Thea 2: The Shattering - A'vee
Hi All,

Looks like we'll need a bit more time to do the stuff we promised, so instead of rushing an untested build, we've decided to move the patch to next Thursday.
Apologies to all who were patiently waiting the whole day!

So - the latest build is not public yet and there will still be changes done to it during the week. For those willing to try it out - we've uploaded it to alpha branch. It contains cloud saves, achievements (though not properly tested yet, so some may not complete correctly or possibly cause a crash), changes to group strength scaling (which should fix Lightbringers being too strong early on), morale gain info on character stats and a handful of smaller fixes.

The alpha branch does not require a password and saves should be still fully compatible between this and the last version.
Thea 2: The Shattering - A'vee
Hi All,

For those still unconvinced, we've added a demo version.
It contains all mechanics but is limited to 50 turns of gameplay - hopefully enough to help you decide whether Thea 2 is a game for you.

Thea 2: The Shattering - A'vee
- Fix for dwarf baker quest, plus a few more small event fixes.
Thea 2: The Shattering - A'vee
- Added map zoom on mouse wheel,
- Added loading from Pause Menu in single player games,
- Added tooltips on resources/food on Group Info screen,
- Added Voiceovers for Misc Encounters 2 module,
- Character name and portrait should not repeat unless all variants have been exhausted,
- Claiming god points can be done without loading the game (in case a future patch breaks save compatibility),
- Growing up into healer now requires intelligence and not wisdom (this is part one of a tweak coming to the healer class later),
- Fixed VO distortion,
- Fixed weird animation of some goblin 3d models,
- Fixed trade balance display on item transfer popup when trading in coop,
- Fixed Auto End-turn functionality in challenges when there is no AP left / cards costs are too high (can be toggled in Settings),
- Fixed a crash as a result of a task belonging to a different group than workers assigned to it at the end of turn task progression event,
- Fixed god traits not being displayed on God Info screen for the joining player in coop,
- Improved text legibility on God Info screen,
- Card animation speed controller is now permanently shown during a challenge,
- Buffed Poison (25% -> 35% on Essence, 50% -> 60% on Ancient).
Cloud Saves support - we have encountered technical issues when merging save data from different machines that resulted in corrupted profiles so we have to move this feature to the next patch. Apologies for those waiting!

Coming in two weeks:
- Steam Cloud saves
- First part of Steam Workshop integration
Thea 2: The Shattering - (Nic Reuben)

God does not play dice with the universe, I once read on a Mini Milk stick, but Thea 2 s pantheon of Slavic-inspired deities seem well up for a game of cards. You don t play as a mortal in this hybrid strategy role-playing game, but an all-powerful entity guiding the life of a hapless schmo in their quest from wanderer to chosen hero of a blossoming settlement. Thus began the chronicle of Cabbage Joe.


Thea 2: The Shattering - A'vee
Hi all and welcome back to another editon of patch notes! Because release is no excuse to stop working, we've prepared a small set of fixes and improvements.
We plan to release patches more regularly from now on - on Thursdays every two weeks (and hotfixes we break anything in between). Alpha will remain the branch for testing.

- Added this handy dandy changelog to the main menu,
- Added the voiceovers that were supposed to make it on release but didn't,
- Added Auto Assign button to trait selection screen,
- Added resource names to recycle popup,
- Added some hotkeys to hud and radial menu,
- Added tooltips to Inventory/Equip screen buttons,
- Assign God Traits screen now shows god-specific trait on a special card,
- Fixed a crash caused by using Show Possible Recipes toggle on tasks' Favourites panel,
- Fixed drag and drop on traits not letting the player override previous trait in that slot.

Things planned for the next patch (30th May):
- Map Zoom
- Loading from Pause Menu
- Steam Cloud Saves

Things we're working on, delivery time TBD:
- Steam Workshop integration
- Achievements
- Recycle items obtained during events
Thea 2: The Shattering - A'vee
In case you missed the big news, the 1.0 release is happening tomorrow @ 12 noon CET!

There are a couple more things we wanted to include before the floodgates open:

- Added more voiceovers
- Fixed coal count incorrectly displayed on crafting tasks
- Removed duplicate recipes to craft some resources
- Fixed filtering cosmic seed script in EditorScripts
- Normalised sfx, music and voiceover loudness (that's the 500 mb download in case you wondered)

And for all those people asking if we plan to wipe your profiles - no, you can keep your progress (unless of course you don't want to, then just create a new profile).

Thea 2: The Shattering - A'vee
- Added new difficulty option - Autoresolve Proficiency. Autoresolve can now be set to be more or less forgiving
- Fixed incorrect god on loading and traits screen after another game has been started with a different god without restarting the application
- Fixed incorrect entity info for characters when levelling up right after loading or in the 1st turn
- Fixed sort dropdown on the recipe screen
- Fixed incorrect panels position on non-16:9 monitors on the settlement info screen
- Fixed being able to resurrect the Chosen using cosmic seed without having cosmic seed in the inventory
Thea 2: The Shattering - A'vee
Build 0467 - 9th May

- Added more voiceovers
- New villages and groups should now receive a name
- Cosmic Seed can now be used to resurrect the chosen
- Added winter fuel use icon to Settlement Info screen
- Added character equipment tooltip to events' View Group screen

- Elf child trait now costs 3 to use (up from 2)
- Slightly nerfed Ancestors Voice skill
- Elf child will no longer start with Ancestors Voice Skill
- Reduced starting shielding on Dwarf child
- Balancing changes to rings carry skill
- Decreased the cost of improving resources from T1 to T2 to 8 per pack (down from 10)

- Fixed softlock on inventory screen
- Fixed softlock caused by using Skip to Resolution in co-op
- Fixed crash on group movement
- Fixed masterwork/trash icons being shown for buildings on entity info screen
- Fixed raft and pets being masterwork/trash quality
- Fixed text importing tool in Event Editor freezing the game if nodes didn't match
- Fixed importing text not allowing to save changes to module if no other changes were made
- Fixed weather range of view/movement loss effects not being applied correctly
- Fixed god info screen not showing 7th trait
- Fixed Area-of-effect bows to splash horizontally as they should
Thea 2: The Shattering - A'vee
- Fixed 2h spears not getting first strike bonus correctly
- Fixed Building Too Close warning that kept showing after the problem was resolved
- Rebalanced values on difficulties to make Medium difficulty 150%
- Added difficulty value on Difficulty button for singleplayer
- Fixed a crash when closing various screens if a second game was started without restarting the app

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