Feb 15
The Mimic - Silhouette Wolf

Hello all!

We hope you're all having a great start to 2018! Update 1.2.0 brings a gameplay tweak a few people have been asking for as well as other changes and tweaks, find the full list below.

Major Changes and Additions:
  • Improved the Jump to have more weight.
  • Added 25 achievements.
  • Completely revamped the time trial mode. Added 24 new time trails, 21 based on single player levels and 3 brand new unique levels.
  • Added Steam leaderboard support for the time trial mode.

MinorChanges and Additions:
  • Improved the introduction cutscene on Emergence Level One.
  • Added credits to the main menu.
  • Changed some cutscene text.
  • Added version number to the main menu.
  • Added confirm dialogues for 'exit' and 'back to main menu' buttons.
  • Added a walk animation for the Mimic when it moves at slower speeds.
  • Added a new run animation for the Mimic.
  • Added new emotes for the Engineer and Mimic.
  • Added new idle emotes that play if you are idle for a certain amount of time.
  • Added a new attack animation for the Mimic.
  • Added a new jump animation for the Player.
  • Added a controls menu to the level editor which displays the hotkeys.

  • Fixed an issue that caused some lifts to show as red when 2 characters were on them even if one of the characters could activate it.
  • Fixed a potential infinite loop on the level editor that involved the characters spawning inside a deathblock. Now you can't test the level if you are in or above a deathblock.
  • Added background fog in some levels where it was missing.

The Devs.
Nov 29, 2017
The Mimic - Silhouette Wolf
Hi All!

We have another update for you today. r1.1.1 includes many fixes and improvements. See the full list below of all changes:

  • Made several Graphical and Lighting Improvements on:
    -Emergence Level One.
    -For Your Safety Level Two.
    -For Your Safety Level Three.
    -For Your Safety Level Five.
    -Innovation Level One.
    -Innovation Level Three.
    -Improved the background on all levels. Added fog and base assets.

  • Updated the level editor to display more information when exporting and uploading to the workshop so the user has much more feedback.

  • Changed the emote keys.

  • Added loading screens when using the chapter select menu.

  • Fixed an issue with the tutorial UI causing it to flicker between controller and keyboard tutorials when using a controller.

  • Added a lock pad icon to better tell the user when the camera has been locked in place. Controls menu has also been updated to show the inputs for locking the camera.

  • Fixed issues with music triggers not resetting when leaving a level without completing it.

  • Further improved Overload level 1. Now the Mimic can't teleport off the train until it has started moving preventing death as you embark the train. Improved the lift camera at the end of the level.

  • Fixed a potential scenario where the user could lock themselves in preventing the level being completed on Daedalus level 6.

  • Lowered the volume of the ambient reactor noise.

  • Improved the 'metallic-ness' of some assets

  • Added a soft and hard shadow setting to the options menus.

  • Added the ability to change the game from windowed to fullscreen from then options menus.

  • Fixed an issue on Ascension Level Two that was causing the pause menu keyboard and controller submit actions to not work.

The Devs.
Nov 22, 2017
The Mimic - Silhouette Wolf
Hello all!

The first patch for The Mimic is here and it brings some minor fixes. Find the patch notes below.

-Fixed a potential way you can lock the Mimic in the vents, on Emergence Level One, preventing the level from being completed.

-Improved Overload Level One. The 'embarking' area has been redesigned to be smoother and the train speed has been reduced. This should give the user more thinking time.

-Improved the story terminal pickup on Overload Level One.

The Devs.
The Mimic - Silhouette Wolf
Check out the release trailer:
More about The Mimic:

Key Features
  • Solve tough and challenging puzzles as you avoid the ultimate predator.
    -Escape is your only route to survival.

  • Unique Mechanic
    -If your Mimic dies, so do you. This introduces a whole new way of navigating levels, keeping track of both characters requires a lot of skill.

  • Story driven single player campaign.
    -Discover what happened to the dead crew through their logs and documents.
    -Learn about the crews' mission, the base you inhabit and the world you colonized.

  • Local two player coop.

  • Time Trial mode to test your puzzle solving skills.

  • Over 65 levels

  • Full Xbox and Steam Controller Support

  • Workshop Support (beta tools).
The Mimic - Silhouette Wolf
Hello all!

With just three days to go until launch, we have a special announcement for you! Check out the video below:
We're excited to announce that The Mimic will have Workshop integration! The Mimic will feature an in-game level editor, you'll have the ability to:

  • Create your own levels using the in-game level editor tools.
  • Upload your creations to the Workshop.
  • Discover and download user made levels to play and enjoy.

Upon release the tools will be in beta and will be updated and improved after release.

The Devs.
The Mimic - Silhouette Wolf

Hello all!

As promised in our previous development update we're here with the release date announcement.

The Mimic will be out on the 17th November 2017 and It will be available for £10.99 ($14.99).

We have one more major announcement to come early next week so until then, have a great weekend!

The Devs.

Oct 30, 2017
The Mimic - Silhouette Wolf

Welcome to The Mimics community hub!

For our first post, on Steam, we wanted to update everyone on how development is progressing and what you can expect over the next few weeks.

The Mimic is almost release ready, the game is currently undergoing heavy testing and final design passes. Release is scheduled for November, we plan to announce a firm date soon. When we do, we'll also confirm pricing.

Over the next few weeks you can expect two major announcements. One is the release date and the other is the announcement of a feature for The Mimic that hasn't yet been discussed publicly. More information about this will be coming, you can watch our Steam announcement section or any of our social media pages for the post to drop.


A note concerning Mac and Linux versions:
For those interested, The Mimic will have both Mac and Linux versions available on Steam. However, these will be coming a short time after the Windows release. Our initial post-release attention will be on producing, testing and releasing Mac and Linux versions.

Thanks for reading, keep an eye out for the next announcement.

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