PC Building Simulator - Frandroid
Hello PC Builders,

Some very annoying issues popped up in the previous update, so this update today is to squash a bunch of them. This is what is fixed in this patch:

  • Fixed RGB lighting options being disabled in various cases.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the UI to break when trying to purchase extra workbenches.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the piping UI to break after using the remove bend option.
  • Fixed an issue that blocked you from disconnecting the cable on the Raijintek Ereboss CPU Cooler.
  • Fixed an issue that would block installing a reservoir in the NZXT H700i when using the AORUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XTREME WATERFORCE WB 11G GPU.
  • Added the missing front 140mm fan slot in the be quiet! Dark Base 700 case.

Happy Building,

The PC Building Simulator Team
PC Building Simulator - WiZZyWiGG

Hello PC Builders,

This update for PC Building Simulator brings with it a brand new partner in the shape of the much requested be quiet!

Included in this version are a wide range of their excellent cases and cooling solutions which further expand the range of parts available in the game for you to build with.

In addition to these new parts (and others) we have also been squashing further bugs that have been reported over the last few weeks.

Build v1.1 Highlights

New Parts

be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 (Case)

be quiet! Silent Base 801 (Case)

be quiet! Dark Base 700 (Case)

be quiet! Silent Base 600 (Case)

be quiet! Shadow Rock 2 (CPU Cooler)

be quiet! Pure Rock (CPU Cooler)

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 (CPU Cooler)


Gigabyte AORUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XTREME 11G (GPU)


Full Patch Notes:
(Career unlock level is in brackets after a parts/features name, all parts available in Free Build right away)
  • New Cases: be quiet! Silent Base 600 (11), be quiet! Pure Base 600 (15), be quiet! Silent Base 601 (22), be quiet! Silent Base 801 (24), be quiet! Dark Base 700 (25), be quiet! Dark Base 900 (25) and be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 (26).
  • New GPUs: EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 FTW3 ULTRA GAMING (23), EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 FTW3 ULTRA GAMING (25), EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 ULTRA GAMING (27), Gigabyte AORUS GeForce RTX 2070 XTREME 8G (23), Gigabyte AORUS GeForce RTX 2080 XTREME 8G (25) and Gigabyte AORUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XTREME 11G (27).
  • New Water Cooled GPU: Gigabyte AORUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XTREME WATERFORCE WB 11G (27).
  • New Case Fans: be quiet! Pure Wings 2 120/140mm (27), be quiet! Shadow Wings 2 120/140mm (27) and be quiet! Silent Wings 3 120/140mm (27).
  • New CPU Coolers (Air): be quiet! Shadow Rock 2 (23), be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim (23), be quiet! Shadow Rock TF 2 (23), be quiet! Shadow Rock LP (23), be quiet! Pure Rock (27), be quiet! Pure Rock Slim (27), be quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4 (28), be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 (28), be quiet! Dark Rock TF (28) and be quiet! Dark Rock 4 (28).
  • New CPU Coolers (AIO): be quiet! Silent Loop 120mm (30), be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm (30), be quiet! Silent Loop 280mm (30), be quiet! Silent Loop 360mm (30).
  • Adjusted Hard Mode budgets and rewards to help make certain jobs actually possible now.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the end payment for the spammer job line to not be paid.
  • Increased the available budget in the Dynabeard job line.
  • Improved detection for ‘Back in black’ achievement that stopped some players from unlocking it.
  • Updated the Raijintek ZOFOS EVO case so that SSD drives can be installed.
  • Fixed an issue in the Cooler Master COSMOS C700P that meant you couldn’t replace the rear panel is using an NZXT Kraken X72.
  • Fixed an issue that would block reservoir installation in the NZXT H500 case.
  • Fixed the sell prices for all water cooled GPUs.
  • Fixed the case power cable not highlighting in the MasterCase Maker 5 MSI Dragon Edition case.
  • Fixed the side panel not installing on the Antec P6 if Burst SSDs were installed behind the motherboard.
  • Fixed the issue blocking vertical GPU installation in the Fractal Design Define R6 case.
  • Fixed various Will it Run app game specifications being incorrect.
  • Removed the model artefacts seen in the NZXT S340 Elite case when removing the cable management bar.
  • Improved the rear case fan cable route in the Cooler Master MasterBox 5 case so that it no longer goes through the GPU.
  • Improved component collision detection to help reduce PC’s being created that have parts blocking each other.
    • If you get a PC for a job that has parts you can’t remove due to them blocking each other please send the save game with the job active to us at support@theirregularcorp.com so that we can see the cause.
  • Updated main menu PC with be quiet! Parts.
  • Added be quiet! logo to the splash screen.

