Wargroove - Pilgrim
We're excited to be teaming up with the team at Japan-based studio, Area 35, on a brand new free DLC campaign for strategy title TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLE, featuring Wargroove's majestic armoured dog Commander, Caesar!

As big fans of turn-based tactics and the awesome games that Area 35 make, adding Caesar to the TINY METAL ranks feels like a match made in Heavensong.

You won’t be waiting long either - TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLE - Caesar's Rescue DLC is available for *FREE* on Nintendo Switch and PC tomorrow (Thursday March 12th, 2020)!

  • TINY METAL's very own Nora must team up with everyone's favourite magnificent and majestic canine Commander in order to save the world, in a brand-new DLC campaign
  • Outmanoeuvre enemies to help Caesar get back home to the Kingdom of Cherrystone
  • Caesar brings a brand-new pixel art visuals in signature Wargroove style to the characters of TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLE as pixelation spreads across the globe
  • Players of the DLC campaign will be given an initial set of units which will be used throughout all 5 DLC chapters. Use survivalist tactics and Caesar’s inspiring nature to ensure as many units as possible make it through to the very end!

Find out more: http://tinymetal.com/
Wargroove - Superconsole
Oh lawd, he comin’!

We're so happy to finally share with you some exciting new Wargroove merch, in the form of this adorable Caesar plush!

(Wargroove vinyl for scale – sold separately via Yetee Records & Boss Battle Records)

We've been working with the team at The Yetee on this very good boy for some months now. The idea to make a plush Caesar has been floating around since the early days of Wargroove development, and it was a pleasure to bring him to life with the Yetee’s talented designers and all their plush expertise.

We went through a few iterations until he was just right, consulting the development team here at Chucklefish all the way through. We frequently referred to photos of the dog breed that Caesar is based on, which, if you’re a Caesar fan you’ll undoubtedly know is a Great Pyrenees. The trickiest parts were the ears and the expression, we wanted him to be as cute as can be so, in the end, we went for Caesar’s happy expression which you see when he wins a battle (or when it’s dinner time).

Our Caesar Plush is available to purchase right now on The Yetee store for $26, and ships worldwide from the US.

We hope you all enjoy this huggable pup as much as we do!
Wargroove - Superconsole
The wait is over - our big, new, free DLC Wargroove: Double Trouble is available now to download!

Team up and lead the new Outlaw faction to strategic victory! Designed with co-op play in mind, this expansion adds a new story campaign introducing all-new Outlaw Commanders and much more! After an unexpected kidnapping and some severe ransom demands, your group of rogues have no choice but to perform the biggest heist that Aurania has ever seen…


Wargroove: Double Trouble introduces:
  • Brand new Co-Op Story Campaign (can be played couch co-op, online co-op or even solo)
  • 3 New Roguish Commanders
  • 2 New Units - Thieves & Riflemen
  • New Arcade missions
  • Competitive online Quick Play maps
  • Public and Private Multiplayer Lobbies
  • Custom maps now playable online
  • New Volcano map theme and more updates to the custom Editor tools
  • Outlaw music tracks, composed by Phonetic Hero
  • And much more!

The update will also add a few balance changes and tweaks based on testing within the Wargroove community - take a look at the Dev Blog to see what's changed.

We hope you'll enjoy playing the update and can't wait to see what you of the new Commanders and units. Have fun!

-From everyone at Chucklefish

Those with a hankering for more Advance-Wars-inspired turn-based strategy action to ring in the New Year are in luck. Developer Chucklefish has revealed that Wargroove's sizeable free Double Trouble DLC will arrive on 6th February.

For anyone in need of a refresher, Wargroove's Double Trouble DLC is, as its name suggests, themed around co-operative play. It introduces a new story campaign designed for two players - which follows the adventures of a band of rogues on a daring heist - and supports couch-based and online co-op, as well as solo play for those without immediate access to friends.

