Gunsmith - Shinzo - Ed

Hope everyone is having fun! We bring you today another hotfix patch which contains some fixes for issues that have been reported for V33.

This update also brings the updated and fully translated Russian localization.The main V33 news post now also has a Russian version.

The Chinese localization still needs to have the V33 content translated, as well as the other languages. All are open for volunteers as always, just drop a message in the localization channel in discord and you will be added to the localization dashboard on OneSky.

Patch notes:

  • Updated the Russian localization integration for the new content introduced in V33.
  • Mechanics now will choose the closest available tool station to refill their tools.
  • The workshop item preview image now accepts an image absolute path without file extension and will add it on its own.

  • Fixed some pathfinding issues with Mechanics where they either got stuck on platforms or simply couldn't properly reach machines in need of repair.
  • Fixed a bug with patrols where the Mechanics didn't get unassigned after the patrol gets deleted.
  • Fixed a minor visual issue where the reputation requirement in the research UI was displayed as (Requirement/Current) instead of the more correct (Current/Requirement).

Have fun!
Gunsmith - Shinzo - Ed

Hello everyone,

We have been listening to some feedback from you, reporting bugs and issues that you have been encountering and we are pushing a hotfix V33 to fix a few of them.

More fixes to staff fixing machines and getting stuck on platforms will come in the next couple of days, for now, here are the patch notes for Hotfix V33:

Patch notes:

  • Fixed a bug where the research bar to control the budget would be disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the two or three bottom racks from the start of the game would get duplicated between saving and loading, resulting in the inability to move them or remove them. Reloading saves from previous versions will allow you to move the racks and the duplicates within them.
  • Fixed a bug where certain items didn't properly load as being unlocked. Like Gun Components.
  • Fixed a bug where the client were displaying their age as 0.
  • Added a hotfix to mechanics not fixing machines and getting stuck. This is only a workaround as they will fix from a bit afar, but a full fix will come in the coming days.

Thank you everyone for your patience, we are working hard to fix any issues and bugs you encounter. Please do report any you encounter and we will handle them as swiftly as we can.

Enjoy Gunsmith!
Rich and Ed.
Gunsmith - Rich

Hello Gunsmithers!
Hope you are all well.

Today believe it or not Gunsmith is 1 year old!

So today we have to do something to celebrate that! Firstly though I think we should take a look at where we've come from to now. Just over a year ago we launched into Early Access with a concept we thought would be good but didn't have the resources to finish. So we made a plan to release a somewhat stable and fun game. It worked and since then we have grown a discord community to over 1500 members, had over 300 players online at any one time. We've added multiple new features to make the game more fun. Crazy stuff. We’re extremely excited to see where we go from here!

Now onto the update and the future…

For the 1 year update we will be announcing...

Steam Workshop!
To begin with in this update you will be able to share your saves to the Steam Workshop to check out other players factories. We want to expand on Workshop in the future but we think it will be awesome to see what others are doing and to allow you to download other games to see what others have designed.

We are hoping this lets us see what you are making so we can adapt and balance the game more effectively and also allows you all to check out other people’s factories as well. Win win.

Anyone who has already purchased gunsmith will get an in game unlock of our 1 year anniversary statue which you can find in game.

On top of that we have done a lot of work on the foundations of the game to prepare it for our future plans and development for Gunsmith.

We have redesigned some of the laborious things to make it more streamlined and hopefully more fun. Instead of having different lines for different things i.e bullets. In the old version there would be different machines needed. The 1 year update allows you to use roughly the same machines but have different settings such as heat or cooling.

We feel its much more fun to play this way now and removes some of the massive machine lines that are just too long for this part of the game. On top of that other things such as anodising of guns will now be able to take all parts in one go instead of having to have 5 machines, it now works much like a heater, anodising everything that goes through it. Much better.

