Jun 24, 2019
Clatter - Adam
Patch 4 is now out!

New units, maps, career mode updates and much more!

For full details and screenshots, check:

Jun 24, 2019
Clatter - Adam
Clatter's biggest ever update, including new units, maps and more, is now live!

View the complete patch notes, with screenshots, here:

New Unit: Icer

Create columns of ice to block movement or line of sight. Raise units up and over cliffs - granting attack vision or opening up shortcuts. Enemy unit about to get healed by a healing tile or capture a control point? Freeze the tile.

The Icer is an awesome utility unit, adding even more unit synergies and tactical plays.

New Unit: Jumper

With the ability to jump over units and obstacles, the Jumper is the perfect unit for quickly getting around the board. Its attack knocks surrounding units backwards one tile, making it it great for moving other units into position and controlling the board.

Reworked Unit: Booster

Since launch, we've received more feedback about this unit than anything else in the game. Players felt the Booster was overpowered, and that it was a required pick for squads in almost all cases.

We agree, so it's been reworked completely. It's still super useful, but in a completely different way.

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the new version after trying it out for a while.

Gameplay & Balance

We've made a bunch of other adjustments and tweaks in this area.
  • Booster - This unit has been reworked as detailed in the above section.
  • Burner - Attack area increased from 4 to 5 tiles.
  • Grabber - Damage increased from 2 to 4, but it no longer ignores armour.
  • Healer - Decreased damage from 1-2 to 1.
  • Mortar - Decreased damage from 2-4 to 2-3.
  • Units can now jump down from cliffs (2+ tiles height difference), but not up.
  • Pathfinding is now symmetrical, resulting in more predictable movement paths.
  • Fixed a bunch of positioning/tile bugs, and tile-based calculations are now more consistent.
  • Line-of-sight and tile height fixes.
  • Zero-value damage numbers are no longer shown.
  • The game window will now flash when an online match is starting or your turn begins.

New Multiplayer Season

The online leagues and rankings will be reset after the update is released, and a new season will begin. The top 100 players for the season will be listed online for all to see. Stay tuned!

Action Confirmation Prompts

These appear after clicking to move or attack, and prevent accidentally issuing unit orders. They can be turned off in the options, if preferred.

Hidden Tile Interaction

Hidden tile and path highlights now show through tiles, and can be interacted with - reducing the need to adjust the camera.

Hidden Unit Highlights

We've improved the unit highlighting effect, making it easier to determine

Tactical View

Pressing TAB will now switch between the default view and a new, top-down, tactical view.which units are hidden behind tiles.

Dynamic Camera

There's a new camera mode that will zoom and pan between selected units - this is disabled by default, but can be turned on in the options.

AI & Difficulty
  • Tons of AI improvements and fixes.
  • Added an easier "Beginner" AI difficulty level for players new to the game.
  • Eased the career mode difficulty curve.
Career Mode Improvements
  • Added "Scrap" - a new resource that has a chance to drop from units when they get destroyed. Collect it and use it later to repair unit durability.
  • Added a new unit mod: Durability Protection - Reduces the amount of durability a unit loses by 1.
  • Sponsorships can now reward unit mods in addition to cash.
  • Added four new sponsorship objectives: Win match within X turns, Move X tiles, Collect X cash tokens, Collect X scrap.
  • Added new Opportunities.
  • Various UI tweaks and improvements, including extra tooltips and information.
Daily Challenge Mode Improvements
  • Yesterday's top scoring player names and scores are now used as unit nicknames in-game.
  • Daily challenge squads can now have a variable (random) size each day.
  • The daily randomised squads can now have more instances of a unit than usually allowed in regular modes, e.g 3 healers.
  • Added two new maps, usable in all game modes.
  • New default squads.
  • Hugely improved FPS across most hardware configurations, up to a 100% increase.
  • Added more video & graphics options to better cater for lower-end hardware.
  • Decreased RAM usage.
Dec 14, 2018
Clatter - Buck Sexington

Here's our second patch, bringing some QoL fixes, Career Mode tweaks, and more.

Go to post.


  • Grabber Animation improvements
  • Crash and bug fixes
  • Added Friendly Fire warnings to UI
  • Added Unit auto-deselect option
  • Added Scrap Units to Career Mode's marketplace
  • Added end-of-season cash bonus to Career Mode
  • Increased Unit recycling payouts in Career Mode

Dec 12, 2018
Clatter - Buck Sexington

Here it is: the first official Clatter patch since we launched. Thanks to everyone that’s taken to the servers to build squads and challenge the leaderboards. We can't wait to build on what we already have. In fact, we've already begun. We’ve added a roadmap for what we're looking to work on in the future, and we've just updated the game.

Go to post.

  • Booster: attack range reduced from 4 to 3 tiles
  • Igniter: attack range reduced from 5 to 4 tiles
  • Shooter: health reduced from 6 to 5
  • Damage indicators: man/max damage is now shown
  • Chat: added option to disable chat audio message
  • Camera: pressing C or middle-mouse will reset the camera
  • Career mode: increased unit starting durability
  • Career mode: all matches now use hard AI difficulty

Clatter - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Matt Cox)

Into The Breach was fine and all, but it didn’t have nearly enough robots. Not proper ones. Fortunately, Facepunch – the Rust and Garry’s Mod devs – have made a game about fighty non-oxidised robo-pals. Clatter pits robo-teams against each other in primarily multiplayer matches, playing a turn-based future-sport put on for crowds of smiley-faced cubes. I’ve had one game so far, and it seems promising.



Surprise! There's a new title by Facepunch in the pipeline - and this one looks very different to Rust and Garry's Mod.

Breaking from sandbox and survival games, Facepunch is now venturing into the world of strategy games with Clatter: a cartoony "arena tactics game" featuring bouncing robots and cubes with moustaches. Players can command "customisable squads of fighting robots" in either multiplayer or solo matches, although the game has apparently been designed with the latter in mind. The robots each have their own strengths and weaknesses, and with names like "Grabbers", "Flippers" and "Mortars", it's pretty easy to guess what they do.

According to the press release, there are two main match modes - deathmatch and control - which can be played on an "ever-changing roster of maps". There's also a career mode which requires players to build their team across a season's worth of matches. Like if you combined Football Manager with Wall-E.

Read more…

Clatter - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alice O'Connor)

Facepunch Studios may be best known for Garry’s Mod and Rust but for years they’ve experimented with other games, and another is about ready to launch. The turn-based tactical robotfights of Clatter will arrive in December, Facepunch have announced, sending bots to bash each other to bits in arena battles. Facepunch say the focus is multiplayer but it will have a singleplayer career mode too, and it all looks a little something like this…



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