Tower of Time - Event Horizon

Nous travaillons actuellement sur la version française du jeu. Même si pour le moment la traduction est en cours, et que beaucoup de parties publiées sont encore en train d’être retravaillés, nous avons décidé qu'il valait mieux faire des mises à jour régulières, afin de rendre le jeu accessible aux bêta-testeurs français.

Nous avons revu les dialogues du Livre Un plusieurs fois, et même s'ils ne sont pas parfaits, nous commençons à avoir un résultat qui nous plaît. Le Livre Un est entièrement jouable en français. Nous travaillons actuellement sur les menus, les descriptions de monstres et d'objets etc...

Une fois que nous aurons terminé, nous continuerons les traductions des dialogues des livres Deux et Trois. Puis nous publierons une traduction bêta du jeu complet, avant de tout réviser à nouveau afin de vous fournir une version française finale.

Veuillez noter, s’il vous plaît, que tout le contenu n’est pas encore correctement traduit. Si vous préférez attendre une version finale, elle sera disponible courant décembre.

Pour activer la langue française, activez l'option Bêta dans les propriétés du jeu dans la bibliothèque Steam, et sélectionnez PUBLIC_FRENCH_BETA dans le menu déroulant.


We are currently working on the French version of the game. Even though it is still very much a work in progress, we've decided that it would be better to publish regular updates instead of waiting too much, in order to make the game playable for French beta-testers.

The dialogues for the Book One have been reviewed several times, and even if they are not perfect yet, we are starting to be satisfied with the outcome. We are now working on all the menus, mob descriptions, item descriptions etc.

Once this is achieved, we will publish the beta translation for the rest of the dialogues and the descriptions for the books Two and Three, before reviewing everything again and publishing a proper French version for the whole game.

Please be aware that not all the content is translated yet, so if you prefer to wait for the final version, we expect it to be ready in December.

To access French language - please activate opt-in for BETA in game settings in Steam library and select PUBLIC_FRENCH_BETA from drop-down menu.

Event Horizon team

Tower of Time - Event Horizon

Dear Players,

If you are on the fence if Tower of Time is a game for you, now for a limited time you can get if with 30% discount.

If you already own the game and enjoyed it, please help us spread the word!
Thank you!

Event Horizon team
Tower of Time - Event Horizon
Dear Players,

We have released a patch addressing the following issue:

Floor 5, platform reset - sometimes even if platforms were reset, player could not enter the first platform. It is corrected now and platform reset works correctly now.

We have also implemented some graphical optimization as we are preparing the game for the console release - which resulted in quite a big patch size.

We hope you continue to enjoy the game.

Event Horizon team
Tower of Time - Event Horizon
Dear Players,

Tower of Time Wiki

If you are stuck somewhere, there is an expanding wiki containing maps, quests walk-through and other special locations.

If you would like to contribute, we would be very happy. Please share your ideas about the best party builds, best (most innovative) use of their skills or anything else you believe might make the game more enjoyable to new players.


A very small patch this time, fixing one issue on floor 5 with platforms. Sometimes you could get stuck if you chose to teleport to a different location with one particular lever setting.

ADDED: Option to reset all platforms to a starting position. Enter 0000 in a code machine next to the first platform.

We hope you have fun playing Tower of Time.

Event Horizon Team
Tower of Time - Event Horizon

A small patch this time, addressing the following problems:

  • Chest "stuck" bug - that sometimes occurred
  • Progress on floor 1 - it did not count in 1 mimic chest
  • Flying bats - decreased the volume of sound and the frequency of appearance
  • Few quest items (e.g. signet ring on floor 5) are better visible now
  • Melee champion behavior - sometimes they did not want to attack enemies or objects (trap) that were very close.
  • Some more of the graphic optimization in few locations - improvement of the overall performance.
  • Floor 9 map - few details added to make it more readable.

    Thank you for playing Tower of Time. We hope you are enjoying the game.

    Event Horizon Team
Tower of Time - Event Horizon

Dear Players,

We are happy to release another update with few quality of life features requested by you and few important fixed. We are also adding Russian to the list of supported languages.

If you would like to check the review of Tower of Time, we recommend watching the recent one from Skill Up, where he also has an interesting retrospective about CRPG genre in general.

Russian language added

Мы с радостью сообщаем, что добавили русский язык в список поддерживаемых языков. Надеемся, вам понравится играть в Tower of Time.

  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused the party to be stuck in opened chests
  • Added option to teleport to any uncovered checkpoint, from any point on the map
  • Fixed the bug that on some configuration caused the cinematics to play very slow
  • Fixed chest progress on floor 1
  • Some minor graphic fixes
  • All bosses are now immune to blind (as was always intended). Weakness, armor shatter and elemental weakness still works on them.

Quality of life features

As always, we tried to follow the feedback of the community very closely and are bringing you the following small enhancements.

