XERA: Survival - IcedYoshi

Greetings Survivors!

Due to popular demand, the Independence Event has been extended until July 10th! We hope you enjoy the additional time for the event and look forward to seeing everyone show off your new skins!

XERA: Survival - IcedYoshi

Greetings Survivors!

Today's hotfix consists of 2 small changes to the Independence Day Event. Upon review of the data from the first 2 days of the event, the Liberty Souvenir item has not been spawning as often as was intended for the event leading to players being unable to earn enough of the item to be redeemed for the event rewards. We have changed the drop rate from a 5% chance to the following: Regular AI - 10% chance, Exploder AI(orange ai) - 15% chance, Stalker AI (blue ai) - 30% chance, Super AI (Green AI) - 100% chance. The other change that was made is to the despawn timer for AI that have been killed. Previously the timer was set to 90 seconds. We have increased the time to loot AI to 120 seconds to help players have enough time to loot groups of ai after killing them.

We hope these changes will make the event more enjoyable and look forward to your feedback.

For the latest information and to connect with our team, join our discord at https://discord.gg/xera.
XERA: Survival - IcedYoshi

Greetings Survivors!

There will be a brief downtime tonight at 7:30PM CST in order to deploy a quick Hotfix. At this time the downtime should be minimal and will last for about 10-15 minutes at the most. Patch notes will be available once the hotfix is live.

Thank you for your understanding and for the latest information, feel free to connect with our team via discord at https://discord.gg/xera
XERA: Survival - IcedYoshi

It's almost Independence Day in Redwood Valley and the humanoids have been stealing all of the Statue Of Liberty Souvenirs from the residents of Redwood Valley! Reclaim the stolen goods and turn them in at the safe zone to earn new patriotic items or in game weapons skins! This limited time event is packed with 13 new patriotic themed skins as well as 3 new wearable items. And that's not all! It wouldn't be a proper Independence day without firecrackers! A new craftable item - Firecrackers is now available in game!

We hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend of celebration!

Patch Notes

Independence Day Event
Humanoids will now have a 5% chance of spawning Liberty Souvenirs
Added Patriotic Bandanas and Hats
Added Statue Of Liberty event object to each Safe Settlement
Added Independence Day Skin Crates
Added 13 new Patriotic themed skins

Humanoids will now be attracted to gunshots, silencers will eliminate this detection completely
Firecrackers when thrown will attract humanoids to their location
Humanoids attracted to firecrackers will have a lowered sight radius (5m) for 5 seconds

Weapon Attachments
Silencer will now only reduce damage by 5% (was 20%)
Silenced weapons will not attract humanoids

Added Firecrackers to craftable menu (lvl 2)

New Items
Added Firecrackers - These can be crafted at player level 2
Added Gunpowder - These can be found at the vendor and in industrial areas
Added Fuse - These can be found at the vendor and in indfustrial areas

Helicopter Transporter
Fixed 'Northern' typo on the voting screen

Added medical cabinets to house bathrooms and some kitchens
Added industrial spawns to garage
Added new searchable objects to garages

Increased world loot scale to 1300-2100 (was 1000-1800)

Loot Tables
Added gunpowder and fuses to the industrial spawn table (these are used to craft firecrackers)
Adjusted Box Key Spawn rate on High Military table (was 1:333 now 1:200) and Military low table (was 1:333 now 1:400)

Added Gunpowder and Fuses
Removed Hammer and Wrench
XERA: Survival - IcedYoshi

Greetings Survivors!

We're excited to announce that July 3rd - July 7th we will be running our Independence Day Event!

Join us this weekend and earn new in game items including patriotic hats, 13 new patriotic skins, and our new craftable firecrackers!

For the most up to date information and to connect with our team, join our discord at https://discord.gg/xera
XERA: Survival - IcedYoshi

Greetings Survivors!

We are happy to announce that Early Access Patch 6.5 is now live. As we mentioned in our June Development Update, there have been several changes made based on community feedback as well as additional content added to the game with this patch.

Developer Note - The additional backpack space and damage reduction provided by armours when damage is taken by ai has not been implemented in this patch. This feature has been pushed back to patch 6.6 and will be the next thing we work on.

As always please feel free to let us know your thoughts on the balance changes and new systems that have been released.

