Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Thor

Dear PDO2 Players,

Due to the low competition in North America, South America, Asia servers we had to shut down them. We are really sorry for this situation happened. We have only one server which is called “World Server”. All players will able to play in EU servers.

You can continue to play PDO2 in “Global World – Guanyin” servers. You need to create a character there. All points and DLC packs which you purchased will transfer there. We also have very special gifts for you. So you can continue to play there, be strong and fight with all players all over the world!

Note: After you create a character in World Server you need to contact us on our support system. We will send those items manually to your new character. DLCs and points will be activated automatically so you don’t need to do any action on it.

We are working on a new patch. The level cap will increase, we will have new events for different time zones.

If we had another choice for other regions we would do but the only way is to create competition in one server.

Amazing Gifts
  • 1 x Second Spring Pack
  • 2 x Bag Enlargement
  • 50 x Experience Boost Package IV
  • 20 x Archaic Honour Blessing
  • 1 x Superior Exp Pill 50.000.000
  • 1 x Superior Exp Pill 100.000.000
  • 36 x Lv. 13 Upgrading Stone
  • 48 x Lev. 13 Enchantment Crystal
  • 20 x Lev. 14 Enchantment Crystal
  • 1 x Upgrading Stone Huge Gift Pack
  • 10 x Demon Heart
  • 10 x Angel Heart
  • 99 x Demon Feather
  • 99 x Angel Feather
  • 99 x Wing Essence
  • 20 x Seal Stone Package ( Purple Seal Stone 1-55 ) 120
  • 20 x Seal Stone Package ( Yellow Seal Stone 1-55 ) 120

Sep 1, 2018
Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Caramio

Tiangou, the messenger of the Apocalypse, has descended to Earth to devour the last standing sun that has supported life on this planet to this day. In the meantime, the soldiers of DarkAzure are attacking the caravans of DawnAzure to loot the last remaining treasures that humans have latched on to. The evil forces of DarkAzure now have only one last step to go before they take possession of the sacred knowledge that will enable them to rule the world forever.

Now the time has come to join the army of the strongest warriors in the Dynasty Battlefield and protect the holy scripts by destroying the Wolf Masters under the command of Tiangou! Will you manage to help stop the impending doom and honor your mighty ancestors, Azurian?

Patch Notes

Lost Relic Event
You must reclaim the treasures looted by the soldiers of DarkAzure! As they keep control of the sacred knowledge, the world is approaching its demise and Azurians must stop this downfall right away!

Event Details:

God of Wealth
Caishen now grants you Level 50 Yellow and Purple items to get you prepared against the threats of DarkAzure.

Treasure Hunt
You can find Upgrading Stones of level 10-11-12 and 13 in the chests you will open in the Treasure Hunt event.

New Suits
Dress Storekeeper Ming and Tailor Xuan present their brand new suit set in the market: Dragon Slayer!

Boost Your Gear
Now you have access to Level 12 Enchantment Stones and Level 1-55 Yellow-Purple Seal Stones in the market. You don’t want to go wasted so easily amidst the latest string of attacks by DarkAzure.

Join the battle now to honor your forefathers and the DawnAzure!

Servers will be shut down from 12pm-03pm(UTC+3) before the update release.
Aug 20, 2018
Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Caramio

From 21-24 August, you will be receiving various gifts that are more precious than the last on each day you will log in PDO2!
The starting times of the day have been set according to each server’s time zone. This event is going live on August 21 at 0:00. Check out below the time zone of each server.

Turkey (Nugua): GMT +3
South America (Teng): GMT – 7
North America (Nezha): GMT – 3
Asia (Pangu): GMT +8
Europe (Guanyin): GMT +2

Day 1 Rewards;
- 25 Level 1-55 Purple Seal Stones
- 1000 Bound Gold
- A Seven Day Class-Special Suit

Day 2 Rewards;
- 3 Level 11 Upgrading Stones
- 1100 Bound Gold

Day 3 Rewards;
- 3 Level 12 Upgrading Stones
- 3 Level 50 Purple Gear Box
- 1200 Bound Gold

Day 4 Rewards;
- 3 Level 13 Upgrading Stones
- 1500 Bound Gold
- 2 [LIMBO] Exclusive Fortune Wheel

Note: Your daily login rewards will be sent to the server you have logged in on the same day.
Aug 17, 2018
Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Caramio

This week’s routine server maintenance takes place tomorrow (Saturday, August 18).