On top of that as well we have redesigned the way licences are unlocked, no more step by step unlocks, if you have a good relationship with the origin country you start the game in you can get a licence for the production and it will unlock everything in that tree once again cutting down the grind that was just not fun to play.
This will allow us in future to have two trees one licenced and one unlicensed with both positive and negative outcomes. It’s not finished as of yet but we are now complete with the foundations of this mechanic.

On top of that, we have also re-designed how relationships work entirely. Now there are multiple agencies as well as origin countries, if you want to go heavy towards one nation you can sell to both the actual country and its intelligence agency.

This again is still in the works however its already a great improvement and will now allow us to work on this feature for the future.

Onto the future! Oh before the future…

We also added Sandbox mode! And the games first rifle.



Our next update which we hope to be out June 25th in time for the Summer sale will be content, content and more content. We know this is an area that you all want more of. Because Gunsmith is going to be such a large game. We needed to make sure these fundamental foundations are correct to build upon. We feel the game is much better this way and now we can build on top of this.

So we hope you enjoy the update, its pretty huge, and we will be on hand to hotfix if anything is super broken but we are quite confident in this build so enjoy the changes and we will see you again on the 25th of June!

Full list of features will be linked in the forums and discord!


Rich and Ed.

Gunsmith - Rich
Hello all, hoping this will fix the issues that you are having. We have been working on it all day. For all of you that worked out it was the mechanics, well done it was, thank you for sending us your saves it really helped!

So hope this helps!

- Fixed an issue with the Mechanics and pathfinding where it was causing massive lag spikes. Performance should be much smoother now, with no spikes.

- Additional improvements to the Chinese translation by Kurax have been introduced.

- Fixed a bug with the level 2 cooler 1L where it didn't apply the appropriate level of cooling.

- Unlocked utilites and electrical supply right from the start of new game.
Gunsmith - Shinzo - Ed

Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you very much for the support. We really hope that you are enjoying the game and keep your trust in us as we work to make it better update by update.

We have been getting feedback from the community about some problems and we have addressed most of them in this hotfix. Your feedback is always welcome, so don’t hold back!

Hotfix V32a changelist:
  • Fixed an issue where the machine conditions were deteriorating even in the tutorial. Which resulted in a bad tutorial experience.
  • Fixed a UI issue with tutorial highlights being misplaced.
  • Reduced the deterioration rate of machines and utilities to offer a smoother gameplay experience.

  • Fixed an issue with the Chinese map where the entire country was not displayed. We apologize if this resulted in any trouble. It was an unintentional oversight.
  • We are currently fixing the Chinese translations with the help of Kurax a great member of our community. Some fixes have already been included in this hotfix and more will come soon to offer our Chinese community the best experience possible.

These have been the changes of this hotfix. We are hearing all the feedback we are receiving and we will continue doing our best and offer you guys the best experience possible. Also, if you are interested in helping us with the Chinese translation or any other language, please join our discord at: and post in the appropriate language channel and we will add you.

Best regards,
Foued and Richard.
Gunsmith - Rich

Hello all!

We are happy to announce the Mechanic Update! This update is another fairly large addition to the game that builds upon the core foundations of Gunsmith. We have been designing a system where the factory now needs a new staff type, a mechanic to fix machines!

Mechanics will maintain your factory automatically and they need access to all machines so this will mean you need to think about your factory layout more now. There is a full help section for this new system in game but we think it’s pretty self-explanatory.

We have added new level heaters, level 2 and double lane level 2 heaters so you can reconfigure your factory in more efficient ways. On top of this we have designed a new graphics system where machines can have moving belts inside, so this will be something we will be expanding on in the future.

We have improved staff navigation and path finding which will hopefully solve some issues that people are having.

Various improvements to game performance.

Russian localization is being deployed on this patch so welcome to all of you that speak Russian we hope you enjoy the game!