What’s Next?

Work is now underway to add a feature that we get requested a lot, the ability to swap the mouse, keyboards and monitors used on the workbenches. Our original workshop environment was never designed to handle such a feature so as part of this implementation we are having to rebuild this environment which has added to the work quite a bit but it should be worth it to allow further workbench customization via swapping peripherals.

While this work is ongoing we are continuing to work to bring further new partners to the game in the future to further expand the range of parts available.

Happy Building,

The PC Building Simulator Team
PC Building Simulator - Frandroid
Hello PC Builders,

There’s been a couple of small patches over the last week to fix a few of the more common issues you all have reported to us.

This is what we have been fixing:
  • Fixed an issue that caused some save games from failing to load when advancing to the next day.
  • Fixed an issue with non-modular PSU cables being counted towards cable objectives in jobs (this meant the objective would fail even though the player couldn't actually swap the cables).
  • Fixed an issue with the top fan slots on the GamerStorm New ARK 90 where EKWB case fans would block each other incorrectly.
  • Fixed the missing power button cable in the GamerStorm New ARK 90 case.
  • Fixed an issue in the Fractal Design Meshify C where the reservoir would block the GPU even though it was nowhere near it.
  • Made some improvements to try and stop PC’s being generated that have parts blocking each other.
    If you have a PC that currently has this issue, the job will need to be discarded as the fix will only work for newly generated PC’s after the update.

Thanks for all the save games and images everyone provided for the issues found - they really did help us get to the bottom of them much faster!


The PC Building Simulator Team
PC Building Simulator - Frandroid
Hello PC Builders,

A very busy launch has highlighted various issues we wanted to fix as soon as we could so here is a small hotfix build that fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed the maximum PSU length of the Thermaltake View 91 case.
  • Fixed an issue with some top case fan and radiator slots being blocked by the dust filter on the Thermaltake View 91 case.
  • Fixed being able to add/remove front case fan brackets while the fans are still in place on the Thermaltake View 91 case.
  • Fixed the maximum GPU length allowed in the Thermaltake Core P5 cases.
  • Fixed the wrong PCI slot screws being used when installing a GPU in the Thermaltake Core P5 case.
  • Fixed 4 slot NVIDIA SLI bridges not appearing where they should.
  • Fixed the Overclocked Edition cases appearing in the shop if you don’t own the DLC.
  • Fixed an issue with the Raijintek Ereboss blocking RAM meaning neither can be removed.
  • The generic SLI bridge will no longer appear on RTX GPUs when in a 2 slot configuration. NVIDIA NVlink bridges only support 3 & 4 slots configurations to no NVLink bridge will appear when two RTX cards are right next to each other.

We will continue to monitor any issues being reported and fixing them where we can in future patches.


The PC Building Simulator Team
PC Building Simulator - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alice O'Connor)

The thrills and chills–but not the bloodspills–of building a PC are now simulated in PC Building Simulator, a pleasingly self-descriptive name if I’ve ever heard one. Following a free prototype then a stretch in early access, PC Building Sim launched in full yesterday. If you’re curious about rummaging in a PC’s guts, this is a good way in. In sandbox and career modes, pick components (including many licensed from big names in hardware), slap ’em in, wire it up, add garish lights, boot it up, and even run 3DMark to test your honking rig’s muscle. It’s pretty neat.


PC Building Simulator - WiZZyWiGG
Hello PC Builders,

V.1.0 launch day has finally arrived! This momentous day brings with it 3 brand new partners to the PC Building Simulator family.

