Crowd Smashers - TetedeBUG
Xinput & Power Update.

Change controller driver to Xinput for compatibility with Steam Controller & Steam Link.

Add: Steam controller configuration.

Gameplay change: after spending time looking videos, new players have diffculty to increase the ball power and miss the most fun part of the game, so now the magic ball increase speed and power more quickly.

Fix : Idle Animation, no more multi directional Idle animation, now there is only one Idle.
Crowd Smashers - TetedeBUG
Survival Mode Update.

- Add : New survival scoring system.

You can now make a choice between opponents, choose to have a maximum score multiplicator and less resurrection or the opposite and stay alive longer.

Each time you unlock your ultimate, you gain one score multiplier. you loose the bonus when your crowd die.

- Add: Gamepad setting option, in option menu.

- Hector nerf: Hector is now slightly less powerfull.
Crowd Smashers - TetedeBUG
First Game update.

- Add: Universal Modele Gamepad Management
- Add: New survival message system.

- Fix: Stuttering player animation.
- Fix: Perfect shot speed was too low with some input error.
- Fix: Survival mode, public reanimation.
- Fix: Survival mode, IA difficulty progression.

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