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Teer Fradee is growing in size population thanks to all of our dedicated players and we are delighted that you are all enjoying the adventure.

Our lastest patch is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC!
Thank you all for the feedback and different suggestions we have received!

Check out the full changelog right below:

  • Fixed an issue where Cera didn’t appear in the High King's village during the "Vinbarr's Sactuary" quest
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not convince Derdre in the "Trouble in Eden" side quest despite having high reputation with her clan.
  • Fixed an issue where romance cut-scenes would not play.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Catch the drop box user" objective in the Naut questline would stay active despite completing it.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Find the scouts of San Matheus" in "San Matheus under attack" quest was not completed, stopping a guardian from spawning.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not convince Derdre in the "Trouble in Eden" side quest despite having high reputation with her clan.
  • Fixed an issue where saving was disabled after a specific dialogue in "The suffering of Constantin" quest.

  1. Increased the size of Russian texts for reading comfort
  2. Fixed some grammatical mistakes

  • Fixed some issues where waypoints were incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed an issue with the "sort by name" feature in the equipment list.
  • Fixed an issue where the combat tutorial would advance without player input.

  • Fixed an issue where companions would stop following the player
  • Fixed some collision issues
  • Improved stability thanks to additional crash fixes.
  • Fixed multiple issues with key bindings.
  • Dodge and parry are now correctly shown on the key bindings page.

If you realize that the patch hasn’t fixed some issues on your side, please reach out to us and keep us updated on your situation!

Time to sail back to Teer Fradee!

GreedFall - Raibibi

Greetings Legates of the Merchant Congregation,

We are happy to release our first major patch for GreedFall today!
Thank you for the support and love we have received so far!

We are really grateful to all the legates who tried out our Beta Patch and sent us their feedback. Those were very really helpful and greatly helped our teams out.

You can already check out the change log for this brand new patch:

Patch 1 Change log
  • The size of subtitles can now be changed.
  • Camera bobbing rectified: players will have more control over the camera.
  • Invert X-Axis option added.

Quest fixes
  • Several quests have been fixed, among them...
  • The quest « The Prince’s Secret », unlocks as intended.
  • Trials of Water can now be continued as intended (this issue was based on "The Prince’s Secret" not unlocking properly).
  • Vasco’s first personal quest now works properly.
  • The Seeds will unlock the sanctuary during the main quest.
  • The black box can now be properly opened after following Ruben.

  • The Chinese, Portuguese, Polish, and Russian localizations have been improved thanks to players’ feedback.
  • Both French and English localizations have received several corrections.

  • The mage skill "Ranged Shadow Impact" has been modified.
  • Some aggro areas have been improved.

  • Keyboard binding issue is now debugged: most key bindings should be working properly from now on.
  • The trophy 'Curiosity Cabinet" is now fixed.
  • Some crashes have been dealt with.
  • Minor bugs have been dealt with.

  • A musical fade-out was added in an important death cutscene.

  • The camera has been moved to offer a better view of the scene during some quest dialogues.

Please feel free to notify us if you are encountering any issues or would like to send us feedback.

Time to sail back to Teer Fradee!
GreedFall - Raibibi
Hello Renaigse,

Thank you everyone for helping us pinpoint bugs and issues in the past few weeks. Our team is still working on a new patch aiming to fix them. As we want to provide you with the best patch possible, we chose to first open it to volunteers who would like to test it.

If you choose to try out the Beta patch, please get in touch with us and share your views on this new update.

⚠ If you want to try out this patch, we HIGHLY recommend creating a backup of your local saves in Documents/GreedFall.

⚠ Once you’ve tried it out, please remember that saves created in this new branch can’t load anymore once you have gone back to the main branch. This also goes for your user settings as they will be reset once you go back to the main branch.

To get access to the new beta branch, you can head to your library and right-click on GreedFall -> Properties -> Beta -> Choose the branch “next_patch”.

You can already get a first glimpse at our changelog by checking out this post we published earlier this week. Once the patch is out, we will publish a detailed changelog.

Thank you again! We can’t wait to see you on Teer Fradee!
GreedFall - Raibibi
Green bloods, my friends,

We would like to thank our amazing community for helping us out identifying the various issues still present in the game. We are now working hard on a new patch aiming to fix those issues.

You can expect several major bugs to be solved thanks to this new patch.

Coming to you soon…
  • Quests being debugged
  • Camera bobbing rectified: players will have more control over the camera
  • Invert X-Axis option added
  • The mage skill "Ranged Shadow Impact" has been modified
  • Several aggro areas have been improved
  • Trophies debugged
  • Localisation issues fixed for French, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Portuguese and English - Thanks to everyone who reported these!

