SAELIG - Stardog
Hey all,

Just a small update to address a few things.

  • Some slight optimisations.
  • Some notifications now have more information.
  • Bishop and Guard Captain now get a wage.
  • Bishop and Guard Captain will no longer be able to be hired, and will quit their job if they are employed when they gain the position.
  • Pregnancy is now capped at 45 years old.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the AI from supplying some of their businesses.
  • A few tweaks here and there.

Got some new walls, towers, and gates coming in the next major update.

SAELIG - Stardog

Sorry, this took a few days longer than I wanted it to, but here's the next update.

  • Positions of Power: Elders, Bishops, Guard Captains. Each town, depending on its size, has a number of elders. These are the oldest members of town. They vote on who will be the next bishop or guard captain. The player can become an elder and a guard captain. Bishop is currently unplayable. Click on the new button in the top right menu or on a longhouse for more details.
  • Children can now be properly enrolled at the learning hall. This costs a small amount of gold but they will be fed and warm during the day and learn new skills.
  • Update to automation so that you can now supply your other businesses.
  • Updates to AI and how they run their businesses.
  • Old people now have grey hair.
  • Corruption stat for those who abuse their powers.
  • Fixed bug where employees would go missing.
  • Various other bug fixes.
  • Few tweaks here and there.

I'm already working on the next update, which will further expand on the Positions of Power system, and more.

SAELIG - Stardog

Hopefully this is the last little update before the next big one.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause corrupted saves.
  • Fixed a bug that would make workers go back to work outside of work hours.
  • Adjusted the base wages for most buildings (may require new game).
  • Tweaked a few prices.
  • Various other little tweaks.

The plan is to have a large update ready for the 1st of June. No set plans for the content in it, but am going to do as much as I can between now and then.

SAELIG - Stardog

In this update you'll find the following -

  • More info added to the automation setup screen.
  • People will now need a way lower relationship with you before they start burning stuff.
  • Fixed a bug that cased the farm to load incorrectly in some cases.
  • Fixed some other loading issues.
  • Fixed a bug where people would easily die if they got two mild illnesses in a row.
  • Fixed some sowing issues with the farm.
  • Fixed a crash caused by automation.
  • Did a fairly large rework of AI workers and how they are assigned. The AI should be now more reliable at assigning the available workers.
  • A few other tweaks here and there.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause trees to not appear in certain cases.
  • Changes to the health system so that over the course of longer games people don't die as quickly or as easily. It scales better.

This update took a bit longer than I wanted due to issues with the foliage system. But hopefully that is behind us now and I can push forward.

SAELIG - Stardog
Hi all,

Another update going live.

  • Greet world interaction (long right click at location) - While in this mode your character will be extra approachable and people will come to chat. A good way to meet the towns people. This mode is cancelled when you move.
  • Extra details about what your spouse is spending money on.
  • Crop bonus for field size is no longer an upgrade and will happen automatically.
  • People more likely to stay in the Alehouse over night. Priced lowered.
  • Storage changes - Most buildings now have the same max stack (60) when fully upgraded. Most buildings will now also have six storage upgrades. Some buildings have additional upgrades to add more slots.
  • Basic automation has been added - You can now set your business to produce goods automatically, set a budget for purchasing goods, and instruct when to sell goods. This is still quite rough and will be expanded on.
  • Fixed a bug where Alehouse workers would leave their jobs for no reason.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause corrupt characters.
  • Fixed a bug where if both corrals were set to the same there was no added bonus.
  • Farmhouse should now be easier to select.
  • Tweaks to some farm productions.

Thanks for the support!

SAELIG - Stardog
Hey all,

It has been a while since that last update that introduced notable changes, and for that I can only apologise. Hopefully this update is a step in the right direction.

  • New models for fruit trees, vegetables, and all other farm crops.
  • Farm fields are now dynamically created based on the land they are on.
  • New upgrade for the farm that allows for more gain from crops based on field size.
  • New upgrade for the farm that allows you to move your corrals and fields around to make better use of space and to maximise field size.
  • Crops grow faster when it is raining.
  • Fixed several small bugs.
  • Optimisations and tweaks.
SAELIG - Stardog
Hi all,

Just another small update to address a few things.

  • Tweaked AI owned businesses so they sell goods sooner
  • Fixed a bug where the player's heir wouldn't take over some businesses
  • Fixed a bug where you could end up hating yourself
  • Increased the zoom height
  • Slight increase to walking speeds
  • Mine ore range extended and surveying upgrade removed
  • Farm animals no longer require oats
  • Farmhouse can now produce small carcasses

SAELIG - Stardog
Hi all,

A small update which will hopefully be the last before update 19.

  • More changes to market price calculations.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a heavily pregnant lady to continue work.
  • Fixed bug that could cause crash when selling large quantities.
  • Fixed big where alehouse cart spawn point was too far away from the alehouse.
  • Fixed bug that would cause some characters to not load correctly and become corrupt.
  • Some new models.

Other than that there have been other minor changes and fixes as well as new back-end changes to get ready for a new farming system.

Cheers for all the support! Time to get back to work. I really want to get the next major update out. Pretty excited about it.

SAELIG - Stardog
Hi all,

Another small update just while I continue work on update 19.

  • Should now get slightly more money when selling in bulk to the market.
  • New icon on market items that shows if the prices for said item are still calculating.
  • Changes to market item tooltips.
  • Changes to how the market prices are calculated.
  • Should now be more thieves.
  • Pickpocketing and waylaying should now be easier.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented AI businesses from checking trading posts for goods when the markets had none.
  • Heirs will only be shown if they are 16 or older.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.

Thank you for all your continued support. Update 19 will focus on a complete re-work of the farming side of things.

SAELIG - Stardog
Just a small update.

  • Changes to Civilian NPCs crime detection - they shouldn't be able to detect as easily anymore.
  • Fixed a strange pattern in the snow during winter.
  • Tweaked some plant colours a little bit.
  • Small adjustments to some text.


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