Reality Incognita - Dire Boar Games
Estimated time of Beta release
By the end of February, 2019.
We hope to not just to finish thorough testing, but also to make full Russian translation.
Reality Incognita - Dire Boar Games
News about Reality incognita!

Hello all those who follow me, who played Alpha, and who wishlisted my game!

I finally transfered all the content and the engine to Unity.

A professional beta tester is now checking Beta build for possible bugs.
And my artist is now making last remaining cutscenes.

So, I will dare to say, that the Beta is almost ready!

It will still not have all game content, but it has way much more then Alpha, about a half of a full game. It is no longer divided to non-connected chapters, but plays as an adventure game should play, from the beginning to it's end.

As soon as beta is released, the price will go up to 5$, so if you want to buy it cheaper, you still have a chance!
Reality Incognita - Dire Boar Games
Patch version was released in reply to another bug report.

Estimated changes:

Less RAM consumption
Cutscenes now should play correctly
West bedroom no longer gets stuck.
Reality Incognita - Dire Boar Games
Hello to all my followers,
For a specific reason, I have no choice, but to fully convert to Unity. Even now, I and my freelancers are transferring all materials to new engine. The bad side of this, that the beta, and final version will be released later than I would expect.
The good side - unlike generic Visual Studio, Unity allows to run games on all systems, not only Windows, including Mac, Linux and even Android.

Again, full conversion will take some time, hopefully not very long. I apologize for that, and will do my best to do everything as fast as I can.
Reality Incognita - Dire Boar Games
Good news my fellow players, I have good news to your Russian speaking part. I decided to translate Reality Incognita to Russian language, and that will include both text and voiceover! The beta release will already include both languages!

Also, even some puzzles will have different solutions on English and Russian - you'll have to play to find out what I mean!

While preparing the Beta, I'll also adjust the store page and add information on Russian.
Reality Incognita - Dire Boar Games
Reality Incognita - Dire Boar Games
I have given an interview on a website called NeoCrisis. Those who want to know more about me, can now follow the link!
Reality Incognita - Dire Boar Games
1) One more cutscene (two variants) for one missing death movie - fixed.

2) Videos volume was impossible to change - fixed, now same as voice volume.

3) When opening doors, controls are now disabled for about a second, without it, player could move too fast between areas and it caused some scripts to work incorrectly.

4) The right door in Kitchen area is interact-able only in generic 1600x900 resolution - fixed.

Now I'll concentrate on update 0.9 that will have a major content addition, and will be treated as Beta.
Reality Incognita - Dire Boar Games
Last fixes:
1) Two new hidden achievements added.
2) Voiceover from leaving dark room was read after opening each door, again and again - fixed.
3) No cutscenes for quick radiation pod death (two variants) were missing, now added.
4) After loading the game or just pressing "resume", sometimes door opening animation is played - fixed.
5) Incorrect voiceover for some of death messages - fixed.
6) Another death message crashes the game - fixed.
7) Some sounds or voiceovers are played twice - fixed
8) Various bugs with timers - fixed
9) Added more places where control is temporarily disabled.

For the upcoming patch

1) One more cutscene (two variants) for one missing death movie - video was missing, now ordered from artist.

If you find more bugs, report them in Discussions:
Reality Incognita - Dire Boar Games
I found a few weird bugs that were missed earlier. I am fixing them now, and want to release a patch fixing them in a few days. I also will add two hidden achievements.

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