Moonlighter - Rufus Blackwood

Hi there, Community!

We have some super exciting news for you!

We are proud to team up once again with the developers of Moonlighter and take on an ambitious project from Fool’s Theory! Both projects -- in various stages of development with further details coming in 2020 and beyond -- are bigger in scope than anything 11 bit has previously published.

“We’re still an extremely picky publisher. We’re probably even pickier than we were before if you can believe it! Our job is to hand-pick true gems and put our best efforts in with the development teams to help make them shine. We believe in boosting unique projects and using all the marketing magic we have to see them succeed. Right now, we’ve got two projects we’re really proud to have under our wing,” - Pawel Feldman, Publishing Director at 11 bit studios.

Details are sparse right now (gotta save all that marketing magic for later), but we can reveal the following:
  • We are beyond thrilled to be teaming up with Poland-based Fool’s Theory for their latest project, codenamed Vitriol. The studio behind the artfully created stealth title, Seven: The Days Long Gone, is developing a game best described as a meaningful RPG. Jakub Rokosz, CEO at Fool’s Theory says, “We are truly happy to align with 11 bit studios. They’re known for their ability to find the unique spirit in a game and I believe our upcoming title fits impeccably with the type of projects they like to work on.”
  • You might also say that we are ‘over the Moon(lighter)’ to be teaming up once more with Digital Sun Games. There’s nothing to divulge just yet, but rest assured that the hard-working Spanish developer is putting the same care and attention into their new project (codename Foxhole) as they did with their critically acclaimed indie hit, Moonlighter, but this time it’s a totally new IP. “We badly wanted to work with these guys again. As a team, we feel 11 bit did a great job with Moonlighter and we both want to do even better things together. It’s really as simple as that, ” says Javier Gimenez, CEO at Digital Sun Games.

And if you're willing to look for more clues, here's a short but very mysterious video:
We're very much excited for the things to come. We hope you're sharing this excitement with us now! Stay tuned!

Be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date with all our news:Have a good one!
11 bit studios + Fool's Theory + Digital Sun Games

Moonlighter - Rufus Blackwood

Hi there, Heroes and Merchants!

A new, cryptic Portal appeared out of nowhere near the Village of Rynoka! Does it lead to chaos and destruction? Or new weapons and valuables? Whatever the Portal brings - this album full of brand new epic music should prepare you for the unknown adventure between dimensions!

You can get Between Dimensions Soundtrack here:

This package includes:
  • 8 tracks from the soundtrack for the game (320 kbps .MP3, .WAV, .FLAC)
  • 2 wallpapers for your computer
  • 2 phone wallpapers for your smartphone
  • 4 ringtones for your smartphone
1. New Adventures
2. Strange Grounds
3. Lost Between Dimensions
4. Realms Edge
5. Sealed Nightmare
6. Confined Opponent
7. Dimension Lord
8. Eternal Fight

Tracks are composed & produced by Alex Benet.

Digital Sun & 11 bit studios
Moonlighter - Rufus Blackwood

Hello there, Heroes and Merchants!

Spooooky Rynoka is back!
Just like the last year, we have a small update for you to celebrate the Halloween season! When you launch the game and wander around Rynoka - you will notice it is different. Darker. More spooOOooky!

This spooOOoky update adds:
  • scary pumpkins!
  • creepy bats!
  • mysterious spiderwebs!
  • ancient tombstones
  • ...and few more, small, ominous decorations!

Mind you, this is a purely cosmetic update - but we hope it will get you in the proper mood for the Halloween season. ːsummerghostː

Have a good one!
Digital Sun Games & 11 bit studios
Moonlighter - Rufus Blackwood

Greetings, Heroes and Merchants!

We've just launched a major update for Moonlighter! It fixes a lot of issues that you've reported over the last few weeks! Thanks for sending the feedback and for being so supportive and patient. We really appreciate that!

