Age of Defense - Rurik

Hello there,

We are going to upload 0.64 update with demo versions of 8th and 9th missions. It unlock a lot of new enemies, 3 new towers and another boss fight.
While we are making last tests, we want to show you sketches of World #4

it is another era. Creatures look closer to present time, but have a lot of exceptions.
First map contains 3 independent roads. Be ready to plan your defences against 35 different enemy types.

Second mission introduces unique mechanics. It spawns portals from previous worlds. So, a player will defend against creatures of all 4 worlds. it should be fun

The last mission has 4 entrances and 1 exit point. Also, it have alien artifacts, mighty hands, which can close a road and force enemies move to another way.

Play with us,
Battlecruiser Games

Age of Defense - Rurik

Hello there,

We added 7th mission. Layout of this mission is a sketch, so some objects can cover others. Also enemy units don't have animations.
It is kinda a demo of 7th mission. We did it because we want to upload all remaining levels earlier for earlier tests. For example, 8th and 9th missions comes before August ends.

New missions unlock 2 new towers. Ape tower is a siege tower which applies deadly poison on enemy units. It is great in elimination of small units. Another tower is Dino Woman tower. It has +12% damage aura (excellent in any situations) and can devouer small units instantly.

New mission introduces new world, so there is just a few new units. You will defend against units of World #2 as well.

Finally, we added first 39 achievements in the game. Most of them can be got easily. We plan more than 150 achievements in total.

Other game changes and Bug Fixes
  • If a player starts new missions earlier it will decreses spell cooldowns.
  • Spike and Meteor damages are noe pure. It deals full damage. Spike had normal damage and stone had siege damage previosly. We did duo balance reasons
  • Auto opening of 4th mission after completion 3th mission was removed
  • Fixed critical bug when enemies on hard difficulty had insane amount of armor
  • Fixed ciritcal bug when some enemy could get wrong abilities. For example, MagicBug had Jump ability of DragonFly mini boss.
  • Fixed the bug with "each time from the beginning will return to the default game speed, but still shows the speed of the last adjustment. "
  • Added right animation for MagicBug (World #2)

Bug fixes of patch #1
  • Fixed 6th mission. There were a mission enemy path, so enemies appeared in wrong spots and the game crushed at 7th wave
  • Start the game, Get the level, Pass on Hard difficulty achievements now work right.

Play with us,
Battlecruiser Games
Age of Defense - Rurik

Hello there,

We changed a way how we are adding new missions to the game. First 6 missions were final with animation effects, mobs and etc. We have decided to upload a rest of missions as a scetches. We are going to add remain 9 missions without enemy animations or map effects. It gives less visual satisfaction, but you can play new missions earlier. Later, we will add final animations when our artist finishes them.

There you can see scetches of all missions of World #3. It is well known Jurassic era with a lot of dinoisaurs. There will be 24 new enemy units. Most of them will have unique abilities. It should be fun.

As you can see there a new huge enemy arrive, so expect a great twist in the main story with new animated cartoon cineamatic.

Finally, we added the new trailer for the game with gameplay and cinematics moments from 1-6 missions. Hope it motives new players to purchase AoD.

Seventh map should come in a week!

Play with us,
Battlecruiser Games
Age of Defense - Rurik

Hello there,

We added several gameplay improvements and fixed a couple of critical bugs.
First of all, when a player gets a level ans skill point it also increases damage from Stone and Spike Trap spells. It doubles the damage at level 5, so these spell get more useful at late game.

Secondly, we added game speed button. You can choose between 1x, 1,5x, 2x game speed settings. We hope it make the game more pleasant.
Thirdly, we added settings for changing sound and music volume in the pause menu.

Fourthly, we added info buttons in the mission menu and skill menu which open a thread in the forum with explanations of game mechanics and skills.
Finally, we added cute animated effect for building a tower.

Other game changes
  • Players start from the last wave with saved progress in 6th mission if they lose and restart the level
  • Mission 6 became harder. BugBoss fight got easier. Difficulty of Mission 5 was increased slightly
  • Added a special road path for Dragon Fly mini boss at Mission 5
  • Damage of Spearman Level 2 was slightly increased
  • Damage of Spearman Level 3 was decreased
  • Woman tower Level 1 gives fixed amount of extra attack range now. Stronger level apply percentages values.
  • Voodoo tower damage was slightly decreased
  • Skills of Level 2, Double Attack and Spike Trap Upgrade were swapped
  • Game settings are saved now
  • Woman towers got priority of attack, they attack enemies without stun effect first