Most importantly, we enhanced A.I. of range party members. Like the enemies, they will now look for the most optimal position if the enemy hides behind the wall or other obstacle.
(they no longer run directly to the enemy)

Also, champion/enemy combat stat panel will now show the exact effect (in # or %) and the remaining time for each buff or debuff.

Few other enhancements:
  • Added few more mimic chests, since you seem to enjoy the encounters. Have fun. Those creatures will not yield their treasure willingly.
  • Added few environmental effects such as flying bats or glowing wisp floating around that added some life to the environment
  • Added option to reduce particle number in exploration for slower PCs.
  • Added option to reduce shadow number in exploration for slower PCs.

Thank you for playing Tower of Time. As always, your feedback/review is highly appreciated.

Event Horizon team
May 29
Tower of Time - Event Horizon

Thanks for the positive response about Polish language and other features we have released. We are glad you enjoy them. Please leave us a review if you feel we game deserves it, it will help us a lot. Thanks.

We just launched a small update which fixes the following issues:
  • Small corrections to Polish texts, mostly in skill descriptions.

  • Fix to floor 1 progress where mimic chest was counted towards a chest while it is not really one... Yes, we are confused about this statement as well. To update the progress, please enter floor 1 again.

  • 4 missing enchants (rewards for challenges) are back. If you did those challenges and did not get the enchants, they will be added now so you can collect all 100% of them.

  • Floor maps - we added some details to the maps, such as bridges and walls so it is easier to navigate through the floors.

Thanks for playing Tower of Time and for all the feedback. Please keep it coming.

Event Horizon team
Tower of Time - Event Horizon

Dear Players,

We are happy to release another update with few quality of life features requested by you and few important fixed. We are also adding Polish to the list of supported languages.

Język Polski
Język polski został dodany do listy wspieranych języków. Gra powinna automatycznie wykryć język na podstawie języka systemu - aby przełączyć język ręcznie, wystarczy wejść do Settings/General i zmienić Language na polski.

Other languages update
We are entering testing phase for Russian language now. We should be ready to release it within next two weeks. We are also working on Turkish, French, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Japanese – although here we cannot give you time estimate yet.

Graphics improvements
We made some significant changes to few areas, adding a lot of “depth”. We also have continued to optimize the graphics, reducing the load in few places indicated by the players

Quality of life features
  • New Map with Points of Interests
    We have changed the maps - they are now rotated towards camera view, can be zoomed in / out and also contain all points of interests that count towards progress. It will make hunting for this “last chest” much easier now.

  • Fast mode in combat
    You can now accelerate time in combat to 3x normal speed - for those who want to resolve the combat quickly.

  • Pre-battle screen information
    Information about number of enemies - indicated by the number of skulls from 1-4. It should be now easier to prepare for encounters.

  • Mana Orbs fights
    When the last mana orb is destroyed, it does not end the fight abruptly anymore. Instead, it does explode and releases highly toxic gas that is damaging your champions. You can continue to fight and eliminate last remaining enemies, if only few remained.

  • Portal and Tower Icons - we have reworked them a bit, so they present information in more transparent way.
  • Added animations when your champions are idle - not the most important feature, but it adds some life to your party when you are exploring.

Combat balance
This time we made only very small changes - mostly to few boss fights. It seems we are done with balancing phase for hard and epic now - with your support we managed to create a game which should remain challenging until the very end. Cheers!

If we continue to work on the difficulty it would be to add another level - one step above epic or add a mode when you can have maximum three champions in your party.

We have also reduced a bit RNG for loot and crafting. Sometimes you could get a very powerful (2% chance) or very weak item (8% chance), which was either temporarily game breaking or truly annoying - we removed those outliers now.

  • Fixed key in water sector on level 4 - where sometimes it disappeared after going to the city and returning from it. If you go to this place - it will be waiting there.
  • Fixed fountain on floor 6 giving 10% mana - instead of +10 mana

Thank you for your support so far. Your feedback is extremely important to us - as you can see we do listen to your suggestions.

Please leave a review for us here on Steam, if you feel that we deserve it.

Event Horizon Team
May 18
Tower of Time - Event Horizon
Hello. We just released a small hotfix:

  • We have reduced overall difficulty on epic for mid and end game - reversed most of the changes from yesterday's patch. We kept new new boss mechanics (that make the fights more fun since they were just shoot and forget) and higher rewards for hard and epic.

    We did not want to break anyone's gameplay-in-progress. We still believe adding possibility to craft rings and jewelry and the change to dusty scrolls made the game easier on early levels. We will introduce a higher level of difficulty in the next patch that would be accessible only from New Game.

