saved more frequently
- Skills will now check line of sight
- V-Sync checkmark was always marked as checked
- POIs/Dungeons around the biome wall will no longer change the wall-voxels
- Fixed a bug that was preventing NPCs from moving around the area
- Completely rewrote the health bar & name shader to make it not hidden by the fog of war
- Blocked/Evaded/Parried texts were not translated into different languages
- Fixed button and text scaling issues
- Fixed a world generation bug that made some objects stuck into the ground or walls
- Fixed a mouse problem, when moving out of the game and clicking in the game again
- Consumable items did not show their required level

- Added an option to invert horizontal/vertical mouse axis

- Increased spawning cycle, but reduced the number of mobs that are loaded at the same time (should help reduce system strain)

Bug fixes
- Fixed a problem with some language ids
- Fixed issues with some master crafting NPCs
- Fixed an invalid mob spawn in the fir forest biome
- Fixed a problem that prevents ore slimes from dropping ore


Discord: https://discord.gg/93RQdvz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuneXGames
Facebook: https://facebook.com/SuneXGames
Website: http://sunex-games.de/
Dungeons of Tal'Doria - SunLetsPlays
Hey Tal'Dorians!

We are having good and bad news today. They may sound like an end, but we hope it is not the end!

The last year was great! We have worked together with streamers, got messages from fans and saw quite a lot screenshots of high end character with interesting gear combinations! Even without the crafting system many player have reached 15h+ playtime (a few top players have around 100h!).

The last updates added a lot of new stuff, but down the road there is much more to come:
- Upgradeable skills: Level them up and use a power crystal on certain levels on your skills. You can choose between a few secondary effects to make your skill even more powerful.
- Traps: Dungeons will be much more challenging and interesting when you need to evade certain traps.
- New dungeon types: A mine dungeon to gather resources; also a smaller horde dungeon, where you need to survive a group of spawning enemies.
- Pets: Many pets that you can earn in every part of the game. You need to level them and evolve them into the next tier. Get permanent stat boosts for each full leveled pet. Some of them give you instead the ability to mount them or use them in any other way.
- More classes and specializations: A 4th class "Dark Mage" and each class get two specializations each.
- Exploration Book: Every monster type you fought, every dungeon type you visited, every item you have crafted, every food you have consumed, etc. will be logged. You earn exploration points and can use them to upgrade yourself either to prepare yourself against more difficult biomes or to upgrade your own skills.
- Legendary/Set Gear: Set Gear will boost your power and your change the play style of your class. Together with the right legendary equipment, you can get much more powerful.
- Special Biomes: Every new biome will get a little 'twist' like "Too cold, you are slowed down" or "Healing Potions are less effective". You need to spend Exploration Points to get immune to this weather conditions.
- Also crafting will get new features: Stat reroll on equipment and even a way to boost your currently worn gear.

We are working on Tal'Doria for over two years now. Our 3d artist, Kuba, was able to make the models for Dungeons of Tal'Doria besides his full time job. Also we have our community manager, Jay, which has helped us a lot and gathered your feedback and the great soundtrack was composed by Josh.

All the other stuff, like game design, programming (client and server-side), sounds, particle effects, etc. and so on was done by another developer, Sun, which was able to work full time on this project.

Tal'Doria burned all our savings and since early access launch we did not earn enough to continue in that way. Especially because Sun cannot work fulltime on that project anymore it will delay everything by a lot. To make content available each second or third month Sun has worked up to 72 hours a week.

Such a complex project needs to be done full time, so until Sun can work at least full time (40 hours) a week on it again, we need to pause the development on Tal'Doria.

That said we want to thank every early supporter we already had and will come.

Actually we loved the idea behind early access. But to be honest: There was enough developer in the past that got thousands of supporters and was not able to deliver a finished product. And there was also some that even ran away with the money instead of using it to make the game great. Such behavior destroyed the trust in these days - especially to new developer like us.

But also that means that developers like us are getting not enough support to make our vision come true.

We had a lot of people that wish listed Tal'Doria - and if only a very low percentage of that has supported us we would be able to finish the game. Indie teams do not have high cost needs, but we still need food and have other expenses.

