Zombidle : REMONSTERED - BerzerkStudio

It appears the Kings have fallen on hard time and are looking for some "freelance" jobs, you can now hire them to plunder their own country for 100% conquest; oh the delicious irony.

Sorry for the delay, turns out someone broke everything while trying to fix everything, woops! *cue canned sitcom laugh track*

See below for the full change log:

  • Multi-World Farming Kings are now purchasable
  • Pleasure Pack has replaced the Nipply Pack!
  • Divine Protein Powder now has an effect!
    -- "Multiply Total DPS per White Orb by 10,000% Stacks Multiplicatively." In-game it shows the incorrect tool-tip, this will be updated next patch!
  • Beads of Power now benefit from Muon Ghost Amplifier bonus
  • Fixed enormous draw call bug with monster items in small view
  • Reduced decimal accuracy from thousandth to hundredth (2 decimal places)
  • Black area on world map now consumes the click instead of pushing it to the world behind it
  • Timer underneath 'To Hell' button now displays shortest craft timer
  • Offline Progression calculations have been updated to hopefully be more accurate and faster.

    Thanks gallons for all the support if for any reason you feel the need to contact us, you can follow @lachhh & @Kojak on twitter or join our Discord, and our subreddit. As always, all bug reports or lost things should be directed at feedback@zombidle.com because Larklen is a lot better at our jobs than we are.
Zombidle : REMONSTERED - BerzerkStudio

It's happening, it's finally happening, the game we've been working on for what seem like ages is coming out this week, everything is fine, nothing is on fire.

To celebrate that, we've made a small event in Zombidle that will last a couple weeks, on top of doing an AMA on /r/NintendoSwitch on the 31st, come at us!

Just Shapes & Beats Event!
  • 'Just Shapes & Beats' event to celebrate the upcoming release of the game *YOU* helped us make!
  • The event has an internal start date of May 21st, so you have a weeks worth of currency to gather!
    - - See how Event Currency works here!
  • Just Shapes & Beats will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC on May 31st 2018! Watch the trailer here!
  • Lachhh scroll has been updated! (It may have an increased reward as well ;) )
  • Several bug fixes
    - - Including the bug where purchasing items in shop resulted in item not being added to inventory.
Social media stuff: follow @lachhh & @Kojak, on twitter. Join our Discord, and our reddit. As always, all bug reports or lost things should be directed at feedback@zombidle.com

Now more than ever go check out Just Shapes & Beats and wishlist it HERE and follow it on twitter if you want to check out the cool things we're doing and the dank meme posting. There's also some music thing happening on Spotify
Zombidle : REMONSTERED - BerzerkStudio
Yooooooo everybody, been a while!

Sorry for the lack of patch notes around here in the past few months, long story short I am terrible at everything and locked myself out of the Steam page and got confused by technology like a dehydrated grandma trying to change the clock on her microwave, so I missed the Nightmare mode and event notes. Again, SORRY, MY B.

For those just joining us and wondering what got added since the year started, here's the tl;dr:
  • Passive event system
  • Nightmare mode
  • Pleasure Island event
  • About 4 googledoc pages worth of random bug fixes

In more recent news, we pushed a small update on Friday, we have all hands on deck for the last few miles for Just Shapes & Beats, so Shayne knocked off a few bugs on the side while Etienne whipped together some brush magic and made new levels for Hell buildings.

Here's the deets of what's been fixed:
  • New levels of the Armory, Bank, and Resort
  • Discounts to the Easter and Juicy Beast items from last year's events
  • Fixed an issue with leaving/running out of time on a wizard fight
  • Fixed a few issues with the diamond shop
  • Fixed the annoying off by one error with level displays
  • And a bunch of other smaller bug fixes that I can't remember right now

We'll have a pretty big update in the works as soon as Just Shapes & Beats is out, which is soon... oh so very soon... dear god what have we done... So yea, sit tight, it's gonna be raaaad.

