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Dear Contestants,

We come to you today with unfortunate news. After much deliberation, we have decided to shut down SOS. This will affect both SOS and SOS: Classic. This was an extremely difficult decision to make, but one that, sadly, is necessary.

From the very beginning, we set out to create an experience with SOS that would resonate both with players and audiences. Unfortunately, through multiple iterations of SOS, we were unable to fully realize this goal and engage players and viewers in the way we had hoped. For that, we are sorry.

It goes without saying that we are genuinely grateful for the passion that you have put into SOS, the feedback you have sent us, and the time you have spent helping to spread the word about our game. Our hope is that, like us, you will look back fondly on the unique and exciting moments you shared with each other on La Cuna Island.

SOS servers will shut down permanently on Monday, November 12, 2018. Until then, matchmaking speed and quality will be largely dependent on player counts.

Thank you for being a part of the SOS community and coming on this adventure with us.


The Outpost Games Team


SOS looked like an interesting twist on the battle royale genre when it appeared last year. Instead of just shooting at each other, players were also encouraged to interact with the audience, which could throw support to its favorites if sufficiently entertained. Evan found it quite promising in his December preview, calling his relic-hunting partnership with a "convincing, quirky" Christopher Walken roleplayer "one of my gaming highlights of the year." 

But that positive early impression wasn't enough to attract a mass audience, and developer Outpost Games announced today that the game will go offline on November 12. 

"After much deliberation, we have decided to shut down SOS. This will affect both SOS and SOS: Classic. This was an extremely difficult decision to make, but one that, sadly, is necessary," Outpost wrote

"From the very beginning, we set out to create an experience with SOS that would resonate both with players and audiences. Unfortunately, through multiple iterations of SOS, we were unable to fully realize this goal and engage players and viewers in the way we had hoped. For that, we are sorry." 

The servers will stay online until November 12, but "matchmaking speed and quality will be largely dependent on player counts," Outpost said.   

Those player counts have never been very high. Despite an amusing, no-hands assist from Snoop Dogg in January, SOS peaked in March with an average concurrent player count of 696 (2589 peak), but that number crashed to 133 in April, and just 38 in May.   

SOS - LaCunaThomas
Hello Contestants,

Today, we are happy to announce that SOS: Classic has returned to the test server, free to play for all.

We know that many of you are passionate about the original game mode. We want you to know that your passion has not gone unheard.

As of right now, if you have the main SOS client in your Steam library, SOS: Classic will be available for download (If Classic does not show in your library you can open this link in a web browser, while you have Steam open, in order to access it: steam://install/802240).

With the return of the original game mode, we feel it is necessary to be completely transparent about a few things:

Firstly, the version of Classic that we are putting live is the same as the final version that was live before it was taken down, including the removal or armor, shotguns, and rifles. Secondly, we currently do not have any plans to actively develop Classic or add content, we simply want to give you the chance to experience Classic again. Finally, none of the outfits or other cosmetics will carry over from the main client into Classic.

With that said, if you’re a long time La Cuna veteran, or you’ve never had to chance to play Classic, but have been wanting to, you now have to chance to jump in.

One final note: Matchmaking speed will be entirely dependent on the number of players who are playing. In the event that normal matchmaking is insufficient, we encourage you to join our Discord ( to find other players and make use of the custom match feature.

Thank you for your passion, and we’ll see you on La Cuna Island!

-The Outpost Team
SOS - LaCunaThomas

Hotfix 5.57718.0 Notes:

Gameplay Changes
  • The pre-game lobby will now launch when just a small amount of players are in queue and fill over time. You can do battle in the skirmish area while waiting for enough players for the match to launch. No more long nights spent staring at a timer.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where wins were not being properly recorded. Sorry about that!
  • Fixed an issue where your partner's nameplate would sometimes not sow in duos.
  • Fixed an issue where the keybind for PTT was not accessible. 
  • Fixed an issue where some character personality idles were looping in the front end.
  • Nameplates should no longer show in the store menus.
  • Jumping in the staging area will no longer remove you from third person view.
  • Fixed end of match UI for when a solo player wins a duo match.
Menu/UI Changes
  • Voice toggle now defaults to unmuted at the start of a match.
  • A killfeed has been added to the skirmish area. Now you will know who is the formidable foe.
  • There is now a message when your teammate gets eliminated.
  • Nameplates with now show for both members of the team you are spectating. 
SOS - LaCunaThomas

