Battle Princess Madelyn - KrisWB
All New Super Deluxe Rad Mode With Added Rad Bonuses!

We've listened to your feedback, heard your cries for more, and more. This is what you'll get!

  • More options!
  • More features!
  • More everything!

Now with a highlighted map in story mode, there's a Quest Log to aid you on your journey. We’ve even added teleporting you to the nearest rune stone alongside these new features in the pause menu. With a new hint system too, the game is far smoother and sleeker to play, not to mention the added language selection, rumble option and volume sliders, bringing it to a whole dynamic new level.

The original layout of the game was a little tricky for some, so we've adapted to your feedback here too, making the story mode terrain far easier to navigate. Included are features such as a well to help you find your way to the Spider's Lair (instead of just dropping down blindly) and a clearer route to the Sunken Pathway through The Witches’ Cave. We feel this adds direction and we hope you find the game a far more streamlined playing experience.

What we've got in store for you:

King Daddy Mode!
  • Step into the boots of Madelyn’s father, King Daddy!
  • You have King Daddy’s Sword, aka Insanity’s Blade. You will battle through hordes of the undead. You are given zero projectiles aside from Fritzy’s power ups. You are going to find this extremely difficult!
  • There's a surprise at the end for King Daddy, so stick around!

Boss Rush Mode!
  • Simple! Grab your favorite weapon and fight the bosses back-to-back.
  • So what are you waiting for? Get out there and bash some ghosts!.

The update is ready and waiting for you in your Steam library, so what are you waiting for?

But wait... that is not all! If you've still not brought Battle Princess Madelyn then now is the time with 20% off through to Monday 25th February!

Battle Princess Madelyn - KrisWB

Both teams at Hound Picked and Causal Bit would like to say a big thank you to everyone who's purchased Battle Princess Madelyn and the love, support and feedback we've received has been incredible.

As you know, we're been incredibly busy over the last month or so patching bugs, implementing tweaks to gameplay and general QOL additions post launch.

We've launched the OST of Battle Princess Madelyn, composed by the awesome Gryzor87 and both the PCM/FM and orchestral versions of the music are included.

In the meantime, if you are not already following Causal Bit Games on social media, here is a reminder of their profile links and we look forward to hearing from you!

Join us on Discord

Battle Princess Madelyn - Kris Bennett

Hey everyone,

We hope you had a great holiday season and are now keeping warm from the cold.

The most recent update is now live and includes the following:

  • Armor and weapon shards play a sound on pickup now
  • Coins slide slower and live longer after falling flat
  • Loot rate in arcade increased so skeletons are more likely to have weapons and armor for you
  • Level 3 art changed to match inventory image
  • SP text now fits to text boxes in some cutscenes
  • Swimming fish in the water ruins no longer behave oddly between left and right side, meaning they will be passive when water raises and lowers or aggressive and killable when water is raised
  • Sea sponge shooters fixed in water ruins
  • Framerate improved in a few levels
  • Lost children quests should now always spawn enemies to kill at a decent rate
  • Keyring HUD fixed to not stay stuck on glowing when far from doors you can open
  • Music added to Germany town
  • Additional keyring removed from inventory
  • Several fixes to text
  • Moved Bills book to lower half of Cliffs of sorrow
  • Added flipping spike platforms to lower half of Cliffs of Sorrow
  • Changed collider animation for toy soldiers in Toy Tower of Pisa
  • Added Trigger sounds to sunken ruins area of Cliffs of Sorrow
  • Added Trigger sounds to puzzle in the Witches Cave
  • Fixed Man Eating Plants in 10a and 10b (Final Story Level)
  • Level 4 vanishing weapons fixed
  • Level 4 invisible wall fixed during child rescue

As always, thank you so much for continuously feeding back to us here on the Steam forum and via our Discord server.

More updates coming soon!

Battle Princess Madelyn - Kris Bennett

"Grampy can only show you part of the way, Madelyn - but Fritzy will always be by your side." 🐶

Hey everyone, we're super excited to share the news that Battle Princess Madelyn is out now on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 in North America 🇺🇸

🎮 Nintendo Switch:

🎮 Playstation 4:

Once again, from everyone at Causal Bit Games Inc. and the team here at Hound Picked Games, thank you for all your support!