Whenever we are able to, we will continue with Tal'Doria. It has so much potential to become a great voxel ARPG with sandbox elements! But as long as our dev team has only limited time, we can only work on much smaller projects. Also we won't do any early access releases anymore. It costs a lot of time to make a good quality product and each version/patch takes around a week to make sure the game is (almost) bug free.

It's easier to finish the game and then use 2-3 weeks to test the game and eliminate all obvious bugs.

As we already hinted, we are going to work on a new less complex project. This project can be done in a few months even with only a few hours a week.

It is an adventure jump'n'run game. The main focus is exploration: Each level has a lot of stuff you can do and find. And whenever you think you have found a way to jump "out of bounds", you will get rewarded with an upgrade or another secret.

If you still want to support us on our way and do not want to miss news just head over to our discord server.

We also will post another announcement with the latest patch notes as we haven’t done that yet. The next DDD/news about Tal'Doria will take some time, we're sorry about that. Hopefully we can work on Tal’Doria again, after the small jump’n’run adventure is finished.


Discord: https://discord.gg/93RQdvz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuneXGames
Website: http://sunex-games.de/
Dungeons of Tal'Doria - jay_rab
Hey Tal'dorians,

Just a quick message from your community manager!

We can't thank everyone enough for their support and are so happy that everyone is enjoying the game so much and has just as grand expectations of what is to come (hopefully our past updates have proved that everyone is in for a treat)!

We wanted to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving, even if it isn't something you celebrate we hope the core message of it, "sharing time with family and friends" reaches you, whether that be hanging out with people online or off.

We put Tal'Doria on sale for Thanksgiving, for those considering to get it or just wanting to pick up a copy for a friend to play it as a friendly gesture it is now 20% OFF during the sale. https://store.steampowered.com/app/626130/Dungeons_of_TalDoria/

Additionally, we have released our major update to go along with the sale. Due to the size of the patch notes we couldn't get them prepped to share in time for the sale, but we will be providing the full list of updates in a couple of days, in the meanwhile if you want a quick feature list of what is in the new update you can check out our last announcement which details what is in the latest patch: https://steamcommunity.com/games/626130/announcements/detail/1694936931303600965
Dungeons of Tal'Doria - SuneX Games
Hey Tal'Dorians!

The Update is finally ready to go out; we are just giving it over to a couple of streamers to playtest for us and then off it will go to the community! Want to know who will be going live with it and when? Head over to our Twitter or Discord Server where we will alert you when they are going live!

Biome: Farmlands

Biome: Graveyard of Undead

Biome: Fir Forest

Our Point Of Interest (POI) system has received many new objects and locations for you to find in the biomes, we won't spoil the fun and name them here so you will have to go and check for yourself. We also reworked a couple of our biomes on the world generator side of things, giving you a more varied experience when it comes to the terrain.

Jungle Slimes

A new Enemy has entered the ring! Slime creatures have invaded Tal'Doria, and you can find them throughout the different biomes, but watch out as these guys have the ability to squash you from above.

We have added new POIs you can discover while traveling through the biomes!

Horde of Treasure Gnomes

So we have a secret that many of you missed in the demo! We noticed that very few people were able to find them, but in the demo, we had Treasure Gnomes that you could find as an Easter Egg in the game. They will be making their official return in this update and will come in all shapes and sizes and as the name suggests if you can take them out (That is if you're able to catch them before they escape), then you will have a pile of treasure to keep.

Crafting Window

Food isn't the only crafting that will be in the game, and while the professions for the other crafting jobs are not finished, we have been busy making recipes for weapons, armor, healing and mana potions, rings, and amulets. Currently, we have over 600 recipes, and that is just scratching the surface of our recipe todo list!

Traveling Tailor

Inventory is a massive thing in ARPGs, and many of you have requested bigger backpacks to store all your items. With the new update, there will be two tailor masters traveling the world who would love to make that backpack bigger for you, all you need is to provide them with the material and some coin for their time to get extra slots added to your backpack.


With crafting tables being needed for many recipes, being able to get quickly to one of those tables without having to spend hours walking through past biomes was something we felt was essential to the player. This is where 'Portal Stones' come into play, you will find these stones in some of the biomes, and once you activate them once you can teleport between them. Teleporting cost a few gold coins and so far no one in Tal'Doria has learned the secret as to why maybe you will be able to find out?


