Way of the Passive Fist - Household Games
It's a brand new day for Way of the Passive Fist as we bring NEW DAWN, the biggest update yet!

NEW Epilogue Challenge Mode!

NEW Rogue-lite Mode!

NEW Refined Story Mode!


Alongside fixes, balance updates and other improvements, this makes NEW DAWN the best version of Way of the Passive Fist ever!


NEW DAWN takes place after the events of Way of the Passive Fist. With the evil mastermind defeated, a new threat emerges to threaten all life on Zircon V.

With a focus on challenge and combat complexity, NEW DAWN will require you to take your parry skills to the next level!

With no checkpoints, you will be given 5 lives to make it all the way through NEW DAWN's Stages.


The ultimate training ground for the truest of Parry Masters, the PASSIVERSE is a rogue-lite gameplay mode that features ever-changing combat challenges and a non-linear structure that lets you choose your path.

Survive long enough and you will find upgrades to unlock your abilities, but you only get one life, and when you die you have to start all over!

Take on the hardest challenges to get to bosses more quickly, or take the easier but longer route and test your stamina. The choice is yours but only those who walk The Way of the Master may proceed so make sure your timing is perfect!


***Both new modes for NEW DAWN are unlocked after completing Story Mode***

***Players with previous save data (with at least Chapter 1 completed) will automatically unlock NEW DAWN modes***


Story mode has been rebalanced for better pacing and now features an improved difficulty curve.

***Due to the changes to Story Mode, progress is reset for all players***


NEW Enemy behavior: Shadow Warriors

Shadows Warriors are embued with dark energy making them invulnerable and extremely powerful. The dark energy emitting from their attacks can't be dodged or parried, so be sure to stay out of their way! If they step up to engage, tactically relocate and engage another enemy.

Shadow Warriors are fueled by the energy of their allies, so when they're the last enemy left, the dark energy will wear off, making them vulnerable.


Patch Notes

  • Added 'Extras' submenu
  • Moved Statistics and Credits to 'Extras'
  • Extras Menu includes new setting: 'Score Style'
  • Score Style allows points that emit from the player to be changed to descriptors or emoticons
  • Updated the end of encounter sequence to be faster
  • Updated the Gold/Silver Rank Up events so that they are visible when hitting both at once
  • Added colored particles on parry, dodge and catch actions
  • New 'Robo Clone' enemy added
  • New enemy variations added
  • Boss variations added
  • Fixed Green Robot hitbox when it misses a grab
  • Sped up the Wanderer's 'get up' animation
  • Caught projectiles can hit any enemy, not just the enemy that originally threw it
  • New Dawn & Passiverse modes save health level between stages and when quitting / resuming
  • Updated the throw timing of the double knife throwing enemy
  • Fixed bug with monitors with non-standard resolutions not saving the resolution setting

NEW DAWN is currently live for the Windows platform, Mac and Linux updates coming soon!
Way of the Passive Fist - Household Games
Introducing the first title update for Way of the Passive Fist!

We're always working on making the parrylicious adventure through Zircon V the best experience possible, so here's what's included in this update:


Statistics Screen

  • A new menu screen has been added to track several gameplay statistics
  • This screen is accessible from the Options Menu & the Pause Menu

Updated Gameplay UI

  • Score Particles
  • During combat scenes when the player performs score actions, the score is shown at the player location
  • The scores displayed are the multiplied score (including combo multiplier)

  • Combo Progress Callouts
  • As combos are built up, and thresholds are reached the combo callout appears on the right side of the screen
  • It also appears when a combo ends

  • Rank Progress
  • As the player earns points during combat scenes, the rank progress bar will appear in the bottom-left corner when Silver / Gold point thresholds are earned

Gameplay Updates

  • Updated Danger Zone Visualization
  • The mortar fire in CH2 now displays a clear red box that shows the blast zone
  • The sun beams in CH3 now display a clear red box for the blast zone of the sun beam

  • Grab Area for Caches
  • The sensitivity of the grab areas for caches was increased so that they can be more easily and accurately be grabbed

  • Land Mine Updates
  • Land mine placement updated in all chapters to avoid instances of overly-narrow safe passages

  • Shoulder Check on Tired Enemies
  • Fixed an issue where you could perform a shoulder check immediately when an enemy becomes tired and it would miss
  • Now you can immediately perform the shoulder check and it will always hit the tired enemy, knock them over, and maintain the combo

  • Updated Enemy AI
  • In some rare cases, while engaing one enemy, another enemy would walk into the middle of the fight
  • Enemy pathing has been updated so that enemies that are in an idle state will walk around and not right into fights
  • Enemy cycling has also been updated so that more enemies will take turns during a fight

Visual and Audio

  • Updated Environmental Presentation of the Final Boss
  • Updated the level for CH10 to be more representative of the story
  • Implemented the sunset effect during the final boss fight. The sun sets during the fight, silhouetting the two characters

  • Updated Ground Impact Sounds
  • When characters hit the ground, the sound has been updated to have more pitch variation

  • Added Explosions to Robot Enemies
  • When robotic enemies are defeated, now they EXPLODE!

