Oct 19, 2018
The Misfits - BumbleBee
Version 1.18

-Network optimization
-Roly Poly bug fixed
-Remote players spamming Demo or Tesla gun fixed
-Fixed incorrect default outfit for Shiro being selected
-Menu: box and wide resolutions should now be seeing all the menus and buttons correctly
-Menu: fixed readability of many buttons, fields, options, etc.
-The Bog: fixed some missing rock collision
-Spectate feature is fixed and is back in. For non-elimination matches, spectate before joining. In elimination, spectate anyone before joining, but only your own team once eliminated.
-Fixed melee sometimes 1-shotting anyone even with full armor

-Fresh installs now default to 1080p or *x1080 resolution where possible instead of the absolute highest
-HUD: enemy player names are now red to help distinguish them as enemies.
-HUD: added team color outline around weapon area

-New game mode: Vendetta: 5-round elimination TDM
-New game mode: Smash&Grab: 5 round elimination plant / diffuse the bomb
-More servers! Servers added in North America, Europe, and Asia.
-Loading screens now feature a short pictorial explaining how the game mode works

Known issues:
-Scores not updating correctly across rounds for Vendetta and Smash&Grab
-Remote players falling and landing don't always roll when they should
-Browse Match: matches not sorting correctly by ping

Version 1.17

-Dedicated server with network fixes

-Added characters Teddy, Shiro, and Tarah to the default lineup

Known Issues:
-Remote players appear to spam Demo and Tesla guns
-Players are constantly rolling around
Sep 18, 2018
The Misfits - BumbleBee
Hey everyone, The issues joining and creating matches should be resolved now for the most part.
The game should also behave a bit better inside a match. Please try it out!
The Misfits - zzACCIDENTzz
Hello Community,

We will be play testing our US dedicated servers tonight with UK and Asia servers to follow within the next few days. We will also be adding two new default characters to the lineup for you to run around and shoot your friends with. Please join us in the test branch at 7pm PDT tonight to help us playtest the new US dedicated server. Thanks for your patience!


The Misfits Team
The Misfits - zzACCIDENTzz
We are currently working on adding dedicated servers for the game. Currently these matches are player hosted, so to reduce the latency issues (LAG) please join matches in the browse matches menu that is appropriate to your region or host one for yourself. The ping should be in the green if the host is in a similar region... Thanks for your support and patience. Lets continue to grow this community!!! If you haven't already please join our discord to get updates, gather players and post bugs...


Aug 25, 2018
The Misfits - BumbleBee

Version 1.08

-The long awaited ping in server browser! Ping now shows up for matches (may take a few seconds for new matches) and is colored by quality.
-Enemy names and markers now visible from slightly farther away
-Teammate names show up when moused over at any distance. Enemy names show up when moused over within a short distance
-Minor bug fixes with some game modes
-Minor big fixes when joining a match
-Minor bug fixes with voting on next map

-Matches with 30 seconds or less can no longer be joined but will still show up instead of disappearing. Once the game has started with a new map (or on the same map) it is joinable again
-Extended range on melee
-In server browser, for matches with too many players or too little time, those values will now show as red
-Contract Killers: Adjusted player bounty, killing a Wanted player should no longer cause a team to get more points than the other team
-When players drop cash stacks, they will now disappear after some time based on the amount dropped

Known issues:
-Enemy names visible through walls
-In some maps, bullet tracers and hit markers have temporarily disappeared from most terrain. They'll be back soon!
-Player names stuck in the hud apparently not fixed..

Version 1.07
-Fix dropped weapons showing up in a random spot in the map when players pick up new ones
-Fix player names in hud stuck in place above your player
-Fixed much of the giant ping spikes
The Misfits - BumbleBee

-Fixed some issues with player deaths
-Fixed occasional issues with some game modes
-MacOS: Fixed character visuals
-Corrected player count in match browse
-Several menus made easier to read look at
-Minor bugs causing latency (Lag) issues have been improved.


-Matches now hide from browse list while they're switching to a new map to help prevent joining at the wrong time
-Hid buttons in main menu until they're used
The Misfits - zzACCIDENTzz
Hello community, the new build is up v1.03 and should fix some network and UI issues!!! Make sure you verify latest for steam. Thank you for your patience...
The Misfits - BumbleBee
Please join us in a test branch, to help try out changes/fixes.
To get there, open properties on the game, click the BETAS tab, and from the dropdown choose "test".
After the update your game version will show 1.03T.
Aug 20, 2018
The Misfits - zzACCIDENTzz
The Misfits is officially live for early access!!! Thanks for your patience and see you in game... ミスフィットは公式に早期アクセスのために生きています! あなたの忍耐力に感謝し、ゲームであなたを見て...
The Misfits - zzACCIDENTzz
Our new IndieDb article is up to check out!!! Show your support and help The Misfits get higher on ranking... :grinning: https://www.indiedb.com/games/tbd-stylized-third-person-shooter/news/the-misfits-update-42

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