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the critical bug when Mission 3 couldn't be finished after killing the boss
  • Fixed the bug when evolution mobs could get stuck near first whirlpool at mission 5
  • Fixed the bug when a balloon mob got invulnerable after being feared
  • DragonFly miniboss could unexpectedly die in the end of the road at mission 5. Fixed.
  • Fixed the bug when some parts of UI (info menu and skill menu button) was shown at wrong places if player played with unusual screen resolution
  • Electro Fish and Big Fly enemies cast their abilities from the beginning now
  • Added animation of death for Bug Boss's cocoon
  • Fixed the bug when Big Fly mob could lay a larva at BossBug
  • Visual fixes for Dragon Fly ability
  • Big Fly mob no more can't lay a larva at air units
  • Fixed the bug when projectiles of tower tried to reach enemies who disappeared in a whirlpool
  • Visual fixes for main and settings menu
  • Visual fixes of animations of the old mage in the main menu
  • Sound of Parasite ability cast was removed
  • Visual effects are shown at balloon mobs properly now
Play with us,
Battlecruiser Games
Age of Defense - Rurik

Hello there,

The game gets closer to the original idea. We added two major things which affect whole game. It is a skill system and settings menu. Player unlocks skill tree while playing Mission 3 and can learn just 2 skills. Each new missions increases your maximum level. There will be 15 player levels in the game and 6 of them are available to learn in Mission 6.

Skills are very diverse. Some of them just increase damage, attack speed and etc. Others give special abilities to certain towers (Voodoo mage gets damage bonus on kill); improve your spells (Spike trap gets extra spikes); Allow rank system to towers (towers get extra damage bonus depending on kill count). Finally you can take third spell. We added 2 new spells: 1) Summon a rage totem which increases attack speed of nearby towers; 2) Fear spell forces enemies in the area move back. Both of spells are extremely useful in a battle.

You can learn more about skills and the game in F.A.Q

Also we added Settings menu. There is just a few options. Change sound and music volumes, disable blood effects on the map and disable terrain animations which improve fps. We are going to add more options in future. Write in comments what do you want.

Bug Fixes and other changes
  • Fixed the bug when last wave didn't start in mission 2 and 3.
  • Fixed the bug when Mission become endless
  • There were a huge bug with tower attack speed display. They were all wrong. Now info shows correct data.
  • Fixed the bug on mission 5 when some enemies got stuck in the fish skeleton after leaving first whirlpool.
  • Fixed the bug on mission 3 when one of Microbe Bosses could get stuck in the middle of the road

Play with us,
Battlecruiser Games
Age of Defense - Rurik

Hello there,

In this update we fixed some very important things and fixed some bugs. First of all we improved visuals and added a soundtrack to Cinematics #4 which appears in the end of mission 6. It is very funny little clip now. We hope it involves your more in the game story.

Secondly, we added some visuals special effects, like stun, whirlpool animations, big jellyfish ability bang effect and etc. We fixed several bugs for 5th mission and improved waves balance. It should become easier now. Have a good game!

Bug Fixes and other changes
  • Fixed the bug when some enemies disappeared and took a live after reaching the first whirlpool at mission 5
  • Fixed the bug when Meteor magic didn't scatter units
  • Fixed the bug when mission 5 couldn't be finished after killing the boss
  • Fixed visual bugs at mission 5 when towers can be placed above some objects (like bushes, rock and etc)
  • Fixed the bug when some big enemies didn't appear at mission 6
  • Big Fly monster no longer cast abilities on little flies
  • Fixed some visual bugs in Upgrade Menu
  • Added animation of death for BossBug's cocoon
  • Status effects for air enemies are shown properly now
  • Enemies entrance point was moved behind game screen
  • Fixed some bugs when a player couldn't place a tower at clear land at mission 5
  • Added cycle animation for BossBug dead body
  • Projectiles no more try to reach the target if an enemy disappeared in a whirlpool
  • Explosion ability of Big Stegofly now scatter lesser units
  • Fixed the bug when an enemy could get stuck right before a whirlpool

Thanks for being with us,
Battlecruiser Games
Age of Defense - Rurik

Hello there,

The 6th mission has a lot of new content, so we forced the next update to bring important bug fixes. Also, we remodeled 5th mission. The path is no longer blocked with tower icons and it easier to fight with stegoflies (blue enemies with orange balloons).

About the Boss

The boss of World #2 is a huge insect. It lowers attack speed of nearby towers with mighty roar. It lays cocoons each time it appear on the battlefield. A cocoon spawns a lot insect minions with good stats and regeneration.
A lot of flying enemies are coming through the battle. Finally, when you kill the BugBoss it spawns the head, an usual unit with 25'000 health points. THe toughest unit in the game by the way.