Wouldn't be a proper patch note if I did not end by thanking you all for playing and supporting us, especially during these stressful times, you dudes are the best and make all of this worth it in the end. You can reach us on all the social medias if you wish to, and by us I mean @lachhh & @Kojak, you don't really want to reach me, trust me. You can also join our Discord, and our reddit. As always, all bug reports or lost things should be directed at feedback@zombidle.com

Extra note, please don't forget to wishlist wishlist Just Shapes & Beats and follow it on twitter if you want to check out the cool things we're doing and the dank meme posting.
Zombidle : REMONSTERED - BerzerkStudio
Sup my dudes

Late update again, fitting as we're unleashing the Corporate Corporative Corporation update today, so let's do the Middle Management thing and blame someone else for it being late. Passing the buck ftw~

Starting World 4 you can start your corporation and hire beaten monsters to do your job, now this is full throttle idling!

Other than that, Quick options got a nice revamp, should increase quality of life by at least two gallons.

Hope ya'll enjoy your newfound middle management position in hell!

[[Insert thankful phrase to players]] [[Insert witty phrase welcoming comments]]. [[Insert social media links]] @lachhh, @Kojak, Discord, reddit [[Insert support email that nobody every uses feedback@zombidle.com]]

Zombidle : REMONSTERED - BerzerkStudio
Hey my dudes!

This week we are wrapping up the Halloween storyline, spoiler: everyone got fat and has diabetes now.

This update, other than taking out the event, introduces the brand spanking new Leaderboards; you don't have to spank it per say, but we kindly ask that you don't kinkshame it for how it feels.

Leaderboard works with up to 4 friends, invite them from your selfphone!

We're also adding new packs to the shop, these packs are one time purchases and aimed to help newer players reach the midgame faster so they can also enjoy timed events the same way as everyone. They also happen to be the best bang for your buck in terms of currency, so I'd give em a look if you ever want to help us make rent!

Other than that, bunch of Quality of Life fixes, mostly Maurice and Chest Collector related. Fixed a lot of bugs related to sounds too, no more near-death experience when starting up the game because it decided that the sound was now louder than the cry of a thousand endangered species dying of a broken heart.

We'd also like to say we're super sorry for the delay of this update, review process took longer than expected, hopefully this won't happen again once we change the update schedule later this year/early next year.

To finish this edition of the patch note post, I'd like to thank each and everyone of you, yes even you, for playing. Your comments, suggestions and laments are always read and appreciated, for the most part. If you feel the need to do any of that, tweet at @lachhh & @Kojak on twitter, join our Discord, or go nuts on reddit; please remember that there's a place and a time for anything bug related, and none of the previous means of communication is it, please email us at feedback@zombidle.com for that.
Oct 12, 2017
Zombidle : REMONSTERED - BerzerkStudio
Yooo everyone, time for the best time of the eyar, HALLOWEEN BOOOOO

On top of the seasonal event, we added some new things, because that's what we do:

  • Maurice the friendly fiend can be found somewhere in the world
  • Maurice offers bounties for you to complete for rewarding rewards
  • Once uncovered, Maurice will chill in Hell, find him there!

New selfphone
  • Selfphone is now 33% prettier

  • Removed the hard cap on seasonal currency that was implemented last update
  • Chest Collector can now collect the third chest in W2
  • Bob will now wake to cast Sloth Form

That's it for this week, if you need to get ahold of us for some reason, get at @lachhh & @Kojak on twitter, join our Discord, or post your laments over on reddit, all bug reports or lost things should be directed at feedback@zombidle.com

Ya'll have a wonderful weekend filled with pumpkin spice themed things or something, I wouldn't know I don't touch any of that stuff.
Zombidle : REMONSTERED - BerzerkStudio
Yoooo everyone, hope everyone is having a rad SNES launch day!

We just pushed a small fix patch for those who were having server issues, if you were having database error messages, please let us know if it's fixed~

While we were pushing stuff, we figured we'd add some quality of life in instead of waiting till next content update:

  • Chest Collector: new feature that will let you open all the chests in a map if you cleared at least equivalent level map. This will be unlocked to you buds after you complete the new World 4 challenge.