North America: 2 am GMT – 7
South America: 6 am GMT – 3
Asia: 5 pm GMT +8
EU: 11 am GMT +2

Thank you for your understanding. Maintenance will take about 2 hours.
Aug 1, 2018
Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Death Proof

We are delighted to present the Caishen Update, aka Level 59 Patch!

You got through countless battles and gained hundreds of victories for the sake of protecting the Nine Realms against Darklings created by the vicious Darkazure. You never dreaded any challenge and trouble, and fight all the evil creatures along the way to the last drop of your blood! It is time for a change in Azuria now. Caishen, the God of Prosperity and Victory, is descending to Earth to honor all the mighty Azurians! Let’s have a look at what the Mighty God Caishen is bringing to the sacred land of Azuria.

Dynasty Battlefield

Countdown to the most revolutionary novelty in the world of Phoenix Dynasty 2! The Dynasty Battlefield will offer you a unique experience with its rules and outstanding rewards. Enter the map once a week with your dynasty and spread fear among your enemies by putting up the flags on the target locations. What's more, you can defeat the Wolf King along with the soldiers under his command and loot the most desired treasures ever found in Jiangdu! It’s time to make yourself known on the whole server, Azurian!

Sword Mountain and Rain Valley

Here are the new maps! While you are fighting for justice on Sword Mountain and Rain Valley, you will get to learn a great deal about the story of the commonfolk as well. There’s no doubt that you will get through all the battles on these maps and leave your mark in the history of Azuria once again!

Creature Raid

Here you have a brand new opportunity to demonstrate your inherited figting spirit! Let’s check out this rewarding event specially designed for players at level 50-59.
You receive admission to the event from the Mysterious Man in Jiangdu. Once you enter the map, slash the large sword standing in the middle to initiate the fight. Several waves of vile creatures will start attacking you. But you will keep your calm, focus on your skills, and kill all of them in the spot to win a lot of EXP, Enchantment Stones, and gear in return!

Monster Invasion

The city of Jiangdu needs a saviour! Will you manage to prevent the monsters on Pangu Island from invading Jiangdu? If you fail, the whole city will be in deep trouble.
Visit the Island Watchman in Jiangdu to join the Monster Invasion, where you will earn plenty of loots and EXP. Check out the link for details:

5 Elements

Controlled by Bai Xiao Sheng, this dungeon hosts treacherous bosses awaiting to get you inside. You need the company of your fellow Azurians to gain victory in this manacing area. It won’t be that easy, though. Check out the link to learn more about 5 Elements, the most interesting dungeon in Jiangdu and the challenges in it:

Demon Tower

We know how badly you want to explore the higher floors of the Demon Tower as you get more powerful. With the Caishen patch, you will get to set foot on the fifth, the sixth, and the seventh floors as you reach the required levels. There’s still a great deal for you to learn about this rewarding tower, though. So check out to link to discover more:

Mirror Tower

Teleportation through portals is such an appeal! The portals appearing on the third, the fifth, and the seventh floors of the Demon Tower will take you to the Mirror Tower where you will go up higher and higher with the help of Caishen!

Forsaken Cemetery

This is the long-awaited level 53 dungen! You have to visit the NPC Bounty Hunter and enter this dungeon to destroy the sleeping monster Great Yu and his loyal generals before they wake up and burn down the whole Jiangdu! This mission offers you very valuable rewards. Your favors will never be unreturned in Jiangdu!

Land of Nightmares

The monsters and bosses in this dungeon are much more dangerous than those in the daily dungeons. Be careful, Azurian! But also remember that stronger bosses mean more valuable rewards in return! So it’s time to get up the nerve to enter the Land of Nightmares after you reach Level 55. An unforgetable experience is awaiting you in the depths of this pitch-black area!

Next Level Pets

It goes without saying that we all admire our sweet little companions. We are happy to introduce three new pets for all Azurians to befriend and win all the battles together!

Purgatory Cave

Purgatory CaveAfter being a witness for centuries to the fierce battle between the two worlds, the gates of the Purgatory Cave, guarded by merciless generals and monsters, are open yet again! The gallant warriors of Azuria should speak to the Purgatory Warden to join this challenge! Click for details.

Mount Improvement

Brave warriors need brave companions like themselves! Now you can upgrade and strengthen your mounts who will never abondon until the end! There is no need to think twice before diving into the hardest challanges anymore! Click for details.