We hope, you will enjoy this mission

Bug Fixes and other changes
  • Stun duration of Women towers ability was increased
  • Stun ability of Women towers no longer affects air units
  • Fixed the visual bug of animation of BugBoss head at mission 6
  • Added missed animation of death for BugBoss's cocoon
  • Visual fixes of appearing for BugBoss
  • Fixed the bug when BugBoss's cocoon stopped summon mobs at later stages of the boss fight.
  • Added a rotation for the BugBoss. It appears at middle tree more often. We made it because there are more clear land at center spot.
  • Towers attack BossBug more properly now
  • Added animation of ability and death for Magic Bug (appear at mission 6)
  • Added Eat ability (kills a unit and restores health) for Pleozavr mob (a huge blue mob with 5000 health)
  • Visual fixes for DragonFly miniboss.
  • The final points at 6th mission were moved behind the playing area
  • Fixed the bug when enemies could get stuck at starting point at mission 6

Skill system comes next week!

Thanks for being with us,
Battlecruiser Games
Age of Defense - Rurik

Hello there,

We wanted to add skill system in this update, but we need more time for testing and balancing. For now, it is just a new mission. It offers 6 new enemies, most of them have interesting abilities. Also you get access to new upgrade of Spearman Tower. It is Axeman Tower. It has fast attack speed and decent damage. Also you get access to Level 3 of Woman tower. It casts strong range buffs and stun enemies for 7 seconds per shot.

This map contains another cool big boss. It has several abilities. Prepare for a tough battle. We hope you will like it.

Bug Fixes and other changes

  • Damage and meat cost of all Level 3 were slightly increased
  • Jump fish mob ability was change. It flies for a small amount of time.
  • Jump fish mob was replaced with another mob at mission 5.
  • Inactive upgrades for some towers were removed.
  • Fixed the bug when lives could be lost without leaking any monsters at mission 5
  • Fixed some bugs which could occurs black screen at mission 5
  • A lot of visual bug fixes

Skill system and updated 5th mission come with next update!

Thanks for being with us,
Battlecruiser Games
Age of Defense - Rurik

Hello there,

This is the first major update for the game. We added new mission. The special feature of this map is whirlpools. it moves enemies to new position of the map instantly, so the main road becomes a very long road. You need to watch out at fighting at different places of the map at the same time.

2 new towers and 8 new enemies appear at this map. Most of them have special abilities. There is a shark who doubles move speed if nearby unit dies. There appear jump fish, huge fish and fast fish mobs. We added piranhas, special mobs, which eat other units to heal themselves. Finally, this level introduces air enemy waves which go above any obstacles of the level.

We added a special menu which appear in the beginning of the map and shows new towers a player has got. Also we added a sub-menu for restart button. You need to click a right button to restart the level.

Bug Fixes

  • Esc button doesn't close full-size mode now
  • Fixed the bug with black squares after restarting a mission
  • The game launches faster now. It could take 7-10 seconds at previous version of the game
  • Cancel button for tower placement was removed. You can use right mouse button for that now
  • Fixed the bug with display of the game with 1366x768 screen resolution
  • Icons' debuff of Big Jellyfish mob are shown properly now
  • Fixed the bug when mini animations at the pause menu were appeared with increased speed
  • Fixed the bug when jump mob could leave a puddle of blood on the air
  • Some menu improvements
  • Added a shadow for Old mage animations in the main menu
  • System text with version of the game is shown properly now

Thanks for being with us,
Battlecruiser Games
Age of Defense - Rurik

Hello players,

This is the first update for the game. или we are continuing to fix with adding new features.

Game Changes
  • Added new Info menu about enemies and towers. It adds important info about enemy armor resistances and vulnerabilities. This info is necessary for making right defenses.
  • Changes in game difficulties. Normal gets a little harder, Hard becomes a little easier. You can check F.A.Q thread in the forum for more info.
  • Changes of waves in Missions 1-4
  • Boss fight at Mission 3 gets tougher
  • Added buff icon for Woman range buff

Bug fixes
  • Fixed the bug when players could start the game from Mission 2 without playing Mission 1
  • Fixed the bug when players couldn't open Mission 3 (all mission are opened temporarily)
  • Exe file now called AoD.exe instead of project77.exe
  • First cinematics with Battlecruiser Logo and actual cinematics got separated
  • Removed some unsuitable sounds
  • One music track no more can't play 2 times in a row
  • Removed wrong death animation for small Boss summons

New mission comes next week.

Thanks for being with us,
Battlecruiser Games

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