Bionic Battle Mutants - yvokles
We made some balancing adjustments for looting and we also fixed some bugs you were pointing out. Thanks for your input!

Detailed list (see also README.txt in the game folder)

- balancing: added random amount of credits winnable in each mission
- balancing: getting a bit extra loot for playing missions
- gameplay, mission "Mutant Lab.": if the recipes were not collected, mission will not end anymore early unless that happens (even if all enemies are down)
- gameplay, mission "C7-StreetGang": changed win condition to lootrun and paying bounty for eliminating all gangster bosses
- tweaked: in story mode the credits won are now always displayed as item in loot-box
- misc: added wiki entries about "crouching" and "stealth"

- removed not-existing items from lootlist (smoke grenade lvl 2 + 3)
- level script freezed in cyborg-factory (occured if generator destroyed and console activated afterwards)
- enemies in mission 4 (doc rescue) are fighting again
- mission crew selection was buggy in single player mode
- save button was not active after changing profile avatar
- char portrait in crewbar was not updated when char received a big mutation
- music fading error on credits screen
Bionic Battle Mutants - monkeynetics
Bionic Battle Mutants - yvokles

Game is now starting in FullScreenMode, which can be toggled on/off via F11-Key. Additionally the displays for credits and cerbrium are now correctly updated whenever a shop item is purchased.

Thanks so far for your feedback!

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