May 15, 2018
Bio Inc. Redemption - DryGin Studios

This update is now build upon the latest Unity 2018.1 official build and should resolve most stability issues encountered with the previous version.

Users with the “Couldn’t switch to requested monitor resolution.” should now be able to properly launch the game.

We have also fixed the two last Multitasks stages and they now behave as expected.

Please note that we have also reset the season multiplayer ranking and they will now follow the calendar season (next season is Summer).

We apologize for the delay it took to release this update, but we needed the new and official Unity 3D release to ship the update.

Thanks for your patience and support!!
Apr 9, 2018
Bio Inc. Redemption - DryGin Studios
Small update for bug fixes and improvements today. Here is what is in the update:

-Fixed the “his” issue when the selected gender is female.
-Fixed an issue where the game would freeze in the Death Shields stage.
-Fixed an issue where the A.I was not obligated to terminate all 8 systems in stage Death Race II.

Also, we will soon update a new build for the “Couldn’t switch to requested monitor resolution.” bug but I cannot exactly say when. We are still waiting on Unity to release the full Patch, but it should be shortly.

Thanks for your support and patience!!
Steam Community Items - (Sin Vega)

If you don't immediately try to kill all the friendly NPCs, you're doing it wrong.

We’re back!

Unknown Pleasures has been on unplanned hiatus as I have been grotesquely ill. The lack of communication or cover was entirely my fault, and I apologise for that unreservedly (and extend further thanks to the Hivemind for their extraordinary patience). I’m sorry.

Wait, hang on, Adam’s leaving. I can blame him! It was Adam, everyone! Shake your indignant fists.

There’s a bumper of 12 games this week, and then we’ll be back to normal. So, assaulting our ailing bodies this week: third party candidates, pugilistic ducks, and a JRPG that wait where are you going no come on, be fair.


Mar 16, 2018
Bio Inc. Redemption - DryGin Studios

Hey All,

We finally found the major issue that is causing crashes for some players. We temporary had to disable 2 “mouseover” tooltips (one in each mode) that where causing the crashes. We will soon re-update the game with the fixed tooltip engine and reinstate the tooltips.

We also performed a few major changes to help with overall performances/crashes that should have been QA for longer but given the severity of the current crash, we decided to patch right away, and we will monitor and patch regularly until we reach 100% stability.

If you do encounter bugs or crashes, please let us know and they will be fixed ASAP.

If the new build is now stable for you, we would be very grateful if you could leave us a thumbs up (or cancel your thumbs down). We have worked around the clock since last Thursday to identity and fix the crashes.

We do understand how frustrating this situation was for some of you and we sincerely hope you can give this new update a try!

Thanks to the community and everybody who sent us they’re crash logs, we would not have been able to fix it without it.

Mar 8, 2018
Bio Inc. Redemption - DryGin Studios

Hello all,

Today Bio Inc. Redemption is leaving its current Early Access state to move to Full Launch. For the past nine months, we have steadily worked on the game, adding tons of new features and fixing bugs. Today is no different as we are again releasing a new set of features to go along our Full Launch. Below is a detailed list of what is new in version 1.00.

Versus Multiplayer

We are shutting down the Multiplayer Beta branch, merging the multiplayer mode to the main branch. We also added multiplayer all-time and seasonal leaderboards for Overall, Death, and Life. A season is three months long and follows the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, and winter). Seasonal ranks will reset every three months while the all-time leaderboard is perpetual. Who can rank number one in Life/Death?

Gender Selection

You can now pick a male or female character before starting a match. Aside from the alternative visual representation, there are also new diseases, diagnoses, and treatments specific to each gender.

New Stages

Each campaign now contains three additional stages. Scenarios for these stages are devious and will challenge your abilities to the maximum. The last stage of each campaign is considered a "boss stage", it must be completed at Lethal difficulty and has a unique twist to it.

This is only version 1.00. We will keep building the title based on your feedback. We do have ideas and improvements for the game but we want to hear from the community before we commit to anything. Since the beginning of the Early Access, you have been very helpful and we sincerely thank the whole community for the feedback. The amount of love you have shown us is huge (94% positive on steam) and we hope you will enjoy these new features and additions to the game.

Let us know what you think and once again, thanks for your support!
Dec 19, 2017
Bio Inc. Redemption - DryGin Studios

Small and quick update today for the holidays. We have added 2 news hidden patients (Santa Claus and Grinch) as well as a new dropdown menu for all “hidden patients” … Not so “hidden” no more...!