Discord: https://discord.gg/93RQdvz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuneXGames

Facebook: https://facebook.com/SuneXGames

Website: http://sunex-games.de/
Dungeons of Tal'Doria - SuneX Games
Hey Tal'Dorians!

We are in the bug killing phase which means the big update is just around the corner! Everything that we had been talking about in the last article is in its final stages to be played soon! This Post is going to focus only on the crafting since we have so much to share about it!

You will get your first taste of crafting as soon as you enter into the world; you know that chest everyone has been trying to break open when you first start? You can finally break it, and it will contain some food that you can use for crafting, along with beginning the tutorial for crafting!

Opening Starter Chest

Some crafting will require a crafting station to be made, but many recipes can be done anywhere from a crafting menu (currently bound to N, but you can also hit the button for it around your action bar at the bottom of the screen). Recipes will be grouped into categories and sub-categories based on their type. So Food would be the first main category you will have access to and things like grilled, salads, and soups would be a sub-category.

Crafting Window with a few recipes

Some recipes have special requirements like mentioned above where you have to be near a crafting station. For the chef profession, many of the recipes require some sort of fireplace or fire. We have set up multiple fireplaces in the world, so if you see a fire more then likely you will be able to use it for crafting.

Different Fireplaces

As you level up, you will gain access to basic recipes, but for those chefs out there that want to cook rare foods will have to discover them another way. Once we have the quest system done some quest will provide you will recipes, but until that time we have added a 'recipe' item which can be used to unlock a random recipe you haven't learned yet. (We are interested in your feedback on this!)

Example of Recipe Items that unlock unlearned recipes

Talking more about the Chef: Ingredients are found by traveling through biomes, some friendly NPCs will also be willing to sell some of them to you and enemies can drop them. The level of the biome will also be a factor, so if you can't find a given ingredient you may need to travel to a higher biome to obtain it.

There are upgrades in the form of crafting recipes that your chef will be required to cook for her to cook improved recipes, these are only needed to be crafted once as a eureka moment to expand her cooking knowledge.

These upgrades provide you with the tools to create more things, a magic knife to cut things into pieces, a magic pot to make soups. Best of all these tools don't take up inventory space so once you have unlocked them you will always have access to them.

Three different Magical Utensils

We talked about the details of the food in the last article, but to recap, there are two kinds of food one that is meant for healing and then another that is intended for buffing.

Food that is used to heal is a heal over time effect, so save the potions for a fight if you get into a bind and use the healing food to recover after the battle.

Buff foods, however, provide a boost to many different stats, also every buff food will have an EXP boost to help you level quicker, so it is always a good idea to use buff food before fights.

Food Examples

Like I said in the intro, we are to the bug phase of the update; we can't give a set time for when the update will be ready as the multiplayer part generally takes more time than expected. But we will be having our Streaming Partners playing the game for you all to see as soon as we are close. We know this update took longer than our regular update schedule, but with everything we added, I am sure you won't be disappointed with it.


Discord: https://discord.gg/93RQdvz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuneXGames

Facebook: https://facebook.com/SuneXGames

Website: http://sunex-games.de/
Dungeons of Tal'Doria - SuneX Games
Hey Tal'Dorians!

We are really excited to be showing you some new content in relationship to our first crafting profession! On top of that, we also have some news about how our NPC's are coming along and what you can expect from them in the next update! Unfortunately it will still take some time.

There has been a lot of new resources added to the game in preparation for our chef profession, and what good is a chef without ingredients? So today we are going to show you some of the food you can find in the world and how it will work.

Harvestable Corn Plant (Farmlands)

Harvestable Pineapple Plant (Maya Jungle)

The NPCs are busy working on those crops for you to steal, crops will grow in random places but some biomes like the medieval plains will have an abundance of crops, like the cornfields, which as you would expect allows you to harvest corn from.

Cherry Tree (Farmlands)

Blueberry Bush (Farmlands)

Trees and bushes will now be a source you can harvest from, but their resources will actually respawn, so once you gather all the apples, for example, you can come back later to harvest them again if you have found a good spot for harvesting.

There are many types of Food you can eat raw, but you will also be able to buy food from chef NPCs as well as cooking your own food with the chef profession. With the entry of food into the world, we will be making potions a bit rarer and hopefully be saved for emergencies. This means that you will want to start carrying around something you can eat in your backpack and find breaks between the fights to consume it as they will take longer to recover health as they have a heal over time effect.

