Nov 18, 2018
红石遗迹 - Red Obsidian Remnant - Red Obsidian Studio
Fixed: Achievement [Doyen] cannot be unlocked.
Fixed: Nightmare mode cannot be unlocked
Oct 31, 2018
红石遗迹 - Red Obsidian Remnant - Red Obsidian Studio
For a variety of reasons, the new version of Steam hasn't been updated and released (though it's been in beta for a long time), but it's kept you waiting.

At present, the Steam version of ver,
the new version of Ver, is mainly updated as follows:

1 increased endless mode (new adventure mechanism, weather and monster enhancement, 10 levels of content).
2 changed some of the weapons.
3 repaired many BUG
4 optimize operation handle and handle delay.

The following is a detailed version of the change (which can also be viewed in the update log of the game):
Change: In Adventure mode, another explorable room will show after you clean up a monster room.
Change: [Perfect Block] will no longer refresh Invincibility time.
Change: [Torrent] crossbow has been weakened but other crossbows strengthened。
Newly Added: The Endless mode and its leaderboard need to be unlocked after you pass the Ultimate difficulty.
Fixed: Some wrongly displayed maps and special effects have been fixed.
Fixed: Be unable to press OK button after PVP mode ends has been fixed.
Fixed: We have fixed abnormal forced closure of game process, reloading stuck and etc.
Fixed: The Talent page can be selected by mouse now.
Fixed: Abnormal archive loading has been fixed.
Fixed: Abnormal click situation of the Talent page has been fixed.
Optimized: The animation playback collision, button delay of the handle as well as occasional monster room cleaning stuck have been optimized.
Fix: the achievement is not synchronized due to flash back
Fix: Part of the error due to a forced shutdown of the game
Fix: PVP mode no longer shows the difficulty
Fix: Portal changed to cycle triggered
Fix: Portal changed to cycle triggered:Abnormality caused by rapid and continuous use of the alchemy Desk
Fix: Portal changed to cycle triggered: Fireball explosion will not cause harm
Fix: Portal changed to cycle triggered:Occasional attacks on non-existent objects
Repair the WinXp & Win7 execute error
Optimization: make the operation smooth
Fix:cannot be return to main panel with mouse clicks at the end of PVP.
Fix:In the online mode, when the teammates leave and the host exit game, the screen that will always be black.

Thank you!
Nov 16, 2017
红石遗迹 - Red Obsidian Remnant - Red Obsidian Studio
Newly added: Online adventure mode
Newly added: Online Versus mode
Newly added: Three new weapons
Newly added: Three online achievements

Adjustment: [Ornament] option has been added into the menu of [Soul Collector].
Adjustment: The overall BOSS difficulty of the Pandora increases and the number of monsters will also be affected by the number of players.
Adjustment: Pandora’s initial equipment has been changed to 4-level novice weapons and 1-level ornament, which increases Pandora’s attribute damage (such as poisonous and burning damages).
Adjustment: Two 4-level equipment can also be integrated, and then an enchant attribute will be attached.
Adjustment: Cancel the upper limit of the enhanced furnace.

Other details:
[Assassin]’s dismemberment marks need to be built after going behind the enemy and accumulate for a while.
[Sword of Sacrifice] can stock up blood by eating food with health points overflowed.
For move changes for one-handed sword, please refer to Adventurer’s Manual.
The attack frequency while using Block gets higher after throwing out the Shiv.

For the old Version has been transferred to 1006 branch (Test code: 000000001006), players who want to keep playing the old PC version can switch branches freely, except that the achievements display is not correct, the archives are the same.

How to switch the test branch?
1. Select game in the Steam game list, right-click and select attributes in the pop-up menu.
2. Click the test bar and enter the corresponding test code.
3. Then press down the check code button to the right.
4. There’s a drop-down list in the upper left side, you can select the newly added branch there.
5. Close the panel and wait for the update.

How to switch back to the original branch?
If it is the default version, you can start from step 4 above and select no test in the drop-down list.