Patch 5.57557.0 Notes:
Gameplay Changes
  • Duos are here! Find a friend, and fight to be the last team standing. You can queue with a friend, elect to be matched with a random partner, or go in completely solo and try to come out victorious.
Note: For the time being, duos will be the only mode available.
  • You can now battle deathmatch style in the pre-game lobby. Activate a console along one of the walls to be teleported to a skirmish area where you can hone your skills with all of the different weapons on La Cuna.
Balance Changes
  • Reduced the drop rate of the Vector so that it is slightly more common than an assault rifle, but less common than the MP7.
  • Reduced the distance at which Vector damage falloff begins from 16m to 12m (same as MP7).
  • Slightly reduced the minimum damage of the Vector to bring it in line with assault rifle DPS at great distances.
  • Slightly increased the duration of Vector recoil so that the gun moves upward further when firing a full clip.
  • Reduced the severity of HBK53 recoil.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where your character would sometimes get locked after throwing a grenade.
  • Fixed an issue where your character would sometimes get locked after using a gesture right before the helicopter sequence.
Menu/UI Changes
  • Added a toggle mute option to the voice/microphone settings.
SOS - LaCunaThomas

Please Note: this update went live on July 12th.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where drop trails would persist on a character after landing.
  • Fixed an issue where sound effects would persist on a dead character.
  • Fixed gesture selections being reset after every match.
  • Fixed XP/Level Up calculation at the end of the match.
SOS - LaCunaThomas

Hello Players!

With Content Update 4, we are making some pretty huge changes to SOS. The biggest and most exciting change is that SOS: Battle Royale will now be completely free to play! We are hugely excited for this change, as we want to get SOS: BR into as many people’s hands as possible.
In addition to that awesome announcement, Content Update 4 is full of loads of fantastic weapons, items, cosmetics and mechanics coming to the game.
Without further ado, allow us to show you what’s in store for Content Update 4:
Season Pass
You want progression, so we’re giving you progression. Purchase the Season Pass, and play your way to some awesome skins, icons, gestures, and other rewards.

New Outfits
Here are just a few of the outfits you can expect to see in Season 1.

As part of our efforts to bring you all of these awesome skins, we had to temporarily scale back the amount of available characters in game. Currently, there will be just one male and one female model. But, never fear! We are working hard to add back all of the characters you know and love as soon as possible.
New Weapons
  • SCAR-L
    • A new assault rifle can now be found around La Cuna Island.
    • This assault rifle can come in many different tiers and combinations of these attachments:
      • Red Dot
      • Scope
      • Suppressor

  • Shockwave (Pump-action Shotgun)
    • Yet another tool for your up close and person needs. This shotgun has a range and fire rate that fall between the MTS and Gialdini.

  • Mosquito Grenade
    • Our mosquito grenade has been reintroduced. Now designed to cause distraction, these grenades cover an area with loud mosquitos, and those mosquitoes can attach to an enemy’s face, blocking their view, and doing a small amount of damage.

  • Frag Grenade
    • Your standard-issue big boom in a small area. Used to do damage to your opponents.

New Inventory

Our previous inventory system needed a revamp to allow players more freedom in how they play SOS. Any item (except melee, which still has a reserved slot) can go into any slot, and you can now re-arrange your items at will using the new swap menu (Tab by default).
New Consumables/Shield System
With the introduction of much more visual customization, we decided it was best to do away with physical armor and convert to a shield system. Our shield system works as extra HP. When you shoot someone with a shield, you will see blue visual effects and a blue hit indicator. Any shield amount you have applied over 50% will slowly decay back to 50 over time. Here are the consumable items you can find around La Cuna in order to help you maintain your shield.
  • Mushroom
    • Provides 25 shield.
  • Relic
    • Provides 50 shield.
  • Syringe
    • Provides 35 shield and 35 health over time. Also, the shield decay does not tick down while this is ticking up.

Gameplay changes
  • Radial Damage Indicator introduced.
  • Flare Guns now come in two varieties, those that trigger supply drops and those that trigger bomb drops (to use offensively).
  • Aim-Down-Sights now has different movement speeds per gun class. Pistols are fastest, while assault rifles are slowest.
  • There are now two flare guns available: a supply flare and a bomb flare.
    • The supply flare will start a vote on, where viewers can choose among several high-end weapon drops. The loot from these will always be Exotic.
    • The bomb flare will cause a bomb to drop near the location of the flare.
  • Reduced speed multipliers on slopes. Players will now move up slopes faster, but gain less speed when moving down slopes.
Balance Changes
  • Guns now have rarity tiers. Rarity tiers affect damage and recoil.
    • Uncommmon (Green)
    • Rare (Blue)
    • Legendary (Purple)
    • Exotic (Gold)
  • Headshot multipliers have been reduced.
  • Reduced SMG spread
  • Adjusted assault rifle recoil to kick less in the beginning, but at the cost of greater recoil duration
  • Increased shotgun arm/leg damage multipliers so that dealing damage feels less random
Wait a second! I bought the game before it went free to play.
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! As early supporters of SOS, if you purchased the game prior to June 20th, you will automatically receive over 100 pieces of content, including outfits, gestures, and icons! In the future, we will be looking to award special gifts for those of our very early supporters who purchased different Founder’s Packs.
Now’s the time to grab your friends and show off your hard earned skills and new items in SOS: Battle Royale as you rise to the top of the Leaderboards.  