We will reveal more soon when the patch is released! Stay tuned!
We hope you are all enjoying your time on Teer Fradee.

GreedFall - Raibibi

Greetings all,

GreedFall is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Following a fantastic reception from journalists and players alike, we’re delighted to invite you behind the scenes with the game’s studio, cast and composer in GreedFall: A Collaborative Journey today.

GreedFall is a fully-fledged RPG in which your skills in diplomacy and deception are just as important as strength in combat. Navigate a web of intrigue as you balance relationships between the various factions and your party members.

As explained in today’s video by the actors who voice them, each of your companions has their own distinct stories, personalities and agendas. Depending on your choices, they may become close allies, romantic interests, or even terrible foes.

Taking place on the magical, uncharted island of Teer Fradee, GreedFall places a great focus on exploration. Secrets and danger are hidden everywhere across the expansive wilderness areas and twisting streets of each distinct settlement.

At every step, be swept away by the game’s soaring, fully orchestrated soundtrack. As composer Olivier Derivière explores in today’s video, the music is integrally tied to the emotions and actions of GreedFall’s band of adventurers.

GreedFall is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For more information, visit

How do you successfully complete The Charlatan quest in GreedFall without getting into too much trouble? Like many of GreedFall's quests, it can be completed in a few different ways depending on which talents you've chosen for De Sardet. During The Charlatan you'll have one major juncture where your talents will come into play to determine your path..

After introducing yourself to Ambassador Sahin from The Bridge Alliance to announce your departure for Teer Fradee, the ambassador will ask a favor. He needs help shutting down a man he calls a 'charlatan' masquerading as an alchemist. He's giving true alchemists a bad name, so, the first order of business is to pay him a visit.

Confront The Charlatan

You'll find The Charlatan's stall marked on your map near the center of Serene. On arrival you'll listen to his sales pitch and then attempt to force him to prove the effectiveness of his cure in front of a crowd. You'll fail to convince him, unfortunately. Your companion, Kurt, has the bright idea that you should steal a potion from The Charlatan's wagon behind his stall and force him to drink it.

Take the path to the right and through the metal gate leading to the merchant's wagon just behind his stall. There you'll face a small group of ruffians first. After dealing with them, check the two notes found lying nearby and pick up one of the potions. When you return to The Charlatan and force his hand, he'll flee the scene.

Find The Charlatan in the tavern

Fortunately, one of the notes found in The Charlatan's wagon mentions that he's staying at the inn above a nearby tavern. Head there and make your way upstairs to confront him again. It turns out you've been taken for a fool. The Charlatan was a true alchemist who became a whistleblower calling out the unethical practices of other alchemists. This is why Ambassador Sahin wants him dealt with. After learning to truth, you have a few potential options:

  • Arrest The Charlatan and return to Ambassador Sahin to turn him in. This will successfully end the quest and gain you +3 Bridge Alliance reputation (But it also makes you kind of a jerk).
  • Help The Charlatan escape by dispersing the angry mob waiting for him outside the inn.
  • Help The Charlatan escape by finding a way to sneak out the tavern.

Disperse the crowd

If you choose to deal with the mob, you have three ways to disperse them:

  • Order the crowd to disperse: This will result in a fight. Be careful: you and Kurt will be quickly outnumbered by the angry and surprisingly well-armed locals.
  • [Intuition 1]: Convince the mob that they need to seek out a doctor immediately or suffer the side effects of The Charlatan's potion. They'll leave without a fight.
  • Negotiate a settlement: Offer to bring the crowd new health potions. With this option, you'll need to either craft six health potions yourself if you've invested a talent point in Science, loot all six needed potions from crates around the city, or buy them from the nearby merchant.

After dealing with the crowd, return to The Charlatan to let him know his path is clear and he should leave the city immediately. Jump down to the section on returning to Ambassador Sahin.

Sneak out of the tavern

To sneak out of the tavern discreetly you'll need to leave The Charlatan's room and pick up the Storeroom key in the room next door. Through the kitchen downstairs this key will unlock a door where you can find a chest containing yet another key. This innkeeper's key unlocks the back door. 

Now return to The Charlatan and tell him you've got a way out. Be warned, this starts the escort mission portion. You'll need to make it back to The Charlatan's wagon either by sneaking or fighting your way there as all of the angry customers are still hanging around the area looking for a fight. Lead The Charlatan out the back door and hop over the back fence at the wooden boards marked with white.