Occasionally, the room fails to join, and it can be recreated after leaving the room.

If you have any questions, you can leave a message to the forum.

Finally, thank you for your support!
红石遗迹 - Red Obsidian Remnant - Red Obsidian Studio
Multiplayer mode is about to complete, PVP part has been completed, PVE left a small amount of content, about 90%, is currently in the internal test, please be patient.
Also consider new content, you can add a new batch of equipment, and then open a new version.
Need to pre-test can join the test group: QQ group 172860753
thank you for your support!
Jul 30, 2017
红石遗迹 - Red Obsidian Remnant - Red Obsidian Studio
Adjustment: Uniform 1.0 version number for each platform, the game is still updated as a non-full version.

Repair: seal or badge used out, to the next level to save and exit. When reading the file will appear again

Fix: trigger achievement [valuable soul]. and player was not killed and was equiped the [yellow crystal] .

Repair: demon treasure box to kill the monster (still left the case of BOSS) will lead to the portal will disappear

Repair: Avenger task, chose option 2, kill the Avenger and pick up the sheepskin coupons , will lead to the portal will disappear

Repair: [Lava Lumbricus] and [Death Blossom] incapable of action after freeze

Repair: [Iron-Cutting Dagger] enchanting property will double the increase when load the data,

Adjustment: [Lava Lumbricus] single trumpet damage to the body to reduce the rate of damage to the body, [Death Blossom] attack faster

Adjustment: for the window shrink into a very small situation, now after running the game, will automatically restore the default resolution.
Jul 26, 2017
红石遗迹 - Red Obsidian Remnant - Red Obsidian Studio
Newly Added: Add “Save the Game” function
Newly Added: Add Level 5
Newly Added: Add a new Boss and new title

Adjustment: Reset and balance most of states, effects and suits
Adjustment: Enhance prop and ultimate effects
Adjustment: Adjust the number of rooms in a single level
Adjustment: Adjust the using time of the Strengthened Table to be 5. The price will be increased by 10 gold coins for each strengthened time. (Initial price is 50 gold coins)
Adjustment: There’ll be 2 seconds of invincible time when the player gets up after falling to the ground.
Adjustment: Combo reward adjusted by 150% at the most.
Adjustment: Game manual added to the menu panel in the combat.
Adjustment: The eyes between the player and the enemy won’t be interconnected, which only happens among teammates.
Adjustment: Only when the player suffers personal attack will a special red font displayed. (Red front was displayed in the special effects of teammates and cloaks before.)
Adjustment: Add cloak as well as the sound effect (activated when the hunting clip is broken or triggered)
Adjustment: Weaken all monsters’ HP in the following levels as well as weaken the equipment’s basic attack growth.
Adjustment: Remove the action when using life portion (Recovers instantly and won’t interrupt the current action)

Repair: For the revenge task, when the NPC is also in the team, the portal will disappear after you get the Scroll until you deliver the Scroll to the NPC.
Repair: The bug that the dialog is blocked and the NPC will encounter the same weapon while initializing the left initial soul value has been fixed.
Repair: The bug that the key B of the gamepad is bound to "confirm" and "weapons 3", but the actual use of the key B to pick up will make the weapons appear in the slot of weapons 1 has been fixed.
Repair: The bug that for Resonance + Caliburn part, the use of Dual Blade combo cannot trigger the special effect of the Caliburn has been fixed.
Repair: The bug that the Boss is still unable to move even after the Freezing effect has been fixed.