GPUs from NVIDIA need little introduction, but we are incredibly pleased to be able to include the Founders Edition GPUs of the GeForce GTX 10 series. This includes the GeForce GTX 1060, GTX 1070, GTX 1070 Ti, GTX 1080 and GTX 1080 Ti.
In addition to these it also includes our first RTX GPUs in the form of the Founders Edition GeForce RTX 2070, RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti!

Thermaltake have been a much requested addition to the game for a while so we are very pleased to be including them in this release with a selection of some of their most popular parts such as the stunning View 37 and View 91 cases along with superb cooling solutions like the Riing Plus RGB LED case fans.

Deepcool and their GamerStorm brand are exciting new additions to the game bringing with them some unique case designs we haven’t been able to include until now. The striking Quadstellar and Tristellar SW case designs are a must for any high specification build! Alongside these they also bring with them their expertise in cooling, with a range of CPU coolers and case fans, including the open-frame MF120.

It isn’t just new parts in this release though, the whole team has been working hard to fix up as many bugs as possible and polishing up areas that needed further love before we shed our early access banner.


Build v1.0 Highlights

Overclocked Edition
To celebrate the exit of Early Access we commissioned the super talented Brock Hofer (creator of the Hyper Beast designs) to create 2 exclusive pieces of new case artwork for the NZXT H500 and H700, these two new case designs plus the complete original soundtrack make up the Overclocked Edition version of PC Building Simulator.


New Parts

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition (GPU)

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition (GPU)

Thermaltake View 37 RGB (Case)

Thermaltake Core P5 (Case)

Thermaltake Toughpower iRGB PLUS 1200W (PSU)

GamerStorm Quadstellar Electro Limited Edition (Case)

GamerStorm TRISTELLAR SW (Case)

Deepcool MATREXX 55 (Case)

GamerStorm MF120 (Case Fan)

NZXT N7 Z390 (Motherboard)

Gigabyte AORUS RGB Memory (RAM)

New Mode: Hard Mode
Unlocked once you reach level 10 in Career mode, this new mode accessed from the main menu removes many of the guides you regularly get to help you build.

Steam Achievements
These need little introduction but Steam Achievements are now live for players to collect and earn, there are 53 in total. Included in these are suggestions made by our community in a competition we ran last year.

New Music
We have completed work on the soundtrack for the game which means another 6 brand new original tracks are now included (one special track in particular), bringing the total track listing to 10. Remember, If you would like to own this soundtrack outside of the game you can now also purchase it via picking up the Overclocked Edition DLC.

New UI
Some applications have had a new coat of paint, there are new icons for the GPU Tuner, Bongle and Market app plus whole new looks for Bongle and Market apps.