The path of least resistance is to the west away from the crowd waiting at the front of the inn, but, either way, you'll still encounter violent customers. The Charlatan implies through his dialogue cues that you may be able to sneak past them, but it's a difficult prospect. Hostile NPCs aren't visually different from regular townsfolk and GreedFall doesn't communicate well what objects can be used for cover. We sneaked up behind NPCs facing the opposite direction and opted for a stealth kill. Once you manage to sneak or fight your way back to The Charlatan's cart, he'll skip town and you're free to turn in the quest for your reward.

Return to Ambassador Sahin

When you return to the ambassador you'll have two dialogue options to choose from  to complete the quest:

  • Cover The Charlatan's escape, which will net you +1 Bridge Alliance reputation.
  • Call out Sahin on his lie, which will net you -1 Bridge Alliance reputation (specifically, +1 for completing the quest and -2 for letting The Charlatan escape).

And there you go, that wraps up all of the possible ways to complete The Charlatan quest in GreedFall.


Where is the Naut disguise in GreedFall? Y'know, the one that you need to complete that pesky GreedFall Coin Guard Merchandise quest? How do disguises work in GreedFall anyway? Fortunately, there are two answers to the first question and a surprisingly easy (but easily overlooked) answer to the third. 

We've got the details for you on how GreedFall's disguise system works and how to go about obtaining your first one: that Naut disguise.

Where is the Naut disguise in New Serene?

In one of GreedFall's first quests, Coin Guard Merchandise, you'll want to find a Naut disguise to avoid fighting a bunch of sailors on their own turf. There are two places to score a free Naut disguise on Serene's docks:

  • In a chest inside a building called the 'Storeroom' at the southwest corner of the docks.
  • In a chest on the second floor of the Harbormaster's Office.

The sailor's coat in the Storeroom is easy enough to find. No one will prevent you from entering the building, so it's the quickest and easiest way to find one. If for some reason you need a second Naut disguise, you can also nab one from a chest in the Harbormaster's Office. 

This one is a bit trickier and requires sneaking (if you aren't already wearing the disguise from the Storeroom, that is). On the east end of the docks, find the Harbormaster's Office. Instead of entering the front door, sneak around to the back door. Once inside, a set of stairs immediately to your right lead to the second floor. Watch out for the two Naut guards in the building: one on the first floor where you enter and the other in the room at the top of the stairs. 

On the second floor, ignore the chest near where the guard is patrolling; That's not the one you need. Take a U-turn around the stair's handrail to enter the bunk room in the back. Directly to your left when you walk in is an unlocked chest with another Sailor's Coat that qualifies as a Naut disguise.

How do disguises work in GreedFall?

Early in GreedFall you discover that you can get into areas owned by other factions by dressing up as one of their own. With plenty of armor types available, it can be difficult to parse which pieces count as a disguise, apart from guessing based on the piece's look and name. A Sailor's Coat is easy to peg as Naut uniform, but what about an Old Doublet? There's an easy way to tell which armor serves as faction uniforms for disguise purposes if you know where to look.

Only torso armor pieces count as disguises. Each one has a small symbol in its equipment details that marks the faction it belongs to. You're looking for the small heraldry symbol at the bottom of the equipment's details just to the left of its cost and weight. Unfortunately, there's no accompanying text, so you'll just have to memorize the faction symbols. Here's a refresher if you don't have them down yet:

  • Congregation of Merchants: A blue chevron and gold coins on a white field
  • Coin Guard: Two white sabers on a blue field
  • Nauts: A gold symbol on a blue field
  • Natives: A white spiral inside a diamond
  • Bridge Alliance: A gold lion on a blue and green field
  • Theleme: A gold sun on a red field

That's everything you need to know about GreedFall's disguises and where to get your first one. Just make sure you equip that Sailor's Coat before strolling uninvited into the Nauts' private docks.


What's with the GreedFall Coin Guard Merchandise quest? There are typically a few ways to approach a quest in the fantasy RPG depending on both your play style and the 'talents' in which you've invested. Unlike skills and attributes—which both relate to your character's effectiveness in combat—talents are points that you invest in non-combat skills like charisma, lockpicking, and intuition. 

Some will give you extra dialogue options while others will give you additional ways to traverse the environment like climbing tall cliff faces. GreedFall's early quest, Coin Guard Merchandise, is an introduction to these systems and how they play off each other. So how do you actually complete it? We've got the details for you below.