See you on the Island!



SOS - LaCunaThomas

Hey there!

We just wanted to let you know that our brand new game mode SOS: Battle Royale will be free to play all weekend, starting from now until Sunday at 1PM PST.

If you’ve been waiting to try out SOS: BR, now is your chance.

Our recent update introduced a fast-paced BR mode, where the rounds are quick, the looting is easy, and the action is constant. Along with great SOS mechanics like tracking players through footsteps and blood trails, and a vast array of melee weapons for your killing pleasure, we have also introduced a series of new firearms and plenty of other great stuff to provide for plenty of tense and exciting moments.

So, jump into a match and give it a try. If you like it, tell your friends to give it a try too! There will be lots of opportunities throughout the weekend to win a permanent key for the game by watching streams and hunting down the developers in game.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on La Cuna Island.
SOS - LaCunaThomas
Hello Players! This week we have some balance changes to weapons, quality of life changes, and some bug fixes. The patch is now live, so make sure to update your game on Steam. Check below for more details!

  • Localization fixes
  • You can now click on the map to create a waypoint
  • “Ammo capacity reached” now includes type of ammo
  • Spacebar key can now be rebound to actions other than jumping
  • You will now see the proper weapon in the kill feed when someone is killed with a thrown item
  • Adjusted the circle to more often close over playable island area and not water
  • Adjustments to the drop locations on the map.
  • Slightly reduced AKM minimum damage. AKM was too effective at long range.
  • Increased HBK53 minimum damage. HBK53 was too ineffective at max range.
  • Increased SMG (Vector, MP7) damage multipliers for Head and Arms. SMGs were underperforming compared to assault rifles and shotguns.
  • Increased the range at which Vector and MP7 deal maximum damage before falloff.
  • Reduced weak attack damage on Stone axe so that it now takes three hits to kill.
  • Increased the blocking angle on unarmed and melee weapons. Blocking should now be a little easier if your opponent is attacking from the sides.
  • Extended the duration of the stumble when a player uses weak melee attack against a block.
  • Similar to other melee weapons, Unarmed weak attack will now briefly root players in place if they use a weak attack against a block.
  • Added more light sources across La Cuna to increase illumination of dark interiors.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with spectator mode where it would not follow your killer
  • Helicopter jitter fixed
  • Fixed an issue where trying to eat a papaya would cause the papaya to fire like a gun.
  • Fixed an issue when blocking and crouching in the Staging Area which caused players to become stuck after dropping from the Helicopter

SOS - Reg@outpost
Welcome to SOS: Battle Royale!

We want to take a moment to thank our community for supporting us from Alpha through the latest content drop, and at this time we would like to welcome you to SOS: Battle Royale!

You thought you were signing up for a reality TV show, but the network has decided it would be much more entertaining for their audience to watch you fight to the death instead. You already signed the contract, so you really don’t have much choice. If you want to live, you’ll have to be the last one standing.

In Content Drop 3, we’ve made some significant changes to La Cuna to streamline the process for new players to join the game. Each match will be a rapid, high-intensity 10 minute battle, have 32 players, and only 1 survivor. To begin your new journey on La Cuna Island, you’ll drop on to the Island where you are 1 of 32 players who must fight to the death. Along with your wits, you will have to equip yourself with various weapons found on the island. Guns are certainly an option, but melee weapons are just as deadly. Keep your eyes open for footprints and other indicators that will help you stalk your enemies…

New Weapons


  • Single Shot
  • Ammo: Shotgun
  • This shotgun holds five rounds. While it doesn’t have as much up-close damage potential as our sawed-off shotgun, it is much more effective at range.


  • Automatic
  • Ammo: SMG
  • This SMG has the highest rate of fire of all weapons currently in SOS: BR. It’s just perfect for melting your enemies up-close.


  • Automatic
  • Ammo: SMG
  • A great gun in a pinch, this high rate of fire SMG has clean iron-sights, making it very easy to maintain visual on your target.


  • Automatic
  • Ammo: Rifle
  • This assault rifle puts out high damage, balanced by having a low rate of fire, and recoil that will take a steady hand to control.


  • Automatic
  • Ammo: Rifle
  • A medium damage assault rifle with a medium rate of fire and much more controllable recoil.

So, hop in and take a few drops from the helicopter. With high-stakes gameplay and a slew of new weapons, we’re sure you’ll enjoy exploring La Cuna Island in a way like never before. Maybe you’ll even survive long enough to be the last one standing.

SOS: The Ultimate Escape

SOS classic mode will be available through Steam through Content Drop 3.

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