Gunsmith - Rich
Hi all we have dropped a small patch this evening to fix some bugs people have encountered with the Alpha.

Patch changelogs V40b:
- Fixed an issue with the Order automation UI scaling.
- Fixed various issues related to item processing by machines, in some cases accepting invalid items.
- Fixed a couple issues with intermediate item boxing.
- Fixed the pricing on a couple items to avoid buy/sell exploits
- Fixed some collision with the Explosives Former machine

Also please can we ask you to keep an eye out for a very hard and particular bug that means boxes are not leaving racks when sold. We cant replicate it. We believe it has something to do with entering certain numbers into the system. Please if anyone does find this bug do contact us in Discord so we can try and fix it! It seems it is rare but also very hard to find. Please let us know if you do have it!

Thanks all!


SCT - Gunsmith Team
Gunsmith - Rich
After 2 Years of hard work. We are ready to move Gunsmith into its Alpha stage.

Why do we think now is a good time?

Well, on face value when you look at Gunsmith. For a Pre-Alpha, it is advanced, and we feel that really its too advanced to be called a Pre-Alpha now.

We are also now confident we know the road ahead. We have discussed for hours and hours features for our 1.0 Launch. We know what we want to do to the game. We know what you want us to do to the game. We have listened to feedback for 2 years. This update we feel puts the game into a nice position to build our deeper mechanics into.

Let us look back before we talk about that. We launched Gunsmith on the 25th May 2018. We were running out of time and money. We pushed as much as we can to get as much done for release.

This game was very much a success or die story. If the game flopped on launch or received very poor reviews. We had no fuel in the tank to make another game and probably not enough time to rectify that situation.

This is where our feedback and advice from you, the players and also customers were extremely valuable. It helped us refine what was good about the game and what was bad.

So many of you helped us check the game before launch. Played the open test. Gave us feedback. Honestly, there was too much to get through. But it gave us the right direction.

Luckily, we played our cards right and we launched with a game that the vast majority of you enjoy. Sales were good. We have benefited being a Top Seller for the majority of our lifespan. We have also been covered by some great Youtubers.

Some of the play times that we see absolutely blow our minds. 200, 300, 400 hours. We are extremely proud we have bought some people that much entertainment.
Over the last 2 years we have pushed over 40 updates.

It’s kept us in a job and provided us with a stable income to build our studio. In return, we have done our best to make a product you can all enjoy as much as possible.

We are still small, we have grown slightly, but we have an ambitious goal to become a premium indie studio and with a skeleton crew that is a hard task. But we are performing that task and getting better at it.

We have put in a 2-year anniversary item to the game that you can all get by simply playing the game any time in the next 2 weeks. It’s a time limited collectable so make sure you grab it! It’s free and you can put it in your staff room to say you were there!

I know we ask this a lot but if you are enjoying Gunsmith please consider leaving a review as they are the most crucial thing for us as a developer to help get the message across to other players that they should give our game a shot.

All we can say is a massive thank you for everyone joining us on the journey. We will finish Gunsmith. And Gunsmith will be awesome.

Todays update we have done a total rebalance of the game. It is now harder to make money and more thought needs to go into the process.

We have added two major features to the game.

Intermediate Items
so you can now create a vast network of interconnecting factories and
The ability to control output and crafting speeds on all machines
We have also updated electrical utilities.

- Fixed a tonne of bugs
- Greatly updated the UI and much more.
- We updated both Chinese and Spanish localization. French, German and Russian will be coming soon. If we find any issues with translation please report it on Discord or the Steam Hub.
- Full changelogs: {LINK REMOVED}

Now to the future.
What do we want to do now?

The short answer… A lot…

In my mind ( Rich speaking here from a design brainstorm ) I want to expand the game now deeper into its mechanics. I want licences to have a real causation on the game. I want the player to pick a character at the beginning of the game and take that character on a journey through the story.

Acquiring fast cars houses and apartments and secret sites. I want the player to have to deal with clean and dirty money. Hiding large sums of physical money or paying a percentage to launder it.

I also want you to be able to build a network of henchmen around your character that help you with your empire. These people will have trust and loyalty and they will have the ability to betray you.

We want the government to close you down if you are breaking the law. By force with police if needed. I want to expand on the Indirect death count system and how that will change your morals.

All of these things I would like to round off to a moment akin to the end of Scarface where your empire is imploding and what do you do? Run with the money? Go to prison? Say hello to my little friend?
This is what its all about. That is our end game. I hope we can deliver this for you in 2020.

