Apr 16, 2017
Bottle Flip Challenge VR - Jimmo
All kinds of fun objects are now scattered across various levels for you to interact with. Also included in this update are Lab Shaders. They will better handle the additional game objects and keep things looking slick!
Bottle Flip Challenge VR - Jimmo
Big thanks to all of the fellow bottle flippers out there for supporting our efforts. We wanted to provide a quick update on a few things that were just released.

- Added more Steam Achievements. You can now unlock these awards by landing or capping a bottle on certain objects from the required distances.

- Steam Leaderboard improvements. In some situations your highest scores would not be posted to the leaderboard, this appears to be resolved.

- Physics update, a slight modification was made to prevent bottles from shooting off unpredictably when thrown from a great distance. We will continue to work on improvements.

We are looking at adding more Achievements & different bottle types in our next release. We welcome all feedback and suggestions to make this a more enjoyable experience for everybody. Thanks, and Happy Flipping!

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