Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters - Rusto Games
Hello! We've pushed a new update to Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters which improves the connectability & stability of the network side of the game. There are also some edge case crash fixes that improve the overall stability of the game.
Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters - Rusto Games
Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters will be going live on Steam at 17th of August, 10am PST. To celebrate the occasion, we’ve decided to make the game free until Sunday 1pm (PST, again).

Gather up your buddies to have a good & safe virtual drunken rampage instead of terrorizing the local nightlife!

Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters - Rusto Games
Hi fellas! We are finally getting ready to ship the game. Since the last release on Early Access we have polished the levels so we have 8 awesome unique bar experiences & three unique game modes for you to enjoy with your friends both Online & Offline.

There's also a new pretty Announcement trailer on the Steam-page. Go take a peek and tell us what you think!

We might have also a few surprises coming for the Release-date. Come & join our Discord to tell us what those might be! https://discordapp.com/invite/yJHUB4T

Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters - Rusto Games
As some of you noticed we've disabled the buying of Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters for now. Worry not! The game will be back on 17th of August.

Put it on your wishlist & tell your friends! We'll be back with more news shortly.
Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters - Rusto Games
Hey! We’ve did some network code fine tuning so it should be more reliable now. There’s also a new iteration of the chimney level and some minor polishing & bugfixes.

Please note that we are still having some issues with the multiplayer that cause unnecessary lag. We are looking into this to get a hotfix out asap.

Have a safe Juhannus, everyone!

Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters - Rusto Games
We are getting closer to getting Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters in shape! A new build has been uploaded and it has lots of tweaks. The gameplay is getting quite close to what we want it to be in the final release. Couple of game modes still missing, but those need some extra care before we get them to you guys!

Six of the eight levels coming for the release are quite polished. Do tell us which ones are your favorites and what more you’d like!

Short video showcasing the levels: https://youtu.be/NK9dPXRmsqQ

Join our Discord server: https://discordapp.com/invite/yJHUB4T

New features:
  • Completely redone Diner-level!
  • Completely redone Saloon-level!
  • Completely redone Chimney-level!
  • Heavy attack direction indicator
  • Completely new soundtracks for the levels (some levels still pending, sorry!)

Fixes & tweaks
  • Iterated visual effects
  • Multiplayer handling is more robust
  • Adjusted Goon collider sizes for funnier combat
  • Level polish & performance optimization all around
  • D-pad now moves the character
  • General combat tweakage for more Impact
  • Improved user handling
  • Multiplayer should work for up to 8 players now
  • Added floating to midsummer & beachbar
  • Fixed crash when pathfinder & AI conflicted in Midsummer
  • Resized bottles to be of a more reasonable scale
  • Fixed visual effects to work more properly online
  • Adjusted punchtrails to fit the new combat system
  • General stability & performance improvements
  • Iterated arena-camera system. Feedback welcome!
Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters - Rusto Games
There has been a bit of a hiatus in the updates as we are preparing for the final version and launch of Drunk-Fu. Due to reasons we cannot discuss, we have been unable to do patch releases for the Early Access version as often as we'd like.

Worry not, we are still working on the game full time and are preparing to release in a few months.

Thanks for your patience!

Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters - Rusto Games
The new GET SMASHED-patch has been released. Go download it and join our Discord to tell what you think: https://discordapp.com/invite/yJHUB4T

Hits get progressively stronger as the goons take further hits. There is a limited duration and the one who gets most KO’s wins. Players respawn after ring outs.

Control iteration
Instead of each arm being controlled separately, we have introduced a Fast & Heavy attack system with a dodge on the side. The iteration allows for quite the wacky combos and flying drunk fu.

We have also changed the controls to use the front facing buttons. This is still a work in progress, but do tell us what you think of the direction.

Since the last update we have added the new level Helipad to the game. Beach bar & chimney have also been rebuilt from the ground up and midsummer got some polish on it.

We have also culled some of the older game modes that got senseless with the system updates - the levels currently only in use in Swarm will be iterated to fit the new system.

Other tweaks:
AI updated to better work with the new system (still suicidal)
Removed healing platforms from levels
Fixed colliders in levels
Network syncing fixes
Reordered levels in the selection menu
Adjusted KO trigger sizes
Fixed crosshair visibilities
Updated game mode descriptions
Updated control maps for loading screen
Updated tips for loading screen
Updated plugins

We are working on Drunk Fu (almost) full time again, so expect more updates to come with a faster pace!
Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters - Rusto Games
Heads up! We are putting a bigger patch out on Friday.

Upcoming changes:
Hits get progressively stronger as the goons take more hits. There is a limited duration for the game and the one who gets most KO’s wins. Players respawn after ring out. Good & casual mode for the whole family that doesn't penalize too much!

Control iteration:

To improve the overall gameplay we have updated the controls so that the main controls are on the front face of the pad and switched individual hand attacks to a chargeable ‘Heavy’ & a 'Fast’ attack. The aerial combat has also gotten a major revamp. More on this on Friday!

New Helipad-level:

We have also done major iteration on the Beachbar & Midsummer levels. The patch also includes major minor improvements all over the place - expect the full patch notes on Friday.

In the coming months we are able to work on Drunk Fu full time again, so expect more updates! Also join us on our Discord for the latest gossip: https://discordapp.com/invite/yJHUB4T
Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters - Rusto Games
After going through some feedback we started to understand the gravity of the situation and doubled the gravity & added ground indicators! Added also some extra holiday flavor with thematic clothing.

Bigger patches will start again next year, stay tuned and enjoy the holidays!

  • Increased gravity
  • Ground indicators for player

New clothing:
  • Reindeer beanie
  • Ugly christmas sweater
  • Uglier christmas sweater

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