The image text might ring a bell to a few musicians but it's just a joke, the music of the game didn't change, I just had no idea what to write :D

This update addresses a few very small bugs we noticed since the previous one.

Patch Notes
  • Tutorial is not mandatory anymore
  • Fixed confused trinity UI when firing the super attack
  • Fixed reset local leaderboard button not working
  • Fixed very rare case of boss warning staying stuck on screen
  • Added more kickstarter backers to the in-game credits

There is good news here! We were waiting for more bug reports but we only got so few. Looks like we did a good job right? We even took the liberty of improving a few things that we didn't notice and we had our heads buried in all the work needed to get the official release done.

I'd like to take the time here to give a big thank you to everyone who reviewed the game so far on steam: 100% positive reviews is totally heartwarming! :)

Patch Notes
  • Allow unlocking of no-miss achievements in training mode
  • Added spaces in the score for easier legibility
  • Improved text reveal animation
  • Improved legibility of crush FX on enemies
  • Render shield/super UI FX below bullets to improve legibility
  • Fixed overscan issues with cutscenes on non-16/9 screens
  • Fixed jittering of missiles' locks when the environment is moving very fast
  • Mac/Linux: fixed distortion effect
  • Level: Xibalba
    • Fixed infinite point leeching on midboss in easy and normal mode
    • Brighter colors for swarm introduction sequence
    • Moved down some enemies in boulder sequence so that they don't appear behind dialog in certain languages
    • Boss: Removed unwanted attack prior to last attack
  • Level: Dune Ocean
    • Fixed random FX in the sky in normal mode
  • Level: K-7Z4-C0A7L
    • Fixed stuttering at the beginning of the labyrinth
    • Properly positioned explosion for blast launchers
    • Improved framing of 3 big lasers on top of the spaceship
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements
  • Added more kickstarter backers to the credits

Stress has been off the charts for us this last week! But we made it, right in time, the final version of Pawarumi! Well, truth be told, some things we wanted didn't make the cut. But they might come in an upcoming update. A colorblind mode would be helpful to many right?

But we are very happy with how Pawarumi turned out! As you can see from the very long patch notes, we've been very busy putting all our best efforts in polishing the game. Most notably, our sound designer, musician and friend, Grégory Desmurs managed to finally get the time to raise the quality and it's stunning!

Patch Notes
  • Added 30 achievements!
  • Golden Chukaru for Kickstarter backers!
  • Improved sound mixing and performance
  • Added a sound effect when shield bar gets full
  • Added a sound jingle to level ending and game over
  • Added sound effects to story cut-scenes and dialogs
  • Added sound effects to tutorial
  • Added a small delay when unpausing game
  • Exponential increments on Super Attack's combo
  • Made center of shield more transparent while active
  • Raised computations from 50Hz to 60Hz for smoother movements
  • New statistics screen
  • Improved animation when firing weapons
  • Improved menu animations and icons
  • Updated credits screen to properly include Kickstarter backers
  • Support for more controllers
  • Improved input behavior of virtual keyboard
  • Improved resolution of important textures in low resolution mode
  • Require pressing the button for 1.5 seconds before resetting the local leaderboard
  • Brang back shortcut to training screen when getting out of a training session
  • Bigger default scores in local leaderboard
  • Removed "Early Access" message from the top right corner
  • Fixed glitchy rendering of explosions when setting of Special Effects was set to High
  • Level: Alaska
    • Improved explosions and animations of barrage
    • Moved jaguar enemy below dialog
    • Wait a little more before starting "cliff" cutscene to let fight jaguar enemy
    • Hard & Normal boss: bottom satellite will now move upwards if top satellite gets destroyed
    • Fixed music not playing if restarting level in training mode
  • Level: Xibalba
    • Added sound effects to the boss
    • Added sound effects to environment
    • Improved lighting quality
    • Fixed swarm enemies ending up shooting like crazy in hard mode
    • Fixed camera sometimes going though big boulder on game over
  • Level: Industral Complex
    • Added sound effects to the boss
    • Made boss eyes scary
  • Level: Dune Ocean
    • Added sound effects to the boss
    • Removed a buggy blue condor tank at the beginning of the level
    • Simple water animation in the city
    • Improved lighting quality
  • Level: K-7Z4-C0A7L
    • Added big bonus for beating the boss in hard mode, based on shield and super available
    • Improved collider of energy balls
    • Improved balancing on final boss and last fight
    • Added sound effects to labyrinth
    • Added ending musics
    • Added sound effects to the boss
    • Improved behavior of enemies between pillars
    • Darkened wormhole in last fight for better legibility
    • Darker skybox to improve legibility
    • Fixed scoring when defeating boss in normal mode
    • Fixed super attack trying to attack enemies on the other side of the ship
    • Fixed labyrinth hitting player while it shouldn't have
    • Fixed music loop
  • Various performance improvements and bugfixes

Pawarumi is a "retro futuristic sci-fi pre-Columbian" arcade shooter that launched on Steam Early Access last October. At the time, small French indie developer Manufacture 43 said it expected to remain in Early Access for two to three months. It sounds like they were right: Pawarumi will officially release on January 30, the studio announced today. 