Patch Notes

Repair System
Equipment Repair System implemented via Workbenches located at safe settlements
You can now repair armour & weapons at workbenches
You can now dismantle armour and weapons at workbenches

Vendor will now give a discount on bought items depending on your in-game level
Vendor will now give better prices for items depending on your in-game level
Fixed an issue with durability not showing on selling item

Player to Player Trade System
Added ability to trade cash for items
General trade UI improvements

New humanoid textures added to Common Robot
New humanoid textures added to Exploder Robot
New humanoid textures added to Boss Robot

New Electric Pipe melee added (19% base damage) - This will have an additional ai stun feature in a future patch

Electric Pipe Recipe added

Camp Fire
Camp fires will now show "cooked" status using durability bar
Camp fires will now gradually cook each item individually instead of one at a time
Camp fires will now only burn sticks when they are low
Increased fire crackling sound radius
Disabled shadowing on the fire lighting to help with performance
Changed action from 'SEARCH' to 'USE'
Disabled collision on camp fires
Fixed an issue that allowed stacking of camp fires
Fixed an issue causing camp fires to affect navigation

Fixed an issue that caused blood splat to not show when damaged on a vehicle
Fixed an issue that caused hostile timer to not update when on a vehicle
Fixed an issue that prevented armour from being updated when moved to atv storage
Fixed an issue that allowed moving a backpack to atv storage and going over-weight

Added new town to Redwood Valley - Clifton
Added new area to Redwood Valley - Ridgeway Trailer Park
Added new area to Redwood Valley - Ridgeway Tunnel
Added new safe settlement designs

Drone system will now check if there is line of sight to spawn location to prevent going through objects/landscape
Fixed an issue with the drone hud not showing after undeploying

General UI polish/improvements
Trade will now cancel the trade if the player is in another window, E.G Global Stash
You can now hide your hud while using a vehicle
Fixed an issue with restoring default settings not applying new settings
Disabling first person crosshair is now functional
Added group markers to map ui
Settings menu will now automatically close when settings is applied

Fixed an issue that prevented backpacks from being picked up when at max weight

New Items
The following new items have been added to the game
Weapon Parts - Can be obtained by breaking down weapons at the repair station
Heavy Armour Plate - Can be found at military areas, helicopter crash sites, civilian bunkers, or by breaking down Heavy Plated Armour
Light Armour Plate - Can be found at military areas, helicopter crash sites, civilian bunkers, or by breaking down light plated armours or mtvs
Plastic - Can be found in civilian and industrial areas or by breaking down Civilian NVGs or Football Helmets
Fibre-reinforced plastic - Can be found at military and industrial areas or by breaking down military helmets
Pliers - Can be found in civilian and industrial areas
Sewing Kit - Can be found in civilian areas
Epoxy Resin - Can be found in industrial areas
Weapon Repair Kit - Can be found at military areas.
Screwdriver - Can be found in civilian and industrial areas.

Loot Tables
Added new industrial loot spawn table to warehouse areas
Updated and balanced multiple loot tables
Implemented multiple new items into various loot tables
XERA: Survival - IcedYoshi

Greetings Survivors!

Now that it's been a couple of weeks since the last patch, we wanted to give you all a quick update on what's been happening behind the scenes.

As you know one of the things we've promised would be coming soon is the repair system for weapons and armor. We're excited to let you know that we've made a ton of progress and are hoping to push the repair system with patch 6.5. With the release of the repair system, it's important for everyone to understand how it will work. The following are some details on what to expect.

  • Repair Benches will be located in every safe zone. This will allow for players to repair their items before and after going out in the world.
  • In order to repair your item, you will need to gather repair materials which can be gathered by breaking down other items. Each item you repair will require a specific recipe of a repair tool (there will be 3 different tools available and these will have a specific purpose for what item they are used to repair), parts (there will be 10 different parts and similar to the repair tool, you will need specific parts for specific items in order to repair them), and currency (this is a service fee charged by the npc for their repair service).
  • The amount of materials and currency required in order to repair an item will depend on how damaged the item is. For example, if you have a Scar-H that's at 90% durability, it will require significantly fewer repair parts and currency than if you need to repair a Scar-H with 50% durability. By implementing a scale based on the amount of work required to repair items, this will allow players to maintain their higher tier items and give an alternate way for players to recycle their items other than p2p trading and selling items to the vendor.
  • Requirements for repairing items will scale based on a tier system. For instance, repairing a mp5 at 50% durability would require far less cash and materials than lets say a vss at 70% durability. This should help bring balance to those lower tier items that degrade faster, and allow for players to make a choice on whether they want to break down low tier items to ensure they have the best quality high tier items, or allow them to recycle their extra high tier items, and build up a stash of their lower/mid tier items.

