Pandemic: The Board Game - nate_asmodee
A Pandemic is spreading on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, but this time it’s not an emergency!

With the release of Pandemic on these new platforms we have implemented an array of new features that you’ve been requesting for an all-new game experience! We’ve modified the entire interface in order to give you the best experience possible on your mission to save humanity.

This all-new Pandemic version is not yet available on Steam, Android and iOS, but rest assured that we will update all of these in the near future. We will keep you updated on this topic soon, so stay tuned!

You can have a preview of what is coming to your PC now with the new Launch Trailer:

Now with 5 difficulty levels, you can play on your own terms! When playing with a specific specialist, their ability will be shown on the screen to help you identify more clearly what the best move would be for your team… and to overcome epidemics of course. You will also enjoy the new menu: clearer, simpler and more intuitive. There is way more to discover on this new Pandemic experience!

The cooperation between players is a key feature of the boardgame and you have made it clear that a multi-player mode is necessary on the digital version. As multiplayer is not available on this new version of Pandemic for the moment, we are still investigating how we could implement it in the future.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on this new version of the game, specialist!

In case you missed it, see as your team of specialists come to life in this exclusive live-action trailer.

Ticket to Ride - (Matt Cox)

Sometimes, when a board game loves a personal computer very much, they create something new. Fanatical have got seven digified board games on sale, and there are some gooduns tucked between those I’m not familiar with. Small World 2 and Splendor are my highlights, though there’s also the likes of Pandemic, Carcassonne, Mysterium and Ticket To Ride.

Digital board games tend to be a poor substitute for playing against real world fleshsacks. But sometimes there are no fleshsacks within reach.


Pandemic: The Board Game - EricB@DoW
Dear all,

As wumohan reported, there was a bug that affected the Korean and Simplified Chinese versions of the game. We just released a minor update to tackle this issue. We tested it as much as possible considering we don't speak neither Chinese nor Korean. So, specially if you do speak Korean or Chinese, your feedback is welcome

Of course, we know that it's not what most of you guys have been waiting for. We do read your message. And, well ... I can't tell you much, but believe me, we are working for you. ;)

Thank you for all your feedback, and thank you for your patience.
Eric B.

Just in case we missed something that prevents you from playing you can revert to the previous version with a few simple steps:
In the games library, right click Pandemic and open the Properties
Go to the tab Beta
In the dropdown menu, choose "comeback - Previous version"

Note: you can change back to the Default branch to get the regular version.

Pandemic: The Board Game

Consult your local dispatcher for destinations, one of the world’s most popular cooperative board games has broken out on Steam. As myriad vicious diseases rapidly sicken the world’s population, it’s up to an elite team of disease fighters to slow the spread of the infections, gather samples, and ultimately cure—or eradicate—the plagues. Pandemic is an intensely tactical game with a range of difficulties from ‘kinda hard’ to ‘brutally miserable.’ In the decade since its release the tabletop game has racked up a list of awards longer than my arm and numerous expansions. It takes a place of honor on my best co-op board games list. 

As most of the Steam reviews are quick to point out, the digital version of the game does not have online multiplayer or co-op right now. Being a port of the mobile version, it’s local-only, so looks like it’s best for couch co-op or pass and play on a gaming tablet.

You can check out Pandemic on Steam right here. 


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