Full Patch Notes:
(Career unlock level is in brackets after a parts/features name, all parts available in Free Build right away)
  • New Cases: DEEPCOOL MATREXX 55 (10), GAMERSTORM NEW ARK 90 (28), THERMALTAKE View 37 RGB (24), GAMERSTORM TRISTELLAR SW (30), GAMERSTORM Genome ROG Certified Edition (28), DEEPCOOL EARLKASE RGB WH (17), GAMERSTORM Quadstellar (30), THERMALTAKE View 91 RGB (30) and THERMALTAKE Core P5 (26).
    • Overclocked Edition Cases: NZXT H500 - Re-Animator (26) and NZXT H700 - Extinction Wars (27).
  • New GPUs: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Founders Edition (6), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Founders Edition (11), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Founders Edition (19), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition (13), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition (21), NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Founders Edition (23), NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Founders Edition (25) and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition (27).
  • New Motherboards: NZXT N7 Z390 (20), MSI B450 TOMAHAWK (19), GIGABYTE GA-B250M-Gaming 5 (4), GIGABYTE X299 DESIGNARE EX (29), GIGABYTE X299 AORUS Gaming 9 (28), EVGA X299 Micro (30), EVGA X299 FTW K (30) and MSI B450I GAMING PLUS AC (20).
  • New CPU Coolers: ARCTIC Alpine 12 CO (3), ARCTIC Alpine 12 LP (3), GAMERSTORM Fryzen (29), DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX C40 (22), DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 400 (22), DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX GT (22), THERMALTAKE Riing Silent 12 RGB Sync Edition (19), THERMALTAKE Engine 27 1U Low-Profile (8), GAMERSTORM Castle 240 RGB (24), GAMERSTORM Castle 280 RGB (24) and GAMERSTORM Captain 120 EX RGB / Captain 240 EX WHITE RGB / Captain 360 EX WHITE RGB (24).
  • New Case Fans: ARCTIC BioniX P120 / BioniX P140 (13), DEEPCOOL RF 120 / RF 140 (14), THERMALTAKE Pure Plus 12 LED RGB (28), THERMALTAKE Riing Plus 12 LED RGB / Riing Plus 14 LED RGB (28), GAMERSTORM MF120 (30) and MORTONI Heat Away 90 (1).
  • New PSUs: GAMERSTORM DQ650-M / DQ750-M / DQ850-M (24), THERMALTAKE Smart Pro RGB 850W (26), THERMALTAKE Toughpower iRGB PLUS 1200W (29), CORSAIR AX1600i (26), CORSAIR RM850x (13), CORSAIR RM750i (13), CORSAIR HX1000 (29) and GIGABYTE AORUS P750W / AORUS P850W (14).
  • Added 5 new Career story job chains.
  • Added assorted spam type emails.
  • Added Hard Mode, unlocked once you reach level 10.
  • Added Steam achievements.
  • Added 6 new music tracks and remastered existing tracks to final quality.
  • Replaced GPU Tuner, Bongle and Market icons with final versions.
  • Replaced art for Bongle and Market applications.
  • Replaced game controller button artwork.
  • Added game credits that roll once you own 100% of the business.
  • Added Korean language option.
  • Added language selection to options menu.
  • Added an option to Disable Razer Chroma support to options menu.
  • Completed support for vertical GPUs in cases that naturally support it.
  • This should fix most of the bugs you might of seen in the last release surrounding vertical GPU mounting on various cases.
  • Improved the detail of the AM4 socket on all supported motherboards.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the wrong type CPUs being installed in the wrong sockets.
  • Fixed an issue where you could accidentally destroy a build job post-it if you had more than one build job in progress.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes purchased items were vanishing from players inventories.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause advancing to the next day to fail.
  • Fixed various alignment issues with SLI bridges.
  • Fixed an issue where SLI PC’s could be generated with power supplies unable to support them correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where viruses would still be present even if you installed a new storage device.
  • Fixed the duplicated CPU bracket on the EVGA Z270 FTW K.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the first job reward to be collected multiple times.
  • Fixed not being able to connect the case power cable in the EVGA DG-84 and DG-85 cases.
  • Fixed GPU screws installing in the wrong place on the EVGA DG-7 series cases.
  • Fixed the lower case fans in the SilverStone RVZ03 being installed the wrong way around.
  • Fixed a space related issue that could stop some smaller AIO coolers being able to fit in the Raijintek Thetis when using dual GPUs.
  • Fixed an issue with the cable on the Arctic Freezer 33 being hard to select when trying to remove it.
  • Fixed an issue with AIO Coolers not installing in the rear location of the SilverStone RL07 case.
  • Fixed missing black border around the edge of the NZXT H400 glass panel.
  • Fixed custom water cooling connections appearing on AIO coolers.
  • Fixed an issue where HDDs would clip through the PSU shroud on the Antec DF500 case.
  • Fixed various issues where some parts would block others unnaturally, there is a new technique in place to handle blocking and while we have fixed lots of issues there is always a chance of more due to the wide array of possible configurations! We will continue to fix any that get reported.
  • Fixed some routing issues with Custom Loop piping.
  • Fixed the Auto-Screw tool from also installing stand-offs.
  • Fixed various formatting issues in 3DMark.
  • Fixed a whole load of cable clipping issues.
    • A quick note on these: Cables are a tricky business in PC Building Simulator due to the wide range of configurations of parts we now have, we are always looking to fix as many as possible but some smaller issues are currently unavoidable. We will continue to fix what ones we can.
  • Fixed various text overlap issues in various languages.

