Ambre - a heartbreaking kinetic novel - Träumendes Mädchen
We’re currently doing a crowdfunding campaign for Chronotopia: Second Skin, our very first commercial project. If you liked the atmosphere of Ambre and its heartbreaking side, you might enjoy Chronotopia’s story as well~

Princess Kionna lives a peaceful existence in her castle, enjoying her days with her best friend and confidant, Nahima. That is until her father, gone mad since the death of his beloved, decides he should wed her instead. Kionna has to find a way to escape from this fate, but how? She doesn't know it yet, but it's the beginning of a long nightmare that will take her to the edge of madness...

Chronotopia: Second Skin is a dark rewriting of the fairytale Donkeyskin inspired by a wide range of influences including anime like Haibane Renmei and Madoka Magica and games like Steins;Gate and Child of Light. The story is a unique and more mature take on a forgotten fairytale that includes many twists and choices that affect the ending: the princess can either escape with her servant, become a fairy, or die a horrible death. Multiple times. It's up to you to save...or doom her.

There’s a demo available so give it a go and consider pledging to the Kickstarter if you’d like the project to come true!
Ambre - a heartbreaking kinetic novel - Träumendes Mädchen
If you enjoyed Ambre, maybe you’ll be interested in playing our new Steam release: Garden of Oblivion.

One day Reven awakens in a strange but beautiful place where the young teenager is treated like a very special guest. There are talking animals, each being rather kind and friendly. Unless the door is mentioned. The one in the back of the garden. But what could be behind that mysterious door? And why Reven isn’t allowed to go out? You shouldn’t try to know the truth…

Garden of Oblivion is a visual novel/point & click hybrid with horror elements that was originally made in one weekend for the 30th edition of the Ludum Dare’s gamejam. Since it was our first time entering, we mainly wanted to experiment new things. As such, it’s not as story heavy and a little more gameplay oriented than most of our previous projects (puzzles, yay) but it's still free. It’s very different from Ambre but if you like deceitfully cute games that turn out rather dark and twisted, that should ring a bell~

Ambre - a heartbreaking kinetic novel - Träumendes Mädchen
After several months of work, we've just released a 30 pages bonus booklet for the modest sum of 2,99$..

Here's what this PDF consists of:
  • tons of comments from the writer explaining how the story came to life and what the original intent was,
  • sketches and illustrations from the game,
  • as well as some exclusive insight into a possible sequel!

If you liked the game, don't hesitate to take a look! I think all of your questions will find an answer thanks to it~
Ambre - a heartbreaking kinetic novel - Träumendes Mädchen
Some of you inquired if Ambre would ever be playable in German: from now on, it will be. The new version includes more minor corrections on the English script and a brand new German translation. Many thanks to Marcel Weyers for his help!

As for Ambre’s bonus booklet, we’ve finished writing and translating it a few days ago so it should be ready in next to no time.
Ambre - a heartbreaking kinetic novel - Träumendes Mädchen
I was going to mention it at some point but since some people asked about it in their reviews: yes, we do sell official merch of Ambre!

The full pack includes a pin-back button, a bookmark, a A3 poster of the main illustration (and one from another game), as well as a hard copy. Of course, each of those products can also be purchased separately so, if you’re interested, check out our Storenvy store for more information!

Original vs Steam Edition

It should be noted that this hard copy contains the original version of Ambre, not the Steam Edition, so it doesn’t look quite the same (as many improvements were added later on) and the only available languages are French and English. It’s also a compilation so there are two short stories on the same disc and those will likely never be published on Steam.

Now you know everything. Next update should be about, either an additional translation, the bonus booklet or both!

Ambre - a heartbreaking kinetic novel - Träumendes Mädchen
Thanks to all of you for your reception of Ambre!

We’ve uploaded a new version of the game which includes minor corrections on the English and Japanese scripts, as well as an Italian translation (courtesy of Elle).

Given your feedbacks, we’ve decided to add some DLC. The first one, the soundtrack, should come out for free in a couple of hours. The second one will be an illustrated booklet with explanations of the story (how we got the idea, what it means, etc). I hope you will like it!

P.S: It should be noted that we are no longer hiding the CG from before in screenshots as we consider the game has been available for long enough.
Ambre - a heartbreaking kinetic novel - Träumendes Mädchen
If you want to post the second illustration of the park as a screenshot, please tag it as a spoiler beforehand! Since the whole story is based on a twist, showing this specific image ruins the experience to people who haven't finished the story yet. If you don't respect this request, the team will have to remove your screenshot.

This is also valid for discussions in general: We ask that you try not to spoil the twist directly in the title of your message and tag as spoilers the parts of your message that are.

We still love to see you talking about the game and sharing images so, by all means, keep doing so! We'd simply like everyone to enjoy the story equally.

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