Neo-Aztec is probably a more useful descriptor here. Basically, Pawarumi imagines a world where ancient civilizations not only didn't die off, but advanced a branch of technology built on light and gravity rather than, say, electricity and steam. Hence the neon-lit stone ships plowing through ancient-looking temples. 

"Through their technology and their wisdom, they managed to make contact with three ethereal and much more powerful beings," Pawarumi's site explains. "Those deities took physical [form] in the shape of a serpent, a condor and a jaguar, and gave them free access to their infinite energies." 

The oddball setting ties directly into the core systems. The serpent, condor and jaguar gods manifest as your ship's three main weapons—a spread shot, a laser, and homing missiles respectively. The rechargeable super attack combines all three into a screen-wiping assault.  

Weapons aside, the core of Pawarumi's combat is its 'trinity mechanic.' Taking cues from Ikaruga, Pawarumi's enemies are also assigned a deity, meaning the weapon types you use will yield different results. 

Manufacture 43 says the trinity was also inspired by rock-paper-scissors, and it shows. In crush mode, you deal more damage. In drain mode, you charge your super attack quicker. And in boost mode, you refill your shield at the cost of buffing enemies. It sounds like a fun way to liven up traditional shmup action, and it's especially interesting in an age where indies are fighting to keep arcade shooters alive. 


Two years ago, some french dudes started a small video game project that was supposed to be a very simple shoot’em up, no original gameplay, no risks taken. Time passed and the small simple game became a much more original one, discovered its identity and developed its game system way beyond what it was supposed to be. Two years later, Pawarumi is now ready to unravel its story.

Starting today you can discover what is the narrative behind the universe of the game. Who is Axo? Who are you fighting against? Why are you fighting? The story answers a lot of these questions while leaving you other ones to find on your own.

Shoot’em up are clearly not a genre suited for narration. But we tried to develop something that is interesting and not overwhelming, for those of you that are here just for the explosions and scoring! :)

And I’m taking the time once again to thank Alexandre Chaudret, who made those awesome illustrations which allowed us to tell you the story of Pawarumi.

But it’s not the only thing we’ve been working on those past weeks. We improved a lot of things in the game thanks to your feedbacks, from user interface to Chukaru’s design, level balancing and final touches on animations. We hope that you will appreciate all of these. We honestly think that they are pushing Pawarumi out of the beta state nicely. That means that the next update will be for the final release! In a couple of weeks, January the 30th!

Patch Notes
  • Story cutscenes!
  • Improved in-game text dialog (top-left corner instead of bottom, longer, prettier)
  • Ship design upgrade
  • Easier to read Super level UI
  • Jaguar Missiles Lock now more visible
  • Condor enemies are now more bluish and less whitish
  • Updated Game Over animation
  • Added titles of every level when they start
  • Added ability to set opacity for the trinity interface
  • Improved enemy introduction animations in various levels
  • Fixed current weapon being stopped if trying to use the super attack without enough Energy
  • Fixed enemies firing while in cutscenes
  • Level: Alaska
    • Improved bulwark animations
    • Thicker lines on boss to help read coloring
  • Level: Industrial Complex
    • Explosion of boss parts in the background now easier to see
    • Improved boss explosion
    • Improved lava colors
  • Level: Xibalba
    • Improved design of boss' cups
  • Level: Ocean Dune
    • Added some enemies from city entrance up to pyramid introduction for better pacing
    • Reworked pyramid enemies to ensure that the same score can be reached with every possible combination of enemies coming out of it
    • Added conditional enemies on pyramid for better pacing
    • Improved environment lighting
    • Fixed trees popping out in the background while fighting mid boss
    • Fixed some enemies passing through each other
  • Level: Sector K-7Z4-C0A7L
    • Updated design of Blast enemies
    • Swarm shoots more in hard mode
    • 3 big lasers now also shoot bullets in hard mode
    • Added bullet cancel after 3 big lasers
    • New explosion animation for final boss
    • Improved cage explosion animation
    • Improved boss animations
    • Fixed game sometimes moving on without killing all 3 big lasers
    • Fixed camera sometimes passing through enemies in the cutscene before the labyrinth
    • Fixed spaceships highlights being too bright
    • Fixed debris of first laser sometimes going through player's ship

Pawarumi is now available on a new platform, MacOS! Because we think everyone deserves to play no matter their operating system! But that's not all, we have also tweaked many parts of the game!