The next step will be to develop online content, thank you for your support!
Jul 1, 2017
红石遗迹 - Red Obsidian Remnant - Red Obsidian Studio
★Increase: Open Soul Value store (Can unlock new side quests, and choose avatar and title on your own)
★Increase: Get two events of NPC rooms newly added
★Increase: Open the talent of misfortune

Adjustment: We’ve made adjustment that the consumption of soul value will reset talent. (Require: Soul value of level*10)
Adjustment: Pandora will be adjusted to a single BOSS, but the monster and the BOSS of Pandora move faster than before.
Adjustment: The special move of the Shiv will last for 5 seconds, causing hard value to enemies. The cost will be changed to 30 anger points.
Adjustment: The dual blade special move—[Shadow Sneak] will be adjusted and changed to be attached with 3 stacks of bleeding.
Adjustment: The additional damage of the Crossbow [Strike Arrow] is adjusted to 50%.
Adjustment: There will be an option before the robber begins to rob player’s equipment. (Confirm to fight or not)
Adjustment: The number of jars is decreased while the output is increased, so the jars are more concentrated.
Repair: The bug that items disappear while in the exchange of ornament between you and the warehouse
Repair: We’ve fixed the abnormal superimposed [Serpent’s Gauntlet] problem.

★Ranking Adjustment:
1 Ranking is no longer based on the upload of [Single Soul Value] but on that of [Comprehensive Score].
2 The settlement starts every three weeks.
3 The settlement time is from Friday to Sunday (based on the Pacific Time), and it is not allowed to upload scores in the settlement date. The ranking list will be cleared on the last day of the settlement day.

★Overall Economic Adjustment:
The monster itself no longer drops gold coins.
The prices of the weapons at the store are classified into four levels (1-4), and down-regulated to 300-2000. The strengthened weapon price is also reduced.

★The proportion of all soul values reduced:
The highest soul value of the clearance is adjusted to around 2000.
Soul value required by opening Pandora box is reduced to 100.
Soul value of the props and equipment in the ordinary shop are reduced to 20-50.

Modify or remove part of the talents:
The talents of [Money Drawing], [Precision] and [Faith] have been removed.
The talent effects of [Bargain], [Bounty] and [Hunter] have been transferred to title
Three Challenge Badge related talents newly added
Jun 17, 2017
红石遗迹 - Red Obsidian Remnant - Red Obsidian Studio
Adjustment: all counterattack moves to invincible state

Repair: [Catalytic stone] will lead to their own DEBUFF duration of the growth

Repair: NPC still can block when it was hit on aerial state

Fix: [Devine Scroll] No effect

Repair: special effects do not disappear when [Dizzy] end

Adjustment: [Divine Shield] Remaining layer number increase flag display
Jun 17, 2017
红石遗迹 - Red Obsidian Remnant - Red Obsidian Studio
Repair: [Devil Treasure Chest] or [Curse Treasure Chest] opened and battle ended does not trigger the portal

Adjustment: [Skeleton General] limits 3 summon units

Adjust: [perfect block] and [perfect dodge] will be a short time of invincible state

Repair: shiv special moves [vultures] will no longer attack the trap

Adjustment: dodge action more quickly

Fix: Try to solve the problem that the invincible state is likely to be hit by the attack

Adjustment: [Storm Slash] change to invincible state,and anger power need 40 points

Adjustment: [Oboro Hit] change to Pa state, when counterattack moment it change for the invincible state

Adjustment: guardian MaxHp increase, after you defeat it, you will get 1000G
unchanged, plus a platinum Treasure chest and rich soul points

Adjust: Reduce the sound of the big bang

Increase: combo attack reward system
when you combo attack on battle , the damage will increase (influencing factors including smooth swap other weaponds to combo attack, hit, block, dodge, counterattack break, etc.)

Increase: you will get the reward of soul points when you completing the achievements (the original has been completed will also make up)
Jun 14, 2017
红石遗迹 - Red Obsidian Remnant - Red Obsidian Studio
Repair: the fourth layer BOSS Pandora mode only two BUG

Adjustment: Increases the equipment level generated by the changer

Adjust the effect of removing monster resistance on bloody injuries

Adjustment: improve the BOSS soul value output

Adjustment: [rusty dagger] will not appear in the Pandora box, the relative will
appear [Iron-Cutting Dagger]

Adjustment: [Iron-Cutting Dagger] will initially have a random blessing attribute

Repair: no blessing attribute of the weapons, pick up the equipment after the acquisition of blessing attributes will disappear

Adjustment: Ice Golem BOSS pillar attack to effective time to shorten

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