What’s Next?

If the last 10 months has taught us anything with PC Building Simulator it’s that big updates always come with new issues (even with all the testing we do!) so we will be keeping a close eye on any urgent issues and addressing them as soon as we can.

More interestingly though, we have another new partner in the works plus we are currently looking at a much requested feature - peripherals! We know lots of you really want to swap things like keyboards, mice and even monitors so we are looking to see if this is something we can add in a future update.

Thanks as always for all the support we have had during Early Access and we hope that continues as we enter the next chapter of the game!

Happy Building,

The PC Building Simulator Team

PC Building Simulator - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Dominic Tarason)

PC Building Simulator is set to leave early access this month after nearly a year of tuning and longer still as a free alpha. The Irregular Corporation’s sim does exactly what it says on the tin – it lets people experience the thrills of cracking open a fresh PC case, stuffing it with expensive electro-guts and hoping it doesn’t catch fire. There’s a career mode where you work your way up the ranks to tuning high-end machines, a sandbox mode, and all the virtual LED lighting strips and liquid cooling rigs your heart desires. Below, a video showcase of the luminous monster machines its players have made.


PC Building Simulator - WiZZyWiGG
Hey PC Builders!

If you listen closely you can hear the sounds of the whole of The Irregular Corporation hard at work adding the finishing touches to version 1.0 of PC Building Simulator. Get ready to blow out the dust and boot up on January 29th, when PC Building Simulator leaves Early Access.

When we launched PC Building Simulator into Early Access back in March 2018 we had little idea if anyone would even want to play a game about building a PC, let alone love it in the way the community does right now. This ongoing support meant we needed more time to add further parts, bring on new partners and add all the obvious features we (and you) believed the game needed which is what we have been doing ever since.

These updates have included hundreds of new licensed parts from current and new partners alike, alongside big features such as overclocking and custom loop water cooling. In addition, we also took the time to improve the career mode based off plenty of feedback from our wonderful community.

We have now reached the point where the core feature set of the game is at a place where we feel we can shed our Early Access skin and bring the world of PC Building Simulator to an even larger community. This doesn’t mean development has ended, far from it. We have plenty of plans for more parts, partners and features in the future.

Version 1.0 of PC Building Simulator that launches on the 29th January will include lots of new parts from big names in the PC component world, Steam Achievements and as many bug fixes as we can possibly squeeze in! Plus some nice surprises as well.

A special thanks to all our Early Access testers, your feedback has been invaluable so far. Today we have released a new trailer that includes some of the amazing PC builds that were submitted when we asked for them last year, we had hundreds of submissions and had no way of including them all but thank you all for taking the time to share your creations with us.

We hope you will all join us on the 29th January to celebrate the next chapter of PC Building Simulator!

The PC Building Simulator Team


Q: So the game is dead now?
A: Not at all, development is going to continue as we still have lots of new parts we want to add and some exciting new features. This just marks the point at which our original core feature set is now complete.

Q: Will current Career save games work in v.1.0?
A: Yes, there are no plans to force players to restart their career saves.

Q: How often will updates occur after v.1.0?
A: As regularly as content creation allows, it is hard to provide exact timings but expect them to be slower than during Early Access so we can have bigger updates and allow for more testing before they go live.

Q: Mac version?
A: Hopefully. We have been running some internal tests on a Mac OS version and if we can get a version running properly we will look to release this when ready. No promises at this stage though!
PC Building Simulator - WiZZyWiGG

Hello PC Builders,

We’re super pleased to announce that G.Skill is the newest partner to the PC Building Simulator family. You can start building with stylish RAM from their various ranges from today!

This includes the much requested Trident Z RGB range, which arrives alongside the striking Sniper X series, and the popular Ripjaws range amongst others.

Also in today’s update are new CPUs from both Intel and AMD, a whole host of new cases plus a bunch of new cooling options, all alongside a batch of bug fixes.