Negotiate with the vendor

When you first leave your family's manor, your master-of-arms, Kurt, approaches you before leaving the continent and sailing to Teer Fradee. His superiors in the Coin Guard have asked him to ensure that some merchandise makes the crossing with your party. The first thing to do is head for the vendor currently holding the crates of merchandise and negotiate their return. Based on where you've placed your first talent point during character creation, you will have a few options:

Charisma: Whip out your title and threaten to have the vendor arrested as an accomplice for extortion. The base success rate for this check is 50%. But if you've invested a point in Charisma already, you'll have a 75% chance. You'll receive +1 Coin Guard reputation by taking this route.

Intuition: With a point here, you'll can bribe the merchant and stage a robbery to get your goods back while he agrees to look the other way. You'll get +1 Coin Guard reputation.

Threaten: If you don't have points in either of the above, you'll have to take the crates by force. Run around the back of the vendor's stall and beat him and his colleagues until they surrender. You'll lose -1 Congregation of Merchants reputation.

Now run back to the Coin Guard barracks to tell the quartermaster of your success. He won't care which method of persuasion you chose. He tells you that you need to ensure the cargo gets on the ship.

Doctor the ship log and clear the guards

When you run back to ship captain, Vasco, he'll be understandably miffed when you explain the situation. He does let slip that the only way for goods to make it onboard is by it being registered in the ship's log and stored in the appropriate warehouse. Here are the ways you can break in: 

Sneak: Be careful when entering the Naut faction's designated space on the docks: Only members of their faction are allowed inside and you'll be attacked on sight for trespassing. That said, it's not difficult to sneak to the back door of the Harbor Master's office and head upstairs to alter the shipping log book. If you do get caught and are forced to fight, you'll lose -1 Naut reputation.

Sleeping potion: You can also buy or create a sleeping potion that will knock out the Nauts while you sneak around their compound. If you've invested a talent point in Science, you can brew the potion yourself. If not, it costs 16 gold at the local merchant. 

Disguise: By far the easiest method is to walk into the Nauts' warehouse area disguised as a sailor. Obtain a sailor's coat armor piece from a chest in the building marked 'storeroom' in the southwest corner of the docks. By equipping it to your torso armor slot, you can walk into any Naut area without trouble. Only De Sardet needs to be wearing a disguise. Kurt is just fine dressed in his own armor.

Next, head further east to the warehouse where the goods need to be delivered. If you're in disguise, you can speak to the guards at the door and convince them that you are relieving them of their shift. Without a disguise, you'll need to fight them.

Sail to New Serene and mark the crates

After having the goods delivered to the warehouse in Serene, wrap up your business on the continent and sail to the new world. When you arrive, talk with the local Coin Guard representative in New Serene. He will inform you that the goods are now stashed in another Naut warehouse, and that they need a special marking so the Coin Guard will know which ones to pick up. 

Hopefully you haven't binned that sailor's uniform for this bit. Head to New Serene's docks and hop over the fence (you'll know spots that can be vaulted by their white markings) into the Naut's warehouse district. Search both buildings marked on your map. Interactable objects are indicated by their red glow. After marking the merch, head back to the Coin Guard barracks in New Serene to turn in and complete the quest.

Coin Guard Merchandise isn't terribly tricky, but you may not immediately realize that you're required to sail to the new world in order to complete it. Understanding the fundamentals of how GreedFall approaches quests with various solutions is key, and this mission sets you up nicely for the rest of the game.


GreedFall's systems parrot those of successful RPGs, but they're all a bit thin. It has a tactical pause system that lets me queue up an action for my protagonist, but not other party members. I can assign armor and weapons to my party members, but not manage their skills or combat tactics. I can pursue a romance with my companions, but it takes the form of three personal quests followed by the makeout-time dialogue button and a quick bedroom cutscene. GreedFall contains all the things I like in RPGs. I wish that I could pick even one of them to praise without caveats.

In one bit, I'm interviewing a grizzled member of the mercenary faction, the Coin Guard, as I investigate the disappearance of a talented young soldier. Sweet-talking and browbeating people with my title is a large part of my job as the ambassador of my own faction: the Congregation of Merchants. To drag information about a secret training program out of him I choose between three dialogue choices: convince him with my charisma, bribe him, or allow my companion, Kurt, to do the talking. I've invested my attribute points in charisma, so I'm able to persuade him.

I like that I have multiple options in each interaction, but as always in GreedFall, something is a little off: His mildly uncanny lip movements are a distraction shared by many of GreedFall's characters, and the quality of the voice acting varies, with one of my favorite merchants constantly belting his lines out.

