Dec 29, 2017
Willy-Nilly Knight - Double Dice Games
Fixed bug with Twirt in Tavern:
For everybody who already found this bug - quest will become completed and reward gained automatically. For new game quest will work as it have to.

GUI Scale with 4K support:
Now users with screen resolution 1920x1080 and higher can find special parameter "GUI Scale" in Settings->Video. Available scale values depends on your resolution and can be one of x1, x1.2, x1.5, x2, x2.4. Warning! GUI created for x1 scale, so dependent on you monitor size, resolution and selected scale, GUI can loose it's sharpness end become tiny blurry.

Thank you for the feedback and stay tuned! ːwnk_arthurː
Willy-Nilly Knight - Double Dice Games
Ho-Ho-Ho, dear friends! We prepared for you two large Christmas presents.

Christmas sale!
From December 21 to January 4th you can boy Willy-Nilly Knight with a large discount 72%.

Arena mode.
Almost one month we worked hard and now it's ready. You can create battle, choose one of 3 locations, select characters for your team and enemy team, and then start the battle. There are still a lot of work to do with arena mode, but we will continue to work on it to give you even more joy.

Thank you for your loyalty! Mery Christmas and Happy New Year! ːsteamhappyː
Nov 21, 2017
Willy-Nilly Knight - Double Dice Games

Hello our dear Knights and Sorcerers! Our game received one more important update, that fixes bugs and improve gameplay.

Fixed bugs:
  • Fixed bug related to "Hell wolf" and "Phantom warrior" was not damage units.
  • Fixed crash caused when you pick up the Wedding Ring on the "Dragon Mountain".
  • Fixed bug related to "Filter Completed" checkbox state not beeing saved in "Journal".
  • Fixed oncirrect scrolls state for Quests in Dialogs list in "Journal".
  • Fixed bug related to character freely pass through the closed trees in "Foothills".
  • Fixed descriptions for almost all characters skills.

  • Tabs added to filter the inventory in the Craft window.
  • Added functionality for creating custom localizations for game. Instructions will be added later to "Discussions" section in game's "Community hub".

Thank you for the feedback and stay tuned! ːwnk_arthurː
Willy-Nilly Knight - Double Dice Games

Dear gamers! We are thankful for your support and feedback. As promised, we are continue to work on the game even after full release, and current update is the best prove of this. ːsteamhappyː

New shop - main development of this update:
  • Shop interface fully redesigned to be more user-friendly.
  • Added possibility to change team member, on whose behalf you would look through the shop, right in the shop window.
  • Added tabs to filter shop and inventory items.
  • Fixed ingredients cost, Исправлена стоимость некоторых ингредиентов, that earlier made unfavourable and useless craft system.

Gameplay fixes:
  • Added possibility to change difficulty level right in the game from settings menu (tab "Others").
  • Fixed loot spawning in unreachable points.
  • Added automatic healing for all team members after win in combat.
  • Team members and enemies no more collect theirs Action Points while under Stun, Freeze or Chain effects.

Fixed characters Skills:
  • Fixed life healing for Guinevere if somewho from your team members was attacked and Guinevere has the "Word of Life" skill.
  • Fixed Action Points recovery by Kerdik after use the "Ruin" skill.
  • Fixed Action Points recovery by Idril after use the "Rapid Fire" skill.

Localization fixes:
  • Names for some Skills and Bufs/DeBuffs.
  • Added information about chance to Stun when using Guinevere's "Lightning Strike" skill.
  • Fixed description for Strength stat. "Increase physical armor" changed to "Increase Initiative".
  • Other minor fixed for localization issues.

In the next update we will update Pathfinding and navigation system, characters AI, tiny more improve game balance and a little more, so you can take even more enjoy from Willy-Nilly Knight game. ːwnk_arthurː

We must also pay special tribute to our most active gamers:
  • =AJSA= Big Mad Wolf
  • lividman
  • [255]ThePhiphi
  • DaurShlaG
  • Indream
  • Zlish
  • Dasparado
  • Dogtown1
  • Graynef
  • [MCDFB] CallmeNezo (DK)
  • Ratibor92
Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions, which help us to make Willy-Nilly Knight better! Sorry if we lost somebody in this list, but we love oll of you! ːsteamhappyː
Nov 12, 2017
Willy-Nilly Knight - Double Dice Games

Dear Gamers!

As you know, our game developed by small independent team of two people. We don't have large team or huge budget. We make Willy-Nilly Knight fully on our own money. That's why we are very dependent on the value of sales of the game, which are dependent on game reviews.

