Jun 27, 2017
Gus Track Adventures VR - vitor
Today, we are proud to announce that our game has been fully released to the public! And with it a whole new trailer aswell!
To commemorate we are holding a 70% discount on the Steam Summer Sales!

We added a whole new arena to the game, which you can find the gameplay of, here:


Thank you everyone!
Apr 28, 2017
Gus Track Adventures VR - vitor

Another email just came through from Rusty, looks like he's got something more up his sleeve.

A shotgun, wonder how it shoots... aww... he didnt send anything like a video or anything, looks like i will need to ask him and make another post when i know something!

The image he sent me:
Apr 21, 2017
Gus Track Adventures VR - vitor
Wow! Got some fresh news for you guys!

Rusty just sent me an email telling me what the new weapon is going to be, he told me to be quiet about it because it is content that is going to be released on the next update but I am so excited that I need to share this with you guys.

He sent me this image and this gif. Looks like it is a submachine weapon and you can wield two of them! Cool!

Gus Track Adventures VR - vitor
Today we present to you an early concept of Rusty, a handyman rat that will help Gus in his future adventures.

Something tells me that he is the one making new guns for Gus. Or is he? We will have to find out.

We will be releasing new information as time goes on.

Stay tuned!


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