  • New hell building levels: pretty self explanatory, now you're playing with super power!

Also this patch will serve as a transition to our new update schedule, next content update will be in 2 weeks so it doesn't conflict with TwitchCon. While we may not be the smartest tools in the shed, we're at least somewhat smart enough to realize that, launching an update when there's nobody at the studio to fix whatever garbage fire might spontaneously materialize, MIGHT be a bad idea.

Speaking of TwitchCon, most of the team will be there, so if you want to talk at length on how you love birds and bird related activities, come tackle Kojak!

That's pretty much it for this week, if there's a fire some something, hollar at @lachhh & @Kojak on twitter, we're on Discord and reddit too, if you wanna hang with other cool peeps playing Zombidle, or just call us names, whatever you need we're there to help; and as always, the best way to reach out for broken stuff is feedback@zombidle.com. I should really start copy pasting this contact section, I'm gonna run out of ways to segue into it soon.

Thanks for all the love you guys have been showing us and our bud Gonzo from the last update, means the world to us!
Zombidle : REMONSTERED - BerzerkStudio

Welcome to this wonderous update full of things and stuff, turtle things and stuff. Stuff that was drawn by the most awesome sir GonzoSSM the 1rst of his name, who you may or may not know him from that Toss the Turtle game of yore. And if you do, remember that it was nearly 10 years ago and now you are old and have responsibilities like needing to pay rent, bills, probably having high cholesterol due to your sedentary lifestyle, and deer god what am I doing with my life.

Where was I, oh, right, update content! This event has gallons of new stuff, Mister Gonzo did some really rad stuff with the new map/environment/enemies/my new pony tramp-stamp tattoo, but wait, there's more!

  • New World for a limited time only
  • New Unique Items also for a limited time only
  • New Scalable difficulty boss forever, until the event ends
  • Bulleted list for a limited time only forever
  • Quality of life change: By popular demand, you can now press 0 to enable all skills
  • Quality of life change: Surrender button should appear on each phases now, you quitters
  • UI Changes, stuff should no longer get on two lines
  • Moar UI changes: stuff should also flash red when failing to activate
  • Item dump timer is gone, BAI
  • Hopefully fixed more bugs than we just introduced

Also had some important changes to event currency mechanics:
  • Drop chance can now reach 0% upon hitting cap.
  • Cap is still calculated every 4 hours
  • Items that increment currency drops increment cap by the same amount (i.e. +drop items won't push you to cap faster).

We're super excited to have Gonzo contribute his kind of crazy to the project, I really hope ya'll enjoy it all as much as we had fun doing it. If there's anything, please reach out to @lachhh & @Kojak on the tweet box, or join our community Discord channel thing. If none of that tickles your fancy, you can always yell at us on our official reddit sub or straight up email us at feedback@zombidle.com, hot dang that's a lot of ways to connect, we're just a linkedin profile short of being true millennials.

Thanks to each and everyone of you for all the awesome support you've shown us since we've launched, you guys make it all worth it!
Jul 19, 2017
Zombidle : REMONSTERED - BerzerkStudio
Hey everybody!

Seems that a lot of ya'll took our previous advice about staying inside quite literally, sometime last week we reached the 100k player milestone and we couldn't be happier! Well technically a couple of new luxury sports car, a mansion by the lake and an infinite supply of beef jerky would make us even happier, but I mean, it's a figure of speech alright.

So yeah where was I, right. Thanks a gallon to all you buds that have been along for this ride so far, we can't wait to push out the summer update, there's a lot of rad stuff coming soon, stay tuned!

But seriously, don't go outside, I was there today it's hot, damp and it smells weird, IGN 0/5, would not recommend.
Zombidle : REMONSTERED - BerzerkStudio
Hey buds!

Quick update to let ya'll know we're running a special "Steam Summer sale" deal until the 5th of July!

Get twice as many diamonds from the shop, that's 100% more than usual, for a total for 200% diamonds every purchase, what a deal!

Math is awesome, I math good.

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