XERA: Survival - JOSHUA

We hope you all enjoyed our Independence day event!

At 6:00am CST today, we will be briefly taking the servers down. At this time we will deploy a hotfix and will close our Independence Day event. The expected downtime will be up to 30 minutes.

Patch notes

Independence Day Event
  • Removed Independence Day Event

XERA: Survival - IcedYoshi

At 8:00am CST today, we will be briefly taking the servers down. At this time we will deploy a hotfix and launch our Independence Day event. The expected downtime will be up to 30 minutes.

Patch notes

Independence Day Event
  • You will gain a skin-box for every supply drop opened
  • You will gain a skin-box for every Civilian Bunker Event activated
  • "Survivor Box" will now have a 30% chance of giving an Independence Day Weapon skin and a 70% chance of giving a regular skin

Crashed Helicopter Event
  • Increased time to open boxes to 6s (was 3)
  • Improved loot table

Civilian Bunker Event
  • Improved loot table

  • Fixed black heavy armour protection (was 18% now 15%)
  • Gas usage has been reduced by half
XERA: Survival - IcedYoshi

Greetings Survivors!

We have some exciting news! At 3:45AM today, we will be deploying a major content update!
The expected downtime will be less than 1 hour.
Thank you to everyone for your support and we look forward to your feedback on the new content!

Patch Notes

  • New crashed Helicopter Event
  • Added Civilian Bunker event

Crashed Helicopter Event
  • 5+ players are required on the server to activate the Helicopter Crash event
  • Helicopter crash event will appear on the map at a random designated location (of 6 spawn points)
  • Helicopter event will spawn every 45 minutes
  • Helicopter event will drop 20 salvageable crates giving 15 XP each when opened as well as military grade loot
  • Helicopter will despawn after 25 minutes of crashing

Civilian Bunker Event
  • 5+ players are required on the server to activate the Civilian Bunker event
  • Civilian Bunkers will require a "Civilian Bunker Key" to open. These can only be found at the helicopter crash event or within the civilian bunkers themselves.
  • Civilian Bunkers will will only activate on 5+ player servers
  • Civilian Bunkers will be "enabled" every 30-45 minutes
  • Civilian Bunkers will "disable" if not opened within 30 minutes
  • Civilian Bunkers will go on cooldown for 30 minutes after being opened
  • Civilian Bunkers will close after players leave the area
  • Civilian Bunkers will spawn 25 items inside when opened
  • Civilian Bunkers will spawn a wave of 30 Humanoid Robots (5% chance of exploders)
  • Only one Civilian Bunker can be Active / Enabled at a time
Supply Drops
  • Removed "Very Common" (G-17) drops from 5 player + airdrops
  • Modified various drop tables to include new M16 Weapon and MTV Armour
  • You can now exit a vehicle while in water
  • Improved system that find an exit location for vehicles, this should help with instances of getting stuck
  • Vehicles will now use Fuel when driving
  • Vehicles can now be repaired by hitting it with a crowbar (5% repair per hit)
  • Implemented a fix that may fix losing gear if disconnecting while on an ATV
  • Reduced Heavy Vest protection to 15% (was 18%)
  • Reduced Light Plated Armour protection to 10% (was 12%)
  • Implemented MTV - Protects 13%
  • Reworked C4 compound area
  • Added rocks around all compounds / Heli crash zones
  • Fixed an issue with Police building collision
  • Fixed an issue with cabin building collision

  • Added new M16 Assault Rifle
  • Reduced damage of AR-15 to 11% was 13%
  • Reduced damage of AK-47 to 13.5% was 14%
  • Reduced damage of MP5 to 10% (was 10.5%)
  • Increased recoil of AR-15
  • Added footstep sounds to crouching (at a 30% volume)
Group Icon
  • Fixed an issue causing group icons to not fade when zooming after respawning
  • Right clicking Gasoline near a vehicle will now show "Refill" option (Within 4m radius)
  • New "Gasoline" item (Restores 35% fuel)
  • New M16 Assault Rifle
  • New MTV Armour Item
  • New Civilian Bunker Key
Map UI
  • Added new hint for Helicopter Event
  • Added new hint for Compound Event
  • Added new hint for Bunker Event
Gas Station Buildings
  • Added timed Gasoline spawns at gas stations
XERA: Survival - IcedYoshi

Hello Survivors!

Thank you for all of the feedback over the past week. We have made some recent updates that will be deployed with this hotfix. The downtime will be between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

The following is a list of patch notes from this update.

Added recoil recovery (reset) system
Adjusted default recoil for all weapons (slightly more recoil than before)
Adjusted recoil for AK-47
Adjusted recoil for Scar-L
Adjusted recoil for Scar-h
Adjusted recoil for MP5
Adjusted recoil for G36
Adjusted recoil for Honey Badger

Fixed an issue causing group tags to not update when using the drone
You can no longer accept group invites while in an ATV or a Drone
Group icons (including death icon) will now fade when aiming in

Added button to mute/unmute players in-game (right click in player list)

Fall-off damage
Added new 'SMG' fall-off to MP5, UMP-9 and Honey Badger

Double Event
Removed Double XP
Removed Double Skinbox

We hope you will enjoy these changes and please continue to send us feedback! If you haven't already, please be sure to also leave us a review with your feedback as this will help us with future content and adjustments as we continue development.