Build v0.9.3 Highlights

New Parts

G.Skill Trident Z RGB (RAM)

G.Skill Sniper X (RAM)

G.Skill Ripjaws V (RAM)

Fractal Design Focus G (Case)

Fractal Design Fractal Design Define R5 (Case)

Fractal Design Node 202 (Case)

NZXT H200 (Case)

SilverStone LD01 (Case)

Gigabyte ATC700 (CPU Cooler)

Full Patch Notes:
(Career unlock level is in brackets after a parts/features name, all parts available in Free Build right away)
  • New CPUs: Intel Core i9-9900K (20), Intel Core i7-9700K (20), Intel Core i5-9600K (20), AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2970WX (28) and AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920X (28).
  • New Cases: Fractal Design Focus G (20), Fractal Design Define R5 (19), Fractal Design Node 202 (29), SilverStone RVZ03 (14), SilverStone LD01 (14), Raijintek METIS (12), Raijintek STYX (30), NZXT H200 (29) and NZXT H400 (29).
  • New Case Fans: ARCTIC F12 / F14 (11) and Fractal Design Silent Series LL 120mm (26).
  • CPU Coolers: ARCTIC Freezer 12 (13), ARCTIC Alpine 12 / AM4 Passive (14), ARCTIC Freezer 33 (13), Raijintek LETO PRO RGB (11) and Gigabyte ATC700 (11).
  • New RAM: G.Skill FORTIS (2), Ripjaws 4 (7), Flare X (7), Sniper X (7), Ripjaws V (7), Trident Z (15) and Trident Z RGB (13).
  • New PSUs SilverStone SX500-G (12) and SilverStone SX650-G (12).
  • New Motherboard: ASUS ROG ZENITH EXTREME (23).
  • Updated Free Build introduction text to explain where cases are now stored, in case you missed this before - they are in your inventory now!
  • Passive CPU Coolers now have an effective air flow statistic to better show their cooling potential.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Continue option to still display on the main menu after deleting all save games.
  • Fixed a bug with budgets on jobs that request upgrades to run certain programs.
  • Fixed a bug with the NZXT Kraken X62 not fitting in the front of the NZXT H500.
  • Unified the camera position when using a monitor across all benches so the view is from the same position.
  • The missing part of the Raijintek PAEAN USB casing has now returned.
  • Fixed a bug on the SilverStone RVX01 where you couldn’t remove a case panel with certain job computers.
  • Fixed an issue on the SilverStone PM01-RGB where some SSD drives would clip through the side panel.
  • Fixed an issue where job computers would create a build that included a HDD in a unusable location on the Fractal Design Define R6 (if you currently have a job PC stuck in this way you will need to reject it and it should not then happen again).
  • Fixed an issue with the USB drive highlights being in the wrong place on DFL motherboards.
  • Fixed an issue where it was difficult to remove case fan cables in the top of the Cooler Master COSMOS C700P.
  • Fixed an issue where the water flow was not being displayed in EKWB TR4 blocks.
  • Multiple fixes with cables in various configurations.

What’s Next?

Lot’s of new parts, new partners plus plenty of bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

As we head towards exiting our early access period we need to spend some fixing as many bugs as we can and improving as many rough edges as possible, with the holiday period fast approaching we will be using this quieter time to do just this.

… and yes, RTX GPUs are coming, don’t worry.


Fancy a chance to win an AMD Ryzen 7 2700X CPU & a copy of PC Building Simulator!

For more details on how to enter the giveaway, visit the link below.

The more ways you enter, the more chances you have to win! The competition is open worldwide.

Happy Building!

The PC Building Simulator Team
PC Building Simulator - Frandroid
Greetings fellow PC Builders!

Can you create PC Building Simulator's Next Dream Build?

We are looking for some truly epic showstopping rigs, that you've made in Free Build or Career Mode!

(And we mean epic, not horrific, with cooling tubes entangling it like a dying spider).

The best builds will be shown in our ‘Community Dream Builds’ trailer!
All you need to do is send us your save file for a chance to be featured in it!

Please head to our website for more info on how to upload your save. https://www.theirregularcorporation.com/community-builds

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