It also brings two new units - the stealthy Thieves and long-distance Riflemen - plus three new Outlaw Commanders, each with their own unique Grooves. There's Wulfar, Vesper, and "troublemaker twins" Errol and Orla, who count as a single Commander.

Read more

Wargroove - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Lauren Morton)

The pixely dog warrior tactics game Wargroove is getting a free DLC next month centered around a new co-op focused campaign. The Double Trouble DLC is dropping on February 6th. Just in time, I suppose, for the day that co-op life partners celebrate together. Double Trouble also adds new commanders, units, and arcade missions.



Cute turn-based tactics romp Wargroove is due a rather chunky expansion next month, letting players embark on a new co-op story campaign—also playable solo—and several other new additions, all for free. Give the launch trailer a watch above.

Double Trouble introduces a new playable faction, the criminal Outlaws, and a trio of new commanders. It's actually four characters, but Orla and Errol are twins who always fight alongside each other as a single commander unit. 

All the teal-haired crooks seem to be Scottish in Wargroove's universe, which is still a huge step up from only letting us be dwarves or the occasional Doctor Who. We've got range, you know. 

Alongside the commanders, you'll be able to field two new units, thieves and riflemen, and try out new arcade missions, competitive quickplay maps, public and private multiplayer lobbies and a new volcano theme. The new theme, along with other new bits and bobs, will also be available in the editor.

Last year, Malindy Hetfeld gave the base game a 78 in her Wargroove review. "Brimming character and imagination, Wargroove occasionally loses its groove over long-winded core gameplay," she wrote. I got myself the Switch version, and it really benefits from being playable on the couch or while I'm having a lazy morning in bed.

Wargroove: Double Trouble will be available on Steam on February 6. 

Wargroove - Superconsole
Happy New Year!
Let's start 2020 off with a bang...

Our *free* DLC, Wargroove: Double Trouble, will be ransacking digital stores on February 6th! The PS4 version will be on the way soon, date to be revealed.

Just like the main release, it will be playable in 11 languages and you can wishlist it right now.


Take a look at our brand new Wargroove: Double Trouble trailer created by our super talented Technical Designer Armagon:

Development on Wargroove: Double Trouble actually started before the release of the base game. Work kicked off in the period between the end of Wargroove's core development and the game's release when Wargroove was going through localization, testing, and platform submissions.

We knew that we wanted to expand upon Wargroove's story and create some new characters, but a real focal point for us was the local co-op gameplay element. As a studio we always really enjoyed playing Wargroove together, so creating a shorter campaign that could be played couch co-op felt like a no-brainer.

Another element set from the beginning was the idea of a 2-in-1 Commander, which we felt was not only unique but also fit the theme really well. Here's a concept animation sheet showing how we looked at the ways the twins' actions would work together. It's pretty cool to see a breakdown of how Errol's amulet also comes into play, igniting dynamite for Orla's slingshot attack and generating a protective shield when defending!

Can't remember what else is in the DLC? Here's a quick recap!
  • Brand new Co-Op Story Campaign (can be played couch co-op, online co-op or even solo)
  • 3 New Roguish Commanders
  • 2 New Units - Thieves & Riflemen
  • New Arcade missions
  • Competitive online Quick Play maps
  • Public and Private Multiplayer Lobbies
  • Custom maps now playable online
  • New Volcano map theme and more updates to the custom Editor tools
  • Outlaw music tracks, composed by Phonetic Hero
  • And much more!

Before we go, we'll leave you with some awesome concept art of Wulfar and ideas for the Thief unit design.

Until next time!
Wargroove - Pilgrim
Wargroove is a modern take on the simple yet deep turn-based tactical gameplay popularised in the 2000s by handheld games such as Advance Wars. As big fans of those games we were disappointed to find that nothing in this genre was available on current generation platforms and set out to fill the gap ourselves.

One of the most common pieces of feedback we get on Wargroove is that the game is either far too difficult or far too easy - which makes balancing it that much more difficult! Though, even as developers we sometimes struggle getting that S-rank and have even failed our missions, embarrassingly, on stream in front of the community. If you’re anything like the majority of us, then you’ll know that sucking at the game is half the fun.