Hound Picked Games

💬 Join us on Discord:
Dec 18, 2018
Battle Princess Madelyn - Hound Picked Games

Hey everyone,

We said there were more updates coming, and here they are! ːsteamhappyː
  • Hints now enabled in non-ENG languages.
  • Boss deaths now correctly give achievements, notably the tree boss should give an achievement for anyone who has beaten it before.
  • Warp screen scrolling increased.
  • Talking to people who give weapons or keys will make sure you have them after talking, rather than waiting for a spawned item to touch you.
  • Decreased the difficulty of earlier parts in story mode.
  • More directional hints in arcade and story areas where players often got lost.

As always, thank you so much for continuously feeding back to us here on the Steam forum and via our Discord server.

More updates coming soon!


Dec 17, 2018
Battle Princess Madelyn - Hound Picked Games

Hey everyone,

You probably noticed that over the weekend, there was an update to Battle Princess Madelyn. Here's a run down of what was fixed and tweaked:

  • Tweaked the weapon pickups to fix an issue in arcade mode where dropped loot will fall through floors or incorrect sprites.
  • Fixed Bill's Book as it sometimes did not show up with random spawn. It now appears at a fixed location in the Cliffs of Sorrow
  • Fixed a mid-level boss in the final stage of story mode not closing the door
  • Fixed a crash where going to the hidden stage from title screen could freeze the game
  • Fixed the hidden stage cutscene ending before pressing a button
  • Faster loading to title screen
  • Beating witches takes you straight to castle courtyard
  • Fixed a bug that could cause save file corruption at doors and NPC's

As always, thank you so much for continuously feeding back to us here on the Steam forum and via our Discord server.

More updates coming soon!

Dec 12, 2018
Battle Princess Madelyn - Hound Picked Games

Hey everyone,

It's almost been a full week since launching Battle Princess Madelyn on Steam, GOG and Xbox One, and we've been humbled by some of the comments we have received.

But additionally, we've also been bowled over by the reviews we're getting from some top media websites. So, if you're still on the fence and haven't yet embarked on your journey of revenge with Fritzy in tow, take a read of the below.


"The thing about Battle Princess Madelyn is that the audio and the visuals are so well done that it feels incredible to play just for the novelty of looking at it; especially if you’re a huge fan of the classics. Controls also feel great, with keyboard controls feeling like you’re playing an actual emulator of sorts"

The Digital Fix

"Princess Madelyn is an incredibly enjoyable game, it isn’t breaking much new ground, but it does everything with a lot more charm and optimism than you might find elsewhere. The controls are clean, the sound and the look of the game are great, and the characters are incredibly likeable. This is a great game to dip into if you need an action-platformer in your life."

Sensei Gaming

"Casual Bit Games has obviously put a lot of time and energy into making Battle Princess Madelyn a beautiful remake of the nineties of platform games. The game consists of levels in varied backgrounds and by the variation between fights and search you want to complete the game in one go. Thanks to, among other things, hidden spaces and other possible combat strategies, the replayability is great. As far as we are concerned a real topper and definitely a must for children as a Christmas present!"

Tecno Gaming

"Nostalgia is the first word that comes to my mind, those classic 2D games that have marked a generation where we spend countless hours to reach the end in a thorough way. Well, this time, with the influence of Ghouls N 'Ghosts we have a very attractive title for all platforms that manages to combine gameplay with music very well, delivering fun at all costs, generating at times addiction to finish the level, even without losing any lifetime. The difficulty is well balanced with automatic adjustment and I must say that it has cost me tears and sweat to pass certain levels."


"Battle Princess Madelyn, rescues the 8-bit classics perfectly, with a good story line, good gameplay – even the failures and delays of control in responding in jumps – challenges that thrill instead of annoying and its addictive way of wanting to continue playing."

"Battle Princess Mayden will throw the player back in years , will give the feeling of being playing a real arcade from a cab, thanks to a level design and a difficulty worthy of an old Ghouls'n'Ghosts. Despite the similarity of certain weapons, Battle Princess Madelyn will still be able to give away several hours of play and challenges worthy of any player, even the most hardcore."