We look forward to gathering everyone's feedback on the repair system and being this is the first iteration, we have plans for expanding the system in the future as well as balancing anything that needs to be revisited.

Along with the repair system, we are also excited to announce that we are making more updates to the current map in order to fill the void of running out of places to explore and things to do. With this being said, we are also working on the map for Arm's Race, and will be starting working on the new map in the near future. With the amount of work that's required to be able to bring our plans to life, we are excited to also announce that as of Monday, we have added a new staff member who will be in charge of level design as well as the creation of the new maps, and new poi's on the current map. Please give a warm welcome to Erekose!

"Hello everyone! I'm very excited to be part of the Spotted Kiwi Interactive team and to be working on XERA: Survival. The team has been very welcoming and the community seems to be just as wonderful!"

"A little background on myself: I was first introduced to gaming at a very young age with Diablo and Quake 3. I quickly realised I wanted to work on video games in my early teens. I've been dabbling in indie game development since I left high school but started my professional game dev career in 2019, as a junior level designer for Rocketwerkz in Dunedin. Since leaving Rocketwerkz and coming to Spotted Kiwi Interactive, I've been busy getting to know the team and delving into XERA: Survival. I'm currently working on some changes to the safe zones on the map, making them feel more lived in and expanding them for future updates."

"During my time here I'll be focusing on creating fun and unique maps for the upcoming Arm's Race and Deathmatch game modes. I'll also be working on the new main map in the near future that I hope the community will enjoy looting, fighting and destroying robots in. This map will feature new Points of Interest, new settlements and plenty of awesome locations that will make exploring even more fun and rewarding."

"I'm already deep in work here and I've dedicated myself to bring something different to XERA: Survival that I hope both new and veteran players will all come to love. I can't wait for the players to see all this content we have planned and I'm excited to join you guys in the game soon. Thank you!"


Here's a sneak peak at a few of the new POI as well as a preview of the UI's that have had an additional polish done on them!

One of the challenges we have always had is seeing new bugs pop up after moving releases to the live servers that didn’t appear in a dev environment. Thank you to everyone that has been on top of reporting any bugs you encounter. Because of your reports and feedback, we will also be including several fixes to vehicles, collisions, assets, and much more. These bug fixes will be noted in the patch notes once patch 6.5 goes live.

Another point we would like to discuss with the community revolves around the vendor/currency system. Many people have raised concerns that the vendor is greedy and doesn’t pay enough for items being sold to him. As we have spoken to before, vendor balancing is one of the most difficult things to get right as it can lead to a massive imbalance with people being able to just buy all the high tier loot which causes players to not explore the map and play the game as intended. We have heard your feedback and now that we will be able to implement the repair system, we will be adjusting the buyback values that the vendor pays for items. These values will still scale based on a couple of factors, durability, and if the vendor currently has the item in stock. We have also added a dialog box to the vendor along with an updated UI in order to help new players understand how to get the most from their items when selling them to the vendor.

Finally we are excited to announce that we have 2 new game mechanics that will be coming with patch 6.5!

The first is that peer to peer trading will now allow for players to trade cash for items between each other! Looking to get more value for your item than the greedy Marquet offers? Are you a bit light on cash and want to get a better deal on an item than what is offered at the vendor? This will no longer be a problem as you will now be able to create your own player market by buying and selling items from each other with the peer to peer trading system. This is just the first step towards creating a global market within the game for in game items and we hope to implement an offline marketplace as well similar to an auction house type system in the future.

The last change we would like to announce and are excited about revolves around players running out of backpack space and looking for other uses for their items. We feel like a great way to expand the current player inventory system as well as give more value to gear other than protection would be to have armor items increase your player inventory capacity. With the release of patch 6.5, armor will now add additional inventory weight on your player. We do not intend to do a “pockets” system at this time, and instead wearing armor will simply expand the amount of weight your player is able to carry.