Heal over time effect of food

Food is not only for healing ether, some food will give you attribute bonus' for a short time, so it will be helpful to find the right foods for the given task.

Buff effect of food

We will break down the ins and outs of the chef profession in the next DDD, but the basics are: the chef profession allows you to mix food items together to make dishes, the more tools, and experience you have as a chef will allow you to make exceedingly more complex dishes which will offer greater and greater boons.

Outside of these new resources we are working on improving the world to make it more lively, you have already seen some of the NPCs in the world but now they will have dialog and some will even give you hints to where to find treasure!

Hint from an NPC on the farm

There is still a good deal more than we are working on but will leave you here till we have more to show, as always please stop by our discord and say hello!


Discord: https://discord.gg/93RQdvz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuneXGames
Facebook: https://facebook.com/SuneXGames
Website: http://sunex-games.de/
Dungeons of Tal'Doria - SuneX Games
Hey Tal'Dorians!

We hope you have really been enjoying the first two skills for each class and we have good news that our next update is just around the corner, we are aiming for the end of the month. As always we want to be completely transparent with you, if we come across any delays, please check the discord (https://discord.gg/93RQdvz) as we will keep everyone updated there should any issues happen.

In today's preview, we will be showing off the next set of skills that will be going into the upcoming update, so without further ado!

To round out our skills we have two new skills for each class bringing their total skill count to 4 each. While the 1st and 2nd skill was made to show you what some special attacks would look like the 3rd and 4th skill focus on buffs to give you an idea as to what is possible in Dungeons of Tal'doria.

Below is a preview of the new skills, the 3rd skill for each of the classes is a self-buff, while the 4th skill buffs the party as a whole.

Outburst: You gain adrenaline (adrenaline is what the knight uses for his special attacks)

Endure Pain: Increased your own block chance and make yourself and your friends receive less damage

Force Of Nature: You have an increased critical hit chance and attack faster

Speed Of Wolf: You and your friends are run faster

Electrified: You have an increased mana regeneration and deal more damage

Healing Geyser: Field on the ground that heals players standing inside

We are always looking for suggestions and skills are no exception, with the four skills in play we hope it will give you some inspiration to offer feedback as to types of skills you want to see come into the game and for which classes.

Buff Bar when activating 'Electrified'

We are happy to see our buff bar get some use with the new skills! You will be able to see how to see how long the ability is still active, hover over it to see what each buff is providing to you, and how many stacks of a given buff you have (Yep buffs can stack!)

As you gain levels, you will be able to have skills that will increase the number of stacks a given buff can have. Each stack counts for 1% so, for example, a Mage can have their 'Electrified' skill stack 20 times the buff 'Power' for an additional 20% damage boost while that skill is active!

Since we have a good range on what types of skills can be added to the game, we will put a pause on the skills so that we can start pushing out more content.

The next thing down the pipe would be crafting! This will start out simple with cooking, fireplaces are the crafting station, and they are like everywhere so you will be able to cook some food out of the 20+ new food resources that you can gather.

This should allow you to make use of those items and gold you been hoarding!

Next week we will go over the full patch notes and what we were able to finalize for the update.


Discord: https://discord.gg/93RQdvz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuneXGames

Facebook: https://facebook.com/SuneXGames

Website: http://sunex-games.de/

Dungeons of Tal'Doria - SuneX Games
Hey Tal'Dorians!

Skills have made it into the game and are ready for you to play with friends. The multiplayer side of skills was giving us some trouble, but with the help of some of our streamers we were able to get it polished for you, big thanks to:

Who all did a fantastic job streaming, anyone who is interested in what the new build looks like should check out their VODs and go give them a follow!

The main improvement in this build is an increase in the movement speed, you will be able to be faster with given gear, but we had a couple of suggestions saying it felt really slow, so we have increased it a bit, so please share with us how it feels in discord!

The other thing which you all have been waiting for is the skills! Each class currently have two skills which you get at level two and level four, these skills increase in power as you use them, hit V in-game to see the full details about the skill and track how they are leveling.

If you would like a preview of the skills, you can see them in our last news post here: Steam Announcement

And also a few improvements to the first biome made it into the build!

