Apr 10, 2018
Cannons-Defenders: Steam Edition - VictorRPG
We are one year old :)
Happy Birthday "Cannons-Defenders: Steam Edition" !
On this occasion, we made a 50% discount!)
Hurry and have time!)
Cannons-Defenders: Steam Edition - VictorRPG
- The game have migrated to the new version of the engine Unity 2017;
- Steamworks.NET has replaced by the version Steamworks.NET_11.0.0;
- The bug in the setting of сannons on platform has repaired;
- The mechanics of the setting of сannon on platform has changed (you'll find details in the training level of the game);
- Some visual content has added to the game;
- The training level of the game has improved;
- The ability to skip the training level has added to the game;
- It will be easier to catch the bonuses now;
- The bug in the volume control has fixed;
- The balance of the game has significantly redesigned. Hardcore's "red level of difficulty" has gone into the past;
- ATTENTION!!! The Cannons-Defenders: Steam Edition doesn't support the Directx 9 henceforth.

Apr 14, 2017
Cannons-Defenders: Steam Edition - VictorRPG
- Significantly revised balance;
- Fixed several bugs in the code;
- Added Ukrainian localization;
Apr 7, 2017
Cannons-Defenders: Steam Edition - VictorRPG
Fixed a bug with the fall of the last achievement.
Have a good game!

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