Patch Notes
  • Added MacOS support
  • Super attack shots now slowdown on hit to do more damage on thin enemies
  • New super level meter (still work in progress, tell us what you think of it!)
  • Rumble controller on player death
  • End level animation
  • Level: Ocean Dune
    • Reworked the pyramid introduction cutscene
    • Improved explosion of boss
    • Limited Jaguar doom spheres spawned by first part of the boss
  • Level: Xibalba
    • Raised difficulty of enemies in mine area
    • CPU optimisation to swarm area
    • Fixed audio of mines (less annoying!)
    • Improved rendering quality
  • Level: Industrial Complex
    • Raised difficulty in hard mode
    • Bigger explosions of boss parts being built
    • Arms building boss parts now progressively explode
    • Fixed lightmaps
    • Improved rendering quality
  • Level: Sector K-7Z4-C0A7L
    • Added big debris to explosions
    • Pillars don't spawn rings forever anymore
    • Boss flies away after generating 8 debris shields
    • Improved boss animations
    • First laser and boss: improved design of shields triggered by super attack in hard mode
    • Fixed boss getting stuck in last fight if player used its super attack
  • Fixed menu flickering on Linux when playing in non-16/9 resolutions
  • Fixed rare camera glitch on level loading
  • Minor bugfixes and tweaks

Even if we do extensive testing on every of our releases, nobody is perfect! Quickly after the release of the last update, 2 players noticed a bug we thought was important enough to be quickly addressed.

We also took the opportunity to add a few tweaks suggested by a friend of ours that hadn't had the chance to make the cut last time :)

Patch Notes
  • Level: Sector K-7Z4-C0A7L
    • Lowered life from the blast launchers at the beginning
    • Fixed 3 pillars being sometimes skipped and preventing the player from being able to move in the labyrinth
    • Simplified the color-change AI of the pillars and prevented the player from being able to keep them at only one color
    • Made enemies coming after each pillar destruction come faster
    • Made the first part of the labyrinth slightly easier in normal mode

You've been training a little more than a month on the first four levels of Pawarumi... Are you ready now to play the last level? It's finally here!

Every level in Pawarumi as his original elements that twist the genre in several ways. But this last level twists Pawarumi itself! The way we use the camera and the game mechanics is totally original and quite different from the rest of the game. The reason why we chose to do so will totally make sense in an upcoming update where we’ll finally reveal the story.

This last level has proven to be tougher to create than we first thought it would be. This is mainly because it ended up being a lot more fun and original than what we had planned at first!

This is the first release of this level and we are already planning updates to it to make it even better. Tell us everything you liked and didn't like about it so we can add to the task list and make the level even more awesome! To do so, you can participate to our Steam Forums or join our Discord or simply shoot us a friendly e-mail!

Please share and retweet the news! Make those leaderboards explode!

Good luck and have fun!

Patch Notes
  • The last level of Pawarumi, Sector K-7Z4-C0A7L
  • Legibility of the Xibalba level has been improved
  • Distortion FX on explosions has been fixed and now works properly at any resolution
  • Player's Condor Laser is now a little bit darker for improved legibility of bullets
  • Fixed enemies not being hit just before the Dune Ocean Mid Boss
  • Various minor fixes and tweaks

Hey everyone!

Linux Gamers, we promised, we delivered!
From the beginning of the development of Pawarumi, releasing the game for Linux was on the schedule. Even with its growing community of players, Linux gamers are still often forgotten by the game industry. This is something we couldn’t let happen as we have Linux users in the team at Manufacture 43!

That’s not all folks
Being in early access mean that we listen to your feedback… In fact, saying that we read them will be more accurate. Whether it’s on the Steam forums, our Discord server or other dedicated forums we thank you for all your valuable feedbacks. They help us make the game better for everyone. Among the things we tweaked, bullet visibility was improved, better sound feedbacks have been added to support the game mechanics and user experience overall has been tweaked to be more satisfying.

Coming up next!
Soonish, the last level of the game will finally be available to the world. This last level has proven to be tougher to create than we first taught it would be. This is mainly because it ended up being a lot more fun and original than what we had planned at first! We are hard at work on it and we promise it will be a true last level, worthy of your training on the first four!

Patch Notes
  • Linux support
  • Xibalba level, Hard mode: Nerfed swarm
  • Xibalba level, Boss: faster cup movement
  • Leaderboard: Added last level played
  • Audio: Alert when a level of super is charged
  • Audio: Alert when life is low
  • Audio: Various improvements, most notably 3D positioning
  • Visuals: Better bullet and enemy legibility
  • Visuals: added ability to reduce texture resolution for improved performance on low-end systems
  • Tutorial: Added difficulty selection before diving into arcade mode
  • Training Mode: Added ability to immediately restart level after dying
  • Training Mode: Fixed restart from pause
  • Discord Rich Presence
  • Reduced disk space usage to 50%
  • Various rendering optimizations
  • Various minor bugfixes
PAWARUMI - Manufacture43

Hello everyone !
Pawarumi has been out for a week now ! Elunil score in Normal mode has been beaten down by Celery and maybe some of you are trying to beat him down now !

Here is your chance to do that thank to our awesome scoring system explanation ! Check out the guide right here and discuss it on the steam forums !

Cheers everyone !

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