Beat Saber - Baty Alquawen

Hey players!
We're working on something you all wanted for a really long time!


We'll release it with the next update.

Stay tuned!

Beat Saber - mishi
Hey players,

some epic news has crystallized in Beat Saber. It's gonna be a cycle hit and after the first gameplay, you will ask yourself: WHAT THE CAT!?


We just released 3 free tracks by this iconic artist who is extremely well-known among rhythm game community and our players.

But that's not all! One Saber levels for songs in Extras were added too!

Have fun and please stretch before you start playing Camellia songs! You will thank us later! :D

Beat Saber - mishi
Dear players,

we just released a small hotfix which adjusts sabers to better position/orientation in your 'hands' when using Valve Index controllers.

Beat Saber - mishi
Hey guys, Jaroslav Beck will be composing a track for OST 3 live in the stream today! He's starting in an hour -> 10 AM PST

Watch it on the link below!
Beat Saber - mishi
Hey players,

Imagine Dragons Music Pack is OUT NOW!

Today – we're officially bringing one of the most famous bands into the world of VR! ✨

The Music Pack contains 10 of their biggest hits:

- Bad Liar
- Believer
- Digital
- It's Time
- Machine
- Natural
- Radioactive
- Thunder
- Warriors
- Whatever It Takes

We are also adding a brand new environment made exclusively for this pack!

Check the trailer!
Beat Saber - mishi
Here's what changed with the latest update!

Note: if you see 90/60 in the text, it means – 90 degrees before the cut and 60 degrees after the cut. The same goes for 100/60.

The potential amount of bonus points you get from cutting closer to the middle of the block has been changed from 10 to 15, the closer to the middle of the block you hit, the closer you get to getting the maximum of 15 points.

Previously, to swing for 90/60 angles required to get the full 100 points was bugged (technical: it wouldn't count the last frame before hitting the note). Thus if you swung faster, you would need to swing at higher angles to get the full 100 points, much higher than 90/60.

We fixed this bug (which makes getting the full 100 points easier), and made the angles 100/60 instead, to account for the competitive scene.

Put simply:
- Bonus points from cutting closer to the block changed from 10 to 15.
- Fixed a bug that calculated the 90/60 angles wrong, making players have to swing more than 90/60.
- Changed angle required for 100 points from 90/60 to 100/60 because of the above change.
Beat Saber - mishi
A small hotfix just released for PC on Steam. Find below what's fixed:

- Fixed sound glitch in some Expert+ levels.
- Removed ambient lighting. Total darkness is possible again.
- Fixed mirror rendering bug.
- New precise scoring system. This time for real! 😛

Thank you for your patience!
Beat Saber - (Matt Cox)

Beat Saber‘s $100 Bills is an obnoxious song that I cannot remove from my brain. It’s the musical equivalent of a bloke sidling up to you in a pub and asking if you want to see his armpits. Fortunately, Beat Saber has other songs, and makes slicing beats so satisfying that sometimes I don’t even care that armpit man won’t stop grunting about how wealthy he is.

If you own either a Vive or an Oculus and like either music, lightsabers or a good time, this is one of the best games to throw your VR moolah at. Especially now that it’s slashed its way out of early access with a level editor.


Beat Saber - Valve
Beat Saber V1.0 is out of Early Access and is Now Available on Steam!

Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game where you slash the beats of adrenaline-pumping music as they fly towards you, surrounded by a futuristic world.
Beat Saber - mishi
Hey players!

We finally made it out of Early Access! Does it mean we are done with the game? Not at all! This is just the beginning and we have big plans with Beat Saber. We have many new stuff getting ready for you and coming this year: awesome free levels, downloadable Music Packs and new features. Stay tuned!

But let's focus on today's update. What's in?
  • Level Editor
  • New graphic settings.
  • One Saber levels for all OST1 and OST2 songs.
  • More realistic lighting.
  • Smaller bomb colliders. Bombs also turn off when they are behind you.
  • New precise scoring system.
  • Tweaked environments.
  • Few UI design changes and optimisations.
  • Tons of performance optimisations and small bug fixes.
Enjoy and thank you for being part of our journey. It has been an amazing year in your company and we are looking forward to seeing what's coming next!


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