A lot has been happening in the background as you can see and we can’t wait to release patch 6.5. Feel free to leave us your comments, feedback, and questions on what’s coming! Patch 6.5 will be going live next week!

Spotted Kiwi Interactive
XERA: Survival - IcedYoshi

Greetings Survivors!

Thanks to the hard work of our testing team, we believe we have finally figured out the root cause to the issues causing people to sometimes teleport and get stuck when dismounting the ATV or leaving the drone. This patch provides updates to multiple systems that should resolve the issue. As always, please be sure to report any bugs to our support team at support@xeragame.com.

Patch Notes
Fixed a problem with pistols having the incorrect damage
Fixed an issue with skins not applying to the magazine

Fixed an issue causing player movement speed to not set correctly (Which also caused players to get kicked sometimes)

Fix for ATV roll-back implemented
ATVs handbreak lights are now replicated

Fix for Drone "stuck player" implemented

Container System
Implemented support for containers to have currency
Duffel bags now will have a chance to give currency when no items are found
Robots now have a chance to give currency when no items are found
XERA: Survival - IcedYoshi

Greetings Survivors!

Again we want to thank everyone for your feedback and bug reports. Please continue to send any issues you encounter to our team at support@xeragame.com.

Developer Notes
Is this patch you will notice some recoil fixes. These are not CHANGES - these are bugs being fixed. We have discovered that single fire weapons / modes on guns do not correctly "stack" recoil and causes the recoil recovery system to kick in immediately. This was making single fire extremely accurate - this is not by design and allowed exploitation. We have applied these fixes this patch to make it more balanced and skill-based by making it more aligned with the automatic fire-mode. Overall these fixes to recoil will make the game more fair, and more enjoyable for everyone.

Patch Notes
Fixed an issue that caused recoil recovery to not reset properly if you moved your mouse sideways
Reduced recoil recovery speed slightly
Single fire now uses a similar recoil system as the automatic fire mode (See notes above)

NOTE: Please refer to before & after recoils at the bottom of these patch notes for comparison.

Fixed an issue with fences not being placed in the right place

Implemented additional changes to help fix ATV roll-back dismount bug (If it still occurs after this patch, please let us know!)

Reduced firerate of G-17
Reduced firerate of 1911

Changes to server browser populations - LOW = 0-4, MEDIUM = 5-10, HIGH = 10-20, 20+ VERY HIGH
Fixed an issue with special characters not showing in player menu
Fixed an issue with special characters not showing in group list

AI / Humanoids
AI Jump mechanic has been dramatically improved
AI will now deal damage if they land on you (half of their base damage)
AI will now move away if you are at an area they cannot reach via walking or jumping
Fixed an issue with head pop-off to show the wrong textures
Fixed an issue where AI would jump to another target, when they can attack their existing target

Recoil Examples

Example of recoil with the G-17 before today's update

Example of recoil with the G-17 after today's update

Example of recoil with the AK-47 before today's update

Example of recoil with the AK-47 after today's update
XERA: Survival - IcedYoshi

Greetings Survivors!

Below are the patch notes for Early Access Hotfix 6.2. We are still receiving some reports of issues with the ATV causing the players to lock up after dismounting it. We have made additional tweaks with this patch and hope that it resolves the issue. Should anyone experience any issues with the ATV, please make sure to send us a bug report at support@xeragame.com

Patch Notes
Reduced hunger reduction rate

Added new supermarket model to Rockdale
Added new supermarket model to Riverton
Added new supermarket model to Redsville
Added new supermarket model to Riversdale
Fixed AI spawner in Rockdale
Fixed AI spawner in Riversdale

Added doors to police station
Added arms locker container to armoury in police station

Implemented some changes that may fix the ATV rollback bug (Please inform us if this is still an issue after this hotfix)

Previously search containers will not be searchable for 60 seconds if no items are found

Added new footstep sound for concrete
Added new footstep sound for grass
Added new footstep sound for metal
Added armour foley rattle sound when you have armour equipped (You can also hear other players if they have armour)
Fixed an issue causing footstep sounds to play beside the player when in first person

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