Silver - (Alice Bell)

This is a bit of a cheat because I didn t really play this one. For a period until I was about 12 the only PC in the house was in my big brother s room, which meant I was not allowed to play it or go in there unless he was in a good mood.

On those occasions, me and my younger brother would each carry one of the heavy wooden kitchen chairs upstairs and sit next to the older one and watch him play things like Black & White or Soul Reaver. And Silver.


Silver - (Samuel Horti)

Silver banner

Sweet, sweet nostalgia. I only have vague memories of playing the RPG Silver [Steam page] as a ten-year-old (I’m wondering now what the age rating was…) but I remember really liking it. Its swordplay was its standout feature, and the direction of your strikes depended on which way you moved your mouse. It seems rudimentary now, but at the time it blew my little mind.

Anyway, now I and anybody else who s interested gets to relive the action all over again on Steam, where it has just released courtesy of THQ Nordic. Admittedly, it’s been out on GOG since 2012, but this latest version, currently on sale, is a perfect excuse to jump back in. It’s only 3.99, which includes a 20% launch discount. … [visit site to read more]


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