I can’t wait to see how it plays out. Ed (programmer) is going to want to kill me after reading the entire feature list above. But I’m sure he will do it all for you.

Thank you all so much. Cannot wait to drop more updates for you all. See you soon, we are going to be here for some hotfix support. But then… We are going for a short break after this massive update.
Stay Safe and all the best.

SCT Gunsmith Team.

Gunsmith - Rich
Hello all, weve spent the week nailing down some annoying bugs and features. Today we are pushing this update which we are hoping should improve the game greatly!


Improved the Machine Log to specifically display what is wrong with invalid items and why they were returned to inventory. Along with the Item Cues Tool, the player should now have all tools necessary to detect any defects in their production lines.

Added an option to the Order Automation rules to make them execute when conditions are NOT met. This offers more freedom to players to setup their specific needs, for example: Reject all orders which do not contain the items they need.
Made the error alert 3D arrow dismiss when it gets clicked.
Added a right click on the red error alert UI element to dismiss all alerts.

Bug fixes:
Fixed a bug where mechanics in certain cases didn’t fix machines if they were at a certain long distance.
Fixed a bug which caused Orders in the Orders panel to flicker and disappear after doing a certain combination of zooming in and out and hovering over machines.
Fixed a bug which prevented leaving the pause menu with the ESC key.
Fixed a bug where placing regular belts under Raise or Decline bridge belts causes item movement to not function properly.
Fixed a bug where Line Control Groups revert back to the Default folder after Powering it On/Off.
Fixed a bug where newly unlocked items didn’t get listed in Order Automation conditions.
Fixed a bug where placed belts and hired staff while the game was paused didn’t properly comply with the current pause.
Fixed a bug where while paused, hiring staff stops working properly after a certain number of hires.
Fixed a bug with Order Automation UI not properly accepting numbers after the thousands.
Fixed a bug with Order Automation UI where editing a rule didn’t properly allow editing quantities.
Fixed a bug where object highlights didn’t get properly reset after moving multiple objects.
Gunsmith - Rich
Hello all! We have had a few bugs reported this weekend. Ed has kindly worked over the weekend to fix them for you all! Thank you Ed!

There were a few bugs reported, your game version should now be 39a

If this is not your game version. Please restart steam and update your game!

- Fixed a bug where the item quantities did not properly update in the Orders interface.

- Fixed a bug where staff spawned while paused did not get paused properly.

- Fixed a bug where LC Groups reverted back to the Default folder after getting used (Added/Removed machines, etc)

- Fixed a bug where research and the day still advanced while pausing right after reloading a save.

- Fixed a bug where loading a sandbox save did not properly unlock all next research nodes.

Thanks everyone!


Rich and Ed
Gunsmith - Rich
Hello all! Hope you are keeping safe at this crazy time. Tonight we are excited to drop a feature we have been working on for some time. Tonight we are adding bridge belts to the game. This will allow you to flow items all across your factory on multiple levels! We expect to see some crazy setups here!

Not only that. We have added a notification system to the game to tell you when something is going wrong. This is also coupled with a fully working machine log which is a really awesome feature. The machine log is on every machine and will tell you exactly what that machine is doing so you can see if it's not working properly. It comes with time and date of action, what the output is and much more.

Three new guns enter the game today. A rifle, smg and automatic shotgun. We have also redesigned the guns on the UI so they are easier to see.

We are also adding new clients to the game today to add some variety to whom you can sell to.

Next month the end of May to be exact. Is Gunsmiths 2 Year Anniversary. Let’s just say there's going to be a big drop to celebrate that!

Check out the detailed list below!
Stay safe and we will see you at the end of May!


Gunsmith Team!

V39 Changelog 25/04/2020

New Content:

New Weapon - Rifle

New Weapon - SMG

New Weapon - Automatic Shotgun

Added a set of new Clients and Organisations you can make deals with. More will come with future updates.

Added Bridge Belts. A set of belts which will allow you to have belts at a high raised level.

Game Features:

Added a Machine Log tab in each machine’s interface. You can now see varied logs about the recent state of the machine, to know what is going on with its power, outputs and inputs. This should make it easier to detect problems with your production lines and allow you to fix them.

Added a set of new Clients and Organisations you can make deals with. More will come with future updates.

Added an ingame notification system which creates an arrow marker above certain problems with the production line like spillage and invalid items being input into machines. You can enable/disable this feature in the Game settings.

