EmbodyMe Beta - issaymk2

We've added some clothes and shoes. We hope you have fun trying them on.

  • Added clothes and shoes
  • Fixed bug where avatar would not longer be visible by others upon creation of avatar from photo
  • Made it possible to rotate using left stick of Oculus Touch
  • Added support for Japanese
EmbodyMe Beta - issaymk2
You can now sit on sofas in private rooms.
Try out this new feature when chatting with friends or having meetings.

  • You can now sit on sofas in private rooms.
  • Faces will now change even if you throw multiple medicines in succession.
  • Fixed a bug making users unable to go to the changing room during the tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug which occurred when grabbing clothes during the tutorial.
EmbodyMe Beta - issaymk2

We have added new rooms to be used for private communication.
From the watch menu, select the door icon, and enter a number to go there.

Chat, have meetings, or hold events with your friends.
Use a private room for whatever you like!
Feel free to try it out!

We are currently planning to add functionality for sharing desktops within private rooms.
Watch this space!
EmbodyMe Beta - issaymk2
  • Made sure that removing bangs on photo is not reflected in avatar
  • Application size reduced
  • Folder for photos to create avatar changed to subfolder in Pictures folder
  • Fixed problem where continually selecting avatar makes avatar disappear or become duplicated
  • Fixed problem where frame rate drops while selecting hair
  • Fixed bug where sound goes strange when recording video in changing room
  • Tutorial improved
  • Default avatar model revised
Currently developing room used for private communication.
Please look forward to the next release!
EmbodyMe Beta - issaymk2
  • The layout of the room has been changed.
  • The parabola beam now makes it easier to move.
We will continue to improve the app as soon as possible based on all of our users' feedback!
EmbodyMe Beta - issaymk2
Avatars now have a more natural look. Try recreating your avatar from a photo or camera!

  • Improved avatar textures to make them look more natural.
  • Fixed camera crashing bug.
  • Improved avatar lips.
  • Made it so that medicine is shaken.
  • Changed keyboard color.
EmbodyMe Beta - issaymk2
  • Fixed a bug that was causing avatars to suddenly become silver.
  • Fixed a bug causing an Entitlement Error to appear on Oculus.
  • Users can now touch doors to move between rooms.
  • Improved the touch features of the menu.
  • Improved the tutorial.
Thank you for using EmbodyMe.
We will continue to improve the app as quickly as we are able based on all of our users' feedback.

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