If you think Wargroove deserves your vote as the ‘Best Game You Suck At’, click the tab above. Thank you!
Wargroove - Superconsole
Hi everyone!

I hope you're all suitably excited for the upcoming *free* DLC, Wargroove: Double Trouble! We're getting closer to the stage of being able to announce a release date, but in the meanwhile let's get you better acquainted with the voice talent behind Double Trouble's new Commanders. You'll soon be hearing their fantastic taunts and warcries on the battleground. If you want a reminder of the original Wargroove voice cast, you can find out more in our previous Role Call blog.


Adrian Vaughan as Wulfar

Adrian has lent his voice to a rag-tag collection of characters in video games such as Crawl, Armello, Paradigm, Budget Cuts 1 & 2, and the upcoming adventure titles Harold Halibut and The Drifter. He's also appeared in a handful of award-winning competition titles he's quietly proud of, plus some radio/TV commercials. When he's not doing his best to be all kinds of sinister or gruff, Adrian spends his time writing bios in the third person - 'cause nobody else will.

Website - Twitter - YouTube

You can find out more about Wulfar in this Character Spotlight.

Eileen Montgomery as Errol

Eileen "EileMonty" Montgomery is a voice actress, singer and YouTube entertainer from the UK. Some of her most well-known roles include Mustache Girl & Queen Vanessa in A Hat In Time, Winter in Regalia: Of Men And Monarchs, Nikki in Sprint Vector, Lady Tethys in Dust: An Elysian Tail, Lady Shera in Love Esquire, Boo Qi & Black Widow in Hauntsters and Nereid, Potion Merchant & Additional Voices in Apotheon.

IMDB - Twitter - YouTube

You can find out more about Errol in this Character Spotlight.

Vivien Taylor as Orla

Vivien Taylor is a Scottish voice, screen and theatre actress based in the UK. Orla is Vivien's first video game credit but she has voiced many female characters in CBBC's BAFTA- winning television animation series, OOglies Funsize. She has also appeared in movies such as Outpost: Black Sun and Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz, as well as acting and voicing commercials. Vivien has narrated audiobooks, playing Lavinia Whateley in the world's first audio movie, HP Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror, which was awarded 'Best of the Fest' at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Website - Twitter - IMDB

You can find out more about Orla in this Character Spotlight.

Jessica Straus as Vesper

Jessica Straus enjoys a diverse career in voice-over and is honored to be on over 100+ games. Although she has fans for many of her gaming roles, she is currently best known as Juri Han in the Street Fighter series, Amazon/Cassia in Heroes of the Storm & Diablo II (along with many other Blizzard roles), Dr. Hypatia in Dishonored 2, and many Japanese RPGs including Pi in .hack//GU, to name a few.

Website - Twitter - Instagram

You can find out more about Vesper in this Character Spotlight.

That’s it for now. Don't forget that Wargroove's Deluxe Edition physical copy is now available to order online or pick up in good ol' brick and mortar stores for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. You can also follow updates about Wargroove: Double Trouble and Wargroove in general on Twitter, Facebook, our forums, the Wargroove subreddit, and the wiki!

See ya!
Wargroove - Katzeus
Hello everyone,

We wanted to share more details about the new units and commanders you'll find in Wargroove's upcoming free DLC Double Trouble (we'll have news about a release date soon)!

We’re also incredibly excited that PS4 and Switch versions of the Wargroove Deluxe Edition physical copies released this week, so make sure to check out retailers such as {LINK REMOVED}, {LINK REMOVED}, {LINK REMOVED}, {LINK REMOVED}, {LINK REMOVED}, {LINK REMOVED}, {LINK REMOVED}, {LINK REMOVED}, {LINK REMOVED} to grab a copy to hold in your hands!

The Thief is sneakiest unit in the game. What they lack in strength, they more than make up with cunning and sleight of hand. Thieves can fill their knapsacks with 300 gold by ransacking enemy buildings, and 1000 gold if they manage to pull off a heist on the enemy Stronghold.