Later, I'm breaking my way into a Coin Guard training camp to further investigate. Kurt requests that we avoid combat so that we won't have to kill any members of his faction. GreedFall's stealth system is bare bones, composed only of my ability to crouch and eye indicators over enemies' heads that begin to fill with yellow if I'm close to being seen. I don't know what objects provide reliable cover or have any indication of my enemies' lines of sight. I have to reload twice to infiltrate the camp totally unseen because I don't want to make Kurt sad.

Roll for imitation

If one of GreedFall's systems deserves a callout, it's the ability to approach most of its quests with a mixture of stealth, disguise, charisma, and force. If I've chosen to invest talent points in science, I may be able to bomb a hole in the basement of a warehouse to gain entry, or I could talk my way in with charisma, or stroll in unquestioned by wearing the armor of the faction whose space I'm invading. Even if they're not difficult to decipher (my companions often eagerly give away all the possible solutions to the situation as we approach), I did enjoy weighing the possible effects each choice might have on my relationships with companions and factions. 

When it comes to blows, combat is divided into the standard strength, agility, and magic modes of attack, while weapon choices are setting-appropriate things like rapiers, maces, and rifles. I created a build focused on agility for dealing out high damage with one-handed weapons and accuracy with firearms. My usual two party members: Siora the native mage and Vasco the ship captain, supported me well with healing and ranged attacks, but at around level ten I hoped to micromanage their skills a bit, which GreedFall weirdly doesn't allow for.

Kicking enemies in the rear quickly became the cornerstone of my combat choreography.

Despite its simplicity, GreedFall's combat does encourage a sort of rhythm. Executing standard light strikes builds up my "fury" meter which can then be spent on heavier strikes. For large groups of enemies I place down a couple area of effect traps, use my rifle to lock on and take out those closest to death, and then begin weaving together light and fury attacks. 

A few larger bestial enemies have area of effect attacks or charge forward to knock me off my feet, but the vast majority of animals lunge forward at my party without finesse. The occasional human group of enemies mix swordplay with rifles. I'm not able to entirely mow through enemies on the normal difficulty level, but very few challenge me to alter my quickly-established routine.

What I found myself doing most was kicking my enemies. A swift kick has the potential to stagger an enemy and also chips away at their armor which, when entirely depleted, makes them much easier to take down with physical strikes. GreedFall's combat is not particularly exciting, but I enjoyed that kicking enemies in the rear quickly became the cornerstone of my combat choreography.


The overarching narrative concerns colonists of the four main factions all seeking a cure for the fatal "malichor" disease and abusing the native people of Teer Fradee in search of it. The Bridge Alliance (scientists) and Theleme (the church) are constantly at war, and exploit the native people as either test subjects or converts. 

It's a decent RPG, but not the new darling of the genre by any stretch.

There are moments when GreedFall takes on a self-important kind of sympathy, portraying the native people as simple and superstitious, initially violent only because they're frightened. Add to that the over-acted accents of every native character and you get a clumsy portrayal of a colonized society. GreedFall acknowledges that all this is terrible, but only with overt displays of evil that fail to say anything about systems of oppression beyond noting their existence.

As a distraction from the horrors, you can make a move on one of your companions, but the whole thing is quite dry. Three of my five companions are romanceable as a woman: ship captain Vasco, mercenary Kurt, and native island princess Siora (feisty scientist Aphra called me "not her type"). Completing side quests for each will increase our relationship from "suspicious" to "friendly" until I'm able to make bedroom eyes at my chosen paramour. Both the verbal overtures of love and the sexy cutscenes are serviceable rather than spicy. I mostly found them to be boxes to check in GreedFall, and rather than feeling drawn into the story, a talent bonus and a Steam achievement are my most lasting memories of those stolen nights of passion.

Where GreedFall's story does shine is in the cinematic cutscenes marking pivotal story moments, which bring the drama and gravitas that I wish its romances enjoyed. As its story climaxes, these emotional scenes grow closer together, as do the consequences of decisions I've made in earlier quests. GreedFall catches its stride in the last several hours, nearly enough to make me forget the first thirty hours that were so decidedly average.

GreedFall is not the heir to the Dragon Age throne, but it is, in a word, adequate. Rather than planting its flag in one truly standout, unique system, it spreads itself thin across all of the systems one might expect from a Dragon Age-type game. If Dragon Age is a veteran gone on sabbatical, GreedFall is keeping its seat warm without making a mess of the office in its absence. It's a decent RPG, but not the new darling of the genre by any stretch.

GreedFall - Valve
GreedFall is Now Available on Steam!

Engage in a core roleplaying experience, and forge the destiny of a new world seeping with magic, and filled with riches, lost secrets, and fantastic creatures. With diplomacy, deception and force, become part of a living, evolving world - influence its course and shape your story.

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