Wing Improvement

With your ravishing wings, not only you will spread fear among your enemy, but you can also grow even more powerful as a warrior! Caishen update is coming with more wings for your taste! Click for more information.

Raising the Limits!

Upgrading Stones are vital elements for your improvement, and now their upgrade level cap is increased from 10 to 16.
Damage and defense boosting Enchantment Stones are also on the rise. You will get to upgrade your Enchantment Stones up to level 16 with the new update!
You will also be able to use the second Star Soul panel ‘’Kang’’. Such a way to celebrate this wonderful patch!
And finally, the upgrade level cap of another significant power-boosting item War Epigraph is going up to 13! The evil has got to dread you for real now!

Change Your Nickname

Azurians will get to change their character names after the Caishen update! You may want to visit our Steam Store after the new patch.

Join the adventure with us and explore the new features right away!
Caishen Update is going live in the whole world on August 10!

Jul 14, 2018
Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Scotus

Hello fellow Azurians!

We feel like dynamite with the new patch! Hold on tight and check out what’s awaiting you in PDO2 Captive Gods Update!

PvP Map: Welcome to Hell!

Hail to the new PvP map named Infernal Arena and the time-honored battle between Tian and Sun! Choose your side and fight the enemies each of whom is tougher than the last!

Feel the power of the potion again!

We have raised the drop rate of the crafting materials to make it easier and more fun for all Azurians to benefit from this Holy Potion Crafting system. Enjoy it 😉

Gallant Warriors Gather in the Level 48 Dungeon!

Here comes the long-awaited level 48 dungeon: Captive Gods! This is the dungeon where you will get to loot level 50 gear and gems for the first time and take them to sweethome Jiangdu with you 😉

The Moon is fancier than the Sun!

The demonic MOBs named the ‘’Mashimaros’’ are beckoning you in the Phoenix Dynasty 2 universe while the dazzling Moon is lightening up your path. For each Mashimaro you kill along the way, you will loot crescent rolls spiced up with precious rewards and brightening the beautiful night sky with glimpses of hope.
Get ready to join this rewarding event taking place from July 21 - 24.

The God of Wealth is even more generous now!

You have got to see the new items offered by the God of Wealth! Now that he is ready to give away all he has, it is high time you leaped forward to get them now!

Online Rewards

We hear that you need more power to fight the Dark Matter. Worry no more, Azurians! PDO2 online rewards will be much more effective and beneficial with the Captive Gods Update!

New Items in the Market!

We know how curious you are about the incoming items in the PDO2 Market. You will finally get to check them out with the new update!
Don’t you miss out on this new patch with plenty of new features and events! Come on in and continue on your path to wipe out the evil! The due date of this patch is 20th of July!
Jul 12, 2018
Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Scotus

Greetings Azurians,

Our weekly routine maintenance, which is normally scheduled on Fridays, has been delayed for one day this week, and will take place on Saturday, July 14. Maintenance hours on each server are given below.

SA: 03:00 AM São Paulo
NA: 11:00 PM San Francisco
EU: 08:00 AM Amsterdam
AS: 01:00 PM Bangkok

Thank you for your support and understanding. Keep enjoying PDO2!
Jul 5, 2018
Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Death Proof

Hello fellow Azurians! We know how excited you get about login rewards. So here is another one for you: Starting tomorrow on July 6, this login reward will continue until July 8 offering the prizes below:

1st Day Prize: 200 HP + 200 MP Pot V, 1 Strength and 1 Intelligence Potion
2nd Day Prize: 10K Honor Points, 150 Bound Gold
3rd Day Prize: Level 40 Purple Gear Box, 3 Level 8 Upgrading Stones

Remember that you must login each day from 6-8 July, which means you will not receive the prizes by keeping your character online continously for three days.

Note: Event starting and ending times have been set to local time of 12 am on each server.
Jul 3, 2018
Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Death Proof

We know you all want to get to know more about our VIP Platinum before getting the package. Therefore we didn’t turn a deaf ear to your requests and now here comes the big surprise: We are giving away a 56-72 hour VIP Platinum to all Azurians! What's more, all players taking their first step into the world of PDO2 will get to exploit the advantages of VIP Platinum for 56 to 72 hours from now on. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Join us now!
Jul 2, 2018
Phoenix Dynasty 2 - Death Proof

Hello Azurians!
In Phoenix Dynasty 2, in-game PP purchase is made through Steam only. Please do not make any PP purchase from any third-party website and ignore any link that is sent to you to carry out such transactions.

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