Thieves can’t do this alone though! Since they’re unable to attack, they’ll need reinforcements, subterfuge and protection as they journey across the map. Let it be said that opportunity makes a thief!

A Rifleman spends their whole life training to become an expert marksman – watch out, you don’t want to be in this unit’s line of sight, lest you be blown across the map! But with limited ammo, comes great responsibility, as you’ll need to keep track of how many shots your Rifleman has left to avoid stopping to reload out in the open.

Of course, not just a pretty face, a Rifleman can be deadly when they’re desperate, landing critical hits when they’re down to their last shot.

If you’re going up against this gun-wielding unit, make sure to take cover between the trees, where their bullets won’t reach you.

New Commanders
Commanders are the most powerful unit type in Wargroove -leading their troops into battle and using their special ability to turn the battle in their favor.

We have some new commanders arriving in Double Trouble. These three are all from the Outlaw faction, a group of lawless rogues who plunder and pillage.
Wulfar is the Chief of the largest and oldest Outlaw clan in Aurania. He stands enormously tall and uses his colossal strength to wield his weapon of choice – a massive stone hammer. It may seem a clumsy instrument, but years of training allow him to wield it with expert precision.

He comes from a long line of pirates and thieves – and uses his flexibility and adaptability to overcome opponents in battle. Though many are intimidated by his towering physique, Wulfar’s strong resolve, quick thinking, and clever problem solving are the reasons his Outlaw clan follows him.

Wulfar’s groove uses his hammer like a supercharged golf club, launching his target across the map, dealing damage to both the target and any enemies they land near. With one fell swoop of the hammer, Wulfar can launch ground units into the ocean to immediately defeat them or swing at allies to reposition them during battle.
Errol & Orla
These twin commanders come as a pair, but operate as one! They have two Grooves between them, but share a single Groove Meter. With feisty Orla on the attack and thoughtful Errol defending, this dynamic duo is a force to be reckoned with.

Carefully choosing which Groove to unleash depending on the state of the battle will be key to maximising the twins’ potential, although being typical siblings they often bicker on which Groove is best.

Errol would argue that his groove ‘Cooling Water’ has the best applications. Once activated, a large area is covered with healing magic, shrinking in size over several turns. Any units left in the area at the start of the twins’ turn are healed for 20% of their full health, so be careful not to accidentally heal enemy units!

Orla would tell you that her groove, ‘Scorching Fire’ is the better of the two. Initially igniting only a single tile, the flaming area grows in size over several turns – creating an area of destruction that instantly defeats any unit caught in the flames. And we really mean any unit, including your own.
Sly, deceitful and abrasive, Vesper certainly makes an impression – this notorious criminal is capable of conjuring a demonic smoke beast with just a whip and a flourish. A real bête noire, n’est-ce pas?

Vesper is the main antagonist in our brand new co-op story campaign. Fresh from kidnapping someone close to Wulfar and the twins, Vesper demands a hefty ransom for their return. Wulfar, Errol and Orla must raid the Imperial Palace of Heavensong, The Stone Mountain Fort of Felheim, The Celandine Vault of Cherrystone and the Floran’s Iron Root reserves… It’s a heist, for all the gold in Aurania!

Vesper’s groove ‘Smoke Shroud’ sees her shrouding an area of the map in thick, magical smoke. Units within this area cannot be targeted or counter-attacked for one turn.


That's it for this preview! Again, if you're interested in the physical edition of the game for consoles there's a variety of included goodies - a map, a classic instruction manual, soundtrack code, and stickers!

If you want to chat with us online and share thoughts about the latest game news you can find us on the Wargroove Discord.

We’ll be streaming the DLC soon as well – so make sure to follow us on twitch to get notified when we do!

You can follow updates about the DLC and Wargroove in general on Twitter, our forums, the Wargroove subreddit, and the wiki!

Till next time!

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