We are continuing to work on the skill system, which means more skills coming down the pipe for the classes soon, as well as class independent skills which you can learn that are not given by just leveling up. We will also be working on adding in skills for the enemies; the veterans with the skulls next to there name will be getting a secondary attack soon which will start to make them feel like true mini-bosses rather than just larger enemies.

Also we're working on some other cool stuff ... more information in our next DDD:

Here are the full patch notes for v1.0.1:

- Added 2 skills per class
- Added in-game option to change graphics settings
- Added option to toggle vsync
- Added an invite code system: You can invite people to your game via an invite code. You find the code while playing and if you press the 'Invite Code'-button when pressing ESC
- Added new tutorials for multiplayer and skills
- Added SuneX Games Logo on startup
- Added error sound when you cannot use something from your action bar
- Help buttons on specific interfaces are glowing now until you moved at least once over it

- Fixed a bug, which prevented the last hit to grant you rewards for an enemy
- Fixed some sounds that were too loud
- Fixed a bug where clients cannot see the correct animation set on other knights with shields
- Fixed some scaling issues with parry/evade/block chances

- Slightly increased the overall movement & animation speed
- Increased all projectile speeds a bit
- Slightly reduced the chance of durability loss
- Improved AI of ranged NPCs
- Aggro check rate increased
- Doubled the tries to place rooms in dungeons
- Made earlier dungeons smaller

- Improved the visuals of the farmlands biome
- Added Q and E hotkeys to the last two slots in action bar (soon: You will be able to change all the hotkeys!)
- The crosshair is only shown when you have a class that needs to aim
- Improved camera behavior


Discord: https://discord.gg/93RQdvz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuneXGames
Facebook: https://facebook.com/SuneXGames
Website: http://sunex-games.de/
Dungeons of Tal'Doria - SuneX Games
Hey Tal'Dorians!

Seeing as we recently released, we will want to make sure that we are keeping everyone informed about what we have been working on so here is a quick update and what you can expect to be soon and what is coming down the pipe.


  • Skills
  • Next Update
  • Streamers

The players and streamers seem to be in one accord when it comes to what they want next for tal'doria, and that is without a doubt having the characters with skills! We have been working hard and are almost finished with two skills for each class and will be showing them off later today in a live stream (more info on that below). For the meanwhile here is an example of a couple of the skills:

You can expect these skills to be in later next week but can catch streamers and the team on twitch throughout the week showing them off!

The original plan was to release major updates every four to six weeks, but we were listening to feedback, and everyone would rather have skills in smaller bits than having to wait the extended time for them to come out fully. For our first part, we will be releasing two skills for each class, this doesn't include any skill progression but will allow the players a lot more to fighting then just the primary attack.

Now that we are on steam it is much easier to give streamers access to our builds as well as providing them a means of featuring new content before it comes out. We intend that updates to the game are going to be for the most part polished for the players and that streamers that want to take part will handle previews outside of the team; this provides content for their viewers and allows you a sneak-peak at what is to come like how our skills are going to be handled.

Speaking of which we have our first streamer build up and will be showcasing the skills that will be in the next updating coming very soon, our first streamer is Phowecy who has been following Dungeons of Tal'Doria very early on, they are a variety streamer with interest in games that have deep progression and able to be customized. If you want to catch the preview of the skills, you can see them on https://www.twitch.tv/phowecy at 7 pm EST on the 20th.


Discord: https://discord.gg/93RQdvz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuneXGames
Facebook: https://facebook.com/SuneXGames
Website: http://sunex-games.de/
Jul 12, 2018
Dungeons of Tal'Doria - SuneX Games
Hey Tal'Dorians!

The day has finally come when you can explore the world of Tal'Doria, break into crypts, walk under giant mushrooms, jump down wells, and more!

Start out as a Knight, Archer, or Mage and begin your journey looting dungeons for treasure to equip your characters.

We are just starting out with much more to come, with skills and new biomes (and dungeons) just on the horizon, we are looking to show you how active we really are.

The game is intended to be played with friends, so gather one to three of your friends and have them jump into your game with full Steam integration *No server or setup required and no IP needed to be handed out!

If you encounter bugs or have feedback just share them in steam discussion or on our discord server so that we can address them quickly!


Discord: https://discord.gg/93RQdvz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuneXGames
Facebook: https://facebook.com/SuneXGames
Website: http://sunex-games.de/


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