Here's the full list of changes:
General Fixes:
  • Added support of Italian and Turkish languages
  • Fixed overlapping potions with the weapon icon in GUI
  • No longer possible to change "map" button binding (change was done to avoid issues with controller mapping)
  • Regular weapons in DLC+ should now have proper enchantment multipliers
  • No longer possible to duplicate items using Mimic chest
  • Fixed issue with exclamation mark remaining above Witch when there were no news
  • Fixed issue where exclamation marks were re-appearing above NPCs upon loading game using "Load Game" option in main menu
  • Window resolution no longer changes upon switching tabs in options menu when playing in Windowed mode
  • Fixed issue where in some weapons inacurrate damage value could be displayed at the Witch enchantment menu
  • No longer possible to interact with shop sign during post-tutorial Zenon scene
  • Icon indicating that DLC content has beed activated was added to the save slots
  • Fixed description of all elemental puddle amulets
  • Fixed issue where Trick weapons were not registered to notebook in new game+
  • No longer possible to re-buy multiple brooms from Le Retailer
  • Fixed issue where already obtained eggs and quest items could sometimes be present near the familiar farm
Dungeon Fixes:
  • Fixed issue where character could get stuck in one specific room of Wanderer dungeon
  • Fixed issue where character would receive damage when their familiar was struck by the Tech Soldier's attack
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to open chest while charging secondary attack of some weapons
  • Fixed issue where the trick effect of Mechanic Big sword could sometimes stay on the screen after performing a trick attack
  • Cause of misadventure should now be visible on dungeon summary screen when character dies to a trick weapon recoil damage
  • Tesla Recharger familiar potion spawning in the Wanderer Dungeon was tweaked
  • Fixed issue where one attack of the Final Boss enemy was not dealing damage to the character
  • Fixed issue where some familiar eggs were dropping after first killed enemy in the new game+
  • Familiar spawned by an amulet no longer stays with the character after defeating the DLC Boss
Shop Fixes:
  • Fixed issue where sold items could get incorrect popularity update
  • Undecided customers should now get kicked out when shop is about to close
  • Shop closing indicator is no longer obscured by the time of day indicator
  • Fixed issue where there was no on-screen notification when a "too high" price of an item was saved to notebook
  • Fixed isssue with Forest Seeder quest naming
  • Fixed issue where some thieves were not stealing from cash register
  • Fixed customer counter on the sales summary screen
  • Fixed Desert Cloth Hawker item
We hope that it makes your experience with our game even better. If you still encounter any issues - be sure to report them to

Have a good one!
Digital Sun & 11 bit studios
Moonlighter - Rufus Blackwood

Hi there, Merchants and Heroes!

We've got a quick but super positive message for you! Moonlighter is part of the 11 bit studios Publisher Sale and it means that... it is 60% OFF! This is the deepest discount we've ever had for our game so far! And you know, we're merchants, too - so we know a good deal when we see it. :)

Moonlighter -60% - highest discount ever:

Moonlighter - Between Dimensions DLC -20% - highest discount ever and first time on sale:

Aaand Moonlighter: Complete Edition (Moonlighter + DLC) gives you additional 10% discount!

We hope you like those prices, Heroes! 💰

If you like to check out other titles from 11 bit studios, you can find them discounted HERE!

Moonlighter - Almighty Pudding
Dear Rynoka Community! For you Children of Morta with 10% loyalty discount!

If you are one of the People of Rynoka and you own Moonlighter, you can get Children of Morta - brand new action RPG about family of heroes - with a 10% discount.

What is this extraordinary RPG about?

Children of Morta is a story-driven action RPG game about an unusual family of heroes. Lead the Bergsons, with all their flaws and virtues, against the forthcoming Corruption. Children of Morta sets its story in a distant land but copes with themes closer to our daily lives than one would expect. It’s a tale of simple emotions that we all know and value more than we sometimes dare to admit: love and hope, longing and uncertainty, and the loss and sacrifice we are willing to make to save the ones we care the most for. Children of Morta is not a story about saving the universe. It’s a story about a valiant family standing together while the world around them is being devoured by darkness.

Have a taste of the atmosphere with the launch trailer!

And dive into the world of Children of Morta!

Welcome to another week of Five of the Best, a series where we celebrate the overlooked parts of video games. They're the kind of things you don't pay much attention to at the time, but which spring readily to mind years later, proving just how memorable they were. So far we've had potions, hands, and dinosaurs - an eclectic bunch! - and we've enjoyed reading your suggestions as much as sharing ours. Today, then, another batch, another five. And the theme...

Shops! Oh, how many virtual registers we've rung over the years. Imagine a role-playing game without one - you can't. It would be sacrilege. You simply must visit a new shop in every town and have their wares be slightly more powerful than they were where you came from. Everyone knows that. But there are so many shops, it's often hard to remember a single one.