We are aware that we haven’t updated the main branch often lately but rest assured, we are working very hard towards our full launch with tons of new content for Q1 2018.

Until then, happy holidays and have fun playing Bio Inc. against or with your friends and family!!


The team @ DryGin Studios.
Bio Inc. Redemption - DryGin Studios

Hello friends,

We have a new multiplayer beta update available for you guys with a few major changes. Hopefully this multiplayer version will feel more complete and balanced.

Multiplayer Chat Engine

You now can chat in lobby as well as in game with your opponent. It should provide a more engaging experience and facilitate things like rematch and side selection. Please note that there is not sensor mechanisms for now so please be polite until we sensor you :).

Risks Factors/Lifestyles Limit

Both sides now have a limit of 6 Risk Factors or Lifestyles they can purchase for the entire match length. This limit has been put in place to counter Lifestyles/Risk Factors shopping spree that would lead to long and boring games.

Bio Points stacking Limit

Just like playing in campaigns, you can stack no more than 35 Bio Points before the resources system will stop spawning new resources.

Recovery speed and Overdrive mode

To achieve a 50%/50% win rate for both sides we have slightly increased the basal recovery speed. Furthermore, in the event where all diseases have been treated (no more symptoms), the Recovery will enter “Overdrive” mode and it will increase very fast. Death players must ensure their victims is sick at all time and cannot stay idle for too long.

Let us know what you think about theses changes and let us know if you think we are missing out on something!
Oct 26, 2017
Bio Inc. Redemption - DryGin Studios

Trick or treats!

In conjunction with the Steam Halloween sales we are running a special discount with a little added extra! We have added a new “hidden” patient with an all new ambiance for this occasion. We plan on building more stages with different kinds of ambiances so please let us know if you liked it. The hidden patient responds to code name “Halloween”.

We also updated the Multiplayer Beta branch with a new Matchmaking system (quick play only) to help you find other players.


  • Added the Quickplay Matchmaking option in the multiplayer branch.
  • “Hidden patient” Halloween with new ambiance system.
  • Fixed a few minor glitches for both offline and online games.

We still have a lot of work to do until our official release so stay tuned for new patches and updates! We are listening very closely to your feedback on the Mutliplayer Beta and we will update the system gradually.

Happy Halloween!
Bio Inc. Redemption - DryGin Studios

Hello All,

This update is a major one. We are pleased to release the Multiplayer Beta your all been waiting for.


To be part of the Multiplayer Beta, close the game, right click Bio Inc. Redemption in your game library, click on properties, navigate to BETAS and select MULTIPLAYER BETA in the drop-down list. Please note that you can OPT-OUT at any moment and you will not lose your saved progress. You can also continue your single player campaigns while being in the Multiplayer Beta.

Having the Multiplayer Beta in a separate branch will enable us to be more proactive on fixing bugs and tweaking balance without affecting the standard build.

At this moment, the Multiplayer Beta let you play against a friend in a VERSUS, Death VS Life match. We have the intention of adding a Match-Making option with ranked play, leaderboards, seasons and more but before we add new features, we must ensure that the core experience is fun and balanced.

We will need your feedback to improve the experience so please make sure to post it under our official Steam discussions.

Official Thread:

Also, since there is no match making in this current BETA, we have created an official Discord server to find other players to play with.

Official Discord Server:


  • Multiplayer Beta Including Versus Mode.
  • Added a new event notifications system to replace game stopping panels. This option can be set to ON/OFF in options menu and will be automatically turned ON after Level 5.
  • Added the ability to see which systems a disease is targeting in Life mode by placing your cursor over a disease node.
  • Added the ability to have your victim to commit suicide when it has serious mental disorders.
  • Fixed a bug where the Emergency Music would not resume after the Unprotected Sex Wheel is turned.

Please note that theses changes have been uploaded to both the standard and the beta builds (aside from the multiplayer in the standard build).
Aug 25, 2017
Bio Inc. Redemption - DryGin Studios
Hello everyone,

This week’s update is small and is mostly in preparation of our next big update for multiplayer. We cannot tell you exactly when the multiplayer update will be live but it will be in a few weeks (read: not months). We have made solid progress towards it and the feature set will be incremental so that you don’t have to wait for too long.

Otherwise, this update has a few performance improvements and the game should run a little smoother in most cases. We also have new hidden patients... Hint: the new hidden patients are all YouTubers…!


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