Added categories to LC Groups for better organization.

Added a help subject in the Help panel about crafting states and items going back to inventory. So the player understands how to interact with their items.

In Order Automation, we added a flag to the Item Quantities Ordered condition to dictate that the rule should look for only those items in the order exclusively.

Game Tweaks:

The calculations of resources consumed by a factory in a snapshot weren’t properly measured. This has been fixed to take into account the most recent resources used for the finished objects produced.
Tweaked various recipes, item productions and research nodes.

Bug fixes:

Fixed a bug where highlighting machines broke the Orders panel.
Fixed a bug where rejecting an active order takes you back to the available orders tab.
Fixed a bug where selecting a LC station in Multiple Selection didn’t properly show the incompatible message.
Fixed a bug with collision on the Flow Splitter which caused some items to get stuck inside.
Optimised level of detail on various machines
Exchanged old gun graphics for new gun graphics that are better.

Gunsmith - Rich
Hello all! Today we have a pretty large update for the game! Introducing a much requested feature of pausing time! We are also introducing a new manufactured item. This is the start of armour. You can now make Kevlar helmets and Kevlar Armour in the form of vest. We hope to build on this in the future but for now we want to see how it plays out.

We have been working super hard on this update and we hope you all enjoy it. We’ve also added 2 new weapons to manufacture alongside the new armour update. There’s much much more in the full change list below so ill let you read at your own leisure. We couldn’t get intermediate item travel into this update but it is going to be in the next one for sure!

Our next update will be even larger than this ( this will be our next major update ) which we hope to add a tonne of new and awesome features with the globe and gameplay in general!

Thank you for your continued support whilst we make our game!

All the best, see you soon!

The Gunsmith Team!

New Feature - Time Pause:
• Players will now be able to pause the game factory flow and build their production lines without the excessive stress of the other sides of business.

New Feature - Orders Automation:
• Similar to the Market automation feature, the player can now setup rules to automatically accept or reject orders as well as fulfill completed ones. All according to a player defined set of rules and conditions.
• The Orders automation is a factory wide service, you only need a single Orders manager and a Sales station in any of your factories.

New Content:
• Added two new Kevlar themed recipes:
• Kevlar helmets and Kevlar armour.

New Content:
• Added two new gun recipes:
• RG870 pump action shotgun and a CV-47 rifle

New Content:
• Client Profile Artwork

New Content:
• Added three new machines:
• Kevlar Dispenser
• Resin Machine
• Armour Press

Updated Feature
• Changed the rack counter in the top bar to display exactly how many storage spots are left instead of racks.

New Sounds:
• Added Power On and Off sound effects for machines.
• Added Button Sounds

New User Interface
• Added Power On and Off sound effects for machines.
• Added Button Sounds
• Updated market graphics

Game Tweaks:
• Machine durability drain has been reduced by 40-50%.
• The escape button now closes main UI panels.
• Added a skip button to the tutorial steps requiring a middle mouse button.
• For those on trackpads or without a functioning MMB.
• Added a skip button to the tutorial steps requiring a middle mouse button.

Bug fixes:
• Fixed a bug where UI panels did not close when opening the globe.
• Fixed a typo in the UK’s name.
• Fixed an issue which made the Continue button in the main menu take a long time to load.
• Fixed a but where the UK client did not appear or make any orders.
• Fixed some collision issues with the Metal Former.
• Fixed a bug where global Blueprint folders would disappear after renaming a single folder.
• Fixed a bug with collision which occurred after placing a Blueprint.
• Fixed a bug with multiple selection after canceling a multi-move action.

Gunsmith - Rich
Hello all we hope you had a great Christmas and New Year! What better way than to start 2020 than by saying tonight we are welcoming a new member to the team!

Her name is Tassia or AKA Tas. She will be helping us with artwork for the foreseeable future.

We feel she will be a great contribution to the team. Her artwork speaks for itself and we can’t wait to get her involved in the awesome games we are making here at SCT. Tas is going to help us overhaul our graphics and help us into the future!

Tas has chosen some previous artwork to show you all to say hi with and let you know a bit more about what’s coming to the studio!

She will be doing an AMA in the Gunsmith Discord this evening at 8PM. Some of you eagle eyes may have already seen a 3rd developer in the chat!

Thank you all for your continued support! You are helping us grow an awesome dev studio that can continue work on Gunsmith and into the future!
Welcome to the Team Tas!

Below is some of Tassia's artwork!