We know that our game isn't perfect, We know about it's cons and we have some work to do. And We continue to work on it day by day. We've proven it while was in Early Access and prove it now, trying to answer on your questions as promptly as We can. Furthermore now we work on large and important update based on your feedback, this update will come in couple of days.

Right now the most part of reviews is negative, because of satisfied gamers just play the game and go away, but disgruntled gamers are frustrated and they want to share their emotions to each other. Furthermore a lot of reviews based on comparing our game with AAA games, such as Divinity OS, which have millions dollars development budget, and this is not objectively describe our game as good or bad. One more time - We know our game not perfect, but it's not as bad as it looks like based on reviews.

We don't ask you to give false feedback but if you like our game We are very ask you to give us five minutes of your time and honest positive feedback. This will give other user a chance to know not only about game's cons but props too. And it will give us an ability to continue our work on game. Thank you all, our dear Gamers!

Best regards, Double Dice Games! ːwnk_arthurː
Nov 10, 2017
Willy-Nilly Knight - Double Dice Games

Good news! The Willy-Nilly Knight game already released and it'll be discounted for the next week.

Collector's edition already available too as separate DLC or whole package.

Thank you for all your feedback and support! Stay with us and share your opinion, together we «Make the tactical RPG great again!». ːwnk_arthurːːwnk_shieldːːwnk_swordː
Willy-Nilly Knight - Double Dice Games

Collector's package for Willy-Nilly Knight is ready and will be waiting for you on 10 November, at the same time as the common release.

This package is intended for the most loyal gamers and will include following elements:
  • Main Soundtrack from game:
    - Original Soundtrack from Willy-Nilly Knight game as .wav file (lossless).

  • Digital Images:
    - Main splash-screen: 2048x2048 + 1920x1080
    - 4 slides from game intro: 1920x1080.

  • Digital Artbook:
    The key art from Willy-Nilly Knight game performed as print-ready electronic book on 34 hand-painted sheets.

  • Digital World Map:
    A high-resolution version of Sambria kingdom map.

  • Digital Stickers:
    4 digital ready-to-print stickers with game characters.

Thank you and We'll see you later on 10 November! ✌
Willy-Nilly Knight - Double Dice Games

Stay awhile and listen! Double Dice Games studio is pleased to announce the full release of the classic RPG Willy-Nilly Khight on November 10th. Thanks to our early access players’ effort and support the game kicks ass — just the way our players and us wanted it to be. We are so grateful to all of you!

Here are the long-awaited features of Willy-Nilly Khight’s full release version:
  • Ergonomic and flexible combat system, developed after our players’ feedback and requests;
  • Piercing, crushing and fire damage and immune modifiers now play the key role. For instance, skeletons are damaged by fire more efficiently than by piercing blows;
  • Unique appearance of equipped weapons. Each sword, bow, staff or maul now has an individual design when equipped;
  • Difficulty level can be selected. Now everyone can play — from kids to adults!
  • Added more monsters with new appearances and combat skills;
  • Added a bunch of interactive objects (crates, barrels, chests etc) with loot! And this is all for you!
  • Fully remastered sound effects: several environmental themes, a few combat themes, unique character and mob combat sounds;
  • Redesigned craft system, now it’s handier and more intuitive;
  • Improved nearly all graphic interfaces and made them even more usable!

This is not a complete list of all the new features that make the game handier, deliver better experience and engage players in the story deeper and easier. We would like to once again thank everybody who took part in the early access game testing for support and effective feedback.

See you in the refreshed Willy-Nilly Khight on November 10th. ːwnk_arthurːːwnk_shieldːːwnk_swordː
Sep 22, 2017
Willy-Nilly Knight - Double Dice Games

Difficulty levels
Now you can choose one of the four difficulty levels, which will be the most comfortable for you.

Camera shake
Visual feedback from your attacks will bring you more dive into the gameplay.

Music and sounds
We added some new music themes into the main gameplay. When combats occurs, music switches to another theme, more dynamic and epic. In additions we added sounds of steps for characters.

As usual, We thank you for all your feedbacks, they help us to find and fix bugs as soon as possible! ːwnk_arthurːːwnk_swordːːwnk_shieldː
Sep 1, 2017
Willy-Nilly Knight - Double Dice Games

The second part of changes in battle system.
Immunes now has matter for attacks and defences. Also, we made huge rebalance of all stats, this changes have to normalize difficulty level throughout the game.

Controls customization.
New tab "Controls" in the Options dialog. Here you can remap keyboard buttons. This changes have to enhance the comfort and convenience of notebooks users.

Weapons visualization for Idril.
From now Idrli's bow changes it's 3D model too.

Show/Hide completed Quests.
Now you can show or hide completed quests in the Journal.

Localization fixes.
Fixed some bugs in French and German translations.

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