Meganoid - orangepascal
An open-world action adventure is coming: Ashworld!
Check it out, and wishlist it starting now:
Apr 12, 2017
Meganoid - orangepascal
New level structures are here!
I've been pushing blocks a round and this update comes with at least 25% more variation in the levels (levels are generated, but build from designed templates, I just added a huge amount of new templates for the various area's and building blocks)

I also added option for cycling your inventory if you're using a gamepad (check settings to set the right buttons like left-trigger / right-trigger)

full list of changes can be found on the orangepixel forum
Apr 6, 2017
Meganoid - orangepascal
New update comes with some balancing changes, minor fixes and some level-structure changes (a few more of those coming for the later worlds in upcoming updates).

For full list of changes check
Apr 1, 2017
Meganoid - orangepascal
Minor update fixing the bug where you could find yourself at a spawn-point and not get out (without using a detonator)

Also fixed navigation in menu's always work with arrow-keys (even if you change game-controls in the settings)

and last small fix is making sure "space" shows as "spc" key in the settings.

if you run into other spawn-issues where there's no way out with detonators, please post a screenshot in the forums, that helps ;)
Meganoid - orangepascal
Hey Guys,

Meganoid is almost here, I'm currently bug-fixing, tweaking and balancing the difficulty and drop-rates on items, but other than that, the game is ready to go on March 30!


You can pre-order the game now, and get a 20% discount by visiting the Orangepixel website and using the big orange pre-order button (will come with a Steam-key and a DRM free copy)

Pre-order it here:


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