Gunsmith - Valve
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Dec 11, 2019
Gunsmith - Rich
Hello all, today we are putting out a small update before Christmas which includes...


- Workshop Blueprint Sharing! You can now share your favorite production line with your fellow Gunsmithers through the Steam Workshop.
- Added some better visual cues for the Cookbook Hardening UI to better show the players exactly how many Levels of Heating and Coolers they need for the item.

Bug fixes

- Fixed a bug where something Blueprints didn't get added properly if you recently deleted one.
- Fixed a bug where in certain cases the Line Control Cap didn't properly maintain between factories.
- Fixed a bug where in certain cases staff wages didn't properly get added to daily maintenance after loading a save.


Ed has been working on a system to allow players to share their individual belts on Steam workshop. We have had a lot of discussion and we feel that now is a good time to see how it plays out.

We have a major update for the end of Jan which should, just like the multiple factory update, step the game forward massively. Were excited about it and we will let you know more in the new year.

We also welcome one new Gunsmither to the team! However he is only 1 week old so he wont be able to do much. But this does mean that we are going to be rounding up this years work on the game and taking a much needed break with our families over this period.

We will see you back in 2020 with some more epic updates!

Thank you all for your support whilst we build our awesome game.

We hope you all have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope you and your families have a great time, look forward to the Christmas cracker Jokes that always suck and the dry.. dry... oh so dry Turkey that has been left in the oven for too long. And remember, if you don't leave a review for Gunsmith, Santa Claus will shoot and Elf with one of the firearms you made in your factory every 60 minutes from now until Christmas Eve until his demands are met.

You left him no other choice.

Do the right thing, don't be a hero, you cant save them...

Rich and Ed

Gunsmith - Shinzo - Ed

Hello everyone!

Today we bring you a new Gunsmith update that brings a highly demanded feature: Blueprints! Yes indeed, now you can save your precious efficient production lines into blueprints and easily replicate them and expand!

This also comes with the feature of selecting multiple objects and either demolishing them or moving them together, making it easier to alter large production lines.

The update also brings various bug fixes and minor additions. More recipes and announcements will be coming soon! We also plan in the future to make Blueprints something players can share together in the Workshop. Life has been very busy for us but hard work and your support will get us there.

Have fun everyone!
Rich and Ed.

V36 Changelogs

Multiple Selection:
  • A set of very useful and highly demanded features has come to Gunmsith in this update. First and foremost is Multiple Selection, the ability to select and control multiple objects and machines together! This is one of the foundations of the Blueprints system and highly useful in itself.
  • You can enter the Selection and blueprints mode using “X” or the button in the toolbar at the right.
  • Entering the Selection mode, you can select and deselect single objects or use the controls displayed to select and deselect with dragging on the screen.
  • You can either demolish the selected group of objects or move them all together.
  • The Blueprints system allows you to save a selection of objects with their output settings into a blueprint which will allow you to easily replicate that specific setup.
  • Blueprints save machine outputs so that you can easily save and replicate your most efficient production lines.
  • Blueprints are saved inside folders to allow the player to organize and separate their blueprints into categories.
  • After you create a blueprint you can initiate placing the saved setup with one click, which will load the blueprint into ghost mode just like single object placing.
  • Addition of the ability to rename staff patrols.
  • Changed the naming scheme of crafting state machines “Level 1” becoming “Mk1” to alleviate the confusion between machine level and an item’s crafting state level. For example “Sewing machine level 2” is now “Sewing machine Mk2” and it adds 2.
  • Changed the notification system for staff who are protesting to a similar style to machines that require maintenance. A display in the bottom right that you can click to get to each staff member and check their needs.
  • Added an option in the settings that allows to control whether or not you want to be asked a confirmation when demolishing staff platforms.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial for panning the camera didn’t mention that the third task of panning is using the Middle Mouse Button which resulted in player confusion.
  • Fixed a typo in an item’s name PENT. Correct acronym is PETN.
  • Fixed a bug where autosaving wasn’t properly deactivated on the main menu, resulting in corrupt saves that just load into the main menu.
  • Fixed a very odd grammar typo in one of the tutorial steps about the cookbook.
  • Fixed a display issue with the Flow Cross where it didn’t properly display that it doesn’t lose durability and thus doesn’t need repair.
  • Fixed a bug where you could click on a few buttons in the main menu even though they are hidden.
  • Fixed a bug with staff and resting where they would head to the closest staff area even though it had no available resting spots. Which results in them sometimes protesting and leaving.

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