It's not just RPGs. I remember ogling the superbikes for sale in Road Rash and then crashing them when I eventually saved up enough money to buy them. I remember spending ages shopping for shorts and T-shirts in a knock-off GAP in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. And I've probably spent more money than I should have on costumes in Fortnite, which is hardly my fault when they sell such silly costumes, is it?!

Read more

Moonlighter - Rufus Blackwood

Hi there, Community!

We have some pretty amazing news for you today!

Children of Morta will be arriving on PC this September 3, 2019. The Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions of the game will launch on October 15, 2019. To celebrate the launch date announcement, you can check out the all-new trailer below.

Watch our brand-new "It Runs in the Family" trailer here:
About the game:
Corruption has spread, morphing the once peaceful Mount Morta into a violent and monster-infested nightmare. Will you be able to sacrifice everything to save the ones you care for? Children of Morta is a story-driven action RPG about a valiant family standing together while the world around them is devoured in darkness. Lead the Bergsons, with all their flaws and virtues, and experience what it means to be in a family of heroes.

Children of Morta copes with themes closer to our daily lives than one would expect. It is a story of the simple emotions we all know so well — and value more than sometimes we dare to admit — love and hope, longing and uncertainty, ultimately loss and the sacrifices we are willing to make to save the ones we care the most for.

We hope you're as excited about the release date as we are! We're working very hard to deliver the best family-themed rogue-lite out there - and we're really hoping you're going to love it!

Take care,
Dead Mage & 11 bit studios
Moonlighter - marekziemak

Hello there, Heroes and Merchants!

Let's focus on one thing today: the Super Annoying Shop Bug™ is finally gone! We've also fixed and tweaked some other stuff - but this one is by far the most important. Thanks for your patience!

Here's the list of fixes:
  • Fixed issue where the shop could not be closed
  • Adjusted damage of the Pirate Weapons
  • It is not possible to bring Cursed items home anymore
  • It is now possible to return to the Dungeon from Boss Challenge Room
  • Fixed issue where the character could be stuck in the Wanderer dungeon due to Fire Puppet flames
  • Fixed issue where the last tier of Composite Armor could not be enchanted
We're really sorry for the inconvenience those issues caused and we appreciate all the feedback you shared with us.

This is a hotfix solving most urgent issues but we're working on a bigger patch bringing even more tweaks and updates. Please stay tuned!

Digital Sun Games & 11 bit studios
Moonlighter - Rufus Blackwood

Hello there, Heroes and Merchants!

The new Portal that appeared in the Between Dimensions DLC proved to be more unstable than we've initially believed. You've contacted us about many anomalies that invaded Rynoka - and we're very thankful for that! Your amazing support helped us a lot if it comes to tracking and fixing DLC-related bugs. We have already released a small patch a few days ago - and here is another one! We know it still doesn't address all the issues that you're experiencing but we decided it's better to patch some stuff earlier so more of you can enjoy the game immediately. Next patch is coming soon!

Here's the list of fixes:
General Fixes:
  • Items are now properly converted upon starting DLC in NG+ (DLC+)
  • Trader customers can't request the same item as their offer anymore
  • Bed damage absorption buff should now be adjusted to DLC+
  • Prices of DLC's Big swords and Bows are properly adjusted
  • Enchantment effects of DLC armor and weapons shouldn't disappear upon restarting the game
  • DLC Armor bonuses in Enchantment menu at Witch are properly displayed now
Dungeon Fixes:
  • Fixed issue where Vine Flower enemy could become invincible
  • "Small Spectral Flame" and "Heavy Metal Plates" items should now properly drop from enemies
  • Effect of "Life Drain Amulet" deactivates properly upon unequipping it
  • Interdimensional weapons can't be sent home using Home Chest secret room
  • Golem Dungeon first miniboss damage reduced
  • "Ghost" and "Dimensional Worm" enemies should now appear on proper levels of the Wanderer Dungeon
  • Fixed empty chests after defeating Boss in Wanderer Dungeon
Shop Fixes:
  • Items bought by the undecided clients should now be properly saved to the Merchant Notebook
Besides reporting issues, though, you have also praised the new content that we've added to the game! You seem to enjoy the new Dungeon that Between Dimensions DLC introduced to the game - and that makes us very happy! This motivates us even more to get those pesky bugs out of your way as soon as possible. Thanks for all the positivity and for your constant support!

Stay awesome! Cheers!
Digital Sun Games & 11 bit studios

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