Pop Culture Cosmos

"Though Battle Princess Madelyn is incredibly difficult, the feeling you get as you're nearing the end of each level and boss fight, and the way the music speeds up, and your heart feels like it's going to leap out of your chest, is something I haven't experienced in a long time. The story is intriguing, the color shading is beautiful, the animation is without flaw, and the game is incredibly difficult. I'd say that hitting three of those four marks makes this game worth the $19.99 it costs to play it."

Entertainment Focus

"I waited a long time for Battle Princess Madelyn, and I’m proud to say that Casual Bit Games has delivered beautifully. If you’ve always loved Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, but never have been able to get past its rock solid difficulty, this might be your time to shine! Aside from it being such a gracious mirror to the classic, Battle Princess Madelyn has plenty of twists and turns in the gameplay that will really keep you engrossed from start to finish!"


"Battle Princess Madelyn is reminiscent of the classic platformers of the SNES era. The game will delight gamers with a pretty pixel image, branched locations, fierce battles and a huge amount of cleverly hidden secrets. Finding new items, players will be able to improve the equipment of the character, and the arcade difficulty mode will allow you to throw an additional challenge to those for whom the standard narrative mode is not enough."

From everyone at Causal Bit Games Inc and Hound Picked Games, thank you all for your great reviews. <3

Battle Princess Madelyn - Hound Picked Games

Hey everyone,

Patch 1.0.3 is now live!

Please see below for the most recent updates:

  • Arcade and Story mode order flipped on the menu menu. This is to allow first time players to ease right into the action and experience some of the upgrades you get later on in story mode.
  • Fixed a glitch where the Cliffs of Sorrow sunken boat could prevent progress if events are done out of order in story mode.
  • Arcade loot drop rate tweaked to give more chances of Fritzy ranged attack powers. This is a timed effect potion that does not drain MP, unlike Fritzy shots in story mode.
  • Fixed extra NPC hint characters appearing when their text is not yet localised.
  • Fixed a rare bug where player character would respawn off-screen in story mode when changing levels.
  • Removed the enemy from Germany forest in story mode that could block your path if your weapons were not upgraded or you were missing any wide range or melee versions.

If you do continue to stumble into anything you feel may be a bug, please do let us know by completing this form. The team will review it ASAP.

Battle Princess Madelyn - (Dominic Tarason)

Spoiler: The dog dies in Battle Princess Madelyn. Fortunately the pooch returns moments later, ghostly, supercharged and ready to avenge its own death. That’s the kind of instant gratification you’d expect from a game co-designed by a seven-year-old girl. Released today and developed by Casual Bit Games, it’s an arcade platformer heavily inspired by Ghouls & Ghosts, but built to the specifications of the lead dev’s kid. She wanted her own version of the SNES and arcade classic, but with a princess. I’ve played a bit of it, and it’s an odd beast. A trailer and thoughts lie below.


Battle Princess Madelyn - Hound Picked Games

Hey everyone,

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who has been so supportive during the pre-launch campaign and today! We've been overwhelmed by your comments, messages, tweets on Twitter and discussions in Discord. We're thrilled with the reactions to Battle Princess Madelyn so far!

The team at Causal Bit Games Inc are looking into the few bugs missed during initial testing and will attempt to have most of them patched by tonight (9pm EST). They are also adding in a hint system to explain the controls as well as a compass for your dog! This compass will lead you to where hidden quest items may be behind walls.

Some of the bug fixes include :

  • Being able to go back to the island in 5a - the cliffs of sorrow (this should have been blocked as you don't need to go back)
  • Tuning of a few objects
  • Some rare issues with savegames (completing story mode can lock your save data)
  • We know there are some issues with unsupported controllers and will update you with the patch

If you do continue to stumble into anything you feel may be a bug, please do let us know by completing the this form. The team will review it ASAP.

Once again, from everyone at Causal Bit Games and Hound Picked Games, thank you for your support and we'll update you once the patch is live later today.


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