  • Fixed rare issue that some unique items did not show correct upgrade in item tooltips (they were working fine in combat)

  • Fixed a missing enchant reward in one of the Military Construct challenges. If you did this fight yesterday and did not receive the enchant, please Report Issue and we will send you back fixed save game.

Please consider leaving a review for us on Steam. It would help us a lot. Thank you.

Event Horizon
Tower of Time - Event Horizon

Dear Players,

Another big update that implements few quality of life features and corrects bugs based on your feedback.

German Language
We have added German language option. It should automatically detect your operating system language, if not - you can switch it from Settings. Many thanks to all players that helped us with some missing texts and did overall language proofing. If you spot anything amiss, please be so kind and let us know.

Other Languages Update
We should be ready with Polish language within few days. Russian language is at about 80% done and should be released in 2-3 weeks’ time. We are also working on Turkish, French, Chinese Simplified, Spanish and Japanese – although here we cannot give you time estimate yet.

Quality of life changes
  • Reworked dusty scroll mechanics. Now they always show the effect of the scroll. They are split into Lesser and Greater scrolls. Lesser Scroll grants a small positive effect while Greater Scroll grants a powerful positive effect but also a small negative one.

  • Added auto-cast option for buffs. New checkbox is added to the skill button.

  • New battle unit tooltip with more information.

  • Added health and mana regeneration stats to hero portraits.

  • Combat loot is now scaling with difficulty. If there is a unique item as a reward, it has slightly better stats on hard (+) and epic (++). Gold amount is slightly increased and additional crafting crystal can be looted.

  • Added crafting for Jewelry (from Blacksmith level 1) and Pistols (from Blacksmith level 3).
  • Unique items have one item forge slot so their life should now be longer.
  • Each resistance on Armor is now shown separately.
  • Daze and Stun effects are now shown on champion’s portrait.
  • When battle starts, first champion is always selected.
  • Reflect damage icon is changed.
  • Buff graphical effects are now toned down, so the visibility of the effects (if there are many) is improved.
  • Added subtle animated environment elements (e.g. moving machines or swaying chandeliers).
  • Improved graphics on few floors (e.g. intro floor).
  • Four new battlemaps added.

Bug Fixes
  • Few English typos were fixed. It should be now 100% correct.
  • 100% Completion is always possible now – even on floor 7 if you are kicked out from Daeva realm. However, Imprisoned Daeva (quest) counts towards 100% so you need to kill him before Trial ends if you plan on being kicked out from their realm.
  • Fixed buff timers sometimes duplicating.
  • Fixed hero stats sometimes not updating in inventory.
  • Fixed Main Damage getting replaced with Additional Damage after Item Forge (it caused problems when using Sunpower enchant).
  • Fixed Khan battle – now killing portal first and boss after does not result in a long waiting time before the battle is concluded.
  • Fixed some enemy summons which had 1 Health.
  • Towers and Portals now highlight properly when skill casting.
  • Fixed auto-save icon now showing all the time.
  • Elemental Barrage does not block movement now before projectiles hit the targets.
  • Imprisoned Daeva boss – now his drain life and drain mana skills work properly and channel can be interrupted together with the skill effect.
  • The nasty chest on floor 5 at fountain can now be accessed.
  • Kelsier’s Unique items now work properly and do stack armor reduction.
  • Fixed chest on floor 5 (near the fountain) that was difficult to pick up.
  • Fixed enchant names.

Combat balancing

With the help of few players we made tons of small and bigger changes. Most notably – due to reward scaling and received feedback – we increased overall difficulty on hard and epic. It would be impossible to list every single change we made (over 1000), so here is a recap of the most important ones:
  • Super secret dispenser code fight – fixed. It was meant to be unbeatable but some of you made it. So – now it is very hard but doable and therefore has decreased reward (still very nice but not game-breaking anymore).
  • Fixed: Push and Pull skill effects no longer break the channel skills. One problem with difficulty was that lots of mid- and end- game enemies use channel skills that were not a big threat due to pull/push.
  • Thorns Enchant – it was too powerful early especially when Armor was added in Item Forge. We did a lot of testing and rebalanced it to make it still very good early game and scaling well into late game. Also radius of Thorns has been increased from 3m to 4m so you are not forced to micromanage so much.
  • Boss fights were rebalanced – lots of them got new (sometimes unique) skills.
  • Rakhem’s skills: Acid Splash increased poison damage. Blinding Flash increased air damage.
  • Boron’s Cleave increased cleave damage at all levels, to 100% at maximum level.
  • Daeva enemies now should be what they meant to be – terrifying and tough minibosses. Number of enemies in fights decreased but each enemy should be much bigger threat now.
  • Few combats rebalanced – number of enemies changed, portal timers adjusted, trap positions adjusted.

    We hope you are enjoying Tower of Time. Please share with us your feedback so we can continue to improve the game – via Discord server or forums.

    Thank you.

    Event Horizon team.

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