XERA: Survival - IcedYoshi
After gathering feedback from the community, and discussing things internally, we have made the decision to no longer allow Re-Shade to be used in game.

This was something the team discussed at length last night and we feel this is the best move as it gives an unfair advantage when removing/changing fog.

This drastically changes the competitive dynamic of the game by allowing players to reduce the fog visibility by using the 3rd party software. If you have previously used the software, EAC will request that you remove it before you are allowed to connect to the servers.

We appreciate your feedback and look forward to bringing our next hotfix very soon.
XERA: Survival - JOSHUA

Hello survivors!

We hope you all enjoyed the double event, this has now come to an end.

I've also made some adjustments to fall-off and recoil this hotfix.

Adjusted recoil for AK47
Adjusted recoil for G36
Adjusted recoil for Honey Badger

Fall-off damage
Added new 'SMG' fall-off to MP5, UMP-9 and Honey Badger

Double Event
Removed Double XP
Removed Double Skinbox

XERA: Survival - JOSHUA

Hello Survivors!

We're happy to announce a double XP and double level-up crate event!

Until June 12th you will receive double experience and two level-up crates on each level.

Event Ends: 12:00AM 12 June (CST)

We hope you have a fun time with this event, and wish you luck unboxing your survivor crates!

XERA: Survival - JOSHUA

Hello Survivors!

We appreciate all your feedback on the new recoil system. I've made some tweaks that will hopefully make it more enjoyable until we create unique patterns for each weapon.

The recoil is still very experimental, so please keep the feedback coming.

Adjusted recoil so it's less for tap-firing and slower build-up for spraying
Unique recoils for each weapon will be added in future patches

Fixed some issues with trees clipping into tents at compound events
Fixed trees clipping into some bunkers

Bullet Tracers
Bullet tracers will now only show for other players (This will become an option in the future)
Fixed some issues causing bullet tracers to go through objects

XERA: Survival - KittyKat35

Greetings Survivors!

We will be deploying our 2nd Early Access Patch at 5:00AM CST today. We hope you will enjoy the changes and content that has been added and look forward to your feedback. As a reminder, don't forget to leave a review if you haven't yet!

Top Features

New Servers
"First Person Only" servers have been added. These will remain limited during the initial rollout.
"No Group System" servers have been added. These will remain limited during the initial rollout.

Skill Rating Reset
Due to a previous bug that caused players to gain an unintended advantage over other players by reducing gun recoil, we have reset everyone's skill rating back to 500. After evaluating the impact of the bug, the team determined that enough players had been impacted by the bug that it would only be fair to reset all skill ratings and allow players to compete on a level playing field now that the bug has been fixed.

Streamer Mode
There is now an option in settings to enable streamer mode
Player list will show player IDs, rather than names
On death, killer will be displayed as player ID
When looking at another player, it will be displayed as an ID
When grouping, invitations and member list will be ids


Increased minimum loot for 1-5 player servers to 1800 (was 900)

Damage reduced to 50% (was 65%)

Moved compass to top middle of HUD
Compass direction will now update when freelooking and while on vehicles
Added current experience & xp required for next level to HUD

Loading screen
Added new art to loading screen

Compound Event
Added more props around the compound events to help with pushes
Added 2 doors in each corner to enter the compounds

Increased initial connection timeout to 180 seconds (for lower-end pcs that load the map slower)

Weather system
Reduced duration of "Foggy" weather condition to 7 minutes (was 15 minutes)
Reduced fog amount for "light rain" and "heavy rain" weather conditions

Player Menu
Added user icon next to your own user to find yourself quicker

Medical items will now auto-equip if you don't have one in your quick-med

Global Inventory
Fixed an issue causing items to not store correctly in the global inventory when moving items quickly

Group System
Each group member now has a unique colour
Group member icon will turn to a skull when dead
Fixed an issue causing group tags to not correctly show over the head when on smaller resolutions

Death Menu
Added buttons for both north and south safe settlement spawns

Added 3 civilian bunkers to the map
Fixed various fences you could not shoot through
Fixed some trees you could parachute and glitch into

Added additional checks when player spawns to prevent invalid characters being spawned
Improved player hitbox so it's not as bulky

Recoil System
Completely re-worked recoil system which is not FPS dependant
Recoil system now supports patterns for every gun (unique patterns will be implemented in the coming patches)

Combat / Weapons
Added bullet tracers (Still experimental, expect issues)
You can now cancel a reload animation by changing weapons and quick-medding
Fixed an issue causing weapon to reload into 1 bullet when moving items in inventory during a reload

Spotted Kiwi Interactive
XERA: Survival - JOSHUA

Hello Survivors!

We are happy to announce our public development roadmap to the community.

There are some really exciting features that are planned for the game. Given the success of our early access launch we’ve also added some new features that were not originally planned for our 1.0 release.

You can visit our public roadmap here: https://trello.com/b/yGBsrAZF/xera-survival-public-roadmap

Keep in mind that the dates are estimates and could potentially change. Also keep in mind that features may be added, removed and changed as development continues.

We’re constantly reading your suggestions and feedback so keep it coming! This roadmap will likely see even more additions as feedback from the community is received.

Let us know what you think! What features are you most excited about? What features would you like sooner?


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