Just want to address a few things, I know you want more items to create, this is something we are working on now for the next update, we feel that the game needed more core foundations rather than just more and more recipes to make. But do not fear, more will come very soon in this department.
Gunsmith - Valve
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Gunsmith - Shinzo - Ed

Hello everyone, Ed here

We have been hearing some feedback from you that revolves around issues with items getting stuck and not moving as well as some issues with staff navigation and pathfinding. So, we come to you today with a Hotfix that should address and improve both issues.

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale has also begun! The game is 25%, so enjoy!

Gunsmith hotfix:
- Fixed a few bugs with item movement that caused items under certain circumstances to stop moving or get stuck.
- Fixed and improved staff navigation and pathfinding, which should resolve issues related to them not being able to find rest
- LC Managers can now reach and sit in their stations from all sides of the chair.

As always, thank you for the support and we hope you keep enjoying the game!
Rich and Ed
Gunsmith - Rich
Hi all Rich here, we have been hard at work over the last few weeks to improve the games performance, add a few new features and also support Chinese localisation.

Below is a list of what we have done. We are hopeful there will be significant performance increases for all of you.


Rich and Ed.

V31 Changelog


In this update we focused more on the technical side of the game, we spent a lot of time profiling both the CPU and GPU to identify the performance issues with the game. We still have a lot more to work on and improve, but this update should bring a good amount of optimization and improvement to the performance of the game and you should notice a smoother experience. Like we said, this is just the start, more work will be done to continuously improve the performance of the game, update after update.

Localization: This update brings out first localization of the game. We are proud to announce that our first language to support is Chinese! More languages will be coming soon, like Russian and Dutch.

A new feature that revolves around the decorations of the staff room has been introduced. Each resting object can now be upgraded by a specific set of decorations, this will improve how fast staff recovers energy while resting. Find and setup the most efficient designs for your staff room and increase efficiency!

Introduction of the Flow Cross, it is a machine that allows you to cross a belt line over another, thus increasing the modularity of belt lines, offering you more freedom and more options.

You can now move Line Control stations even if a Manager is using it, they will just roam or rest until you place the station in a valid, reachable location again.

You are now able to move racks even if they have boxes on them.

You are now able to cancel a research. You will be refunded the Research Points on cancelation.


Added a Controls menu in the settings to allow rebinding keys.

Improved the Help Panel with a notification number to track unread help subjects and more.

Reduced the first tier of Line Control Capacity from 2 days to 1 day.

Bug fixes:

Fixed a bug where collision wasn’t properly setup for doors.

Fixed a bug with the navigation and pathfinding of staff. They sometimes couldn’t leave their stations because some machines like power generators were placed behind them.

Fixed a bug where the Brass Roll didn’t have the correct rotation in the Roll Dispenser.

Fixed an error in the pricing of the Line Control Capacity T3
Gunsmith - Shinzo - Ed

Hello everyone!

We hope that you are having a great time! We wanted to let you know on the progress of our current work, we have been dedicating a lot of time to build our custom navigation system for items to improve performance, and only with that we're noticing an improvement of 60-80%, still a lot of work to do as there are always improvements, but we're getting there, thanks for the patience! The next update will also bring two new ways for players to cross belt lines, one short distance, and another for long distance. We are also planning on our next type of staff, which will probably be our first step into automation, we do want to tackle automating the Market and Orders by bringing more gameplay features tied to staff.

Also, we are working to get Gunsmith localized into as many languages as possible, so that the game can reach as many cultures in the smoothest and best experience for them, and thanks to this community, we've already got quite a number of volunteers, but we need more ːsteamhappyː We especially need more for Chinese, Russian and Spanish, so if you are interested please do post interest in the localization channels on our Discord server!

On another note, we wanted to let you know that the Winter Sale discount has gone active for Gunsmith starting on the 20th of Decemeber! A 25% Discount! ːsteamhappyː If you've been wanting to get the game, know someone who does or want to gift someone a weapon manufacturing factory game ːsteammockingː Then this is the time! Thank you again for all the support!

Like always, thank you very much for the support and happy holidays to everyone.


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