  • Disintigration Effects
  • Updated and improved the disintigration effects on all non-robotic enemies


  • Fixed Throwback Crash
  • Fixed a rare crash that would occur if a projectile was caught the same frame it hit the ground

We hope these help to make the experience better than ever! Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

Way of the Passive Fist - Household Games
We're excited to release Way of the Passive Fist on Steam!

Whether you're on PC, Mac, or Linux, you can now battle the maniacs of Zircon V in our all new brawler-with-a-twist! Ready yourself, stay focused and never let them land a blow. Are you ready to become a Parry Master?

If you'd like to check out the online manual, it might help you find
The Way

Plus, there's a full suite of accessibility features including visual mode options and fully remappable controls!

We sincerely hope you enjoy the game!

Way of the Passive Fist - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Dominic Tarason)

Way of The Passive Fist

If Way of The Passive Fist were a true brawler in the vein of Streets of Rage, I would forgive people for being disappointed in it. Taken at face value, it doesn’t quite live up to the heady standards set by the likes of Konami, Capcom and SNK back in the day.

It’s a good thing, then, that under the familiar 90s arcade facade lies a satisfying game of memorization and rhythm that (while not without issue) makes for a very respectable debut title from new studio Household Games. It’s out today, and here’s Wot I Thunk of it.


Way of the Passive Fist - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alice O'Connor)

Duffing up baddies in a side-scrolling beat ’em up usually involves chainwhips, repeated blows by a blur of fists, jumpkicks, and at least one special move that’s basically just shouting. Way Of The Passive Fist is not that sort of beat ’em up. Instead, it wants us to carefully dodge, parry blows, and tire enemies out until we can knock them down with a single cheeky poke. Having button-mashed through a fair few beat ’em ups, I’m well up for a little more caution and thought. I don’t have long to wait, as the developers have announced Way Of The Passive Fist will arrive on March 6. Here, watch this: (more…)

Way of the Passive Fist - Household Games
Way of the Passive Fist will be available March 6, 2018.

The time has come to master the Passive Fist.

You are the Parry Master!

Ready yourself, stay focused and never let them land a blow. You will be the parry master!

Take on Big Bad Bosses

Take on a group of villains controlled by an evil mastermind and liberate the planet Zircon V.

Build Combos and Unleash Super Moves!

Keep your timings on point and build those combos so you can finish off your enemies with powerful supers.

Plus, a full suite of accessibility features including visual modes and fully remappable controls!

Everyone at Household Games thanks you all for following us and we're looking forward to launch! <3 <3 <3
Way of the Passive Fist - Household Games
As we continue work on Way of the Passive Fist, we're adding lots of new levels, new enemies & new bosses... but we're also fleshing out our accessibility features to maintain our commitment to making sure as many players as possible can enjoy the game.

We think some of these features are pretty cool, and we wanted to share a few of them today.


The HUD (heads-up display) contains a lot of important info about your character, so it's vital that it be clear and easy to see. If you find it's too small, you have the option to swap in the "XL" version, which is 40% larger.

XL HUD off:

XL HUD on:

Combat Info

During encounters, information about your recent combat moves appears in the top right corner of the screen. This is a rolling tally of your recent moves (parries, dodges, enemies defeated, etc.) that animates and updates constantly as you defend yourself in the fight. For some players, this can be distracting, or possibly even overwhelming, so we've included an option to turn that off. The most critical information: your combo count and energy bar, stay on screen but the extra info is left off.

Combo Info on:

Combo Info off:

High Contrast Visuals

This setting provides players with the option to view the game with a higher emphasis on vital game elements. With this setting turned on, we adjust the saturation of non-crucial background (and sometimes foreground) elements to make characters, checkpoints, items and more pop off the screen and stand out.

Here are a few screens with the High Contrast setting turned on.

We hope these options will enrich the experience for anyone that uses them.

Stay Tuned for more updates soon!

- Household Games Team
Way of the Passive Fist - Household Games
Play Way of the Passive Fist in the Indie MEGABOOTH!

Way of the Passive Fist is coming soon, but before it launches we'll be showing the game at PAX West 2017. Stop by booth 753, play the game and say hi!

With our difficulty customization system, each player will be able to tailor the game's challenge to their play style.

Are you on the Way of the Bold Eternal Warrior? Or perhaps the Way of the Gutsy Tenacious Alert Traveller? You decide your own path!


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